get trained IN 9+ healing modalities and become a sought after empath coach, healer, & leader




We are not just here to initiate more light workers.

We are here to work with the dark, and be the light.

To the EMPATH HEALERS on the planet, I see you and I’m here to hold you in your highest potential.

the manifesto

Our mission is to activate empaths, highly sensitives, and intuitives into their most powerful leadership role.

To create a new standard in the healing and coaching industry that is rooted in embodiment, integrity, trust, and transparency.

To take coaches off of pedestals and recognize every human as holding sacred activation codes.

And to empower this new paradigm of leaders into high impact roles on the planet, so we can facilitate and create sustainable change.

Let the DEEPENING begin.






EFT practitioner


This coach training program teaches you how to double your impact and your income through self leadership, the innovative offers you create, and the proven techniques you utilize to facilitate change.




"DO IT DO IT DO ITTTT 😍😍😍😍 best decision of 2020" - Whitney

I can not believe the transformation I’ve had so far and how POTENT it is inside Empath Coach! It’s incredible!


I look back at the woman I was before Empath Coach and she feels unrecognizable. I feel so grounded in confidence as a coach and as the CEO of my business.


My income and client numbers have doubled! And I am now connected to a network of other healers and opportunities that I know will continue to inspire and propel my business forward. I can not believe the transformation I’ve had so far and how POTENT it is inside Empath Coach It’s incredible!


If you’ve thought about even for an inch, I recommend it! For the amount of tools you walk away with not only for your clients, but for yourself and your own healing.


We help you explore YOUR PASSION FOR HELPING OTHERS BY blenDING science, spirituality, the subconscious mind, and BODY-BASED HEALING to create THE HIGH-IMPACT BUSINESS OF YOUR DREAMS. 

 Welcome to

Empath Coach

I am a highly sensitive, intuitive, empathic, neurodivergent woman who knows what it feels like to have a sensitive heart that deeply desires to change the world… and I also know how frustrating it can be when you feel like you aren't moving the needle and having the impact you desire.

Six years ago I was experiencing daily panic attacks, unexplainable physical symptoms, and relying on the internet and other people to find all the answers to my problems.

I’ve been unearthing my own healing blueprint and intuitive intelligence over the past 7 years as I've grown my DREAM of operating a highly impactful business into the REALITY of owning a multiple six-figure business that touches the lives of thousands of women every year.

I realized I get to be in alignment with my mission. I get to be the embodied coach that is grounded in integrity. I get to release toxic sales strategies and be in sacred responsibility. I get to clean up my field and LEAD from the depth of a bare heart. And so do YOU.

, I'm sarah!

In addition to 36 years as an intuitive empath, I am a INFJ, enneagram type 3, human design projector, saggitarius, creatrix, podcast host, author, mama of two, as well as a… 

Breathwork Facilitator * Master Life & Success Coach * Certified Reiki Practitioner * Certified Vibrational Crystal Healer * Certified Oracle Card Reader * Certified Bioenergetic Practitioner * Certified Holistic Health Coach * Certified Nutritional Leadership Coach * Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner * Law of Attraction Practitioner * Ho’oponopono Practitioner * Hypnotherapist

Which essentially means, I’ve studied the crap out of the human body field in order to understand how it works and how to rewire the brain for a new way of living.

Now that my toolbox is literally overflowing with life changing tools, I’ve been able to implement them into my business to create $40K months, $100K launches, and 6+ figure years.

"Sarah created a space where you feel safe to show up exactly as you are. She is absolutely incredible, and yet she never puts herself on a pedestal. She keeps it so real and so honest. Sarah pulls you forward into your own healing so that you can step into leadership and ownership of your business, of your life. It’s been such a blessing to work with Sarah this year. "

'Sarah is a tremendous wealth of knowledge in life, healing, and business. She has so many tools and strategies to support and inspire action. But mostly I love and appreciate that she is real AF. She is just so relatable, authentic and loving with everyone she works with. She has an amazing ability to really see, honor and respect her clients. I’ve worked with a lot of healers over the years, and I have not met anyone with the depth, clarity, and wisdom that Sarah embodies, as well as her exceptional ability to convey and communicate her depth and experience from her heart. I am beyond grateful for her guidance and support in my life."

"Just being in Sarah's presence, her container and being in her world. Not only does it make me want to strive to be a better person inside and out, but she has given us the tools to not only heal ourselves, but to lead and guide others down the same path."

"I want you to know this experience was so incredible. You go above and beyond in your content, always pivoted when necessary, and held space SO beautifully."

"Sarah is simply amazing. She doesn’t try to make clones but rather help those she serves to step into their full potential."



reading materials AND daily reflections that you will start before the course, and continue throughout the course- think of this like the new habits you’ll be creating to support your big dreams


3 modules of self healing techniques to open your channel, tap into your intuition, and prepare yourself for this experience


The Sacred Subtle Energy Body, Nervous system retraininG, ETHICS, & UNDERSTANDING TRAUMA


Vibrational Medicine + Crystal Healing


Essential Oil Alchemy


Emotional Freedom Technique

Intuition- the Superconscious & Clairs

The Subconscious, Muscle Testing, + Pendulum Strategies

Becoming the Oracle

Emotional Healing & EMBODIMENT

Transformational Breathwork


all things EMBODIED WEALTH, content creation, community building, formulating your signature offers, biz strategy, and back end management 


bi-monthly calls including support calls & practice sessions to get your questions answered & master your skills


9-month program


Breakthrough Coaching

I’ve never felt more in the flow in my WHOLE LIFE - Whit

I had my best sales week yet for my online healing practice. Within 24 hours of making my crystal grid I’m pretty sure I manifested our next rental home. - Holly

The calls we had this week were… Just WOW! My mind is blown, so many good take-aways. - Shannon

Empath Coach has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. My two favorite things are the community and the masterclasses. - Wren

I fucking love the individuality. It's been so powerful having you as a coach AND having all the Empath Coach ladies too. I feel like I hired a whole team of badass coaches. It's always felt like a collaboration. No one's on a pedestal. You treat us each as powerful leaders because we are.
- Michelle

You deeply desire a healing based business that fuels your life's purpose

You want to help facilitate life changing results for your clients

YOU crave true embodiment and integrity 

you aren't looking for a shortcut, you are here to do the inner work

you want to activate your power as a leader, wayshower, and DISRUPTER

You’ve taken courses, programs, and maybe even other certifications, but you still don’t feel like you have the tools to create BIG transformation

Your clients (truthfully) could be (and you want them to be) getting bigger, better results

You've been coaching, but want to expand your credentials to coach on a deeper level 

You may be new to coaching and have considered a million other training programs, but none feel quite right because they only cover one thing

You desire to make money doing something you love & comes naturally to you

You’re tired of the same old way of doing things… and something about this journey feels like it will take you exactly where you're meant to go

You desire a FOREVER community that will continue to support you in your business and with client questions

You are here for the magic of the experience and to be truly SEEN in your power

You don’t resonate with simply "think positive"… what you were looking for was never right in front of you- it was in the dark spots, cracks, and crevices, and you know the power of embracing your shadow

you'll love this if...

"To someone who is on the edge of their seat about EMPATH COACH, all I can say is give yourself the gift of saying yes. Your soul and your business will thank you."

It’s a cosmic blend of everything the empath leader needs, without any extra fluff… and more emphasis on lasting change than quick fixes.

What makes this program different…

"I was most surprised by how much I would learn - even about the topics I thought I knew a lot about already."


- immediate access to all training modules
- 1x a month practice sessions to embody learnings
- 1x a month Q&A sessions
- facebook group for support between calls
- ongoing masterclasses from guest experts
- Option for accountability & practice partners
- option for discounted 1:1 calls with sarah
- lifetime access to materials & student support group


- 23 masterclass recordings from 2020-23 (value $5750)
- Conscious Abundance Workshop (value $333)
- When We Feel We Heal Workshop (value $111)
- Throat Chakra Alchemy (value $111)
- Human Design for Empath Entrepreneurs ($333)
- Collapsing Timelines Recording (value $33)
- Cosmic Content (value $97)
- Manifesting Money Workshop (value $97)
- Earn Like an Empath (value $333)
- The Lightworker’s Library (value $497)

Total value over $7,900

"I would have paid DOUBLE." -Whitney

Spiritual Entrepreneurs

This training program is for…





"I don’t want it to end. It’s been such a blessing. ❤️"


Do I have to be a coach already?

No! You do not have to be a coach, or currently coaching. However, this program is meant to be integrated as we go through it, so I’ll be suggesting you practice with people. It also serves as a good foundation for coaching if you have not taken a coach training program before. Illuminated is especially suited for those coaches who are coaching, but want to take their clients deeper.

When does it BEGIN?

THE BEGINNING OF 2024. HOwever, when you enroll you will get access to orientation materials and bonus courses early.

Are there any other required materials?

Yes, there are some reading assignments that will be given throughout the course. These books will turn into resource manuals for you, that you will often refer back to. 

Are payment plans available?

Yes. Payment plans are very flexible and provide an opportunity to pay over a longer period of time. 

I REALLY want to do this, but I’m afraid to invest…

I know what it’s like to experience fear around big investments… but here’s what I have learned… when you commit to creating this change and being part of this experience- your energy will calibrate. our students have amazing stories of the money appearing.  the investment may feel like a lot right now, and I assure you, that’s a valid feeling (and maybe it truly is not the right time for you). but, I want you to consider the ease of your monthly payment when you are booking clients left and right because of all the amazing tools you will receive inside this program… the choice is ultimately yours, boo.

What if I can’t attend all the calls?

Most weeks there will be one call per week, and you’ll receive the basic schedule beforehand. So, I recommend you clear that time in your schedule. But of course, stuff can come up, so all the calls will also be recorded.

What if I fall behind?

I recommend carving time out in your schedule ahead of time to prevent this from happening, but if it does, it’s okay. You can take longer than 9-months to complete the training if you need, you just won’t get your certificate until you’ve completed everything.

Where does the online training take place?

Inside the fancy schmancy online portal! That’s where all of your resources, modules, and bonuses will be organized and stored. Live calls will be hosted on Zoom video chat.

I’m already trained in some of these things, is it still for me?

Definitely. first of all, this is way more than a training program, it's a leadership and business building program. It’s also more than likely that I will teach the modalities you’ve learned in a different way. your toolbox is guaranteed to grow regardless. take it from our past students: "I was most surprised by how much I would learn - even about the topics I thought I knew a lot about already."


Still wondering is this is for you?

here are more student testimonials:

I am so confident in my coaching abilities and have started taking clients of my own!

I feel so much progress in my business. I have consistent clients and host consistent events. 

This isn’t a cookie cutter program where you learn some specific coaching process you are meant to follow with each client. This experience teaches you to tap into your own intuition, to use the tools you learn in your own way. 

I feel more deeply connected to myself, my guides, the universe in a way that I can’t really explain.

I’ve been able to facilitate even more impactful results for my clients. Also my programs are filling up with fun and ease!! 

I feel a sense of confidence in myself and my ability to live the life I desire. I feel like I’ve stepped into my power in a way I didn’t know was possible. The support, mentorship, and sisterhood inside of Empath Coach has truly been invaluable.

I fucking love the individuality. It's been so powerful having you as a coach AND having all the Illuminated ladies too. I feel like I hired a whole team of badass coaches. It's always felt like a collaboration. No one's on a pedestal. You treat us each as powerful leaders because we are.

Empath Coach is the best! Definitely the best container I have ever been in, learned so many amazing things, still learning, always will be! 

Being a part of the empath coach training program this year has absolutely been the best decision I have made. And I think in any typical year it would have been the best decision I could have made, but especially for how 2020 has gone down. It has been a godsend. It has been a lifesaver. 

What I love about Empath Coach is it’s such a patchwork of all the things I would have had to do in like a thousand certifications in order to find and it was all in ONE place. So, I’m walking away with SO much more clarity on how to utilize all these gifts.

It’s 7 months later and I’ve quit my job and I’m going out completely on my own to use my VOICE.