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Ep. 150 Clearing Energetic Blocks in Business with Christina Rice

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • The connection between Christina’s journey with chronic illness and speaking her truth
  • Clair senses, channeling, and Christina’s spiritual journey
  • How empaths can transmute energy using their voices
  • Living in alignment with your soul’s path
  • Shifting from fear and following what’s calling you in business
  • The illusion of Instagram followers
  • The most common energetic blocks to money

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Uncensored Empath, a place for us to discuss highly sensitive energy illness, healing, and transformation. My name is Sarah Small, and I’m a life and success coach for empaths who want to create a thriving body, business, and life. Think of this podcast as your no-BS guide to navigating life, health, and entrepreneurship. You’ll get straight to the point, totally holistic tips from me in real-time. As I navigate this healing and growth journey right beside you, This is a Soul Fire production.

Sarah: I had so much fun recording this episode for all of you. My guest is a friend. She is part of Soul Fire Productions. I have been in her group program recently. She’s been inside of my Illuminated Coach Training Program a couple of weeks ago, and she has a wealth of knowledge. Her name is Christina Rice, and she is an intuitive business mentor and manifestation coach, who helps ambitious entrepreneurs and coaches build and scale six and seven-figure online businesses organically. Organic. She’s also the host of the Wellness Realness podcast that I have been on in the past. The creator of No-bullshit Business School and the co-founder of Brain Rewiring Certification Course. Needless to say, she is a multi-passionate, highly successful entrepreneur, who we can all learn so much from. And she is a lot like myself, in that she has a long journey with chronic illness, a chronic illness that almost took her life and really has inspired her journey to become a nutritional therapy practitioner, a Reiki practitioner, and a whole lot more. You’re going to learn so much from her today. We really talk about anything and everything. We bop around a lot in this conversation, but I know that there’s going to be a bit that you take away, and that you can apply to your life. So let’s dive in with Christina.

Sarah: All right, Christina is on a show with me today, and I’m so excited to have you Christina. Welcome.

Christina: Thank you so much. I was so excited to be here. It’s so cool. Finally.

Sarah: I know it took us a little while to get this on the calendar.

Christina: I know our schedules.

Sarah: We are here and we’re rocking and rolling, and I’m just excited to be able to have this conversation. I want to start with your throat chakra, because I feel this is something I’ve been talking about on the podcast a lot lately. And I see you as a woman who just tells it like it is, puts it out there, shares her opinion, shares what’s on her mind shares what’s on her heart. And I know there are so many people who are so afraid of doing that. What has been your journey to really just putting your truth out there?

The connection between Christina’s journey with chronic illness and speaking her truth

Christina: That’s a good question. Well, I do think part of it has to do with my open throat center, and my human design chart, I will say. I think I’m just naturally like that, but I was actually thinking about this yesterday, interestingly enough. And when I was little, I was a really outgoing, opinionated little girl. I had a mood, I was sassy. And I would just say what I thought when I was really young. And you can get away with that when you’re really little and cute. And then, I got a little bit older and people would start pushing back, and be mean to me. And so there was a period of time when, probably from when I was like 10 to 17 where I just shut down, and I didn’t talk. I mean, looking at home, I would go to school, I’d come home, go to volleyball practice, come home.

And I didn’t talk. There’s probably a three or four year period where I did not say a word to my family, my parents, I just wasn’t talking. And even at school with friends, I would just be quiet because I was so nervous of what other people were going to think. And then, towards the end of high school, I really stopped giving a fuck because I was, I’m never going to see these people again. And I started coming out of my shell more and started realizing, what am I really afraid of? And then, when I was in college, I came down with a pretty serious chronic illness. And there was about a year where my life was, very much, I was on the brink of dying pretty much. And during that time I had to turn inward very much so, and really get to know myself.

And in that time I had to be an advocate for myself. I quite literally would have died. And I feel like that is what really opened it up for me. Where, I learned to not care because I realized, okay, if I die tomorrow because that’s actually how I was feeling in my body. And my doctors were telling me that every day, then why was I so worried about speaking my truth? And I also realized that for me to not speak, my truth was putting my life on the line. If I was just letting other people think what they thought. And especially with doctors, not being heard. And so, being an advocate for myself in terms of my health, helped to open it up. And when I started healing from that, and was stable enough to go back to school, and start living my normal life.

I just had this new attitude of, what am I afraid of? What am I afraid of? And at that point, I had lost so many relationships in my life that, my only choice was, let me just be me, my authentic self. I’m not going to hold anything back. Obviously, that doesn’t mean just saying shitty things to try and hurt somebody. And that’s where I think people get it misconstrued. Where they think that having an open throat chakra, and speaking your truth also means you have to be really aggressive. And it’s not the same thing. It doesn’t have to be the same thing, but I think it’s just admirable to be able to stand firm in your truth, and speak out. And that also gives other people permission to do the same.

I started realizing that through my content, because at the same time, I started blogging and podcasting and the more I spoke out, the more other people were telling me that, it gave them permission to be themselves too. Just feeling that transfer of confidence gave me more confidence. Now, I have this outlook of what am I afraid of? Why would I not say what I think? Because the truth is there are going to always be people who don’t like me. People are always going to not like me, but then, there’s also going to be people who love me. But they can’t love me unless they know the real me. And for them to know the real me, I have to speak my truth. So, at the end of the day, I think what it really was, was really facing that point where, what do I have to lose? And what am I afraid of? Is it losing a relationship? Well, if you’re going to lose your relationship because you speak your truth, that person shouldn’t be in your life anyway. And the hard questions to grapple with, I think it’s important because what’s the point of this life if you’re going to stay small and not speak out about how you feel, and what you want to say.

Sarah: Wow, that actually makes me sort of emotional. I just think about our health journey, chronic illness journey as such a healing journey, not only for our physical body, but far, far beyond that. And this realization at some point that no one’s going to come save you. And you have to be an advocate for your body, your health, your being, your life. And for me, it was a major wake up call. And, I realized that I had to start speaking for myself. I think where sometimes empaths can get a little confused or lost is that, since we, as highly intuitives are so attuned and tuned into other people’s energy, it’s as if almost you are mind reading other people all day long. And this assumption that they must just understand you. They must just get you the way you get them, or you pick up on their truth or their emotions so clearly with your clairsenses. And I know for me, I had to take this step back and be whoa, not everyone feels that way. And I can’t expect them to just get it or know what’s on my mind. I have to start using my voice. Do you relate to that?

Christina: Oh, totally. And I think that’s one of the most painful, frustrating parts of it, before you have that realization, because you think, am I crazy? How do you not get this? It’s so obvious to us, because we feel it in our lives, and we just know it. But then, when you have that awareness, it does help, because it helps you to just not have your expectations so high. Not everybody is picking up on the same things as you are. So I can totally relate to that. And I think that’s why that understanding and that awareness of how intuitive you are is so valuable. Because most people think that everybody’s intuitive, but a lot of empaths, especially clairsentients. They always tell me they’re so frustrated because they can’t open up. They feel like they can’t open up their senses. You’re extremely clairsentience. I think clairsentient is sort of the most underrated clairs. It is one of the most underrated ways to receive information. And people, because they have this idea in their mind that has to come through audibly or visually. A lot of people feel that way. Then they devalue their own gifts. And then because of doing that, they get frustrated because they feel like everybody else around them doesn’t understand them. And then the second you can connect, Oh no, I just understand people on an emotional level way, more deeply than other people naturally do. But then, that kind of gives you your power back. So, you know, when to speak out.

Sarah: Yes. 100%. Yes. I’m super curious. Which of the clairsenses do you feel is strongest for you?

Clair senses, channeling, and Christina’s spiritual journey

Christina: I just did a podcast about this. I feel it has changed. I think clairsentience has always been really strong, but I would say the way I most I tune in its very much clairvoyance and clairaudience. I would say about evenly, right now, is how I get information.

Sarah: I love that point. You made too, about clairsentience being underrated. And I’ve talked about the clairs on the podcast before, but if anyone’s new listening, that is the empath. And just because you aren’t seeing spirit with your eyes, or hearing clear audible voices in your ears does not mean that you don’t have psychic intuitive ability. It comes through in a multitude of ways that can also, layer themselves. You might have a claircognizance, a clear knowing and a clear feeling in your gut, and maybe see something, or one or the other. And Christina, I’ve just been observing through your Instagram story, but I sense that you’ve been really diving deep into your own psychic development. And I’d love a little behind the scenes understanding of what is going on within you, for you? How is this changing your life right now?

Christina: Oh yeah. I would love to get into that. But before I do that, I want to add something to what you said before. Because this came to my mind well, relating the throat chakra to the empath. So the way I see empaths and clairsentients a little bit differently. Where to me, the empath is here to transmute darkness into light. And it’s almost like they don’t want to say the word attract, because it’s not that they’re trying to, you know what I mean? But it’s almost like they tend to find the dark, because they have the ability to turn it into light. And that could feel like a heavy burden to bear, versus clairsentients. And I think a lot of empaths are clairsentients. But I know people who are clairsentients, who are not empaths necessarily. Where they’re more just observing versus having the ability to transmute into light.

How empaths can transmute energy using their voices

Now what I’ll say is if you feel almost bogged down by your clairsentience, or being an empath. Because you’re feeling all of that emotion in your body. First of all, realize that you might be afraid to speak out, almost because you’re judging a situation or deciding something before it’s even happened, because you’re feeling the other person’s emotion. And part of the way to release that is to use your voice, to get the energy out of your body. Think of it like you are literally attracting the energy. You can feel it in your body. How are you going to move that through? You can find a way to move it through. You can do it physically like through dance or something, but speaking your truth helps to get it out in that way. So I just wanted to remind people of that, because I know for me, that was a huge light bulb moment when I realized why I’m feeling all of these things.

And also, sometimes I would say something. I’m trying to think of an example where I would say something and then I would feel so guilty or bad about it afterward. And then, I realized I don’t actually feel guilty or bad about it. I’m just feeling this lower vibration from that person, because they’re actually feeling bad about themselves. And that’s what I’m picking up and then, I’m attaching it to myself. So I might feel a little abstract. But when I started to realize that, when I realized I’m actually not feeling my own emotion, that’s actually somebody else’s. I was able to just let it move through, pass through. And that helped me have more confidence and share my voice. Does that make sense?

Sarah: Absolutely. And it’s like that saying, the way out is through. And whether it’s actually been sharing your voice, through sharing your voice, or through feeling. How many times have both of us tried to go around and try to find a shortcut? And it just doesn’t work. You have to sit with it. And what I’ve found is also, that sitting with it is not so torturous or horrible as we think it’s going to be, or our subconscious mind tells us it’s going to be. Because our body is trying to keep us safe. But once you start to realize that it isn’t as uncomfortable as you thought it was going to be, you realize that is the shortcut. That shortcut is through that little bit of discomfort oftentimes.

Christina:  Yeah, definitely. It moves through so much more quickly. It’s the easiest, the fastest way to move, not the easiest, the fastest way to move through anxiety is by sitting with it and feeling it. And it will probably move through you in 10 minutes, versus just pushing it away.

Sarah: Well, you are transmitters. You were saying, empaths are beautiful transmitters and so, we have this ability to be able to bring that energy in. I think of it literally, as a ball spiraling, and transforming into something different, like the light. And then, be able to then transmute that outwards. And, what a gift. Yet, I still see so many people who back off of that, who were pellet, who avoid it. And I get why because I did that too, but, it’s so worth going through.

Christina:  If you really want to feel better from it, the first thing you can do is actually accept it. And then, if you’re listening to this podcast, and you listen to all of Sarah’s episodes, you have so many tools to actually turn it into an advantage really. And I think this is why so many empaths struggle with chronic illness. So many intuitives struggle with chronic illness because they have all that energy moving into their body, and they’re not getting it out. And so, I just encourage people to use your voice, dance, feel the emotion, just move it through. It’s so, so crucial. So…

Sarah:         Back to your journey.

Christina:  So, Oh man, this is such a wild ride. I will say I did a whole podcast about this recently if people want more in-depth, but things have changed even more so, since then. Well, the big picture, I think it’s that classic thing where you’re a really intuitive kid. And you have all these interesting experiences and then it shuts off for a while.

Sarah: That happened to me too. I was, why would I need to? I was yes, I am mean to the fairies. And then all of a sudden, I was just numb, because I was overstimulated and then I had to have, for me, it was like a breaking point where it finally came back.

Christina:  Yes. And that’s very similar for me. When I was little, I remember always speaking to my spirit guides, being visited by aliens, and they would take me places. It was just a wild thing, and I had a lot of anxiety. I had extreme anxiety from a very young age, because I could feel everything. And I knew it was going on. I knew the sketchy stuff happening with the neighbors next door, and I could feel everybody’s emotions. And I remember expanding space and time and freaking out. I would see my room just widen around me and I would just freak out. I’m three years old and I remember this so vividly. And I remember also when I was really little, I had mirror closets and I would walk back and forth and I would like, be preaching. I would be giving a speech, and I was four years old. And I remember afterward sitting down, looking at myself, and I would think, wow, I’m really smart. How do I know those words, why was I saying that? It’s so funny how this comes back. But what ended up happening was some non-physical entities, it was a very pushy energy, and almost coming in so physically, that I didn’t feel comfortable. And so, I very much just flipped it off. I was, I don’t want this anymore. I set such a strong barrier and then, flash forward to end of when I was in college, and I started working for Jordan Younger, who’s very spiritual. And that just opened my world to open my mind again, to that whole world. And I was just curious about it. And then when I graduated, I actually found more energy, healing and psychic work, through my chronic illness, just as another way to heal.

And I think in working with those people, I’d start to turn back on again. And I ended up becoming Reiki certified. I was told in a dream to do Reiki. And then when I started doing Reiki, that’s when a lot of my psychic senses started opening up. And then I started just working with different modalities of energy healing and working with the Akashic Records. And just exploring all things psychic, and working with different mentors. And then, how long was this? Maybe eight or nine months ago, I just started dropping into trance and channeling. And at first, I had no control over it. And that’s been the main thing I have been focusing on developing, since then pretty much. And so now, I do a lot of trance channeling with different beings. I still do energy healing, but I work with a different modality. Actually, it was Lion’s Gate. This is super cool. Lion’s Gate portal, I was channeling for three hours. I woke up, I opened my eyes three hours later and I had written 20 pages. Twenty typed pages. And I didn’t even know, because that’s how I was recording, because I wasn’t doing a voice that time. But then, I was doing my thing and, I essentially downloaded this different form of energy healing. And so, they sent me, you understand, they sent me the different symbols, and show me how to attune someone, and told me how to activate someone. And I call her the angel of activation. She comes forward and she activates my whole body, and they gave me the words and the symbols. And it’s 70 healing and it’s really freaking powerful. So I’ve been working with that since then, for healing sessions and very much the channeling, and then all the other psychic stuff. And that’s what I’ve been up to, but I work more with spirit guides, angels. I talk a lot to the Pleiadians and visit my Pleiadian family a lot, more so than the Mediumship. So that’s my jam.

Sarah: I love that. And you’re kind of freaking me out right now because I distinctly remember Lion’s Gate portal, and I was in a Kundalini meditation, and all of a sudden it was, I just traveled to another one. I think I did travel to another world, my consciousness did. And I was shown these very specific, almost tapping sequences, in places to touch your body or energy meridians. I, like you just said, woke up, came back into my [breathing] body. And I was, wait, what the fuck? How, where, what do I do with this? And I’m still digesting it for me. I’m trying it out on myself. But I think that speaks to (I’m just sensing) there was a giant download of light code for the people who are open to receive it, and then do something with it.

Christina: Oh yeah. Definitely. You definitely should not just let that sit. Definitely keep practicing by herself and I would start using it. They gave it to for a reason. And I think we’re going through a huge upgrade right now. And this is the thing about energy healing. I very much believe in making whatever gifts you have, making it your own. And so, I never really did traditional reiki. It wasn’t like that, but I have learned the most from my guides. They teach me, they show me, spirit shows me what to do. And whenever I follow that, it ends up being better. It works out better. It makes more sense. I feel it more strongly. And so, I just feel like whenever you’re given something like that, it’s for a reason. It’s a really cool time to be alive. It’s intense, but, people are upgrading big time right now. And I also think this is a really important time to use our voices, above all else, so that, people need hope. Actually, they were talking to me about this the other night, just drilling it in, the most important thing you can do is keep speaking out, because people need hope. People need to feel the hope, and not false hope. For those of us who are tapped in, and can feel those higher vibrations and live in that light.

It’s so important that we use our voices so that people can feel that hope, and that love. And because we know as an empath, you can transmute the darkness into light. So use that gift. Now, it is so important to use that gift. So I think we’re seeing a big divide with those who are choosing to upgrade and live in the light, live with love. And then, those who are really caving into the fear. And I know it’s difficult, but it is a very interesting time to be on the planet.

Living in alignment with your soul’s path

Sarah: I one hundred percent agree. I was just saying something along those lines in training, I did last week around, I sense, my intuition shows me that the empaths, star seeds, intuitives, highly sensitives that are attuned and have transmutation abilities, are being asked to wake up even more and use their voice. And it’s just garnering energy that I’m sensing and feeling, of gathering the troops, where showing people what’s possible,, and how to use these skills and how to share your voice. And, what I hear in response oftentimes, is that people can get overwhelmed by that. They feel the call, there’s that little tickle in their heart, or their belly, or their throat. And they know they do have something to share, they want to take action. They’re put on this planet for a reason, and at the same time, there’s a sense of overwhelm. And that could be for many different reasons. But one of the other common threads I see is that it’s that they care so much about so many things. Where do I start? And I’m just one person, so how do I even have an impact. As somebody who is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, you have a lot of things going on in your business. I’d love your input on how do we then, take all of these ideas,, and big dreams and passions, and really channel that into change?

Christina: That is such a good question. And what I’ll say is, look, I have all kinds of ideas, but that doesn’t mean I’m supposed to be the one to put them all into action. And it’s also about shifting from this energy of how do I change the world, from we change the world. Where we all play a different role, and people show up in different ways. Not everybody needs to be teaching other people how to be psychic. Not everybody has to be teaching everybody how to build a business. We all play a different role, and they’re all important. And so, I think understanding that, and then tuning into what are my natural strengths? This is where I think from a more objective standpoint. It’s really helpful to do things like get a human design reading, a group professional reading, or get an astrology reading, a soul plan reading. I think that these types of things are helpful. Or even working with an intuitive who, and don’t tell them too much, and just see. Because sometimes people will come to me, then I’m going to say, we’re going to go, you should be a designer. I see it. As sometimes that person just needs permission to go in that direction. And so, yes, you are one person, you don’t have to do it all at once. You can’t do it all at once. The thing is that I really believe that when we just follow what’s in alignment most, what our soul is calling us to in that moment. It almost throughout our lives, we’re going to and change, and we’re going to end up hitting all the dots we need to. And so, I think, yes, you do have many different things that you love. People say that a lot and I feel the same way, but that doesn’t mean, that all of those are supposed to be my career.

What is my strongest point? What do people always ask me for help about? What naturally flows to me? So I’ll use myself as an example. I made a lot of big pivots in the last year. I did nutrition coaching for a while, and I was really good at it. I was really good at it. I worked with a lot of really complicated chronic illness cases. I think I was really good at it because I understood the energetic side of things. To be honest, I’m sure you can relate to this too. But there hit a point where, my soul was so much in a different place. And I was still really good at what I did, and I do love nutrition and health, but I was, there’s something that doesn’t vibrationally fit anymore. And so, that was hard to leave that.

But then, also, I felt this huge weight off my shoulders when I just switched into business coaching. What ended up happening with business coaching was, that filled me up in such a different way. And I was, I’m really good at this. I think I’m even better at this than nutrition coaching. And then, I started getting into it and, because I was in alignment, my intuitive gift started just opening up in a different way. And then it started to lead me down that path even more. For example, this last year of No Bullshit Business School was wild, because that program is definitely not all business, it never was. But something very strange happened with this group of women. Where the whole course turned into psychic development because that’s what they’re asking about in their Q and A calls. All of them were just asking about it. I’m what is happening here? And then, that led me into creating more offerings related to intuition. And so, for me, I didn’t have to try. I was just in alignment and the universe brought me the people that were going to lead me to the next path. And so, I think that’s the value of staying in flow and following what’s in alignment and trusting that it’s all gonna work out. Because you don’t have to pick one thing for the rest of your life, but what right now cost you the most. And I think there’s value to trying things on. So maybe you think you want to follow this one passion, and you start it and you’re, Ugh, I don’t like doing this for my job.

There are certain things I love doing that, I would not want that to be my job. So, maybe try different things on. But for most people, especially if they’re listening to this podcast, you’re an intuitive and you know deep down where you really should be. And it’s not what other people tell you, you should do. It’s not what you think you should do. It’s what really lights my soul up. I’m naturally good at it. People naturally feel drawn to me about this, and ask me about it. That’s the thing and follow that. And then, trust that everything else is going to work out from there.

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Shifting from fear and following what’s calling you in business

Sarah: There’s this fear that, if they choose one thing, and maybe they’ve been stuck into this indecision for a long time. They finally choose and then, that’s not the thing, or it doesn’t work out. That somehow that is like an ultimate failure. When in fact, it’s just feedback, and it’s also super helpful. As you were mentioning, really being shown that flow, that next steps through that previous container. The clues are going to constantly be there. Are you open to see them? Are you open to feeling, or sensing, or intuiting those in your body? Or is it that the brain is so focused on I failed, I failed, I failed, I failed? What means the next time it’s going to be any different? And my journey went from health coaching to more emotional roots of illness coaching, to sort of dipping into the business coaching. But one foot in here, one foot in there, until like yourself, I finally just owned it. And I had to keep looking at those clues and continuing to listen to what people were saying in feedback forms. And also, what was super fucking fun for me, inside of courses. Because that makes it so much easier. So, there are so many things that are probably in somebody’s mind too, is starting a business or starting this journey. What would you tell that person? Maybe you can even zoom all the way back to the beginning of your business building. And regardless of what niche or direction you were going to go, what would you tell someone who’s about to embark on that journey?

Christina: Well, so, to answer that question, I want to touch on some of the things you said, some of the fears that might pop up for someone where, they’re basically afraid to fail. And in my eyes, it’s all in our perspective, it’s all in our mindset. So, I think part of why I’m not afraid to move forward, and pivot, and change, is I don’t really see anything as failure, except not doing anything at all. Because to me, a step in any direction is a step forward. Because what people do, is they stay in one place, and they’re just looking.

They’re just looking, maybe I should go there, there. It’s well, you’re never moving anywhere. I would rather take a longer way somewhere than never get anywhere at all. So, it doesn’t always have to be a direct path. And it’s like dating. What if you never dated anyone unless you are one hundred million percent sure, they were your soulmate, life partner? You would never date anyone. Part of finding your soulmate, life partner, part of that is you have to go through other relationships, where you realize what you do like, what you don’t like. And you learn things from that person. You realize what they’re mirroring for you. And you’re, Whoa, I have got to do some personal work. And it’s that moment, a lot of women, my clients will say, Oh yeah, I’m just not ready for him yet.

So, I got to do some personal work. You wouldn’t know that, until you had gone through other relationships. And so, you’re just shooting yourself in the foot. You have got to get started, and it’s part of the path. So, if I am in a relationship and we’re together for two years, and then we break up. Was that a failure? No, it got me closer to finding my life partner. It was just part of the journey. It probably hurt, but it was part of the journey. And I was going to have to do that, to get there. And I think people want a really clean, easy path. That’s not what life is about. That’s not where the growth is. That’s not the point of being a human. The point of being a human is the growth and personal development. So, I’m going to say that.

And I think also the negative brain pathway that I would rewire there, would be that you’re predicting the future based on the past. Just because something happened in the past, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen in the future. But then, nobody would ever improve. What I love is, I forget who posted it, but somebody reposted, it was an Instagram carousel with all of these amazing inventors and authors. And they were saying, this person tried 150 times, and they failed every single time. And they got the one thing to work. Or this person, like J. K. Rowling, submitted her book to how many places, before somebody finally said yes. Imagine if they just said, I’m not going to do anything until I know it’s going to work? Part of the failure is figuring out how you’re going to get there.

So I think for me, with business, this is actually interesting because I was channeling the other night with some friends and they said this. And they told my friends to tell me, because they were, she’s gonna forget. And what they were saying was that part of why I’m so blunt and part of the reason why I’m like that is, because so many of the thoughts that come through my head are not mine. And they come in with such a neutral, to the point tone. That’s just how it comes out for me. So I think, so much of my viewpoint on things, when it seems so blunt or neutral, or I don’t see it that way. It’s just because that’s how it’s coming through in my head, when they’re telling me these things.

And so it’s just the power of that mindset shift. When you’re first starting a business, I was never afraid to fail because I was always well, I didn’t see anything as failing. I was, I’m just going to go out there and do it. I’m going to fail if I never get started. And I also have always had this attitude of, I would rather be homeless on the streets than be in a job that I hated. And I’m never going to be homeless on the streets because I know that I know how to hustle, but also I don’t even have to hustle, because I understand the laws of the universe and manifestation, and I trust in it. And I really think that attitude is what has allowed me to move forward. Instead of judging where we’re at and how we get there, it’s just approaching everything with curiosity, and thinking, what did I learn from this?

This is the same reason why people are afraid to be wrong. Why are you afraid to be wrong? If somebody tells me I did something that I shouldn’t have done, or I was wrong about something, that’s a really great opportunity for me to learn, and be better. When people avoid their triggers. Yes, I know it’s not comfortable, but that’s extremely useful information so we can turn inward and become better people and attracting better things. So, I honestly think that the biggest thing for me, with building my business, was knowing that there are a million ways I can make money as an entrepreneur. And wow, cool., I also have a million interests, so I’m probably never going to run out of things. So I’m just going to start with the one that calls the most to me, and try and figure it out as much as I can. If it’s really not working cool, I’ll move into the other idea, the other million ideas. And I’ll apply all the things that I learned, all the mistakes I made into that business and I’ll move forward, more gracefully and easily.

Sarah: Once that person maybe has decided where they’re going to start. So I have a million ways to make money and a lot of passions and I’m going to do it. I’m going to leave. I’m going to start here. I’ve been hearing, in the last week, I’ve been hearing this a lot, within most of my Facebook group. There’s been this compounded fear of no one’s going to want it. My community is too small. I don’t have enough followers. No one’s gonna sign up if this is a paid program. And I’d love your 2 cents on that.

Christina: Well, if you think that’s going to happen, it’s probably what’s going to happen, because you’re putting that energy out there. And this is where working with a coach is so, so valuable. To have that transfer of confidence and because I think so much of rewiring is, if it works for you, great. But I don’t know how people get results with these programs that are very much, here’s how you rewire the brain and there’s no support. I think so much of it is that experience because you have to have someone keep shifting your perspective. But, here’s the thing. I think finding proof, evidence, of that’s not true, is really helpful. And what I’ll say is, I’ve done this enough times to tell you that, some of my most successful clients have had a hundred followers. And they’re shocked. They’re literally shocked because I’m, just trust the process. I promise it will work. And we focus so much on, yes once you have the strategy in place, let’s not overcomplicate it. Let’s make that happen. But then you shift your energetics and people just come to you. Why is it we can find people all around us who, why things just easily come to them, naturally come to them? It’s something about their energy and what they’re putting out there.

It’s usually the blissfully ignorant people who are really good at manifesting things. Because they just think that everything’s going to happen so easily. And it’s that person, remember being in high school and being so jealous of people? Who, they don’t even try and everything comes to them. And here I am working so hard trying to force things to happen, and don’t happen. And so, what is it about that person?

So much of it is the subconscious belief. It’s a subconscious belief not just what you’re saying. And part of how you can rewire the subconscious belief is what we’re saying consciously. But really being honest with yourself, because you can stand in front of the mirror and say every day, I’m a successful business owner. But then, if right after you feel that little nudging in your stomach, that’s saying, I don’t believe that. It’s going to be so hard. Then that’s what you’re going to attract in. But realize that you show up so different when you come from the belief, this is going to work. Everybody had to start somewhere. But, if you have a hundred followers, everybody builds a business differently. But, you can hit five to 10K months if you have three to five high paying clients. You can have a six-figure launch if 20 to 30% of that hundred percent following signs up. And in fact, I think there’s an advantage sometimes, to having fewer followers, because you can build a one-on-one connection with all of those people. And that is really where the sales come in.

The illusion of Instagram followers

But I just don’t believe that you would feel so called to something, if you weren’t supposed to. This is where it’s the trust of your intuition. Because people, they feel the call and they don’t trust it. And they say, that can’t work. All right, you basically just took a magic seed and threw it away. This is how I feel. Your intuition doesn’t lie. And I don’t believe that the universe would lead you so strongly to something if it wasn’t exactly where you were meant to be. And I think we can get really caught up in numbers on Instagram, which is so silly. But there are people walking around in the world who have six, seven, eight-figure businesses who aren’t even on Instagram. Who don’t have a podcast, who have built this, all word of mouth before social media? So they don’t need a hundred followers. Half of them have 10 followers.

And so, when you find more and more examples of that, I’m not just saying that. And I think also, what’s really eye-opening is something that helped me, was early on I started to see all these people who I held on a pedestal with big followings, and big podcasts, whatever. And then I got to understand that a lot of them didn’t make that much money. And a lot of them were struggling with business. And to me, that just evened the playing field and made me realize, it’s all an illusion. And if I feel really pulled to this, there’s something here. So I’m just going to follow that nudge and it works out.

The most common energetic blocks to money

Sarah: I would love to, and when I actually saw you posted a blog today about the most common, energetic blocks to bringing in that money and abundance. And could you maybe share a couple of those as a starting point? So for people who are feeling inspired to start to work on that side of the business as well.

Christina: Oh yes, I love this. So I don’t even remember if these are the same ones I said.

Sarah: That is okay.

Christina: But you can check the blog post and see.

Sarah: We will link it. Yes.

Christina: So, I’m going to say definitely, root chakra. And just so you understand where I’m coming from with this is, because with my clients, I always do energy healing sessions that are essentially, evaluating the energetic blocks related to abundance. And this is just what I see over, and over, again with people. So often, root chakra, stability, security, and obviously related to financial. And when people feel really ungrounded, and this is going to be that feeling of oh my God, I have so many places to go. What should I pick? What am I doing? That’s really your [inaudible 44:22] chakra. And so, finding some stability and security and this is where the routine, the masculine structure comes into play and can be really helpful, and physically grounding yourself. This is also why a lot of spiritual people, people in the spirituality space can have a hard time attracting in money, because they’re so ungrounded. They’re so up here, and we need to have a balance. And so, being able to ground yourself, earth yourself, eat some more grounding foods. And even just that emotion of what am I doing every day to bring some more security, and stability, emotional stability in my life, because this can be connected to your partner. This is huge. So many people have blocks to money because of their relationships with their partner, or even friendships.

Sometimes that needs to shift before you’re going to bring in more money. And so, definitely root chakra and balances, and then, solar plexus, for sure. Confidence. I almost feel the solar plexus, those imbalances are almost a by-product of other things. But what I’ll say here is, usually, other chakras being out of balance is how it feels to me. But with the solar plexus, I find so often it’s things from childhood, that made people feel they weren’t good enough. And then they start carrying those beliefs throughout the rest of their lives. So usually when I’m in there, they’ll show me a scene from someone’s childhood, or there’s a lot with parents. It can be a really small thing, that somebody said to you when you were younger, that made you feel like you weren’t good enough, or you had to try really hard. And it’s just created this twisted knot in there where it’s, I can’t do this on my own. And this is also connected to where are you living that story of, you can’t do it on your own. You have to be supported by other people. It’s that autonomy piece of the solar plexus. So yes, thinking back and doing some inner child healing is huge for this. So that’s what I’ll say about solar plexus.

And then, also a sacral, very much for manifestation. Getting into your feminine energy so you can be in the energy of receiving, and bringing in is huge. And so, a lot of having more sex, having more orgasms, really. You can do it yourself, you can masturbate. It’s fine. Having more orgasms, being creative. Yes, give you permission to be creative. That’s huge and tends to allow people to bring in more money. It’s just, where am I resting? And so many people, and this might be less of an issue with the empath demographic. A lot of my demographic, they have such a hard time resting. They feel they have to be doing something all the time, and this could be a huge block to bring in money. You have to be in that energy of receiving. So that’s very much sacral.

And if there’s past life stuff related too. Remember I was pouring in my past lives and you’re holding onto that? That needs to be removed as well. But I think those are are probably the main pieces. And overall also, just like the balance of the masculine/feminine energy in your business, is so important. And not being too far in one, versus the other.

Sarah: I love that. I love how, in the beginning, you talked about, for the empath who, may be a little bit more in the airy upper chakras, because that was so me, and I loved it. But it also created so much anxiety, because I never anchored down, and it created a ton of issues around money because I never anchored down into the lower half of my system. So, that makes a ton of sense. Thank you so much for being on today. I’d love for you to share just anything that’s going on in your business, and how people can connect with you.

Christina: Well thank you so much for having me. I love these types of conversations. So, I am currently launching the next round of No Bullshit Business School, which is a three month program I have, to help people build six-figure online coaching businesses. It’s a very intensive program, but very much a balance of woo-hoo and tangible marketing strategy. So that is open for enrollment until September 25th. And that information is on my website, christinaricewellness.com and on my Instagram @ChristinaRiceWellness. The other thing that is going to be releasing soon is the podcast connector. Which you will be a part of and the information there is at thepodcastconnector.com. And that service is to help amazing voices get on the line to podcasts. And so, we have a roster of incredible podcasts, and we’ve gotten to know what all of them are looking for in guests, for their shows. And then, we will match up guests with the podcast. So it’s different than a traditional pitching network, where people cold pitch to random podcast, and they don’t have a prior relationship with the show. So, I’m really excited about that. I’m sure we both feel it energetically of why that’s helpful. I’m getting so many pitches that are not aligned. So that’s at thepodcastconnector.com. And those are the two main things that are happening right now. I’m excited. A lot of good stuff.

Sarah: That is so exciting I’m so excited for you, cheering you on, and thank you again for being here today. Christina,

Christina: Thank you so much.

Sarah: Thanks, as always, for tuning in to another episode of the Uncensored Empath podcast. If you’re loving the show, I would so appreciate if you could just take two minutes to leave a review on iTunes. Don’t forget to also, follow Christina @ChristinaRiceWellness, and myself over @TheUncensoredEmpath, and tag us both as you share today’s episode.

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September 29, 2020


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