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Ep. 164 Double Your Impact and Income

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In this episode, I discuss:

  • Get a taste for the soul Sarah brings when working with clients
  • Learn how to double your impact and income
  • Understand the power of believing in the goals you set for yourself
  • Learn how to step into action and purpose in your business and life

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Uncensored Empath, a place for us to discuss highly sensitive energy illness, healing, and transformation. My name is Sarah Small, and I’m a life and success coach for empaths, who want to create a thriving body, business, and life. Think of this podcast as your no-BS guide to navigating life, health, and entrepreneurship. You’ll get straight-to-the-point, totally holistic tips from me in real-time as I navigate this healing and growth journey right beside you. This is a Soul Fire production.

Welcome back to another episode. Today’s show is a snippet of a three-day free masterclass I hosted last week and it was specifically on how to build your high-impact coaching business in 2021. This training is focused. This is Day One that you’re going to hear today and it’s focused more specifically on who you are being as a catalyst for impact. The full three parts are no longer available, but the entire experience was just so potent that I still wanted to be able to share at least part of it with you so you could feel the transmissions that came through and the activating energy of this container. And I’m pretty excited to hear how you’re feeling after this Day One training. Let’s get started.

Hello everyone. Welcome to Day One of this three-day masterclass called Initiation into Action: How to Build Your High Impact Coaching Business This Year 2021. I am so excited to be supporting you today and to be offering this free experience to build your high impact coaching business this year, now. We don’t have to wait any longer. It gets to start here, now, today with you. Initiation into action was a channeled name for me, it just came through. First I saw the word initiation and I felt into it and I asked it to show me what it was, what form it wanted to take, how it wanted to be birthed into this planet and to this world. And I finally saw that there was another part to it, initiation into action, and that is where you have arrived. And that is also my true desire to initiate you into action.

And I want you to leave feeling like you got so much value and clear on some of what those next steps are to build your high impact coaching business. And that may mean doubling your impact this year, tripling your impact this year, quadrupling your damn impact this year. And along with that, our income doubles, triples quadruples with that impact as well because we get to be well-resourced, embodied leaders on this planet and we get to receive. We get to be grounded in that channel of receiving. How does this sound? Are you ready? So hi. Some of you, I know really well, you’ve been in my program, some of you came in because your friend invited you, some of you may have just found me on social media for the first time. So real hot second to introduce myself. My name is Sarah Small. I am a podcast host, an author, a coach, the creator of Illuminated training. I train and mentor coaches in this space, and it is such a delight, such an honor to be able to do that.

Part of what I also do in The Uncensored Empath is activate empaths into their leadership role. And I’ve been having the pleasure of doing that for the last four years and helping them build successful, scalable, sustainable businesses; hundreds and hundreds of women. It has been such a delight. This past year we served in our paid containers, 240 students. So much fun to be in purpose. And this year I hope to increase those numbers even more. And in our free programs, we’ve touched thousands. Podcast hit 215,000 downloads at the end of last year.

Now I want to know because this is going to help me support you, where are you currently at in your journey? And so, let’s go with these three options:

  • Just starting…just starting.
  • Second option: one to two years…one to two years.
  • Third option: three plus…three-plus years.

Where are you at in your business? Where are you at in your journey? Where are you coming to me from today? Just starting, one to two years, three-plus years. And then I want to know what kind of business you have because that’s really fucking exciting. We all do something different, even if it sounds similar, it sounds the same, we’re all here to have and play different roles on this planet. And so, I serve the empath entrepreneurs of the world. But are you working in a role of a business coach? Are you doing healing work? Are you a Reiki practitioner? Do you love health coaching? Are you a relationship coach, love coach, grief coach? I’m sure there are many more. And that’s going to allow me to get to know you better. There is no right or wrong answer. This is just to check-in.

Some of you I’ve noticed are in transition as well. This is a great place to be. If you are in transition in your business, maybe switching something and, or your transition is that you want to go bigger. You want to scale, you want to grow, you want to have more impact and more income, or you want to feel more confidence and competence in the space you hold and the change you facilitate as a coach, whatever kind of coach you just told me you were. So over the next three days, we’re going to talk about tangible, meaning actionable stuff and steps. And we’re going to talk about the intangible and that’s the energy that you bring into your business because I always pair them together. I don’t see one without the other. I think we need both in our businesses. Over the next three days, you’re going to be experiencing a sneak-peek into Illuminated.

Get a taste for the soul Sarah brings when working with clients

Illuminated is my nine-month coach training program for you to step into a level and embody a level of mastery as a coach, healer, facilitator, guide, practitioner, whatever it is that you do call yourself and to find and receive the tools to scale and grow your business so you can have an impact. Along with that, there’s 10 plus, there’s way more than 10, there’s at least 10 healing techniques that you’ll add to your toolbox, especially around subconscious reprogramming. And these are the tools that you can use with your clients to facilitate those big impact results. We are talking all about impact today, impact with your clients. So you get fricking amazing testimonials, but you don’t build codependency with your people. What do you feel most challenged by right now? What do you feel? And drop in you guys, drop into your body. Be here with me, be present with me for this hour. I don’t even know if we’re going to go a full hour. Can you give that to me? Can you just be here? Drop in.

And what is challenging you right now? What do you want to get off your chest? What can you just drop and declare, release, affirm, let go of? You don’t have to hold it all by yourself right now. So where are you feeling most challenged?

  • Knowing what to offer will have the biggest impact. (Oh, I hope I can support you with that today).
  • Talking to my audience.
  • Where I can add the most value.
  • Frustrated about not having a steady stream of income clients. (Oh yes. Okay).
  • A bit of imposter syndrome.
  • Letting go of the nerves.
  • Fear of stepping forward in the new. (Ah, so good).

So Mary Magdalene has been one of my main guides throughout 2020. She really just came through for me in 2020. It was new for me. And we’re going to channel some of her vibes today because she is a powerful-ass woman and a leader who paved a path. So before we go there, I want you to drop into your body kind of like we just did, but even deeper now so that you can fully receive everything being shared today. So close your eyes, bring your hands to your heart and just be here. Be here with me, with the 120 plus other beautiful fricking souls who said yes to this masterclass, breathing in your own presence and your own power, and start to see a light channeling down from the sky, into the crown chakra at the top of your head and this light filling you up, filling you up, activating your imagination, your third eye, your intuition, your throat, your voice. Down into your heart, does it fill with compassion and that deep empathy that you have so beautifully, so naturally, you’re able to tap into? And then see that light emanate outward from your heart; outward, outward, outward, spreading, shining this unlimited…unlimited light into the crown, out to the heart and sharing it; your energy, your love, your passion with the world.

One question, what is the impact that you want to have with your light? What is the impact that you want to have with your light on this planet, your loved ones, your community? Let your hands come down and your eyes open and share. What is the impact that you madly, truly, deeply desire in this lifetime, this one life, right here, right now, today? And if you don’t know, just feel into that. I don’t know. I know there’s something there. I feel it in my soul, I feel it in the cells of my body, and I just don’t quite know what it is specifically yet. That’s an answer too. Feel into the impact, arrive right back here into this space, and let’s talk about building your business.

Most of you said just starting or one to two years. That’s perfect. You’re in the exact right spot, right here, with me, right now. Your business can be, and let’s do some high-five emoji if you’ve already felt this, your business can be the greatest personal development frigging journey that you will ever go on. It can be your greatest spiritual awakening. It can be an invitation into your shadow and an opportunity to heal on so many levels. You all I did not start a business to do generational lineage healing for my family and that’s where it’s brought me to; so much familial healing in this business every damn day. So who feels this? Who has felt this in their business already, wherever you’re at, whatever part of the journey you’re on, where you’re like. Yes. Yes. I feel that. I feel the invitation into the shadow, I feel the awakening, I feel the ascension?

So I want to talk about the word ascension. And this is where I’m going to bring in some Mary Magdalene, because ascension, according to Mary Magdalene is more accurately described as a descent into the heart. So farther up is actually further in. Farther up is actually further in. I want you to hear all of that right now, in you, not outside of you. And this opens up an invitation for all of us right here, right now, that we don’t need to be somebody else, that we don’t need to be someone better. And it’s holding the vision of yourself to see what has always been there within you. To be present, that’s why we just practiced that, here and now. Especially to be present instead of getting caught up in the stories that the ego tells us. And this ego is always going to be there you guys, it’s always going to be there.

Oftentimes we literally wake up and we get out of bed in the morning and immediately… immediately we detach from our truth and our mission. And we move into this striving energy, looking outside of ourselves for all the fucking answers. But ascension in your life and your business is not all the way the fuck up here. It’s right here in your heart. So while we’ve been searching for answers outside of ourselves, maybe we even came here to this masterclass searching for an answer somewhere in here. But I’m here to tell you that I don’t have your answers. We don’t operate that way in this business. I don’t perpetuate codependency with my clients and there are some Illuminated grads here and they will tell you that is true. And instead, this container that we have all entered into right now is simply an opportunity for you to feel today, to feel here. Not over there, not the way the fuck up here. Here. To feel here. And to arrive at your own conclusions.

Understand the power of believing in the goals you set for yourself

As mentors, coaches, healers, guides, we are often the bridge for people, with people. The bridge between light and dark, the bridge between the conscious and their subconscious, the bridge between their inner dialogue and their true, full potential, the bridge between their current reality and their desired reality. But there’s no fixing for us to do. It is our job to hold our clients in their fullest, greatest potential and to resist the urge to be sucked into their stories of why they can’t, why they feel like they can’t have that. So check-in for a moment. When someone believes in you, you calibrate to that possibility.

Have you ever felt this? We were just talking about this in Illuminated last week in one of our Q&A calls. You tell someone your desire. I have a goal for a $200,000 launch. And there’s a difference here between you sharing with somebody who you say, I have a goal for a $200,000 launch and they hear your doubt. They hear your own negative self-talk and therefore they’re like, Okay, yes. They don’t really see it happening for you. They’re not holding the vision for you, they’re not holding you in your highest potential. Versus telling somebody, I have a goal for a $200,000 launch. And it’s still a big, scary-ass goal, but they don’t blink an eye. They do not blink an eye. They validate, they see you, and they hold you up to that. It’s already done. It’s already happening. They see this happening for you and being part of your reality. Have you guys experienced this? The difference between sharing where someone does not hold you in your highest, and then you doubt yourself even more and it perpetuates that spiral versus telling someone, sharing with someone your goal with them and it’s just like, Yes, queen. Hell yes. Hashtag of course. This is a co-manifestation process.

It allows you to calibrate more quickly to that possibility. And this is part of what we get to do as a bridge for our clients. We get to facilitate experience, not fix people. Fuck fixing people. We get to facilitate the link between them and their truth to give them a flashlight, to shine on their own shadow, to hold them in their highest. Even when they feel shattered, doubtful, hopeless, we get to hold our clients in their sovereign power. We don’t need to hold their hand. We get to see them as capable, powerful, and fucking resourceful human beings on their own. You feel that? You feel the difference in that versus I’m going to be here to hold your hand? And it’s when you facilitate results for your clients that break that codependency, Well, now I just, can you hold my hand again? That perpetuates codependency. When we facilitate results in a way that breaks the pattern of codependency between coach and client, we start to help them feel their own power instead of this leechy, clingy energy on my power. No, you’re going to feel your own power and you’re going to then feel the true impact of that power in your life. You don’t need me.

As coaches we are not here to fix, we are not here to provide all the solutions, and we are not here to have all of the answers. And I’ve heard that so many times. What if I don’t have the answer to somebody’s question? That’s not what your job is as a coach. I don’t have all the answers, but we put that pressure on ourselves. We are simply the bridge that links them to what has already been present within them all along. The resource, for example, in the subconscious mind that they just weren’t seeing that was already always there. And that’s the power of subconscious reprogramming. There’s also a quote in the writings from Mary Magdalene that says “It is our imagination that needs to be healed.” “It is our imagination that needs to be healed.” Our lack of enlightened imagination imposes these limits upon our feeling and our intelligence to the point where the feeling and intelligence become arrested within our energy body. And the imagination is the sympathetic resonance of the invisible and the visible, the spiritual and the physical. It is another form of a bridge linking physical, spiritual, invisible, visible. Our imagination links these things together and it is our imagination that gets to be healed. And that is the bridge that we as coaches get to walk across with our clients.

Learn how to double your impact and income

My clients in Illuminated know. They know that I do not create codependency and I do not create clones of me either. Fuck that. And instead, I invite them, I invite you to walk across the bridge of your imagination to utilize the tools, modalities, and techniques inside of this container, this program that has taken on a life of its own in a way that serves your community creatively, that produces the biggest impact. And I don’t know the answer to that but you can. You can discover the answer to that for yourself with your imagination. And you can do it in a way that is not cloned in the way I did it but instead, a way that feels right in integrity and grounded and embodied in your soul. And there’s a huge difference there. Your imagination as a coach is what triggers, in a positive way, triggers expansion, new ideas, new ways forward. We teach aspects of the creative process, the formal creative process in our brain inside of Illuminated, and it states that the creative process goes like this; Be, Do, Have. Have you guys heard this before? Not Have, Do, Be.

When we try to create impact, brainstorm new courses, new content, provide solutions, and inspire our community from a place of have; I have all the answers, come in and I’ll share them with you, that’s how it comes up. I have all the answers. Don’t you want all the answers? They’ve been found, here they are. When we do that, we are not being of the highest service to our clients. Have, Do, Be looks like I have all the answers. Now here’s what you need to do. If you just follow these five steps. And then I can Be successful and you can Be whatever the desired outcome is; happy. When in fact, instead of Have, Do, Be, our imagination fuels the true cycle of creativity, which is Be, Do, Have. Our imagination lives in the Be. You guys felt it a second ago, right? The Be here, the Be present, the Be still. The reflection, meditative moments where you were just a pure unbiased channel. It is in the Be, that deep space, where you create the expansive space for your clients to be heard. When you are just being with them, they are heard.

And it is in this curious, imaginative Be state that we can be, that we can turn on the switch of our curiosity as coaches. And that is the number one piece of guidance that I do offer up to my clients. I say, if you’re going to do anything as a coach, just be curious, be curious, be curious, be curious. And that is going to go so far. There’s not one way to be curious, I’m not telling you how to be curious, but if you can practice embodying curiosity, you are going to be of high service to your clients. When we do this, we release the attachment to the How. Release the attachment to the How. Because I don’t have all the answers. And then our clients can start to feel empowered and alive again. From the Be we birth the Do, then we take action in the doing, which leads to finally, the Have, the solution, the answer for you.

This is where there’s a tangible shift. But oftentimes we grasp for the Have before we even fucking start. We are here to initiate you into action. And if you are living from a place of, I have to have the answers and then I’ll do it and then I’ll finally feel this way, it’s going to be a broken-record cycle of never feeling the actual expansion versus the, Be, the Do, and then the Have. So I invite you to consider your relationship to your imagination. I invite you to notice the abyss that exists in all of our minds of not knowing…of not knowing. There’s more that we don’t know than we do know about people, about the world. And in that abyss, can you sit there? Can you be still there? Can you get curious in that abyss? Can you feel safe in the not knowing? I don’t put promises out very often, but I promise that if you can allow yourself to be there, you will have a bigger impact on your clients’ lives and they’re going to feel the impact in tangible ways in their life that are going to have a ripple effect on the people in their life and so on and so forth.

So let’s do a recap. Where are we at right now? We get to be bridges, linking our clients to their own damn truth and we get to activate our creative imagination in order to be of high service to our soulmate clients. Are you ready for more? You guys got a little quiet. I see all of you are still here. So are you ready to go on? Are you ready for more? Because I’m going to talk about something big. You’ll notice that I often invite you to get into your body, and I’m going to invite you to get into your body one more time here. So I want you to close your eyes and I want you to feel…feel into this question. Typically, feeling is not a challenge for us as empaths so I know you’re going to be able to go there. Ask yourself the question, what needed to occur, take place, or shift in order for me to have arrived here today as a current, aspiring, or emerging coach?

Learn how to step into action and purpose in your business and life

I’ll say that one more time and really feel into it. What needed to occur, take place, or shift in order for you to have arrived here today as a current, aspiring, or emerging coach? You may see or remember or feel an old event, something that took place in your life, something you learned, an “aha” moment, a breakthrough moment. You may feel an emotion that has led you here today. If you saw anything other than an emotion, I want you to look underneath the event or the memory and ask what is the emotion that also lives here with it? What accompanies that event in the form of an emotion? And then share with us what is the emotion that ultimately had you arrive here and say, I want to have an impact on the world. I want to change things. I want to shake shit up, I want to be a sacred rebel, I want to be a disruptor, I want to be a healer, I want to share my voice, I want to activate my mission on this planet. What emotion drove that? What emotion got you here? For me, it was holy rage; holy rage that initiated me onto this path.

Society often tells us, shows us, and reinforces that anger and rage are bad, that they’re harmful. But emotion is movement. Emotion gets to move you. I thought I could sidestep that rage for many years and pack it down safely over here, away, safe from my own even knowing or sight. I didn’t look at it myself. But as I did that, it was only picking up force and momentum. It was starting to create waves underneath and it needed to move. And it was more specifically for me, that holy rage was fueled by injustices and discrimination in our medical system, by cruelty to animals that are in our environment, by bypassing our mental health needs, by seeing the opioid epidemic that I lost a brother to, and standing over both of my brothers’ bodies. My holy rage was sacred and still is sacred ground. And the difference between this and just anger is love. There is love in there. There’s a quote by Maya Angelou, she says, “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” Anger stirred with love creates holy rage that fuels me. It drives me. The emotion initiates me into action. That is why we’re here, to feel the thing which has initiated you into your sacred action. The sacred ground that you have lived on that has shook shit up and made you move. So what is it for you?

I actually just found this today. It’s a quote on this woman’s blog but written so beautifully. Her name is Cynthia Winton-Henry, and she says “Rage stays submerged until a body feels adequate collective support.” It’s exactly what I was feeling. “Rage stays submerged until a body feels adequate collective support.” That is what Illuminated facilitates and holds as the masculine container for the emotional feminine to fricking roar, to breathe, to move into action; collective support for your holy rage to emerge and move you. And as a result, impact skyrockets. I truly believe if you are here right now listening, that you are here undoubtedly to have a big impact on the world, or else you still wouldn’t be here. Not one person, at least as long as these numbers are right, not one person has dropped off. You are all still here with me, you are all still present. You are all still in your body, listening, showing up. So feel into your guttural reaction right now. What do you feel? What is moving you today? And what direction might it take you if you just let it move you into action, into impact?

Thank you so much for tuning in and I hope that you were able to receive all of the magic in that Day One recording. While the rest of the masterclass has expired, I am still offering Liberated AF for $11. And this is a five-lessons sneak peek into the Illuminated curriculum, just a tiny little taste. And these five lessons are valuable on their own. They’re specifically focused on raising your consciousness and how to create lasting change, and understanding a little bit more about how our brains and our bodies work in order to create that change. But it’s also my invitation to you to feel into the energy, the potency, and the magic of Illuminated if you’re considering joining us for this next class that begins at the end of February. And so, you’ll find that link in the show notes, and that will also expire once the doors close for Illuminated so go grab it now. And that is all for this episode. If you are loving the podcast, rate, subscribe and review, it would be so appreciated. And I will see you next time.

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February 9, 2021


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