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Ep. 165 8 Shifts Changing the Coaching Industry Foreve‪r‬

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In this episode, I discuss:

  • Discover how Sarah sensed a massive change was needed in the coaching industry
  • Learn about the 8 shifts that are changing coaching forever
  • Understanding the difference between intention and impact
  • Why sovereign responsibility and integrity are more important than graphics, marketing, and sales

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to The Uncensored Empath, a place for us to discuss highly sensitive energy, illness, healing, and transformation. My name is Sarah Small and I’m a life and success coach for empaths who want to create a thriving body, business, and life. Think of this podcast as your no-BS guide to navigating life, health, and entrepreneurship. You’ll get straight-to-the-point, totally holistic tips from me in real-time as I navigate this healing and growth journey right beside you. This is a Soulfire production.

Hello, everyone. I am really excited about this episode and I also am trusting that whatever needs to unearth and come to the surface will do just that and that my voice will simply be a vessel, a channel for the most divine messages to come through and that will activate exactly what it needs to activate within you.

Discover how Sarah sensed a massive change was needed in the coaching industry

So the conversation I want to have today is around our coaching industry, the healing industry, where we show up as coaches and healers to serve and to share our light with the world. And I think there is so much room within this space for change, for shift. And I want to begin by referencing some teachings that have been really aligning with me from a teacher that has been my main guide over the last nine to 10 months, and that is Mary Magdalene. I have been reading this amazing book by Meggan Watterson, Mary Magdalene Revealed. I finished that last summer, but I continue to go back and reference it because there are just amazing healings and learnings inside of her writing.

And more recently, I read The Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the codes inside of these words, these lines on the page are very much the embodied, divine, feminine leader on this planet. And I think that is why I feel so drawn and so called to her as a guide right now in my life because I’ve been looking at the space that I show up in as a coach in this industry and asking myself, how can I be more of the embodied, divine, feminine leader and CEO of this business? And so, I’ve been receiving so much inspiration from this woman’s teachings. And I went live on Instagram this past week and I shared some of what I’m going to share with you today, but it was a quick live and it was also an invitation. The doors had just opened for Illuminated, my nine-month coach training program for you to step into that level of mastery to be the divine, feminine CEO and leader, and to leave with tools that will actually facilitate change in your clients’ lives.

And so, this conversation is one where I feel like we get this opportunity to deepen some of the things that came up in that shorter, briefer conversation, and really unpack some of the things that are coming to light in this space right now. If you’re listening and you are either an emerging or current or aspiring, or maybe very well-established coach in this industry, then I invite you to ask yourself these questions and to again, take whatever activations you feel you need from this today. But maybe you’re not an aspiring, current, emerging, well-established coach, and instead, you are more of a participant within this industry, within this field, where you receive the healings, you receive the codes, you receive the messages, and the coaching from these coaches. And I think that being here for this conversation if you fall into that category, is just as important because where you invest the spaces that you show up in, the people that you send trust to, who you entrust to hold space and to provide healing, matters. It matters deeply.

So we get to look at this from two lenses. The first is how are we being as the coaches and leaders? And then my guess is most of us are also the participants and the students too. You can actually play both roles. And I want us all to take the space to reflect on how we’ve been showing up in this space for however long you have been in this space. For myself, been about six years now. I was the student, just the student, for about two years and I transitioned into becoming a coach and starting my own business four years ago. And within the last six years, so much has shifted. Many more people have come into this industry and I’ve also seen some things I don’t like.

So let’s start with some words of wisdom from Mary Magdalene. There’s a line in her teachings that states “What you do takes you further away.” And it implies a deep questioning of ourselves, are the things that we’re doing bringing us closer to our being or taking us further away? The things that take us away from our being, feed the ego, make us feel the illusion, see the illusion of safety, of comfort, of protection. It’s this space where we protect ourselves from feeling not good enough, not smart enough, not well-established enough, I don’t have enough followers, blah, blah, blah. That takes us away from our true essence. So either we choose to walk the path that takes us further away or we choose to walk the path of returning. And I invite us all into that returning. When we come back into our essence, into our true self, into our true state of being, we can not only more easily connect to the Be, the being, but in the being, we have a deeper connection to our intelligence, the divine intelligence of the superconscious, a deeper connection to your imagination and creativity and that divine feminine center of our being.

And then it begs the question, once we return, once we enter into the state of being versus running versus walking away versus hiding, how shall I use my intelligence? How shall I use my imagination? What creations want to be birthed from me? And we get a choice there. We get a choice in how to utilize these things, how to show up in our businesses, and how to use our voice, which is an activating powerful vessel within itself. So I see this industry shifting. I see us moving away from simply what we know as healers, coaches, practitioners, leaders. And instead of priding ourselves simply on what we know, instead, an emphasis, a spotlight, on who we are, who you are. It is not just about what you know. And in fact, there’s so much more that you don’t know than you do know. And there’s even more of what we don’t know we don’t know than what we don’t know or we do know. What we know is just one sliver of the pie. And instead, the emphasis is moving to who we are, who we be, how are you showing up?

Learn about the 8 shifts that are changing coaching forever

You can often hear it in someone’s voice. Are they grounded in their mission and their message on this planet when they do share what they know? When they do share their knowledge, their wisdom, their teachings, is it from an embodied place, or is it just a regurgitation of what they’ve seen somewhere else? And so, this First Shift that I see is moving away from just what we know. Because if it were about just what we know, then it would just be a race to the number of trainings, workshops, retreats, certifications that I’ve done versus you’ve done, and I’ve done more and that makes me better, and that’s a bunch of bullshit. And instead, it’s a feeling that you give off if you’re on the coach side, or that you feel if you’re on the student side. Who you are. So that begs the question, who am I being? How am I showing up and how is that felt by my community?

The Next Shift that I’m witnessing is moving away from just being a great marketer or salesperson where you have beautiful graphics, where you know what to say to get somebody to say yes, where you have a perfectly fine-tuned funnel to groom people through and you know how to convert people into paying customers. I see us moving away from just knowing how to do all of that and instead, moving towards putting an emphasis and a spotlight on true leadership and coaching skills. Because maybe you’ve experienced this before, where you have witnessed somebody’s amazing marketing and sales skills and you’ve said yes, as the participant, as the student, but inside, it was just fluff. They weren’t truly showing up as a coach or leader within the paid space, the container you said yes to. And this is where so many people get jaded, disillusioned, and burnt out by the coaching industry. They say yes and they’re like, Wow, that was not what I thought it was going to be, or even what was promised to me. And that leads to this hangover, this fear then of investing for a second or third or a fourth or a fifth or sixth time, because, ugh, what if they’re just a good marketer and inside is just a bunch of fluff?

I am here and I think you are all here too to invest in real change in your life, to invest in your big-ass dreams, goals, and vision, and to be able to get the support along that journey to help propel you there exponentially faster because you do not have to do it alone. But I also understand the feeling of having said yes to somebody who is a great saleswoman and then feeling really let down afterwards. And so, instead, I see us moving into true leadership, true transformational containers, where you walk away and you have felt something in your being as a by-product of being part of that experience. You feel shifted, changed, transformed. You are leaving with a greater skill set, knowledge, mindset, or maybe even complete rewiring of your nervous system or consciousness. That is the change that I want to see us facilitating within our containers as coaches and leaders in this industry. That doesn’t mean that we can’t also be great marketers and salespeople, but I invite us to move away from just being that and instead facilitating real change.

So the Third Shift I witness and I invite us into is related a little bit, moving away from quick fixes and instead, moving forth into embodied solutions. Because like we were just talking about, how many times, if you are somebody who is like, Yes, I invest in myself. I am committed to my growth, my awakening, my ascension. So I have said yes, and I have invested in myself many times, but what was delivered was a quick fix. And maybe you did it, you took the advice, you applied it, you practiced it. And maybe it provided relief, some healing, some short-term growth. It wasn’t the actual solution; it was more like a Band-Aid. And I know so many of you have found my story, my message, this podcast because you are also a human being who has experience with illness like myself, just what kick-started my whole journey that led me here. So you can probably deeply resonate with the feeling in your body and your nervous system when someone gives you a quick fix and there’s temporary relief, versus when someone helps you get to the root cause of what you’re experiencing and you receive and you implement a solution that changes your entire trajectory.

And just like the area of medicine I believe is changing to put more emphasis on the root cause of illness and physical symptoms, I see our coaching industry shifting to get to the root cause of what is standing in your way, old programming that is outdated, things that are holding you back so that you can propel forward not tiptoe forward so that you can hit your financial goals in half the time so that you can feel so good about the tangible results you’re seeing based on the inner work and the external details that you’ve given attention to. Yes, some things take time and it’s important for us to honor the things that do take time, but there’s a different outcome when someone gives you a quick fix versus somebody who coaches you to find your own solutions that you feel in your being, and that changed the trajectory long-term.

So let’s talk about Shift Four: moving away from “I help everybody. I want to heal the entire world, not just humans, every being on this planet, everyone, everything” and instead, moving more deeply into your specific mission on the planet, the role you play. I think of human design when I think of this shift and that we all have a different type, we all have a different strategy, we all have a different purpose, we all have different wealth codes, we all have different ways of experiencing our ego and ways of making decisions. And if we all instead try to just help everyone be everything to everyone, every one of our clients, every member of our community, then we’re not honoring our unique magic and all the things that do make us ‘us’. And just like in human design, there’s projectors and reflectors and manifestors and manifesting generators and generators, you and me and him and her and they, all have different missions on this planet. So while it is admirable that your heart bursts so freaking big that you desire to help everyone and everything, if we take on that role, that pressure, it feels like a burden. And it’s very hard to actually see the impact that we have, the shifts, the tangible shifts that we create on the planet if our focus is so big and broad.

It’s so much harder to measure success and to see, Hey, what I’m doing, it matters. I’m making a difference. So it’s not that you won’t make a difference if you try to help everybody but when you are so tuned into what your role is and you own that and you don’t try to put on all of the different hats, it’s going to feel so fucking good because now you have owned “This is my role. This is the part I play. This is my mission on the planet. And I am here and open and available to whoever wants to be part of this with me because I know this is where I excel. This is my zone of genius. This is where I see the tangible impact I am having on the planet.” And if you’re listening to this and you’re thinking in your head, Sarah, I don’t know what my mission is and you’re sort of freaking out inside going, I don’t know what that is, I’m not clear on that yet, you are not alone and you are not broken. There’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t know what that is yet. Instead, I invite you into the discovery of it. It’s there. I promise you it’s there, but it takes some exploration, takes some inquiry, maybe some experimentation.

If you’ve been here since episode one, holy shit, you have seen me change directions, pivot, reverse, back up, propel forward, change, evolve, and grow. It has not been a linear path. There’s been bumps in the road. But what has stayed consistent throughout this show, throughout my path of self-discovery, is the inquiry, and releasing the fear, having the courage to continuously pivot when I feel called to do so. So I never had to put myself in a box and say this is what I’m doing forever and not give myself permission to change. And instead, every step of the way I have given myself permission to change so that by doing so, I get closer and closer and closer to my immense crystalline clarity on what my mission is on this planet. I didn’t start this show or start my business having full clarity around that. I just started somewhere and I continued to sit in ceremony with what is, inquiry with what could be, that has allowed me to discover deeper and deeper and deeper pieces of myself to be able to answer that question, what is my specific mission on the planet? So if you don’t know what it is yet, don’t stress out. Be an inquiry. Join the containers that help you discover what that is and certainly don’t be afraid to pivot.

So Shift Five: moving away from buying, purchasing and investing based on the external look of somebody’s product or service and instead, as a consumer, as participants and students, investing, buying, purchasing based on who you trust and who shares your values. It is one thing to read a sales page that checks all the bullet points that you’re looking for in a program and it is another thing to feel into the energy of the coach who’s leading that program and to feel within the anchor of her soul, I trust this person. I trust this person to hold space for me, I trust this person to hold me in my highest, and I see the values that she embodies and that she shares through her teachings that ground her in her purpose, and my values are similar. So it’s not that we have to hire clones of ourself because that’s boring. But instead, who do I trust and who shares my values that I am intuitively guided to? And my intuition is telling me there’s something here. Even if you can’t put words to it yet, your gut, your instinct, your inner-knowing is saying there’s something there for you. So you probably do, you probably do keep circling back to the pretty webpage, the pretty graphics, and scrolling their feed because part of their energy is encoded and infused into those things. There’s power behind that.

Why sovereign responsibility and integrity are more important than graphics, marketing, and sales

But I see us moving away from buying just based on that and the bullet points that they say are included and instead, purchasing from this place of sovereignty, trusting yourself to make that decision, trusting your intuition that’s telling you there’s something there for you and seeing that this person that you are going to exchange energy with does share some of those values. I see the old way as quickly, quickly becoming outdated. And this goes back to what we were speaking about before, in that, if you’re just a great marketer and part of that is that you have amazing graphic design, but you don’t deliver and you do not hold trust, maintain trust with your clients, and if you start to teach from a place that is out of integrity and not true to what you stand for, your people are going to feel that. So we have this opportunity as leaders to not only express that in our marketing and sales so people can feel confident saying yes but also to reflect and debrief for a moment on how have I been showing up until now? Do I hold safe space and create safe containers? When I teach, am I teaching in alignment with my values? Do I even know what my values are? And if not, there’s an invitation here to ask yourself those questions. We just did this exercise inside of my membership, Empath Leaders and it’s an exercise that you’ll also be able to guide yourself and your clients through when you join Illuminated, our coach training program.

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Let’s talk about Shift Six. This came up in a mastermind of coaches that I’m part of and we talked about moving away from knowledge being power and instead, how you use that knowledge, determining your impact, which is the ultimate visual of what this power is. So it’s not that I don’t believe knowledge is power because I am a critical thinker and I am curious, and I’m always exploring and looking for truth, seeking answers, seeking beauty. And I do think knowledge is power, but that alone doesn’t explain or correlate directly with how much impact we have with that power. Instead, how we use our knowledge, how we exert that power, arguably it’s not even an exertion of power, it’s more of an insertion of power within us that is simply felt. We don’t need to exert it and throw it all around and put it in people’s faces, and instead, it is something that is magnetic naturally about you. You hold these codes, this knowledge, these frequencies of power within you, of wisdom within you. And then how you use your voice, how you share that, what form that takes on, the creations you create, determine how that is felt by people of the world, by your community, and that’s where we see our impact. To hold knowledge in our being is simply to hold knowledge in our being. That’s fine. But to hold knowledge in our being and to allow that to be felt, seen, understood, to allow it to activate within other people, is where we start to see the ripple effect.

Understanding the difference between intention and impact

Okay, Shift Seven: moving away from simply intention and instead, the answer to this question, what impact did I actually have? What impact did you actually have? Not just what your intention was. My intention was to help people; my intention was to dig up somebody’s shadow. Instead, what was the impact that you actually had when you held that program, when you help somebody dig up their shadow, their triggers? How did that leave them feeling? What is the ripple effect of that impact? Because we can have the greatest of intentions, but if that doesn’t translate into impact that is on the same parallel line, then there’s no telling whether our intention has any sense of alignment with what we want to be doing on this planet. I recently had an experience that was less than awesome with somebody I hired. And I opened up a line of communication to express myself and share the impact this person was having on me personally, from my perspective, and instead of taking sacred responsibility, this person said, Well, that wasn’t my intention. I didn’t mean for it to come off that way. I’m sorry if you took it that way. You all that is not taking sacred responsibility. That is just going back to our spiral of spiritual bypassing bullshit.

When someone tells us the impact that we had on them, doesn’t matter if your intention was otherwise, they’re telling you, this is the impact I felt. That is an opportunity for us to not feel guilty but to take sacred responsibility. Not to bypass because we’re uncomfortable and we’re sad, we feel bad that that happened because it wasn’t our intention, but instead to take sacred responsibility. I didn’t mean for that to be the impact but I own that that was what happened. I want you to sit with this, this is big; moving away from simply what our intentions were and really reflecting on the impact that we have. And what I can tell you is from the client seat, a student seat, you are going to gain so much more respect, trust from that person when you acknowledge the impact and not just your intention. This is where we get to grow and expand. This is where we get to step into true leadership instead of just trying to protect our fucking egos. People are waking up. There are so many empaths on this planet who are deeply in tune to their lie detector, to their emotional antennas that pick up on feeling the energy of the world. People are going to see right through your bullshit if you’re just speaking from a place of ego and trying to keep yourself safe. So we get to take sacred responsibility.

Okay, lastly, this Last Shift is moving away from trauma bonding. This is something I wrote a whole post about fairly recently. It’s on Instagram and in my private Facebook group that’s also a free community to get support. And I said, Hey, you guys, I need to own up to something. I feel trauma bonded to so many of you where we have bonded over a victim role, whether that be my story, my history of loss, grief, death, miscarriage, suicide, drug addiction, chronic illness, medical trauma, whatever it may have been. All of that is very real and very much part of my story. And I’m not here to forget those parts of my story or to say they didn’t happen or to say that they didn’t help me and serve me, and again, propel me into where I am today, but if people are coming into my community because they want to stay in a victim role and feel my pain as their pain, that’s not what I’m here for. I’m not here to perpetuate each other’s pain. I am here to hold my clients, and this is what we’re moving towards instead, towards holding my clients in their highest power and potential. To use my story to hold you up versus to keep you down, to perpetuate growth versus perpetuate darkness.

I didn’t realize I was doing this. Once my eyes opened up and I realized, Wow, I am doing this, I decided quickly, this gets to change. And you guys, it’s not this big thing that takes all this time to change. You just change. You say, I’m showing up differently. I put that post out and I said, I’m calling myself out. And if you are here because you want our pain to perpetuate each other’s pain, then this isn’t the place for you to be anymore. I’m not going to kick anybody out, but you can exit. This is a place where we hold ourselves in our sovereign power and we hold mirrors up to ourselves and we see our shadow and we can still feel the connection we have and the similarities we’ve maybe experienced or been through, but we’re not here to continue along the same path. We’re here to change the trajectory. What we get to do as coaches is hold clients in their highest potential and power, even when they don’t see it. This is one of the greatest gifts that I’ve received. And I’ve received it multiple times from multiple coaches who have seen my potential, my true potential beyond what I was allowing myself, my ego was allowing myself to see in that moment. And they held me in that. Sarah, you are capable of so much more of this. Me? No! Huh! That’s fucking scary. I just want this. I just want a little bit more. I don’t want all that; I just want a little bit more. Are you sure? Is that really what you want? You want just a little bit or do you want all the way up here? Yes, actually, I want all the way up there and more, but I don’t know if I can have it so I’m not going to set my dreams so high, so big, so far away from where I feel like I am in this exact moment.

So as a coach, if we come down to their level right there and we say, Okay, well, let’s just get you one step ahead, when in their core they want way up there and more, we are not being of the highest service. So this is where we get to shift. We get to hold them way the fuck up there even when their limiting beliefs and doubts and negative self-talk are loud as fuck. And maybe you’ve experienced this. As I mentioned, I’ve experienced and received the gift of this numerous times. And when you are held up there, it is fucking magical. There is a calibration of your energy that happens so much faster when someone says you can, you will, I already see it for you. Even when you don’t see it, I see it for you. There is so much power in that. There is magic and you will propel forward. You will see your clients propel forward. They will leave you a raving testimonial because this doesn’t happen very often. Most of the time we come down and we go right into their trauma, right into their ego, right into their limiting beliefs, and we act as if they’re all true when in fact, it is the highest service to hold them in their highest power.


All right. So where do we go from here? The first thing I want to share after going through those shifts in this industry is a little bit of tough love. And I don’t drop tough love too often on this show, but I feel it’s necessary today. And this message is simply that this industry, that this path of entrepreneurship, the spiritual awakening, the personal growth that comes along with entrepreneurship, is not for everybody. It’s just not. We all play different roles on this planet. And if it’s something that people get into and say yes to and start and take the first steps around because they just want what they see all these other women on Instagram have; the lifestyle they have, the business, flexibility, the schedule, you could have all that. But if your why behind entering is just that, and you also deliver half-assed results and you don’t know what your purpose is, then we don’t need more of these people in the coaching industry. To be a coach is to be of service. And if it’s just about the other stuff and not the actual service; the results, purpose, and your why and your mission, then you’re not really being of service, are you? Self-serving instead.

Instead, what we need are way-showers, path-pavers, innovators, creative-creators, and embodied leaders; those who are truly grounded in their purpose and mission and here to be of service. And again, it’s not that you can’t have all the things. You get to receive all of those things and the lifestyle and the time-freedom and whatever material things you desire most. There is nothing wrong with that. But we also need you grounded in your purpose and mission. We also need you fully committed to embodying your teaching and facilitating true results for your clients. So if you feel, especially over the past year, because I think this has occurred for many people if not the beginning of it, a deeper experience of it, where you’re feeling initiated, like you’re going through this initiation into that purpose, sometimes it presents itself like this calling that’s been there for a little while and now it’s loud or a sign that you kind of ignored and now the signs are everywhere.

So if you feel like your soul has been going through this anointment and all the things that you have been through in your life, the hardships have led you to this moment, helped you build this innate strength and connection to your dharma, which is the purpose, and that purpose is one in which you can’t help but lean into, the signs are there, the voices are there, you are feeling it in every cell in your body but maybe it’s still freaking you the fuck out a little bit, but you’re also like, I want to take action on it, I can’t help but do something, I need to take some action in that direction; not going away. Let’s make that clear. It is not going away. I’m here for more. I’m here for this. Okay, God, okay, Spirit. I’m listening. I invite you, if this is resonating, to lean all the way in. Lean in and listen to what messages are coming through, what your intuition is showing you, where you get to shift, evolve, and change, where you get to show up more, what you get to leave behind, where you get to create and take sacred responsibility and how you choose to be moving forward.

So I invite you to sit with that question, to circle all the way back to the beginning of our conversation today, are the things you’re doing bringing you closer to your path of becoming and being, or taking you further away and more entrenched in the ego, the smallness, the safety, the protection? And for those of you who are ready to step into your true essence and power to become the way-shower, path-paver, and embodied leader on this planet, the doors are open to Illuminated. This is my nine-month coach training program that is here for those of you who are ready to embody the teachings to build your holistic healing toolbox with a heavy emphasis on subconscious reprogramming and sustainable change so that you can facilitate lasting results with your clients, where you can receive the feedback that that moment that they were in your container changed their life, or has stuck with them. They remember that moment with you. And you want to be able to facilitate those types of results, not the quick fixes, not the pretty exterior with just fluff inside, and instead, the deeply grounded transformation. You’re going to leave with a giant toolbox to do so.

The beauty of this container, this program, is that within it, you will be held in your highest and you will be invited and given full permission to make it your own because I am not here for you to go create a business that looks exactly like mine or anyone else’s. To create codependency or clones is completely out of alignment for me. So instead, inside of Illuminated, we help your self-expression flourish and for you to get closer and closer and closer and experience the immense clarity around your mission, what you’re here to do, just using tools as tools to then be applied in whatever way feels most applicable and appropriate for the containers you create. But this is not just about the tools, it’s also about the being. And that is why not only do we have masterclass guest experts and teachers come in to broaden your learnings, but also to help you calibrate to these different energies. And we have an entire experience on business, strategy, and energetics so that along the path you’re doing the mirror work where you hold up the mirror to yourself and your own shadow, you’re learning how to facilitate lasting results with your client, and you are building the business. So it doesn’t have to wait until 10 months from now to start building, you’re building along the way.

The testimonials from our past students are breathtaking. They’re insane. The way that these women talk about this container, I just, I don’t even know what to say most of the time. We went through a fricking journey together. And the coolest part is that they’re not going anywhere. It is a lifetime container they have access to so that down the road if you have a question, you don’t have to go hire someone else or find the answer on Google. We continue to be here for you and to continue to hold you in your highest. This program is an investment and it is not for everybody, but it is for the people who are ready to take action and have big dreams and want 2021 to be a year of immense expansion for them. My promise to you is that you will get immense value out of this space, that you will feel excited about having said yes. There will not be a doubt in your mind that this was for you. But that decision is yours. That is your choice if you want to explore this deeper. So the doors are open. The invitation is there. We are offering $1,500 off of enrollment, and that applies to all of our payment plans as well. We have amazing payment plans through February 12th, 2021 and we have an extended 16-month payment plan that is also available for a limited time.

So if you’re curious, if you want to just have a conversation, and especially if your gut is already saying Hell fucking yes, this is what I’ve been looking for, we’re going to drop the link in the show notes to apply from there. It’s just a couple of quick questions. And from there, we’re going to make sure you’re a great fit. I’ll be reaching out via email and we’ll set up a call to get you enrolled. We start February 22nd and the fricking spaceship is launching. So you’re in or you’re out. Feel into it. Click the link below, take a look, trust yourself. You guys, I love you. I love you so much for being here, for supporting the podcast, and for being willing to have these harder conversations and to receive some of the tough love and to receive the invitation and to change. Because we resist change. It is easy to have resistance. And if you’re still listening, you are here for it. You are here for the change. I can feel that your mind is open, your heart is ready, and your feet got a little itch in them because you’re about to take off. So thank you for being you. I will see you on the next episode.


I want to tell you about a podcast that I have been loving. It is hosted by McLean McGown and it is called Mother the Mother Podcast. McLean has some amazing, real talk, solo episodes that have really just been speaking to my soul as somebody who is expecting. You guys, my due date is May 14th, 2021. And honestly, I am just in an information-gathering state and it’s so helpful to hear stories and experiences from other mothers. McLean had a recent episode in January called We Can Do Better Than “Healthy Baby, Healthy Mama.” Yes, and that one really spoke to my soul. She holds this online space for women to gather energetically sister to sister and mother to mother, to focus on the powers of motherhood and real-life advice and experiences of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum shift, which is a crucial time for new mothers to heal, not just physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. And this is a major transition that I’m about to go through in my life that is often regarded as negative or challenging in the way that our current society portrays it. And so, it’s so nice to have women, mothers like McLean who are willing to have these real conversations. You can find her over on Apple Podcasts. And again, it’s called Mother the Mother Podcast.

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February 16, 2021


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