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Ep. 166 Being an Empath Entrepreneur

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In this episode, I discuss:

  •  Explore the importance of your physical, emotional, and mental space as an empath entrepreneur
  •  Why getting clear on your ideal client and containers is crucial to avoid burnout
  •  Using your empathic nature as a strength instead of an excuse
  •  Stepping into your power and understanding how you are showing up

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Uncensored Empath, a place for us to discuss highly sensitive energy, illness, healing, and transformation. My name is Sarah Small and I’m a life and success coach for empaths who want to create a thriving body, business, and life. Think of this podcast as your no-BS guide to navigating life, health, and entrepreneurship. You’ll get straight-to-the-point, totally holistic tips from me in real-time as I navigate this healing and growth journey right beside you. This is a Soulfire production.

Explore the importance of your physical, emotional, and mental space as an empath entrepreneur

Welcome back to another episode. This is another solo for all of you. And today I want to discuss some of the nuances of empath entrepreneurship and this ability for us to do things differently in a way that supports us, but also to tap into our intuitive nature as immense strength in leadership. I want to begin by talking about a couple of things that we inevitably have within our business and how we might alter some of those things to be able to support us and allow us to tap into our deepest creativity. And the first is the space that you work in.

So as an empath, we pick up on the energy of our surroundings, and therefore the space you work in, you’re going to be picking up on the energy of wherever that is. Whether it’s sitting on your couch and laptop on the coffee table, or it’s at a coffee shop, or you have a separate office space, wherever it is that you are working. And if you’re like me, I also like to change up where I’m working and create some change in scenery in order to tap into different inspiration in different areas, mostly of just my house, but I also have a dedicated office space. And especially in my office space that you guys have probably seen on my Instagram or the background of any live video I’ve ever done, you’ve probably seen at least the background of my office. And I find that I need it to be clear and clean both on a physical plane where there’s not a bunch of clutter, where there isn’t just excess stuff that doesn’t need to be in this space, and that it’s open. I have a room in my house that has a lot of natural light so I love the natural light that gets to come into the space. So it’s definitely on the physical level and it can be very worthwhile just if you do have an office space or even if you don’t and it’s just an area of your house, having that area of your house be clutter-free so that you are not picking up on all the things around you.

And totally two years ago, I had a lot of books. I’ve got a large library of books and I didn’t want to give away all my books, but I did notice that having them in my office space just felt a little claustrophobic honestly. It just felt like there was too much, all these other people’s words on pages and energy that all these books were holding. And I love books but I now have a very select selection of books that I keep in my office and that I actually keep in this space and they’re mostly ones that I use as reference guides or that I am reaching for often. And we moved all of the other books into our, well, it was a guestroom, now it’s going to be the nursery. So the books got moved again from the guestroom down into the basement and we have a little library in the basement now. But I noticed that it was just a lot, it was a lot of energy. And the space in which you work can really influence the creations that channel through you.

So my first recommendation as an empath entrepreneur is to really be mindful of the space that you do inhabit and you do work in. I know we don’t always have control over every aspect of it and again, you may not have a separate office space, but to the degree in which you do have control over tidying up a space. And then you can also bring in new things. You can bring in, for me, it’s plants and essential oils. I love bringing in just little gifts from mother nature and these pieces of nature, of earth to support me and help me feel more grounded. So I invite you to scan wherever you’ve been working and clear out any clutter, and then bring in the things that actually feel nourishing or inspiring to you.

The next piece I want to touch on is the people that you work with as an empath entrepreneur. And we can potentially be calling in clients that are constantly breaking our boundaries and have more needy or demanding energy. And that typically does not work for the empath entrepreneur, especially because we tend to want to help the people when they come and they email us. So if we have clients who are constantly asking for more, more, more, more, there’s definitely going to be the itch to meet those needs and to be more, more, more for those people. And if you’ve taken the empath archetype quiz, which we can always link again in the show notes for this episode, and if you got the result of either the codependent or the sacrificing empath, those empath types especially, tend to want to show up for people when somebody asks something of them. And as it sounds, the sacrificing empath is likely to sacrifice his or her own boundaries as a business owner in order to meet the client’s needs. And the codependent empath is also likely to break those boundaries and be the “yes woman” or “yes man” because they have a need for approval and they very much desire that sense of approval from their clients.

So all that to say, part of it is us taking our own damn sacred responsibility around creating and upholding boundaries, but it’s also about choosing who you allow into your space, who are the people that you are allowing into your containers, into your programs that you want to work with who are potentially not going to skate on the edge of your boundaries, and instead, they’re going to respect the boundaries that you create. So it is a two-way street, we still have to create boundaries, we still need to take responsibility. But that is easier for empaths when they’re also calling clients in who are in their sovereign responsibility as well. So knowing who is a “hell yes” for you to work with and invite in and who is a “hell no” to not allow into your space. Once you’re clear on this, and this could even be an exercise where you put a line down the center of a page and describe the attributes, characteristics, any other details of someone who is a “hell yes” to enter into your containers and who is a “hell no” to enter into your containers. The more clear you become on that, the more clear your energy is as far as who you’re magnetizing into your space as well.

And if you have, I’m thinking about Illuminated in this situation, if you have 14 women as I do in a container and you’re obsessed with all of them, they respect your boundaries, you guys built this amazing relationship where there is that trust factor and respect factor, and everyone is there working together, holy shit, that feeling, that sensation. And for myself, I’ve been able to experience that inside Illuminated and it feels so good to hold the space. Eventually, we have to end this program, but it’s so enjoyable for me I don’t ever actually feel like I want it to end, at least not yet, because it is so fun to support these amazing souls who are so aligned, they all check the boxes on my “hell yes” list. So you’re going to feel much more inspired to continue to show up into your work if you know who that person is and then that’s who you actually allow into your space as well while additionally maintaining your own boundaries and taking responsibility.

Why getting clear on your ideal client and containers is crucial to avoid burnout

All right. The third thing I want to talk about is the type of containers that you create. And this can take on many forms. That’s why I use this broad term of container because it could be a evergreen, self-guided course that you put together and people go through on their own. So the question we get to ask ourselves as empath entrepreneurs is what type of container is going to feel good for me to show up in? Do I want to be showing up in a live container? Or using that example, an evergreen self-guided course? It’s something that I’m infusing my energy into when I create let’s say the video recordings that go into the lessons and the modules and all the things that are and part of that course, but maybe for me, energetically, it feels better to then have them go through that on their own versus do a live component to it. There’s no right or wrong answer here but the question that we get to ask ourselves is what feels best for me? And if you guys are like myself, what feels best is also always changing and fluctuating, which means that there are certain seasons of my life and my business where creating a self-guided course for my clients to go through is what feels most aligned. That is the type of container that is a “hell yes” for me in that season.

There are other seasons where an intensive type of container or experience for my client where, let’s just say, it’s a week-long program but I show up live five days in a row during this week-long intensive, and that may be the thing that feels really freaking good at other points along my business growth and whatever season I’m in, whatever my energy is feeling like. But the important part is asking the question so that you aren’t creating containers that feel super draining for you because managing and maintaining our energy is super important. And so, it does not mean that you have to burn out. I do not believe that since we’re energy-sensitive that means that we’re going to burn out or we have to burn out. And instead, that’s why I’m sharing this with all of you today so that we can look at the ways in which we’re creating, the ways we’re showing up that we’ve talked about so far; space we work in, people we work with, type of containers that we create, and we can create this in a way that really supports us and works with our energy.

Another example may be that you create a ongoing container that is, let’s just say longer term, and that allows you to build deeper relationships. So maybe it’s a six-month program that there’s one call per week, sort of mastermind style. And that may feel really good for you in that season of your business because you want to build longer-term relationships or you want to go deeper with people than you could in a two-hour workshop or in a seven-day intensive. So, so on and so forth. There are again, endless amount of answers or specific ways in which you can create containers for people to say yes to, and that you can create abundance with so that you are creating the containers that support your energy and wherever you’re currently at.

The next thing I want to talk about is how you are marketing yourself. We are not just selling what we know. If you guys have listened to some other recent episodes, you’ve probably not only heard but felt some of the fire that I have been spitting lately and some strong opinions on changes in this coaching industry and what it means to truly be an embodied, divine, feminine CEO and leader within this space. And so, it’s not just what or that we’re selling what we know, and instead, we are also marketing our ability to hold space, sacred space. We are marketing ability to feel into the energy of our clients and be whole-body listeners as empaths. We are marketing the ability and the potential for our clients to be activated by us, by our energy, and to activate them into truth, and to market ourselves as this channel for these divine pieces of guidance and inspiration and the solutions that are sourced within our client’s energy. But we are just the bridge for that, we are just the channel for that.

And so, again, we’re not just marketing. Well, you may be just marketing what you know and saying, these are the five things that you’re going to learn inside of this program. And that’s certainly helpful and our clients all buy in different ways, but this is more of a reminder to you that if you’re only marketing what you know, this sacred, loving reminder, that you are more than just what you know, and when you do market yourself, an invitation is now here for you to market, not just those bullet points, but also the sensation, the feeling, the experience, the activation, the channeling that is going to occur when they say yes. So if I had to sum that up, it would be, you’re not just selling information, you’re selling an experience. And there’s nothing wrong with selling, especially when these experiences that you are selling and sharing with your community, your potential clients, are there to solve the problems that they want support with, or to help them step into or uplevel some area of their life that they deeply, deeply desire. And you can be the catalyst for that within their journey.

So let’s recap what we’ve talked about so far. As an empath entrepreneur, it is important to take inventory and be able to make really empowering decisions around the space you work in, the people you work with, the type of containers that you create, how you market yourself. And I also want to add the ways that you facilitate change more specifically. As empaths, in a very generalized way, this is a generalization, we hate surface level. I think most of you can agree with me though. We hate surface-level bullshit. And so, the way that we facilitate change is often also the way in which we would want to experience change and want to be coached or want to be guided through a healing journey. And so, I know that you are not going to want to facilitate surface-level change for your community either. And instead, we can invite our clients. We can invite people into their bodies, into their being, into their intuition, and into the deeper roots of whatever the problem or challenges that they’re coming to you with, or the desire or the outcome that they want to receive, to experience in their life.

And inside of Illuminated that you guys have heard me talk about, this is a nine-month coach training program, there are tools, specific tools to help you facilitate change on a much, much deeper level, not only within your personal journey and for yourself, but then to take to your clients and be able to, as an empath entrepreneur, facilitate change on a deep, deep level. Your clients are going to feel the difference between the surface level, where they can get other places, plenty of places on the internet versus when they step into your container and they have a completely different experience where they are invited into their body, where they are connected to their intuition, where we’re not just selling bullet points. So inside of Illuminated some of the examples of tools that you’ll be able to use to help your clients and yourself include the whole module on Intuition. And we have 10-plus modules inside of this experience, but I’m just going to highlight four of them today.

The module on Intuition is going to help you use your empath abilities in a way that allows you to activate your clair senses or your clear senses and that includes clairsentience, which is the empath ability. But likely you have more clair senses like claircognizance or clairvoyance or clairtangency that you can also activate to be able to scan somebody’s energy body. There’s a very specific lesson on how to scan someone’s energy body with permission of course, and how to help them correct any imbalances so that, again, we’re getting to the root of the problem or the challenge and not just scratching the surface.

We also have a module on Oracle Card Readings, and well, actually doing a reading is not super complicated. What we teach inside this module is how to use your ability as a channel to provide support and guidance to your clients and some probably different, more creative ways in using the cards then if you do already have several decks that you play with that you use with yourself or with your clients. We provide some structure and some framework to that very intuitive process to then bring to your clients and just take deeper.

There’s also a module on Muscle Testing. If you’ve heard of muscle testing or experienced muscle testing, this is one of my favorite modalities of all time and I use it very often on my coaching calls and with my healing clients. And this allows us to connect to the energy body and the subconscious mind to uncover deeper answers that exist that live within the client’s being already. You are just helping them discover those answers to unearth them and bring them up to the surface. And we wouldn’t find them on the surface. Again, we hate surface level. And instead, it requires us to go into the depth of the subconscious mind using a technique, a modality like muscle testing amongst others to uncover those deeper answers.

And the last module I’ll share with you that really touches on deep change is the Vibrational Medicine and Subtle Energy Body Teachings that we offer that we include inside of Illuminated. And what this allows you to do as a practitioner is to connect beyond just the 3D physical plane, here I am in this blood and flesh and here is my physical body, and instead, go deeper into the additional layers or koshas of the energy body, and also the different dimensions of the body beyond the 3D, beyond the physical plane. And even part of what is in that conversation is the chakra centers. And yes, we have these seven main chakras in The Basic Chakra System, but there are actually many more. And so, we can use vibrational medicine and the understanding, the knowledge of the subtle energy body to then be able to help our clients connect beyond what the eye can see and go beyond the surface level. Sensing a theme here, I’m sure.

I believe that everyone has the ability to use their clairsentience, their empath ability, for healing on this planet. That is not a question for me. I absolutely believe that we can all unearth this, bring this up into our conscious mind and our knowing and use it in our toolbox. The question is, do you want to unlock that ability and utilize that power that you innately have as an empath? I was recently on, just the other day, one of my students’ podcast, and we talked a little bit about the word empath and empath as a label and how we’ve seen within this industry but also just on a whole society level, the word, the term empath being thrown around and used as an excuse, as a cop-out, as a way to not have to take responsibility or Well, because I’m an empath this… or, Oh, that’s just because I’m an empath, then I can’t do that. And I invite us to, instead of using the word empath as an excuse, to see empath as a strength, or else, first of all, it would not be the name of my business as The Uncensored Empath, if I didn’t see it as a strength. But I also fully acknowledge, see, and realize that it can be used as a label that we throw out there in conversation that is used as more of a cop-out or excuse.

So, as I transition this conversation today, I’m going to recap the things that I’d love for you to think more deeply about as an empath entrepreneur. And then I’m going to start talking about some of the strengths that I see within all of us as empath entrepreneurs that I would love to see more individual souls activate within themselves so we can move away from the victim role, so we can move away from the excuses, and we truly can initiate ourselves into aligned action and have impact on the world. So that summary of things to consider, to think about, is the space you work in, the people you work with, the types of containers that you create, how you market yourself, and the specific ways you facilitate change more specifically, not ever staying on the surface level and instead, going freaking deep.

Quick story time for you all. Around Christmas this year, I was starting to work out more and do some of these prenatal workouts with some light weight, with some bands and honestly just was feeling so proud of my body for all the things that it’s doing, all the functions that it’s taking on right now. But what I noticed was that my blood pressure actually got really low and I was not hydrating properly. And though I was feeling really strong, there was an opportunity to be able to get and replenish the electrolytes in my body from these prenatal workouts; for you guys, whatever type of workout you’re doing. And so, literally two days after I called my midwife asking, what can I do, I need some more fluids and nutrients in my body? This shipment from LMNT, it’s L-M-N-T, pronounced Element, came in the mail. And I literally thought this is the most perfect timing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And they have flavors that I had honestly never heard of before that are so delicious. And so, these little packets, you just put into your water. And it’s for anyone who sweats, it’s for anyone who does any intermittent fasting, anyone who is looking to curb carb cravings, or like myself, you are just trying to take care of your body that is doing so many different things and performing so many different functions right now.

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Using your empathic nature as a strength instead of an excuse

All right. So The Strengths of the Empath Entrepreneur: First is our sovereignty, our independent power, and our ability to attune to others’ energy, which is a gift that you can carry with you and bring into the space that you hold, the powerful space that you hold as a coach, healer, practitioner, whatever type of title you give yourself. And that allows us to listen to people beyond just the words that you hear and instead, listen with your whole body, especially for those, I’m going to reference that quiz I created and maybe you’ve taken again. And the codependent empath especially, knows what it’s like to feel unsafe, and they can deeply empathize with others’ struggles in life and see people for who they are beyond their wounds. And so, something that you may have developed, this high sensitivity as an empath, for protection for yourself in the past, especially in childhood, is now something that we can use as a gift because you are so highly attuned to the energy, needs, and desires of your people, your clients, your community.

So when we start to embody our sovereignty as empaths, we realize that we can release our people-pleasing tendencies, make empowered choices for ourself, and reconnect to who we truly are and no longer be lost in that sea of other people’s needs, and instead, see the possibilities that exist for us in our life, and then hold our clients within their highest potential and the possibilities that exist for them in their life as well. This is also the skill of attunement.

The next strength I want to talk about is just feeling in general and the depth of our ability to feel. We are no stranger to emotion and our emotions are actually one of the most beautiful things about all of us. So when we transform, if the past habitual behavior, habit, was avoidance or burying or not wanting to process and digest all these feelings, when we start to transform that into, or it’s like we start the engine again, we start the machine up where it’s like, all right, we’re starting to process and we’re starting to digest all of this energy that we do feel, what that allows is a deeper sense of embodiment and wisdom. And the feelings that you do have, that you do pick up on, are important messages that are being sent from your body to your mind, or from the energy of the surroundings or someone else to your consciousness, so that you can make aligned choices.

When we begin to embody the depth of our feeling instead of running away from it, we begin to let the world in, and the world begins to see the real fucking us. They see our power and our truth. And you then, by seeing, witnessing your own power and truth, can be a mirror to your clients’ capacity for power and truth as well and activate that within them. So our capacity to hold space for others begins to grow exponentially when we are attuned to our own emotions and feeling and we allow that machine to turn on where we’re constantly processing and digesting in a healthy way so that we can hold that space. When we go through this personal metamorphosis, this digestive process of our feelings and the depths of our feelings, it also allows people to feel inspired by our authenticity and our ability to feel without apology, and that can translate into being a walking, talking permission slip for other people as well.

Stepping into your power and understanding how you are showing up

The next strength I want to discuss is being grounded. So you may feel, or your reaction may be, Sarah, I’m not grounded, and that may be true. But just because you don’t feel grounded at this moment, or you don’t feel grounded every second of every day, does not mean that you don’t have great ability and capacity to ground down. And instead, I find that the empaths who are empowered and who do have the skill set to be able to do this are some of the most down-to-earth freaking human beings on this planet. And going back to the energetics and the emotions, if we can notice when we start to feel anxious or out of alignment or not grounded, this is a clue. This is a clue that maybe our thoughts are focused on what we don’t want, this is a clue that something is out of alignment, this is a clue to make a change and not keep going down the same path. So if we tend to get, or we are more likely to get overstimulated, and our brain is overstimulated, that can be translated and transformed into the ability to actually be an expert problem-solver, because you have access to so much information.

Now, yes, right now it might feel overstimulated, it might feel like you can’t ground yourself because there’s so much information, but we can shift that so that instead of feeling anxious, overstimulated, ungrounded, it’s like having this giant encyclopedia of information that you feel energetically and instead, you can use that in a way where you’re opening that book up intentionally and you become the expert problem-solver. Because you have access to so much more information than the average person who’s not connected to their intuition and not connected to their clairsentience and their ability to feel and pick up on energy when we embody this deep grounding within us as empaths. Because again, I truly believe that we have this ability to be some of the most down-to-earth people on the planet. When we start to step onto that throne of empowerment and ground ourselves, anchor ourselves in, we can make clear, aligned decisions, and you’re going to start checking things off and growing, expanding, upleveling at record speed, exponential speed, versus when that information is coming in and it’s hard to process and it’s just overstimulation. When we’re grounded, when we’re down-to-earth, the ideas flow through us easily.

The next strength is being the upholder. And I see this as something that also makes you a powerful leader and healer on this planet. That you are in fact, powerful beyond measure. Now, you may feel like that power within you has been hushed in some way, or you’ve been told don’t stand out, don’t be so weird, don’t talk about that, but you are naturally magnetic and the world desires your input even if you’ve been told otherwise in the past. You have good judgment and you have strong intuition as an empath. And so, when we start to embody this upholder energy and use that as a strength in entrepreneurship and in life in general, you start to put yourself first, uphold your needs, your desires, your boundaries, first above all else. And from that sacred place of nourishment and self-care, you shine even brighter for the world, your energy becomes more sustainable. And from that place, our nervous system calms down and you feel safer as well, which then opens the door up to taking big leaps of faith based on your intuitive nudges, based on the messages that you do receive, and to then be able to become the way-shower, the true leader, the upholder, the path-paver on this planet. And I truly think that that makes you such a powerful leader when we tune into this.

And then lastly, our ability to express ourselves. And so, these are all parts of you that you may feel like you haven’t fully stepped into. But the picture I’m painting today is if all these parts were healed and reconciled and you were able to activate these strengths within you, how you would be able to use them as an empath entrepreneur in a way that is just, there’s no question that it’s a strength. And our expressiveness is the last one I want to mention. So we are connected to energy beyond what the average human can see or feel, especially with their naked eye. And often empaths have even just memories or a clear knowing of a past life or lineage as a Starseed, and that they’ve brought great wisdom into this lifetime onto this planet for some reason, even if that reason isn’t clear yet. And so, while as a kid it might have felt like you were the weird one, or you were different, or I shouldn’t, I’m not supposed to talk to spirit or feel this energy so much, instead, now we get to shift that and use that as a strength, because it allows you to not only tap into the great wisdom, but also to express ourselves in a way that doesn’t have to be perfect and that gets to be different and unique and beautiful, and the world gets to see how freaking beautiful you are.

There’s no need to hide your intuitive abilities anymore, there’s no need to fit into somebody else’s idea of perfect. And instead, you were born perfect and divinely intelligent as an empath on this planet and I invite you to shift into that truth. When you are expressive as an empath, you realize that what was once perceived as weirdness is actually your superpower and that you have incredible ideas and you can see outside of the box, and that you have this magnetism to say what you want to say and dress how you want to dress and create what you want to create and drop the fucking rules and allow your heart to shine, your unique frequency to shine through and bring your full spiritual power out of the closet so it is expressed, expressed, expressed and felt by the world because that is your magic.

Okay, so recap. Strengths of the Empath: When we fully reconcile some of these wounds of the past, when we start to see ourselves as our true self and in our true power including things like sovereignty and our ability to maintain boundaries and attune to energy, our feelings in the depth of feeling and ability to pick up on even the most subtle feelings around us, your ability to become so grounded and embodied and down-to-earth, to uphold your mission and your truth and trust your strong, intuitive nudges, and also to be the most expressive version of yourself and allow your uniqueness to shine through, these are all things that make you freaking badass. And I don’t want to see any more empaths covering up or hiding about themselves. And so, especially empath entrepreneurs out there, I invite you into a new way. I invite you into a new way of being, of doing, of showing up, of holding space for others in your business and through your creations. And more specifically, I invite you to do that with us in a safe and sacred community over the next nine months inside of Illuminated.

The results that you can expect on a tangible plane are to have a full toolbox with things like breathwork, crystal healing, oil alchemy, intuitive readings, muscle testing, EFT, and so much more; breakthrough coaching, finding the emotional roots of symptoms. But you’ll also be able to lead as a trauma-informed practitioner and feel competent in helping downregulate the nervous system of your clients so that you can facilitate change in a safe way. You’ll be able to guide meditations, guide embodiment practices, and lead people through shadow work because it is not all about the light. You’ll also receive the tools and guidance to grow and scale your business to six-plus figures, whatever your big goal is, to grow and expand the size of your community and the people who are engaging with you and interested in being in your freaking awesome empath energy. You’ll have the tools to sell it to your programs, and maybe what I’m most excited about, is receive the raving testimonials. Because those testimonials are simply evidence of the change that you facilitate and the impact that you have on the planet.

On a more intangible level, when you join us for this journey, you will leave with unwavering confidence. That’s one of the biggest pieces of feedback and the word that shows up in many of these 13 pages of testimonials we have from the last round, which I’m happy to share with you if you reach out to me. This unwavering confidence of I can or I’m walking into this experience, this feeling session brand new, I’ve never done this before, but I still feel confident and competent in the change and transformation that I am able to facilitate. And with that confidence birth so many other things. Also, on an intangible level, there’s more ease…ease in the business. It doesn’t feel like you have to struggle and burnout and hustle all of the time. There is a place for hard work, absolutely, but that does not have to be your constant state. You will leave with a strong-as-fuck intuition. Maybe you already feel like you have it, we are just here to support you into the greatest expression of that.

There’s also this opportunity for personal transformation around our own shadow and to hold that mirror up and be able to look at the parts of us that are more disowned or we’ve forgotten about, or need reconciling in order to be able to step forward and step into the person that we really want to be and the life that we really want to build in this lifetime. You’ll be able to break through your own limiting beliefs and own energetic ceilings, step into your portal of possibility and get clarity on your purpose and how to get there. That’s another, maybe top two confidence. And then clarity is another thing I hear from students all the time. That they are so much more clear on how not only to integrate these tools, but what they are meant to do and who they want to work with, and the types of containers that they do want to create like we talked about earlier. They leave with a trust in themselves and a belief in themselves as well as a belief in their big dreams, that those big dreams are actually possible and attainable, and oftentimes much sooner than they originally intended.

And to summarize, it’s this fulfillment. Leaving with this fulfillment through the impact you have on the world, through the way you show up within this, at least one role, that you play on the planet. If this feels like a “hell fucking yes” and you want to jump in with us, the doors are closing soon. Applications are open. We are still enrolling, but we begin February 22nd. Cart closes February 19th. So, soon as possible, go fill out the application. I will be in touch. There’ll be an opportunity for us to chat one-on-one and to discuss this further to see if it is a great fit for you.

In summary for today, I really want you to consider how you’re showing up as an empath entrepreneur, and not only how you can activate and step into more of the strengths, but also some of these things to consider in how you’re showing up within the business like the space, the people, the containers we talked about in the beginning. I really believe if we start to ask ourselves more empowering questions, we start to see more impactful results. Okay. Thank you so much for tuning in today. If you are loving the show, I would so appreciate if you could go rate, review, and subscribe. And I will see you next time.

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February 19, 2021


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