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Ep. 149 The Limiting Beliefs Blocking Your Voice

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Today, Sarah is bringing you a mini training on how to unlock a blocked throat chakra so you can dismantle limiting beliefs and activate your voice.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Common fears related to a blocked throat chakra
  • Inner child work for an activated voice
  • The deep healing benefits of subconscious reprogramming
  • Emotional symptoms of the 5 empath wound archetypes

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Uncensored Empath, a place for us to discuss highly sensitive energy illness, healing, and transformation. My name is Sarah Small, and I’m a life and success coach for empaths, who want to create a thriving body, business, and life. Think of this podcast as your no-BS guide to navigating life health and entrepreneurship. You’ll get straight to the point, totally holistic tips from me in real-time, as I navigate this healing and growth journey right beside you. This is a Soul Fire Production.

Common fears related to a blocked throat chakra

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Last night was incredible. I hosted my free training for chakra alchemy and it was next level. I’m actually going to share a snippet of that training on today’s episode. But I also wanted to share some of the common limiting beliefs that the individuals who participated live shared with me. And this is what that sounded like. What if people don’t believe me? What if people say I’m wrong? Or what I say doesn’t matter. The belief that no one wants to hear me. I’m afraid people will think I’m crazy. Everyone else’s needs are more important. I’m not good enough. I’m too much. I don’t know what to say. I’m too loud. My ideas aren’t clear, or organized, or confident. I’m not safe. I’m afraid that people won’t listen. I lack trust in myself. I don’t want to be judged. I won’t be liked. I don’t like the attention.

I’m wondering if any of these resonate with you as well? And when you Google, how to heal your throat chakra, you’re going to find things like sing, dance, use more essential oils, eat more blue foods like blueberries, drink peppermint tea, say thank you, drink more water, spend time in silence. And while I don’t argue, any of these things are supportive to your overall well-being and the ongoing balance of this energy center, your throat. And I’ve certainly felt the effects of things like peppermint essential oil. That is very potent, that I’ve talked about in a previous episode, but it doesn’t stop there. So I just want to lay down a little truth. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend in silence, or how much you sing, or how much water you drink. If the root of your throat chakra imbalance is based on a past memory. Lodged deep in your subconscious mind. The water does not wash away that internal program in your brain.

The deep healing benefits of subconscious reprogramming

So let’s talk about how that works for a moment. The subconscious mind. I’m sure you’ve heard this word, but do you know what it is? It’s primal in its essence. It contains all the information related to our survival. It is there to keep you alive, breathing, and your heart beating at all cost, to protect you. It stores all of your past experiences, including those when you were acting from a place of survival mode. So those memories in the subconscious are not complete experiences of the soul. And instead, they tend to be these blips that feel important, for the subconscious to hang onto and to remember, in order to protect you in the future and any sort of similar situation. This is where all of your programming is stored. And your programming includes your beliefs, your behaviors, your patterns, your most common thoughts. It’s also where your shadow resides and shadow is as it sounds. It’s those parts that you can’t see about you. That you’re not so aware of.

This is also the place in the subconscious mind where change occurs. The place where we can rewire our brains to have new beliefs, or to release the survival instinct around that specific memory. It is where we have the potential to know, and remember, that we are actually safe. And the people in this training shared some amazing insights around their inner child, as they began to remember why, why it feels so scary to share their voice. So we heard things like this from the audience. I was sitting in a classroom and speaking up, and then I got embarrassed when the other kids laughed at me. I remember being a baby and not being held, when I cried, my parents were impressed by a guess I made during a trivia game, when I was really young. And then, I learned, I didn’t want to show anything less than that. I had to keep hiding and performing. I’m afraid that people won’t listen, that stemmed from my childhood. I waited to be invited to talk. So in the instance of all of these people’s memories, from that moment forward, that memory was stored in the subconscious. And a limiting decision, always precedes a limiting belief. So, I will be afraid of speaking up in all scenarios.

Inner child work for an activated voice

Choosing to be afraid in all scenarios, moving forward. And the limiting belief, when I speak up, people will laugh. Just another example of the limiting decision, I need to always look this smart. I will do everything I can to maintain this image. And the limiting belief, I have to be smart in order to be important. So I want you to consider what are the stories around sharing your voice? Do you remember any of them? If you do, can you identify the limiting decision, and therefore the limiting belief that are rooted in that memory.

But I also, I want to say some of the women shared in this training, that they couldn’t remember their childhood. And this is actually quite common, nothing wrong with you. Probably your mind is protecting you. But that’s also the whole point in being in a course or working with a coach. My clients have been shocked at what they’ve actually remembered, and they think they can’t access it. And several women last night also had past life memories come up that they had never experienced, or been aware of before. Because when you try to access those on your own, you’re using your conscious mind, and they’re not stored in your conscious mind. That’s not where they are. So that’s why you can’t see them. That’s why you can’t remember them. When you’re trying to consciously sort it out, rationalize and think about it.

However, when you’re guided through subconscious reprogramming, your mind will show you what’s safe to be healed. Every time I personally do inner child healing, and subconscious reprogramming, something new arises that I wasn’t conscious of before. And that’s the beauty of it.

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Inner child work for an activated voice

So now, I want to give you the sneak peek into our training. And this clip is related to a previous podcast episode on, ‘The Five Empath Wounds’. But in this training, I’m more specifically discussing how an under active throat chakra would show up in each of these archetypes. Very specifically. So here we go.

Emotional symptoms of the 5 empath wound archetypes

So the first archetype, the first empath wound is the ‘co-dependent empath’. And as I go through these again, there is five. You absolutely may align with more than one. I’m going to say, throw that out there, because I know someone’s going to ask that. Can we be more than one? Absolutely. You can align with more than one, but I want you to just reflect, as I share, which of these five resonates most with you. So this is in the wounded throat chakra, or the imbalanced underactive, or the overactive throat chakra of the co-dependent empath. Seeking approval. Is it okay if I say, is it okay if I do that? Lots of seeking. The person who waits to be invited to talk. So you’re at the dinner table and your hands are in your lap, and you’ve finished your meal, and you maybe place your napkin on top of your plate. And you’re just observing. You have something to say, but you’re waiting for someone to ask you what you think about the topic you’re talking about, what they’re talking about. Holding other’s voices on a pedestal. That means, so so-and-so’s voice at the dinner table matters more than yours, or what they have to say is better or wiser. A deep fear around sharing your voice because of childhood. So this means you were told your voice isn’t important. You were told to stay quiet and sit in the corner. So I want you to just reflect on that.

Let us go on to the second one, the numb empath. Afraid of being judged for what she says. So maybe you do, maybe sometimes you do share it. Then it’s like a hangover and you’re like, Oh my God, they’re going to judge me. Why did I say that? Fuck. I’m not going to be interpreted the right way, people are going to judge me. The fear of truly showing emotions in your talk in your vocalization, in your speech. So sometimes this means staying semi-monotone, but it doesn’t have to literally be a monotone voice. It can just be remaining neutral. I don’t cry or get angry. I don’t get super excited either. I just stay right here in my comfort zone, because I don’t, ugh, scary.

It’s scary. And I don’t feel safe to say what I actually think. That goes back to the fear of being judged. So I’m not going to say what I really think. And then, I’m too much for people. So if I did say what I really thought, people would just think I am way too much. I’m too sappy, too emotional, too feely, too harsh, whatever it is, too blank, you fill in the blank.

The overstimulated empath. So again, this is specific to how it shows up in the throat chakra. Stress around speaking. So the overstimulated empath is, do not put me on that stage. I will go into a panic attack. No, really I’m serious. They’re like, no, and they’re lacking confidence in their voice because there’s this internal dialogue that says, what if I screw up? What if I blank? What if I stumble? What if I say um too much? What if my valley girl comes out? What if I just say something people disagree with or have different opinions on, different beliefs around?

And then, I don’t know what I want to say. Likey, because there are so many thoughts. Like you are so full of creative ideas or just the world’s energy. You’re like, I don’t even know what I think about this, because there’s so much to think about. So I don’t know what I want to say. There are too many ideas in your head and you’re not clear on what your truth is. The throat chakra, your true center. It is much easier to open and express through your throat chakra when you know what your truth is. It’s overstimulated. It is as it sounds, there’s just too much noise.

Number four. I think we’re at number four, the supernatural empath. So this is the archetype of, people are gonna think I’m a total freak. I am the black sheep. I am a weirdo. I’m into witchy stuff and everyone’s going to think super weird. They might outcast me because of it. I’m not going to be accepted for who I am. I actually really love these things, but everyone thinks it’s weird, and I need to be perfect. So I’m not going to bring that to the table. And instead, I’m just going to bring what I feel they want me to bring to the table. I am going to put on this little hat and this pretty dress, and I’m going to just cross my legs, and put my hands in my lap, and I’m going to be perfect for everybody

This is likely, I’m not gonna say 100%, but in the supernatural empath, there’s likely to be a past life trauma. And I see a lot of this in my clients, around this feeling of, I’ve been this, witchy woman in my past life, who was really just a healer and a medicine woman. But I was burned at the stake for it. For using alternative medicine, alternative therapies. And there is deep trauma around that. That I hold on a cellular level in my body.

And then, lastly, the sacrificing empath. And we saw people-pleasing come up a little bit in some of the others, but definitely in the sacrificing empath. The people pleaser. I speak a lot about, well, today, I’m focusing on the emotional symptoms. But when I talk about the physical symptoms, I often bring up that, my Hashimoto’s babes, the women out there who experience Hashimoto’s are likely to resonate with being a people pleaser. Very likely.

And there’s this internal dialogue, I will say whatever they want to hear. You notice somebody is, doubting themselves. And you’re like, Oh, I got to go make them feel good. I gotta go make that person feel good. They have low self-confidence. I need to make them feel invited, and warm, and welcome. And then, sometimes saying whatever they want to hear is also… It’s like disowning a part of yourself. It’s like cheating on yourself. You go against what you actually believe. It’s the sacrificing energy. So it’s safer to be a sheep. It’s safer to be in the herd, to think what everyone else thinks, even to look like what everyone else looks like. And my ideas are not important or interesting. What I have to say isn’t really interesting. It’s not really important, so might as well just stick with this herd. I probably shouldn’t stray away.

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s episode, which was a little outside the box and a little different than what you’re used to. And I just want you to consider if you are an empath, a star seed, or an intuitive, that happens to be alive on the planet in 2020. I believe that you are being called to activate your voice right now. Everything that’s happening on this planet, in this world, on all different levels. So I invite you to tune into your body, to listen to your throat. When it’s the sensation that resides there, what do you deeply want to say or express? What do you want to see change about our world? And how can you be part of that change with your voice? Would it feel really supportive to have a guide and a community, as you do this voice-activation? Because that’s what Ready, Set, Record is for. A blend of throat chakra activation group healing, meets building confidence and clarity and speaking on live video and podcasts. I trust that you’re going to get that little niggle in your throat, if this is for you. So go into the show notes and explore more, on our landing page. You can learn all about the modules, the live calls, all the support you’ll get inside. And thank you for tuning in. I’ll see you next time.

Okay. So full disclosure being part of Soul Fire Productions is the most magical fantastical thing, because it feels like a little soul tribe, family of other podcast hosts. Where we to collaborate and we get to mastermind and it brings so much joy to my life. And I am somebody who thrives on that community. So I want to introduce you to a few more of the podcast hosts inside of this network.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to the most fabulous, which is, their names are Leah Knauer and Rachel Laforest of Basic Witches. These ladies are next level. It is so much fun to be a fly on the wall during their conversations. And you can ride along, during their episodes with Leah and Rachel, as they share their deep thoughts, deep breathing, and deep belly laughs and open up with celebrity guests and professionals in the spiritual world that they have on as guests. They ask the basic questions, so you don’t have to. Astrology.com loves them. And I think you will too. So give this fiery Gemini and Scorpio duo, a listen, anywhere podcasts can be found. And as the Basic Witches say, hex-O, hex-O.

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September 17, 2020


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