Ep. 205 Alchemizing Your Business with Rebecca Sharp

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Illuminated has changed Rebecca’s life for the better
  • Why she decided to finally embrace her feminine energy
  • The magical place where alchemy meets business
  • Alchemizing your voice to find clarity
  • Why she approaches branding from a holistic and individualized lens

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Episode Transcript:

I really want to help people feel comfortable showing up and help people feel so comfortable being themselves because we all have something so unique to bring. You and I can have the same exact offering, but because our energy is different, it’s going to come through differently and it’s going to attract a different type of person. And so, helping people understand that they have something so unique to bring is really what I hope to be able to help people do.

This is a Soulfire production.

Welcome back to another episode of The Uncensored Empath Podcast. Today, I have the delight of introducing you to another Illuminated student from 2021. Her name is Rebecca Sharp. And before I give all the details of how freaking amazing this woman is and how glad I am to have her in my life, I want to tell you a little bit more about Illuminated. You heard me talk about it a little bit with Emily Felton on last week’s episode and the doors are open right now for our 2022 class that begins in February.

Illuminated is a nine-month training and leadership program for coaches and healers to step into their personal and individual mastery. Our manifesto goes like this: Our mission is to activate empaths, highly sensitives, and intuitives into their most powerful leadership role to create a new standard in the healing and coaching industry that is rooted in embodiment, integrity, trust, and transparency, to take coaches off of pedestals and recognize every human as holding sacred activation codes and to empower this new paradigm of leaders into high impact roles on the planet so we can facilitate and create sustainable change. We are not just here to initiate more lightworkers. We are here to work with the dark and be the light. So to the illuminators on the planet, I see you and I’m here to hold you in your highest potential.

Let the activating begin inside of this truly life-changing experience, and I say that because our testimonials show that. They say this is literally life-changing, the best decision they make within that entire year. And in this journey, we train and certify healers to really zone in on what is their expertise, whether they’re a shadow worker, they become a breathwork facilitator, a subconscious guide, a breakthrough coach, an alchemical healer, an embodied leader, and a vibrational medicine expert, or a tapping practitioner. There are so many modalities included in this nine-month experience, but it’s more than just being trained. And the overarching thing I hear time and time again is that it wasn’t the specific or any specific modality that they leave feeling like, oh my gosh, I’m so glad I did Illuminated because of tapping or because of breathwork or because of crystal healing or oil alchemy, but instead, they leave and they say, I cannot believe the community, the sisterhood, and the sisterhood wounds that were healed throughout this experience. They have these lifelong friendships and collaborators within a space in an industry that can feel isolating at times.

I am so proud…so, so proud of the last two years of students who have gone through this curriculum and graduated and are off doing fucking amazing things on this planet and in this world as healers. So I cannot wait to invite this next class, 2022, into this space. The doors are open again and today you’re going to hear from the amazing Rebecca Sharp. So let me tell you a little bit more about her.

She is a life coach and branding alchemist for coaches and healers. She spent the majority of her career in a male-dominated industry where she was constantly feeling the need to conform and fit into the masculine environment and now she’s on an ascension journey to connect with her highest self by not letting perfectionism get in the way, but rather connecting with the freedom of embodying her authentic self. And you’re going to hear that come through today. She loves to support others by holding space as they explore finding their own version of freedom. Rebecca is very similar to me in all of her things. We’re both type three enneagrams, we are both achievers and recovering perfectionists, and I loved this conversation with her. So without further ado, let me introduce you to the amazing woman and human being who is Rebecca Sharp.

Sarah: Rebecca, you have actually been here before. Welcome back. And I’m just really delighted to be able to be chatting with you today.

Rebecca: Thanks, Sarah. I always love being in your containers in whatever way I’m able to be in. So thanks for having me back on the show.

Sarah: Yes. So if people have not already gotten to know you, and we’ll actually link your last interview, maybe in the show notes, but think of the past year. So we’re recording this at the end of 2021, and what has changed, what has shifted since our first conversation on the podcast, but also throughout the last 10 months or so of journeying through Illuminated and being part of this container? I’d love to know who was Rebecca at the beginning, and what has shifted, and who you are now?

How Illuminated has changed Rebecca’s life for the better

Rebecca: Yes. I didn’t even really think about that timeline. But I was on your show probably about a year and a month ago maybe because I was promoting my journal that is a annual journal I do and I launched it in time for that to be on sale last year. And at the time, I was really working on this perfectionist self and overcoming that perfectionism and working with others to do the same. And so much has changed. It’s been a wild year as a lot of us know with the continuing pandemic and that has its own things, but that’s also allowed me to continue to have some downtime, to continue reflecting and meditating and journaling, and having my own growth. And I was in your Illuminated container this year and through that, just feel tremendous growth. I’m just a totally different person than I was probably, last time you had me on the show. And I’m not working with the perfectionist archetype anymore, but just feel like I’ve processed through so many different things, worked through so many different modalities, gotten new tools myself, and come out the other side as a whole different person.

Sarah: Yes, yes. So I know we talked a lot about perfectionism last time. And my experience as a recovering perfectionist is that it is an ongoing journey and so, realizing that there isn’t any perfection in the overcoming perfectionism, right? But when you think about what pieces of or even layers or identities or aspects of yourself that you’ve been able to shed as you’ve been on that journey yourself of overcoming perfectionism, what have been, can you think of any specific examples, of things that you have really just said, this is not who I am at the core or this no longer serves me, or this was always borrowed and never who I really, truly was that you’ve been able to leave behind? And it’s interesting the timing of this, even just being as we’re entering a new year, that we start to think about these things anyways. But anything come to your heart as we bring that up?

Why she decided to finally embrace her feminine energy

Rebecca: Yes. The first thing that came to mind is really I’ve been able to bring in much more of a balance of masculine and feminine energy. I feel like I used to lead so intensely with the masculine and type A and planning and achieving and having to be the best and all this ultra-masculine energy. And I’ve really been able to embrace the feminine energy a little bit more and bring my intuition into play, touch base with softer sides, go with the flow a little bit more. And that balance has been a really big part of me coming into my own. And then the other thing that came to mind was really just embracing my authenticity. And I like to be super sarcastic and I like to be super sassy, and sometimes when you’re showing up on social media, it can be hard to want to bring that to the table because I don’t want to offend anybody, I don’t want to rub anyone the wrong way.

But really owning who I am and being okay showing up in that way will attract the people that need to be in my space, and that isn’t ever meant to rub anyone else the wrong way. But knowing that I can show up with whoever I am and that the right people will come into my space has been a big breath of fresh air and burden lifted off my shoulders where I feel like I can really just be myself a little bit more.

Sarah: I have loved, loved, loved to see you blossom in so many ways into who I think you’ve always been, but just the ability for me to witness that and to see that in the Illuminated container because it’s so intimate, I feel like we, all of the students and myself, were able to really see all the layers of who Rebecca is come out and be at the table and take space up at that table. And who you are is so fucking amazing. It’s so badass, it’s so beautiful. And I hope that leaving Illuminated, now the rest of the world gets to experience some of what we got to experience from you. And I was just thinking about we had many conversations, we have a whole module on ethics inside of Illuminated, but we also had conversations as a group about the coaching industry and how there was a time, especially summer of 2020, where there was this feeling, I think, from a lot of practitioners, coaches, healers walking on eggshells, not wanting to offend anybody, not wanting to fuck up, not wanting to come off as judgmental or stereotype or any of these things.

And I think for the perfectionists of the world, it was probably extra triggering because you’re like, I really, really, really don’t want to do that. And so, that overcoming perfectionism is also something that we’re probably always checking in with ourselves on. And it’s a continuous journey to figure out what is my voice? What does my voice sound like? How does my voice get received by people? What is people’s experience of me when they see me on Instagram, when they hire me as their coach, practitioner, branding guru, whatever it may be? And what has been the value for you personally, to be in a group of other coaches as you’ve navigated your voice and what that sounds like and how you want to specifically share it amongst this cloud of fear that was hovering over the coaching industry at the time and maybe is still lingering a little bit?

Alchemizing your voice to find clarity

Rebecca: Yes. I think one of the biggest benefits of being in this group has just been the comradery and having other people to bounce things off of in a really intimate container where there’s so much time and there’s so much trust built up within that group that I got really comfortable just totally being myself and having that received on the other end in an okay way and realizing that I can bring sarcasm into it, I can use my real voice and have that be received. And it allowed this safe container to experiment with that a little bit before taking it out to the public.

Sarah: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. And you also talked about the dance between the masculine and the feminine. And I think that so many women come to me, and I’m also one of these people in the world too, who tends to be more comfortable in their masculine energy. And it is this process of sort of unlearning and relearning to know what it feels like and know what it means to honor the dance between the masculine and feminine and really to start to lean into your feminine that for any number of reasons, maybe has been pushed to the side or not connected with in a long time. And I’d love for you to just speak about what that has looked like in your life in general, of bringing the feminine back in, giving her a seat at the table, inviting her back home, and then what you then have created as a result of bringing the feminine back in to balance out that masculine.

Rebecca: Yes, I was actually just thinking about when I really wanted to intentionally bring my intuition to the table and even then I was still approaching it in a super masculine way where I was like, okay, I got to take notes on this and I have to write down every time I think I have an intuitive hit, which is a super masculine approach.

Sarah: Yes.

Rebecca: And so, I had to let that go a little bit, but it just reminded me of the, you know? It’s kind of comical that I’m still trying to approach it with such a masculine front. But I work with tarot cards and oracle cards a lot in bringing in the ability to connect with guides in that way. Free writing and automatic writing and just journaling in general, has been a huge way for me to get down on paper, things that I just didn’t even know were in the background of my subconscious. And doing some of those types of journaling practices really allow that subconscious mind to come through and bring things to paper that I just had no idea were in the back of my mind. Breathwork has been another big one where it just gets you out of your own head. And it’s such a deep experience, that when you can really get into it and stop thinking about the breath and stop thinking about what’s happening, it can open up so many new pathways and so many new ideas. So those are some of the specific modalities that I feel like I’ve been able to practice to really touch base in a more intimate way with my feminine energy.

Sarah: Yes. I think you’re also a really great example of somebody, and there are plenty of other people like this out in the world, who enter breathwork and maybe don’t have the most enlightening, perfect experience the first time they go through especially, the style we practice of conscious connected breath. Can you talk to us a little bit about what your breathwork journey has looked like and how you ended up being so brave and the first student inside of our class to lead everyone through breathwork? And I’m thinking, this is the same Rebecca who was like, I don’t know about this breathwork, right? So what has that looked like for you to now fully embrace it and be like, I’m going to guide other people through this, there’s so much magic and power that lives within it?

The magical place where alchemy meets business

Rebecca: Yes. I did have a, I’ll call it a rocky start, where it can be uncomfortable. And for those people listening who have practiced it before, it’s hard work.

Sarah: Yes.

Rebecca: And it isn’t easy. And so, the discomfort that was created in my body, I just felt physical resistance to it where it was just like, I don’t really enjoy this. And I had to push through that and I realized that slowing down the breath for me was really beneficial. I’m someone who is very into the beat of the music so I often follow the beat of the music of whatever’s playing, but doing it at a slower pace and extending my exhale for a little bit longer helps me release some of the tetany, some of the physical sensations that could happen to allow myself, again, to really get into the subconscious and stop thinking so much about physical sensations. And so, that was really helpful, but it definitely took some practicing and some time to work through how my breath works with my body in a way that I could experience some of that deeper sensation with the practice.

Sarah: Yes. And like I said, I think you’re just a really beautiful example of somebody who allowed themselves to shift what it looked like or felt like in your body so that you could still have that potent experience. And it may not look the same as somebody else’s or you may have slowed down the breath like you said and you customized that experience to you and your body and really trusting yourself and your breath to take you where you need to go for that experience or for whatever the intention of that session may be. And now, I’ve seen you really take all of your skill sets, all of your tools, along with that releasing perfectionism, along with this beautiful dance and blending of your masculine and feminine energy to this Embodied Branding Package that you now share with the world. And I’d love for you to speak to how you arrived at that and how it blends your skills together?

Why she approaches branding from a holistic and individualized lens

Rebecca: Yes. I think a lot of this year was so much just about clarity. That was my goal with Illuminated was like, I’m just looking for clarity, I’m feeling like I’m supposed to be here as a healer on this planet, but I don’t really understand what that means yet. And so, I, through Illuminated, was really pushing myself to get there, find that clarity, get to that point where I understand what I have to offer. And so, it was a journey. We explored some things together and ended up in this Embodied Branding Package that you mentioned, combining some of my old skills. But I have a minor in graphic design, I have a major in advertising, I work in interior design, I’ve always been in these design fields so I have that skill set already, but I didn’t know really how to bring that into this coaching industry.

But using that skill and then combining it with a little bit of my own journey like, who am I? how do I want to show up? how do I want to use my voice? what are the things I have to offer? and really tuning in very deeply to that as a brand and helping other people do that. I, through working with you, realize that I want to help other people get to that deep point with their self where they understand themselves and their brand in such a connected way that they don’t have trouble showing up, they don’t have trouble knowing what to say online, they don’t have trouble writing content because they’re so connected to the brand.

Sarah: Yes.

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Sarah: We’ve talked about this, but I think that the way that you’ve curated this experience for the people who are lucky, fortunate enough to go through it with you really invites in this holistic way of looking at branding. It’s not just a brand kit that gets delivered to you with like…yes, there’s going to be beautiful graphics and beautiful colors that represent your style and your brand’s soul, but alongside of that is playing with the edges of who you really are and peeling back those layers of self so that the most authentic version of them can come to the table, come forward. And that sometimes means doing some healing and alchemizing our voice, alchemizing old stories and pain so that that true crystal clear version of their brand or their business can really be seen and experienced by people as well.

Rebecca: Yes, that’s exactly right. And I think that’s what makes this Embodied Branding Package a little bit different. Yes, it includes the graphic design, it includes your website, it includes your logo, but it also includes one-on-one coaching, it includes breathwork. It’s customized to each individual just based on whatever they need to work through. But the ability to release some of those old layers, shed some of the things that aren’t serving you really break through those barriers that are stopping you from showing up online and allowing just your true, authentic self and your true voice to come out. And so, it’s a holistic package that includes the actual branding work, the color palette, et cetera, but taking it deeper and really helping people break through some of those things to show up in a super holistic way online.

Sarah: Yes. I love it. I think that it fills a gap in the way that branding is typically done and presented. And I just think that, yes, I’m obsessed. But I want to know if we zoom way out, I would love to hear what is Rebecca’s desired impact? What impact do you desire to have on the world through all the different roles and all the different ways that you show up in the world?

Rebecca: I really want to help people feel comfortable showing up. I want to allow people to embrace themselves and the world to embrace them as they are and help people feel so comfortable being themselves because we all have something so unique to bring. We all have unique DNA; we all have our unique energy. You and I can have the same exact offering, but because our energy is different, it’s going to come through differently and it’s going to attract a different type of person. And so, helping people understand that they have something so unique to bring and allowing that to come forward is really what I hope to be able to help people do.

Sarah: I can feel your heart when you share that. I can feel the truth and the depth in which that lives within you. And the impact I desire to have on the world or the impact that somebody else desires to have on the world, I think that oftentimes it is parallel, in some ways, to the personal journey that we have been on ourselves. And I see how you’ve gone through this and now there is this desire for people to see that within themselves too. And I’d love to just end with a question about your Illuminated experience. So what has been your main takeaway or your, these could be two separate things, I suppose, your main takeaway and your favorite part of this experience?

Rebecca: I have to say I think my favorite part was the relationships that were built. And it was funny because people told me that from last year. Some of your students from last year told me that going into it, and I was like, I mean, that’s nice but that’s not really what I’m joining it for, but that’s great, you know? And then that ended up being such an important part of it. And the relationships that were built, the trust that we have with each other, being able to practice along the way with that group, even just through us asking each other questions; hey, I ran into this situation, does anybody have any advice? we got to put on our coaching hat, bring our ideas to the table, share that as a group, practice the modalities that we were learning with each other. Those relationships will be for life; you know? It was just a really great group of women and I feel really lucky to be a part of it.

Sarah: Mm-hmm.

Rebecca: I don’t remember the other question.

Sarah: Me either. What did I say? What’s your main takeaway, what’s your favorite part? So that was your favorite part, I think.

Rebecca: Okay, main takeaway.

Sarah: There may be some overlap in your main takeaway, but if it’s any different, I’d love to hear it.

Rebecca: Yes. I think my main takeaway was just the confidence and understanding that I have the ability to do this. I’m sure some of the listeners know and some may not know about everything that’s included in the Illuminated program. We talked about crystals, we talked about essential oils, we talked about developing intuition, we talked about breathwork, we talked about EFT. We talked about all these modalities. And there are, for each one of us in the program, there are certain ones that land and there are certain ones that maybe we’re going to use in our own personal practice but we’re not going to coach others on. But it was understanding that I have the ability to take those and practice, do them with others, put them into practice, use them in my own business. And just the confidence I think, and the clarity, like I mentioned at the beginning, that was my whole goal, to begin with. Bringing those two things out of it, I think, were my biggest takeaways.

Sarah: Mm. Thank much for sharing that. And I also want to just mirror back to you that I’ve seen that clarity come to life and the confidence then sit right beside it and seen you be willing to be more seen and just to take up more space in the room, like, hey, I’m here and you’re going to feel my presence every time I walk into this damn room. So let me reintroduce myself because this is the new me that I’m bringing into the room with me. So…

Rebecca: Yes. I got things to say. I got things to say here.

Sarah: Exactly. And we want to hear them. The world benefits so much from you activating your voice. So Rebecca, thank you for being here and sharing that beautiful voice with us. Is there anything else you want to share or can we also let the listeners know where to find you and where to connect with you?

Rebecca: Yes. So I’m at findyoursoulspark.com. On Instagram, I’m @findyoursoulspark. I think through that Embodied Branding Package and working with people one on one, really helping people find that spark, is my passion for sure. I have a journal that’s a tarot and moon cycle journal that combines your tarot practice along with the phases of the moon. I teach tarot, I make custom malas. So anyway, all of that’s available on my website. I would love to share it with your listeners. And Sarah, I just want to thank you for the past year and all the time we’ve had together. It’s been super meaningful.

Sarah: Thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate your time, love, and energy today, and wishing you so much love as you continue to evolve, elevate and deepen your impact. Thank you, Rebecca.


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