Ep. 206 Using Art as an Intuitive Channel with Kira Young

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Kira translates channeled messages into physical art
  • Using her gift to give intuitive readings for others
  • Why goddesses are a big source of inspiration for her
  • Creating space for her artistic process while balancing motherhood

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Episode Transcript:

And I’d have these really vivid visuals of messages for me, when I was doing it for me personally, of things to make me feel empowered, make me feel special, help me get through tough times. And I just had this very strong desire to paint them. So I would sit and paint these images and through that process was even more immersive in terms of the healing and the messages that would come through.

This is a Soulfire production.

Hello, and welcome back to another episode of The Uncensored Empath Podcast. Today, I have the absolute honor of having friend, Illuminated student, and amazing, amazing artist, Kira Young on the show with me. She, like I just mentioned, was part of the 2021 class of Illuminated; my nine-month coach and healer training program that invites these women who say yes to step into this next level of mastery and deepen their impact as well as elevate their natural God-given gifts. And inside of this training you’ve heard us talk about on several recent episodes, and you’ll hear a little bit more about Kira’s experience today, but inside of it, it’s truly unique and you will dive deep into your role as a student of the universe and all the magic and healing methods that are available to us. And as we unlock some of these new modalities that you can use for yourself and you can use with clients, current or in the future, you will also discover your own intuitive sorceress abilities alongside that.

Some of the women who have been through this experience use the techniques and modalities and they apply it right away into their businesses. Other women are really on a healing journey for themselves, and that is just as beautiful. And it’s so powerful. We have pages and pages and pages; over 20 pages of testimonials from the last two years of students and they literally blow my mind. I had no idea that this training would turn into what it has become. And to call it a training is really not doing it justice because there is so much included and there’s tons of beautiful content, but there’s the experience of Illuminated, which is a whole thing in of itself, that includes connection on a weekly basis with other empath healers, other women who are on a similar path, similar journey.

I had a woman tell me recently from the 2021 class that on our very first call, I said something along the lines of we’re all divinely placed here to go through this experience together as this specific group at this specific point in time. And she sort of shrugged that off at first and come nine months later, she was telling me that holy shit, yes, we were absolutely meant to be on this journey together. And every person who says yes plays an integral piece in this melting pot that comes together, that is the entire nine months. And I would be so honored for you to join us for most of this year in 2022. And let this be your year of wealth, let this be your year of deepening your skills, let this be the year of saying yes to your dreams. We really, truly integrate mind, body, subtle energy system, and these truly magical tools to create a holistic approach to healing, to growth, to personal development that allows our clients to give us and share testimonials and results that are out of this world.

So this experience helps you to transform lives, including your own. And if you’re like me and have been waiting for a truly holistic, energy-based coach training program that also incorporates sisterhood, that also incorporates a retreat, that also incorporates you stepping into your leadership role and you haven’t found that to exist, it didn’t. And so, I am here to let and lay it all out on the line and give you everything I’ve got. I will show up for you. I can promise you I will show up for you 100% and I will be cheering you on and holding you in this sacred container if you do feel called to join us and to say yes. This is exactly what I would have swooned over when I started to grow my own empire, when I started to build my own legacy, when I started to finally realize what my mission was here on this planet. So if it is your time to step into that next level of being so you can be seen, heard, and create big impact on this planet as an empath healer, we’re going to link it below in the show notes for you. It’s theuncensoredempath.com/illuminated.

All right, now let me tell you about Kira. I have never met anyone like Kira Young. The specific art that she channels and intuits and brings to life in this world is like nothing I have ever seen. If you took our recent Conscious Healer Quiz, she was the artist who developed the oracle cards that were associated or links to each of the three different outcomes of energy healer, intuitive healer, and subconscious healer. And not only is she a fucking phenomenal artist, but she had been through Illuminated so she was able to truly tap into the unique frequency of each of these healers because she’s built her own healing toolbox with these tools and added to the natural gifts that she already has.

So she is an Intuitive Art Witch. She channels intuitive messages, images, and guidance from spirit, ancestors, past lives, and transmutes those energies into custom art pieces. This woman, oh, she created a piece for me a couple years ago because Kira is also a long-time friend and client, and it is the most gorgeous thing and it captures an element of my energy that I just could never have created myself. So through these individually channeled art pieces, as well as workshops, and she has collections of these goddess energies that are so, so beautiful, she focuses on this intuitive creation process. She encourages connection and guidance and healing within her clients. It’s been so fun to see how an artist coming into Illuminated has been able to apply all of the teachings, all of the wisdom, all of the learnings, all of this experience in her own very, very unique way. Oh, so I cannot wait for you to hear more about her and you’re going to realize right away how special of a human Kira is. All right, let’s go.

Sarah: Hello and welcome to the show, Kira. I’m really excited to have you here today.

Kira: I’m so excited to be here too, Sarah. Thank you.

Sarah: You bet. So we were just chatting a little bit and we also talked about this in our graduation ceremony for Illuminated, but I’d love for you to reflect on this past year and what it’s looked like for you in your life and in your business and who was Kira at the beginning of 2021. And we’re recording this in December so what has shifted, evolved, elevated, or changed in your space over these past 12 months?

How Kira translates channeled messages into physical art

Kira: Mm, such a great, great topic and area of reflection. And yes, like you said, we talked about it a little bit in the graduation call and then just naturally over the last couple weeks. It’s something that I’ve been journaling on and just so many fun things. So reflecting on the past year; earlier in the year, I had so many creative ideas. I am an artist so I have all these creative ideas, but I had really no, not to say structure, but no way to really formulate these ideas into action. I was very floaty trying to figure out everything that was going on. And since starting this program, probably even before the day that I signed up, all of a sudden, things are just so clear. I have so much clarity on steps to take for these things.

Now that doesn’t mean I’ve achieved all of the ideas that I’ve had, but I’ve had just so much clarity on how to do that and what it should look like and how to go about it. And it’s been so beautiful because that has been, honestly, my… So my biggest challenge is trying to actually take from idea in my head to getting things on paper. So when I look back at everything that I actually have completed, it’s more than I’ve ever done in my entire life in terms of art pieces. So it’s been a really, really amazing year and I feel so great about it and super excited for next year because it’s going to be even better.

Sarah: Yes. I love that. And I’d love for you to explain. I feel like the work you do is more easily explained visually, so as best you can do in words, what it is that you do as an artist? Because I do feel that what you bring is so beautiful, but also really unique. Can you explain to everyone listening, what kind of artist you do? Artist is even not…it doesn’t really encompass everything that you are, that you do with your work because you infuse so many different layers and so much healing into it, so much intuition into it. Can you talk about that?

Kira: Absolutely. And after I explain that, I feel like the Illuminated program was just the perfect mesh for me honing all of these skills into my artwork. So what I started doing a couple years ago was I would meditate or do breathwork or yoga and I would get these ideas, which I now realize are intuitive downloads that are coming through from my spirit guides, and I’d have these really vivid visuals of, most of it was messages. Messages for me, when I was doing it for me personally, of things to make me feel empowered, make me feel special, help me get through tough times. And I just had this very strong desire to paint them. I’ve always loved art and I love painting and that’s been a huge part of my personal healing journey. So I would sit and paint these images and through that process was even more immersive in terms of the healing and the messages that would come through.

So over time that evolved into doing intuitive readings for other people. And I would tap into their energy, and with a certain intention from that person, get a message from their guides and then take all of the visuals that would come through or the feelings and visually lay them out on either I use watercolor a lot on paper, and visually bring that to life. So it kind of imprints the message from that particular person’s spirit guide into a piece of art. And that way, whenever someone looks at it, it evokes all those feelings of, you know, that their guides are coming through of what they needed to hear in that moment in a visual form. It’s kind of like an oracle card but personalized completely for that person.

Sarah: Yes. Well, and everyone listening has already heard me talk about the new Conscious Healer Quiz. And so, Kira is the artist who created those oracle card images that go along with the results or outcomes of the quiz that really encapsulate… You did such a beautiful job capturing everything I was saying out loud in visual form that encompasses the subconscious and energy healer and the intuitive healer. And I’d love for you to also maybe give an example of… I think of your art, I think so much of it includes goddess energy and the energy that certain spaces like the desert or celestial like moon, all these different spaces have a different energy, these goddesses have different energy, and I see a lot of that infused in your art. And can you give any examples of a message that’s come through and then how you have been, I think of you as this translator? So you take it from the guides and whatever it comes through in that form, and then you translate it into the picture, the watercolor, the painting on the page. And can you give an example of how something’s come through and then what the end result has been or looked like on a page?

Why goddesses are a big source of inspiration for her

Kira: Yes, absolutely. That’s a great point. It evolves definitely through the process. So I did a couple of paintings this summer that were very yes, very goddess-centered with some major, major desert vibes. And what started that is actually a very interesting evolution. It was springtime; everything was coming back to life, flowers are blooming. And I have a lot of succulents around my house. It gets very hot here in the summer so things do not grow well. It’s like where flowers come to die is where I live basically. So I don’t live in the desert, but it is a lot like the desert in that sense. And I was just so amazed because they were blooming. And looking at them, it’s like these plants are so beautiful. They can withstand crazy temperatures; they last all winter. It snows here too in the winter so it’s like I get the crazy extremes. And here they are bringing these beautiful flowers.

And reflecting on that and how there are different plants and people and we’re created in a way to flourish in our environments, and they find water, they dig their roots so deep into the ground to always find water, it’s like they always find what they need. And that just really resonated with me a lot that even when we’re struggling or if you’re in a place in your life that it’s not the ideal conditions, you can still bloom and be beautiful. And sitting with that message and then I got some major goddess downloads of these just beautiful, glowing women in the desert and connecting with the earth and the moon and the sky, and that’s really like it kind of translated into this image of a woman laying on the ground, surrounded by cactus, things that are blooming under this giant full moon. And it’s one of my favorite pieces that I did this whole year. And when I look at it, I feel the reminder to stay grounded and that I have everything that I need inside of me. And it’s magical. It’s absolutely magical.

Sarah: I just adore you and I love hearing the stories behind how these images came to be on your page. And I love how you just told us that when you look at that it evokes a feeling or a reminder within you. And I’m curious, what do you feel the impact of art can be on our lives? And what is the impact that you desire to have through your art more specifically?

  • Why goddesses are a big source of inspiration for her

Kira: Oh man. The impact of art is…this is going to probably sound weird. I feel like it’s gotten lost a lot in the last decade or so. There’s a lot of mass-produced stuff that doesn’t really have connection. You see a piece that’s pretty, but you don’t know the stories behind it. And every piece of art when it’s created, there’s a story behind it. An artist spends probably hundreds of hours coming up with something trial and error. There’s so much behind it. And to go out to, not to knock on because I have Bed Bath & Beyond pieces in my house, but to go out to Bed Bath & Beyond and just pick something up for $20 and hang it on your wall, it just dilutes the whole experience. So through these pieces, it’s like my personal way to bring back that personal feeling that can come from art and have it really speak to you and say something to you. And it’s so powerful.

I mean, you think about your home. You’re in your home every single day, especially the last couple of years, you spend a lot of time there, and it can either elevate you or it can make you feel like you’re in a kind of gone place. So if you have art on the walls that is helping to bring up your vibration or make you feel happy, make you feel loved, make you feel connected to the universe and things, that’s a really big deal, I think. I think it’s something that’s so important that everybody should have.

Sarah: Yes. I obviously have a custom piece from you and I loved it so much that I bought my mom and my sister custom intuitive art from you last Christmas, actually.

Kira: Mm-hmm, yes.

Sarah: Almost exactly a year ago and they love their pieces. And you were able to connect or tap into their energy for that message that was coming through without knowing all the details of their life and yet it rang so true for them when they got that as a gift from me but through you as the portal and channel of that. And when you were just talking about the impact of art, it reminds me that there are things when I’m at World Market or Target or whatever, that I’m like, oh my gosh, that’s so cute, that’s so cute. And I do have some of those things on…well, you know, we’re in the middle of moving right now, but those things will go on my walls. And they’re certainly on the walls of this Airbnb even.

Kira: Oh, yes, I’ve got them too. Target is on point right now. They have super cute stuff.

Sarah: Yes. Oh, it’s good. Jo… Damn Joanna Gaines. She just speaks to my soul and her stuff is so cute. But you also bring up this really beautiful point that there’s probably a thousand other people, if not more, that have that same piece of art on their wall. And it’s such a different feeling that I get when I look at the painting you did for me; another example of just custom art that has deeper meaning than some cute piece I have at Target. There’s probably a mix of that, right? That’s a good balance. But I have a line drawing that is the flower of the month February; an iris, and it is this reminder of our miscarriage, the baby we lost last year. And so, that, your painting, we have another one that is a watercolor also but from the Rhino and Elephant Sanctuary that we donate to in Africa, and so, it’s like there’s meaning behind it. And when I look at those pieces on my wall, it evokes a completely different feeling than the cute but less meaningful pieces that have been mass-produced like you were talking about; a lot of that lost art too, which I think is a whole conversation and fascinating in and of itself, and you really infuse that custom energy into it.

And so, another purpose that I see these playing are almost like when you do specifically the custom art readings, that can be a reminder during a season of someone’s life of whatever it is that they’re calling on, that they’re calling themselves home to, whether it’s their inner warrior energy, or it is their inner tender heart, or mine has this very crystal-mountain-goddess-woman-vibe to it, right?

Kira: Mm-hmm.

Sarah: And I like how you said it’s like an oracle card because it is. It’s like this blown-up oracle card that you can put on your wall as this recurring reminder. What do you do with your…? When you create something for yourself… Do you ever create something for yourself and do you ever put those or display those in your home for you or is it mostly for other people?

Kira: So right now it’s been kind of a mix. I’ve been purposefully trying to do more for me because I love it so much. But what I did and what is hanging currently in my house; when each of my sons were born, I did a piece for them, but it’s for me, you know? When I’m channeling, it’s mostly messages of just keep going mama, those types of things. And those I had hanging above their cribs or above their changing table because those are usually when you’re in the middle of the night changing diapers and you’re up. Seeing those messages were so incredibly powerful for me and just reminders of we’ve got this, we’re here for a reason, that he’s here for a reason. Those are really big around my house so I have those up.

And then in my studio space, I have a lot of artwork and I tend to rotate it. I just pick things of what I’ve done throughout the years and rotate it around. But those pieces, I’ve had up and I haven’t taken down because I love them so much. And even though my kids are older, there’s still days where I’m just like, ah-woo, I need that; that little reminder. It’s like we were here, we’re brought together here for a reason, and they are so magical. And it just brings you back because, and you’ll know once your daughter hits two, three, that, man, they can really test the patience even on like their cute little faces.

Sarah: I 100% believe you in that.

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Sarah: You know, speaking of motherhood too, we’ve talked, now that I’m also a mother, a fair amount about motherhood and just how that blends into entrepreneurship. And I’d love your take and your experience of how you have been running this intuitively-run-and-developed business as an artist with also being a mama.

Creating space for her artistic process while balancing motherhood

Kira: Yes. I will go out and say flat that doing anything while being a mama can be very, very challenging. So that combination of those things in itself it’s like, woo, you got this. You’re a rockstar mama for doing anything you do. But running a business and being in an art business that takes a lot of time and a lot of focus, I’ve had to completely unlearn and just take apart every expectation that I had of my artist practice, how I thought I would run a business. It’s like, no, none of that works anymore. But you piece it back together in a way that does and I have slowly figured out how to make my working hours work with my family. I have my kids home a lot with me quite a bit during the week. They go to daycare part-time, which has been a complete blessing to have that mixture. But we’re just experimenting, being open to playing around. And not holding yourself to any expectation has been huge and most of that is learning to trust your intuitive guidance. That has been the biggest game-changer for me.

After my first son was born is kind of when that piece of me really reawoke. And trusting that intuition and just learning to trust the process has been huge because I was getting so frustrated every time I’d be interrupted or something didn’t go the way that you planned it. That kind of being thrown off, it would be enough to really, really mess up your day. So being able to take that in stride and trust in me like, okay, deep breath, we redirect what we’re doing now and then I can come back to it later, that was huge for me. I am also a…I was thinking of my human design…an MG. A huge piece of that, understanding my human design, was like, oh. Oh, okay. So that’s just part of who I am. I don’t like to be interrupted. So learning that’s like, oh, okay. I can do this. It’s like, that’s fine.

Sarah: Mm-hmm. I think about how I’ve been operating more in pockets of time as a new mom and how it’s really invited me to master the art of dropping in so fast when I have the pocket. So it’s not like this, oh, let me just ease in or dilly-dally or whatever. It’s like there’s a pocket of time, I drop in, mm, exponentially faster so that I can utilize that space that I may have or that I am given to the highest degree. And as a Projector, obviously different than an MG, a Manifesting Generator, but as a Projector, it has allowed me to use what Projectors are so good at doing, is not having to work all the time, but when they are working, efficiently and effectively master that space they have. And yes, motherhood has been the invitation to do that because before there was just resistance. It’s like, oh, well I have the time I might as well work more. I might as well do this, might as well do that. And now that simply does not exist. So I drop in superfast and yes, utilize that time in a way that is not how I used to, but I think ultimately serves my business in this newfound art and skill.

So Kira, zooming back out to this past year and all the modalities but really just the experience of Illuminated, we can see how obviously it’s inspired your process within your art and in your business. But I’d also love to just know when we do zoom out, how has it impacted you on a deeper level, and what have been some of your favorite parts of Illuminated?

Kira: Yes. So I’d say high-level, the biggest thing is that it’s really helped me find a voice for communicating a lot of my process and my journey in my pieces. And that has been huge. I never really had a lot of confidence before of explaining how things work. Obviously, it was going on. I was having all of these revelations and ideas, but when it would come to telling someone, it’d be like, oh yes, I just painted something pretty. I just liked it. And I never really felt confident in really explaining that process. So the voice that I have been able to pull forward has been truly amazing.

Obviously, yes, all the modalities in Illuminated, I was like, I hope you don’t ask me to pick my favorite because I don’t think I could. I loved it all so much. But the other really big thing that I found through this whole process was the connection with the other women in the class. It’s like this sisterhood of support between you and the others that I feel like I can go to them for my lifetime and we’ll always be able to support each other. That is a huge component that I didn’t quite expect. I knew I was going to be learning all of the things and that was a huge bonus for me of having this support group that will always be here. So that’s been just absolutely fantastic.

Sarah: I feel like that is such a common thread of last year’s 2020 class and everyone who I’ve talked to so far with this class is it’s unexpected and not why people said yes, but ultimately, one of the favorite things that they leave this experience with is, like you said, you feel confident and comfortable that these are people that you can continue to go to forever to be supported, to collaborate, whatever that may look like. So what would you say to somebody who is considering joining us for the 2022 class?

Kira: Hmm. Well, just that to just do it. Just sign up. That I feel like going through the process of deciding my process, I drug my feet. I don’t know if you remember, Sarah. I drug my feet a lot when it came to signing up, but I knew I wanted to do it. It was just coming down to like, is it the right time? And when you have little kids, it’s just like, do I have the time for this? So that decision was a big one. And then as soon as I was like, no, just screw it, I’m doing it, it was so amazing. So just thinking through what would it feel like to say yes to this? How would that make me feel? And when I sat down to think about it, I was like, oh, no, I’m so excited right now that it’s like I can’t not do this now. I’ll be regretting it all year long if I don’t do it. So that was the biggest. The big thing is just trusting that feeling that you’re getting. If it’s making me excited to be in this program, then I’ve got to figure out a way to do it. So that’s what I did.

Sarah: I’m so glad you did. I’m so, so, so glad. I just feel like if the group had been any different, it wouldn’t have had the same energy because everyone brings something so unique to that space. And Kira, you are such a, arguably the most multidimensional artist that I know or have ever met and I’d love for you to invite everyone listening to explore what that looks like, actually see your art. So where can they find it? Where can they get to know you better and, or purchase some of your pieces or work with you?

Kira: Yes, so I am most active on Instagram and my handle is youngintuitiveart. I also have a website, youngintuitiveart.com. But I welcome any and all questions. If anybody wants to send me a message on Instagram, I’m happy to talk with them and chat about the process. I will be sharing more videos of in-process so you can really get a feel of that. And then this January, I do have some new packages that are going to be a really nice blend of my art pieces with all of the healing modalities that we’ve learned inside Illuminated. So it will be my debut of getting an intuitive art reading plus a healing session along with that and we’ll figure that out intuitively based on your intentions. So we’ll have a call ahead of time and then we can pull, whether it’s crystal healing or tapping or breathwork or whatever’s going to be best serving you to set off the year in your best foot. So we’ll have a really great opportunity to tie all those in together.

Sarah: Oh, that is so cool so sign me up and we will link all those things into the show notes for everyone to explore as they desire. Kira, thank you so much for being here today and just for bringing everything that you do to all the spaces that you do and it was such a pleasure having you inside of Illuminated this past year.

Kira: Thank you so much. I have loved every second of it.

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January 27, 2022


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