a 9-month training program for coaches and healers to step into mastery



You are not just another light worker.

You are here to work with the dark, and be the light.

You are here to be illuminating.

Shadow Worker

Prepare to call yourself a…

Oracle Card Reader

Oil Alchemist

Intuitive healer

Vibrational Crystal Healer

EFT practitioner

Breakthrough Coach

This coach training program teaches you the techniques you need to heal yourself and your clients, so you GET transformation and get to GIVE transformation to your clients.

I’ve been told I shine bright. That I’m inspiring and positive. Have people told you that too?

But, what people may not realize is they are in their darkness when they see me. I’m not shining my flashlight in the middle of the day. I’m shining my light on the hardest, darkest, most challenging moments and seeking transformation.

I am a master at shining BRIGHT so that I can bring attention to the dark, and integrate it back into my wholeness.

And I’ll be teaching you how to do this and SO MUCH MORE.

“This is why alchemy exists,” the boy said. “So that everyone will search for his treasure, find it, and then want to be better than he was in his former life. Lead will play its role until the world has no further need for lead; and then lead will have to turn itself into gold. That’s what alchemists do. They show that, when we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.”


 Welcome to


I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve been cursed with a sensitive heart that just wants to help everyone… and I also know how frustrating it can be when you feel like you don’t have to tools to be able to truly create an impact.

Just 7 years ago I was experiencing daily panic attacks, unexplainable physical symptoms, and relying on the internet and other people to find all the answers to my problems. I know what it’s like to have experienced multiple traumas and want to find deeper meaning in your pain.

Everything shifted for me when I started to build my holistic toolbox and empower myself to heal. I truly became my own greatest healer. And through that journey I felt compelled to share everything I’ve learned.

, I'm sarah!

In addition to 32 years (and multiple lifetimes 😉) as an empath, I am also a medical intuitive who specializes in reading the energy body for the emotional root of physical symptoms, as well as a… 

Certified Reiki Practitioner * Certified Vibrational * Crystal Healer * Certified Oracle Card Reader * Certified Bioenergetic Practitioner * Certified Holistic * Health Coach * Certified Nutritional Leadership Coach * Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner * Law of Attraction Practitioner * Ho’oponopono Practitioner * Hypnotherapist * Life & Success Coach

Which essentially means, I’ve studied the crap out of the human body field in order to understand how it works and how to rewire the brain for a new way of living.

Now that my toolbox is literally overflowing with magical tools, and I’ve been able to blend them into my business to create $20K months, it’s time to equip other healers to do the same.



reading and materials as well as daily reflections that you will start before the course, and continue throughout the course- think of this like the new habits you’ll be creating to support your big dreams


3 modules of self healing techniques to open your channel, tap into your intuition, and prepare yourself for this experience


The Sacred Subtle Energy Body + Nervous system retraining


Vibrational Medicine + Crystal Healing


Essential Oil Alchemy


Intuition: Archetypes, Clairs, + Readings


Muscle Testing + Pendulum Strategies


Becoming the Oracle: readings + utilizing cards in your business


The Emotional Roots of Illness


Emotional Freedom Technique


Become a Top Breakthrough Coach: the most effective coaching techniques


Business Wizardry: all things money mindset, content creation, and back end management 


a transformational 1-day retreat to integrate your learnings













You want work with the darkness and be the light
You want to help people find the lost pieces of their soul
You’ve taken courses, programs, and maybe even other certifications, but you still don’t feel like you have the tools to create BIG transformation
Your clients (truthfully) could be (and you want them to be) getting bigger, better results
You are a health coach or in the nutrition world, and want to expand your credentials to coach on a deeper level
You may be new to coaching and have considered a million other training programs, but none feel quite right because they only cover one thing
You want to be making $10-20K/months by the end of 2020
You’re tired of the same old way of doing things… and something about this journey feels like it will take you exactly where you need to go
You desire a FOREVER community that will continue to support you in your business and with client questions
You aren’t showing up for the curriculum to be totally mapped out, you are here for the magic of the experience and to be truly SEEN in your power
You don’t need an airy fairy coach that will say think positive… what you were looking for was never right in front of you- it was in the dark spots, cracks, and crevices, and that’s why you need this coach training program

you'll love this if...

It’s a cosmic blend of everything the intuitive healer needs, without any extra fluff… and more emphasis on the dark than the light (because that’s where the deep change occurs)

What makes this program different…


- New video lessons every week
- 1 practice session per month to apply learnings
- 1 Q&A session every other week
- 1 Business Coaching Mastermind per month
- Option for accountability partners/small groups
- Options for highly discounted 1:1 calls with Sarah 



on topics like psychic readings, human design, facial reflexology, strength finders, and soul purpose 


- Collapsing Timelines Recording (value $22)
- Manifesting Money Workshop (value $33)
- Art of Receiving Course (value $44)
- Earn Like an Empath (value $247)
- The Lightworker’s Library (value $647)
- Launch Your Wellness Biz (value $777)
- 21 Days of Healing Book ($34.99)

Total value over $1,800

Current + Emerging Coaches
Spiritual Entrepreneurs

This training program is for…




Do I have to be a coach already?

No! You do not have to be a coach, or currently coaching. However, this program is meant to be integrated as we go through it, so I’ll be suggesting you practice with people. It also serves as a good foundation for coaching if you have not taken a coach training program before. Illuminated is especially suited for those coaches who are coaching, but want to take their clients deeper.

When does it start?

the week of OCTOBER 28th, 2020

Are there any other required materials?

Yes, there are some reading assignments that will be given throughout the course. These books will turn into resource manuals for you, that you will often look at.

Do I have to attend the in-person experience to graduate?

No, the live experience is not required. However, it’s highly recommend.  I would LOVE to spend time with you. Plus, it’s going to be super fun!!

Are payment plans available?

Yes. Payment plans are very flexible and provide an opportunity to pay over a longer period of time. 

I REALLY want to do this, but I’m afraid to invest…

I know what it’s like to feel like you “don’t have the money” or “shouldn’t invest that much into myself”… but here’s what I learned… when you are truly driven and committed to creating this change and having this experience- you will create the money. Even the smallest payment plan may feel like a lot right now, and I assure you, that’s an okay feeling to have. It doesn’t mean this isn’t for you. Instead, I want you to consider how easy it is going to be to pay off that monthly payment when you are booking clients left and right because of all the amazing tools you will receive inside this program… but first you have to take the leap and say YES.

What if I can’t attend all the calls?

Most weeks there will be one call per week, and you’ll receive the basic schedule beforehand. So, I recommend you clear that time in your schedule. But of course, stuff can come up, so all the calls will also be recorded.

What if I fall behind?

I recommend carving time out in your schedule ahead of time to prevent this from happening, but if it does, it’s okay. You can take longer than 8-months to complete the training if you need, you just won’t get your certificate until you’ve completed everything.

Where does the online training take place?

Inside the fancy schmancy online portal! That’s where all of your resources, modules, and bonuses will be organized and stored. Live calls will be hosted on Zoom video chat.

Where will the in person event be?

We’re planning your live experience in Colorado Summer 2020!!!! Get ready for some Mountain Views and illuminated Starry skies! :) 

I’m already trained in some of these things, is it still for me?

Definitely. It’s more than likely that I will teach the modalities you’ve learned in a different way, so it will continue to add to your toolbox. 

more QUESTIONS? EMAIL SARAH@theuncensoredempath.com