Ep. 138 The Divine Masculine is Rising with George Lizos

Ep. 138 The Divine Masculine is Rising with George Lizos

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • The two defining characteristics of an Ascension Lightworker
  • The biggest obstacle for lightworkers
  • Practical tools to balance the Divine masculine and feminine
  • How we can heal through teaching others
  • Psychic protection: how to shield and clear energy

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Episode Transcript:

Welcomed the Uncensored Empath, a place for us to discuss highly sensitive energy illness, healing, and transformation. My name is Sarah Small, and I’m a life and success coach for empaths who want to create a thriving body, business, and life. Think of this podcast as your, no BS guide to navigating life, health, and entrepreneurship. You’ll get straight to the point, totally holistic tips from me in real-time. As I navigate this healing and growth journey right beside you. This is a Soul Fire Production.

Sarah:     I am so excited. My guest today, is George. George and I have been connected for several years now, and have been able to witness each other grow, and expand, and scale, our mission, and our message. George is a powerful spiritual teacher and intuitive. The author of, ‘Be The Guru and his brand new book called, ‘Lightworkers Gotta Work’. He’s also the co-creator of, ‘Elemental Healing’ and host of ‘The Lit up Lightworker Podcast’, which I’ve had the pleasure of being on in the past.

He is here to help Lightworkers find their life purpose and work their light, and real palpable ways that create positive change in the world. Today’s conversation between myself and George really goes into what it means to be on this ascension journey, what it means to be a Lightworker, and how the shadow also plays into that. And that we cannot have the light without the dark. We talk a lot about the divine masculine and feminine, as well as psychic protection, which is so important for all of you empaths listening. George is just such a pleasure to be in his energy. I know you guys are going to catch onto that right away. When you start to hear his voice and experience him on the show today. Let’s get started.

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Welcome to the show, George. I am so excited to have you on today.

George:  Thank you so much for having me, Sarah. It is so wonderful to be here.

The two defining characteristics of an Ascension Lightworker

Sarah: So, we’ve been connected for a while and it’s been so much fun, I think, to just watch your journey and you now have a book coming out, and there is just so much happening in the world. And it is so perfect for what is happening in the world. Because it is all about Lightworkers. It’s called, ‘Lightworkers Gotta Work’. So, I’m curious, I’d like to start today’s conversation by just asking you, what have you been noticing as far as paradigm shifts, energetic changes during this time? What do you see?

George:  You know what, I was honored to study the earth from both a scientific perspective, and a spiritual line, in that I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography. So, what my geography professors always used to tell me, is that it’s not about saving planet earth. It’s about saving the human race, because the earth has been here for thousands, billions of years, and it’s always managed to survive. It has systems in process, to ensure it flushes out impurities, and maintain her balance. So, I feel what we’re going through right now, is just a way for the earth to keep finding her balance. Even if that means kicking us out in the process. Because we spent so many years using the earth. So, the earth is just maintaining her balance. So, this is what I feel has been going on. And I’m actually, so grateful that my book is coming out during this time, because it is this message of Lightworkers, come back to the earth. To reestablish our connection with nature, and partner up with nature’s wisdom, and the elementors, and all these beautiful energies, so that we can protect nature, work with her. But at the same time, ensure that we arrive as well. And we get to create the heaven on earth, that we have been promised, and that we came here to create.

Sarah: I’ve been noticing so many Lightworkers are feeling called to step into a new path, or into their purpose, or really step up to serve right now. Have you been noticing this? And also, who do you feel are the Lightworkers of the world, and how would you define that?

George: Yes. So, I define a Lightworker as anyone who has this need to help make the world a better place, by being in it. However, in the book, ‘Lightworkers Gotta Work’, I coined a new term of Lightworkers that I call Ascension Lightworkers. Now, Ascension Lightworkers are a breed of Lightworkers, that consists of old mature souls, who have been incarnating over thousands of years. For the purpose of ascending the energy of the earth, upgrading the earth software, and helping us transition into this new paradigm. This new golden age, or the Age of Aquarius or the new earth. There are so many different terms for it. So, how do we know we are Ascension Lightworkers? There are two essential characteristics.

Firstly, they have a strong sense of purpose. And they’ve had that strong sense of purpose since their childhood. So, whenever I talk to Ascension Lightworkers, they’re like, Oh, I remember myself as a kid, who, everybody’s playing and just having fun. And I’m just wondering, why am I here? What is the purpose of life? They have this strong sense of purpose. And the second characteristic is that, their sense of purpose extends beyond the personal sphere, to encompass the entire world. So, they are not here to master life on earth. They’ve mastered life on earth, over their hundreds, if not thousands of previous lifetimes. They are here to revolutionize life on earth, to ascent the way things are done. So, we can create this more loving, kind, peaceful, world that we’re here to create.

Sarah: Now, the word, ‘shadow worker’ or the ‘dark realm’, comes up from time to time too. How do you distinguish between the Lightworker, the shadow worker? Do you feel like we can be both? Do you feel like we’re one or the other?

George:  I think we are both. I think all Lightworkers are shadow workers. Because, the whole point of being a Lightworker is not to be happy 24/7. It is to be willing to do the inner work needed, to heal all the traumas that we’ve accumulated, over hundreds of lifetimes, heal them, and bring them into the light. And it’s so funny, that you bring this up. Because, during this Coronavirus situation, that is going on, at the time of this recording. I feel that many Lightworkers are triggered, in the sense that, because we spend so many lifetimes being persecuted as witches, and healers, and having to suppress our voice. And having that be suppressed right now, is triggering up all those past-life traumas. So, this is the time when we’re called to be shadow workers. And realize, you know what? Yes, I feel persecuted right now. Or I feel like I’m being suppressed because of what’s going on in the world. But I’m showing up to recognize that this is just something from the past. This is just a generational trauma that I am just experiencing right now. And, I choose to go beyond this, and I choose to use this as an opportunity to teach a message of love.

Sarah: Yes. I noticed that in my own life right now. There’s so much shadow that’s been rippling up to the surface. And I’ve been doing a lot of work to process old, old, anger. I’m like, where did this even come from? But there are these old emotions that are just coming up, and they’re asking to be healed, and asking to be shed. And they’re actually being shed quite easily, when I give them the space to feel it, and then to move through it. And, I almost feel we’re going at quantum speed right now. We are on hyper-speed and transforming, and evolving so quickly, during this time. Especially, when so many of us are at home. Regardless of whether you’re super busy, or you have tons of free time. We’re at home. So we, I think, naturally start to feel more with less distraction in the world. And so, I’m curious to hear from you, what do you feel like are some of these obstacles that were holding back all these Lightworkers from stepping into their life? And now, maybe they’re more able to see with clarity, clear vision, Oh, this is my purpose. Or, ooh, I was on the wrong path, and now it’s time to change. What are the obstacles you think, that were holding us back?

The biggest obstacle for lightworkers

George:  I think the biggest obstacle that I experienced when I talked to Lightworkers, and something I address in detail in, ‘Lightworkers Gotta Work’, is the effect that patriarchy has had on us. Now, patriarchy is this abuse of masculine energy, that has existed for the past 6,000 years. And it has created this culture of struggle, and hustle, and pushing forward, which has caused us to disconnect from this balance, between masculine and feminine energy. So, over so many different lifetimes, Lightworkers have had this sense of balance, be suppressed from patriarchies. Some have chosen to suppress their feminine energy, and just go full in muscular, and abuse their muscular energy. Some have chosen to be totally in their feminine, and therefore procrastinate. Now, the purpose of ascension Lightworkers right now, is to help find this balance. So, that’s why we’re seeing the goddess revolution, and the divine feminine is rising, and so many different, beautiful movements in helping the divine feminine gain its rightful position next to the divine muscular.

However, I feel that sometimes many Lightworkers in their passion, and in their urge, and drive to help the divine feminine rise, they’re vilifying the divine masculine. Which may create a completely different imbalance, where we create a matriarchal world, that I don’t think will bring the balance we want. It’s just going to create yet another imbalance, with different types of destructions. So, when I talk about, I distinguish between working our light and nurturing our light. So, many Lightworkers say, well, I’m working my light. And all they’re doing is meditating, doing yoga, just doing all the feminine activities. I’m, okay great, invest time in your spiritual practice in feminine activities, let yourself receive that guidance, but then, take that guidance and put it to action. To podcasts, create courses, write books, get your message out there. Just take all those ideas and express them in a physical way.

So, to come back to your question, what I feel the biggest struggle is? Lightworkers (a) don’t know, their life purpose. They define it in a very specific sort of general terms. My life purpose is to help make the world a better place. And I’m, duh, that is our Lightworker collective purpose. And then, the second obstacle is, they either procrastinate too much, because they over depend too much on the universe, and therefore feminine energy. Or, they abuse masculine energy, because we live in a world that perpetuates and encourages that. So, really the aim here, the way we heal is yes to help the feminine rise, but do this by embracing the masculine energy, and using masculine energy to support the feminine. So, this is how we bring the two together and we create a balanced world that we came here to create.

Sarah: Yeah. I agree with that so much. And I’ve had my own journey with trying to find that balance between masculine and feminine. And in letting my own feminine rise, not vilifying the masculine, like you were saying. George, I like, imagine you coming out of the womb, being this Lightworker and being who you are, always. But, I want to hear a little bit about, you’re already shaking your head. That’s not how I came out of the womb. So, I want to hear how you were able to find your purpose in this world? And what your journey looks like, a bit, to be the Lightworker you are today?

George:  Oh gosh. Are you ready for the story? So, let’s go back to the beginning. Let’s go back to George being a five-year-old kid, just standing in a field of yellow daisies, looking at the sky. And being like, what is the purpose of life? Why am I here? I was the weird kid I write about, okay. And by the way, I grew up in a very conservative society. I grew up on an Island, Cyprus in Europe. And with small societies, and conservative societies, people tend to be very judgmental. They expect you to be a certain way. They expect you to fit within certain stereotypes. So, from a very young age, being different, feeling different, I got bullied a lot at school. And I felt this need, that I constantly had to change who I was for the purpose of fitting in.

So, I strive to be the perfect student at school, the perfect citizen in society, the perfect son for my parents. So, you can imagine how I felt when at the age of 13 years old, I found out I was gay. Now, at the time, homosexuality was considered to be a criminal offence. Gay people were considered to be criminals and pedophiles. There was no way I could take on yet, another label, along with all the other labels that I had on me. And I’m, okay, great. I’m just going to approach this, in the same way, I approached anything else in life. I’m going to change myself from gay to straight, one step at a time. And that’s when I entered the two most debilitating years of my life. Two years, every single day, I would try to monitor the way I walked, the way I talked, the way I thought, trying to make me straight. I even tried to monitor my thoughts, and try to fantasize about women to make me straight. And two years later, when I couldn’t change who I was born to be. I called myself a human abomination and decided, okay, I’m just going to do everybody a favor, and just take my own life. And it was just before I did that, I actually wrote a letter to my parents. I took the first two pills. And just when I surrendered all the resistance, that’s when the answer I was always searching for, that had always been available to me, but I couldn’t see, because I was resisting it, became available to me. And that answer was very simple. Just fuck what people say, fuck what society thinks, and just learn to love and accept yourself exactly as you are. And you know what Sarah? I had no idea how to love myself because all I experienced was self-loathing. All I experienced was self-judgment. But, when you’re willing to change, when you’re willing to do something, that’s when the universe steps in to support you.

So, that’s when I discovered spirituality. Feng shui showed up, and Louis Hay and meditation and all these magical and spiritual modalities taught me to love myself, forgive myself, forgive my bullies, and empower myself. So, that took like an eight-year journey. When I felt powered, I’m great. I escaped patriarchy. I no longer need other people to feel accepted and supported. So, I need to do this in the world right now. I need to help others to do the same. And that’s when I wrote my first book, “Be the Guru: A Step by Step Guide to Becoming Your Own Spiritual Teacher’. Which is all about freeing yourself from dependence, from other people, from support, from other people’s attention. I am okay, great, I am healed, I’m enlightened. But five years later I found myself in yet another interesting situation. I had thought I had escaped patriarchy, because, listen to what happened.

We have patriarchy, therefore the abuse of masculine energy, trying to take on my own life, because I was suppressing my feminine. So, we have masculine against the feminine. That has always been part of my life. Now, five years later, I found myself in London working a full-time job, while working on my spiritual business part-time. And as you usually do, when you run your own business part-time, you need to dedicate all your free time to the business. So, that meant I would work from nine to five, go home, start working on my own thing until midnight, and do the same thing the following day. All my weekends were also dedicated to my business. Which meant I had no social life. I had no love life. I had no free time to myself. Three years of this masochistic schedule later, I found myself 10 kilos more.

I had gained so much weight. I had a serious case of eczema and psoriasis on my whole body. And I was moderately depressed. Until, one morning I woke up, intending to go to work, but my body just wouldn’t move. I had exhausted my body to such a degree that it burnt out completely. I’m like, Oh my God, something needs to change. And that’s when I realized, patriarchy had failed to kill me back then, but it was killing me subversively, and slowly, and gradually, right now. That’s when I realized how much patriarchy is embedded into who we are. Into the way we are, in our world. So, long story short. Now, around that time, whatever I would do a past life regression, I would see myself being a prostitute. I’m, what’s up with all the prostitute past lives? Something’s there for me to release.

So, I went to Glastonbury very magical town in the U.K.. And I do the past life regression with a therapist. And I went back to the first lifetime that I incarnated as a prostitute. And what happened was, I went pregnant with one of my clients, and when he found out, he start hurting the womb, killing the baby. So, we have patriarchy again, killing feminine energy. So, from that lifetime onwards, I vowed to always suppress my feminine, and abuse, my masculine energy. So, lifetime after lifetime, I would do that. In this lifetime, I tried to kill myself because I couldn’t accept my feminine energy. And even when I didn’t do that, it was still killing me very gradually, because I was overworking myself. So, that’s when I realized I have to find the balance between that masculine and feminine energies. Specifically, I need to embrace feminine energy more.

And then, I heard something that didn’t make sense at the time, but felt true. Which was, George, you’re supposed to find being feminine, from within the masculine. And it was only after I transitioned to paganism, and specifically, Greek paganism. And I studied how the ancient Greeks had honored the two energies. That I figured out, the two energies masculine and feminine, are just two sides of the same coin. Because, when you’re truly balancing your feminine energy, you’re using inspired guidance from that energy to take action. So, there is masculine energy within the feminine. And when you are not abusing muscle energy and you’re using it in a balanced way, you’re not just hustling, and struggling, and just doing ego work. Your work is inspired by the guidance you receive. And that’s when I realized that balance is where it’s all at. And to truly embrace and help the feminine to rise, we have to heal and embrace the divine masculine as well. Which is where my second book. ‘Lightworkers Gotta Work’: The Practical Guide to Following Your Purpose and Creating Change in the World’, is based on and follows from. Long story, but, you get the point.

Sarah: No, I loved it. Thank you so much for sharing that. And I think that we can all see ourselves, in parts of your story. What I’m noticing is that there’s these life soul lessons that we have in this lifetime. And, it comes up, it comes to the surface and then you think, Okay, I did it, check that box off the list. But, then it comes back around. And then, maybe, it comes back around again. And, to me, it’s the universe showing us, spirit is showing us that yeah, you made some progress that first time. Yeah. You’re starting to hear us. You’re starting to get the point, but there might be these really big soul missions or messages that we experienced, that keep coming around. Whether it’s in the type of romantic partner that we are attracting over, and over, again. Or jobs that burn us out over, and over, again. Or, in your case, it is this relationship with the masculine, and the patriarchy and over, and over, again.

And, there’s so much, I think, to be gained in those recurring things in our life. When we actually pause and go, okay, I’m not going to try to control this transformation, or what I’m supposed to learn from this thing in my life. And instead, I’m going to surrender to what this has for me. What lesson, what message, what learning this has for me in my life. And I’ve seen my own recurring lesson, especially around not feeling good enough. And it started as a little girl. I was trying to be the perfectionist, and Type ‘A’ and literally, straight ‘A’ student. And this is not good enough, not good enough, not good enough, and it shows up in these different scenarios in my own life. And I think it’s still actually something I’m still working on is, can I truly believe that I am good enough?

And it’s just interesting to see that there are recurring lessons. And when I look at it from the higher self-perspective, I think this is not just a lesson that you check off the list in a day. This is a lesson that you incarnated into this body, to really embody the entire energy of this lesson. To really, really master this mission in this lifetime. And maybe mine is learning how to be good enough. Maybe yours is learning how to really beautifully balanced that masculine and feminine and find both of them within the other. And I see so many Lightworkers, regardless of whether they know they’re a Lightworker or not yet, holding themselves back from that shining. Because of comparison, because of not holding up the mirror to the shadow and trying to avoid the shadow. And of looking for this external validation, when really we have to validate ourselves. We have to find it within ourselves to say, no, this is what I’m most passionate about. This is what I want to do. This is what my purpose is. I don’t care what anyone else has to say about it. I’m going to move forward anyway. And so, what would you say to someone who is still feeling the nerves? The comparisonitis, the hesitation of really stepping into their purpose as a Lightworker, even when…? Because I talked to these women, and they’re, I’ve been through this, this, this, this, this, this, they had been through so much in their life, and their own soul mission and messages are coming through. But there’s still this like barrier, this wall that says, but I’m not as good as her, or who am I to do this? Did you encounter that? And also, what would you say to the people who are still in their cave?

George:  Oh my God. Oh my God. Such a beautiful question. And of course, I experienced that all day long and it’s part of my purpose as well. And what I want to say to anybody, feeling all these limiting beliefs is that these big issue that, and I use quotation marks to say “issue”, or problem, or problems that you feel you’ve been facing your entire life, are part of your life variables. And how more beautiful could it be, if you take all those struggles that you faced, and turn them into, let’s say, for example, a business, or a book, or use them in a way to empower yourself and other people? This is how you transmute something from a problem to an opportunity. And it’s interesting, because I wrote, ‘Lightworkers Gotta Work’, to help Lightworkers get really specific on their life purpose.

And, at the start of the book, I share my three-step process to not just finding your life purpose, but really defining it, in a two to three paragraph definition. So, that you’ll have a very solid definition. And out of that process, I guide readers to explore the moments of happiness they experience in their life. Because I feel that our happiness is in direct correlation to what our life purpose is. Because we’re born happy. And we’re also born from source because we are source. So, the two have to be synonymous, our happiness, the essence, our original essence, and our purpose has to be in the same vibrational frequency. So, I guide people to go back and identify their happy moments and then start making links. And now, while I was hearing you, but, I’m, great, there is so much to be gained from happiness, but there’s also so much to be gained from all the grief, and the down moments that we have.

I feel, and this is something that just came up in my mind while you were talking. I feel that our happy moments, the threat of happiness to our lives, helps us define our life purpose. And our struggles give us the content or the life propose, so, we can express it in books, in courses, in podcast episodes, so that we can create. Isn’t it so beautiful when we can use the light and the shadow together? Yes. To fuel our purpose? So, to anybody listening who feel, Oh, I compare myself too much. Oh, I’m not good enough. I’m great, teach about that. Heal, by teaching about that. Document your journey of healing, that is your message to the world. That is your content. That is your teaching. If I hadn’t written my two books, I would still, probably, I would have committed suicide. Because, I healed so much by writing the books and, I now mentor people to write their own books as well. And it’s not just a matter of blind everything on a piece of paper, and say, blah, here it is, my whole story. That’s a book. That’s not a book, that’s therapy. It’s only after you’ve done that, and then you found closure, that you’re able to write a book and turn it into content, but that is your content.

How we can heal through teaching others

Sarah: Yeah, you’re right. And actually, my husband was just asking me about a book I’m reading, and he was asking about the author. He was why, what makes her such a great writer? She seems to be blowing up. Everyone loves her. And I said, she has so much shadow that she pours out. She is raw. She is authentic. She lets us into her darkest, most embarrassing moments. And that is where we feel her as a human, and not as this perfect energy that we’re trying to be like. And instead, she gives us permission to be ourselves., and that is that. I love the way you just said that, those happy moments maybe guide us towards our purpose. But the shadow is really the 8purpose that it is. It’s what provides the content. And so, in my business, sure, I write some content around celebrating something amazing that happened in my life, or my business.

But most of my content is about the shit I’ve been through, the challenges I’ve overcome. And not just, Hey, this happened to me in a victimized way, but instead, Hey, this is what I experienced. And this is what I learned from it. This is how I overcame it. And here’s how you can too. And here are even maybe some pieces of guidance on how to do that. And again, it gives all of us permission to be human, and to realize that we’re not alone in our pain. Whereas, I think a lot of what mainstream media tells us, is that we shouldn’t feel that. Don’t feel that pain. Or even just for me, the education system that I was brought up in. Don’t have negative feelings, don’t be sad. And then, the way my parents raised me. Again, they’re wonderful, great parents. But at the same time, there’s a lot of shadows that then, accidentally, gets projected onto children. And a lot of that to me was, be fine all the time. Take care of your stuff, be responsible. Don’t bother me, entertain yourself. And you’re gonna have to figure it out on your own. So, I want to go back to the divine masculine and the divine feminine, because I’m sure there are some people listening who are still curious, still wondering, how do I really embrace both? Whether you feel, the person listening feels they are currently, mostly in the masculine, or operating mostly in the feminine. How do we meld and bring these things together? Your story is a beautiful example of how bringing them together, creates more of a fulfillment, and joy, and purpose, in your life. But where do we start? How do we get there?

George:  Okay, first of all, what you’ve just shared is a perfect example of this balance between masculine and feminine. In the sense that, when you’re sharing from the heart, and you’re allowing yourself to be honest, and raw, with your audience. This is the essence of feminine energy. And then, when you’re using that as a way of teaching others, that’s where you bringing in the masculine.

[musical interlude]

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Some of the other ones that I was especially interested in are the C-reactive protein test. And this is also a blood test that helps you determine the inflammation levels in your body. There is a sexual health test. There are Omega level tests. There are iron level tests. There are folate, B Vitamin level tests, there are cortisol level tests and so much more. So, if you’re looking to get more information on your overall health and wellness, I’m excited to introduce you to a brand new partner of the Uncensored Empath Podcast. They’re called, Let’s Get Checked. And their mission is to provide professional health testing, that is easily accessible, and ensure that no individual ever puts off a test due to not wanting, or being able to visit a healthcare provider. They’re also very affordable and you can get 20% off with the code, ‘EMPATH’. I will provide that link below. Again, that’s code ‘EMPATH’ for 20% off any of the Let’s Get Checked tests that you can do from the convenience of your home.

Practical tools to balance the Divine masculine and feminine

George:  Let’s just define the terms first, so we can talk about how we can start balancing them. The divine feminine and divine masculine are the two primal energies that make up the source, therefore, everything in life. So, we have it within us. It’s part of the whole DNA of life. Now, the divine feminine and feminine energy is these unstructured, fluid energy, that’s all about resting, and receiving, and creating. But creating in a different sense and not in an additive sense. I say that resting is as productive as taking action because that’s what the feminine energy is. It is that period of nurturing and preparing something to be poured into the world. So, that’s the energy of nurturing and trusting our intuition and letting go, and just allowing ourselves to receive.

And then the divine masculine energy and masculine energy, in general, is all about taking action, moving forward. It is more structured. It’s all about learning. It’s all about creating. And the two energies as I said, from my story, they work together. So, what you’ve just shared with us, is a way of balancing the two. And what I’m sure you’ve done, to bring yourself to that stage, because I’ve been following you for years. I know your story. You’ve connected a lot with nature. You’ve connected a lot with the earth, and you use essential oils and so many different natural products to help yourself from there. So what I teach in Lightworkers, is that, when we reconnect with nature, we find that balance very instinctively. Because we’re part of nature too. And because that balance is part of who we are. So, when we don’t know what our soul’s essence is, and we see our soul as just masculine or as just feminine. Which is what we are trained to do, as we’re growing up. We’re told to go to school, get the grades, follow certain formulas for success.

That’s masculine, masculine, masculine. That creates a false identification and perception of what our soul’s essence is. Then, we see the world from a masculine perspective. However, when we remember what our soul’s essence is, and we do this every time we meditate, every time we go out in nature, every time we allow ourselves to just let go and just let go of all the structures. We naturally return to this balance. So, I teach it’s something that comes very instinctively when you take the time to consciously connect with nature. Therefore with yourself as well, through your spiritual practice. For example, in our spiritual practice, when we meditate, when we do yoga, when we pray, when we do mantras, and we come into the sense of connectedness and alignment with who we really are. In that moment, we are perfectly balanced, in masculine and feminine energy. It’s just up to us, to take this inspired guidance that flows through during these moments and express them. Therefore, use muscular energy, and not allow all the external structures to come in, and ruin this balance that we’ve created. So, this is the natural way of finding balance.

Now, something more practical, because everybody likes practical processes. Aside from having our daily spiritual practice that helps us maintain this balance in a consistent way. I like to plan my day, my week, my month, and my year in advance. And ensure that there is balance in masculine activities and feminine activities. For example, every single day, I make sure that in the morning I spent three hours for my spiritual practice. To ensure that I nurture some of that light, some of that feminine energy. And then, I balance that up with action taking that’s inspired, that’s not hustle driven. I make sure that my weeks I have enough time to work, and at the same time, to rest. Same with my month. And when I plan my year, at the beginning of the year, I make sure I have trips planned for the entire year. Because I know that my default state is masculine. So, if I don’t plan for feminine, then, I’m not going to do it. So, it’s just a combination of using practical processes to manage our day. But, at the same time, this has to be driven from our daily spiritual practice, from our daily feminine practice. Because in the feminine we find the masculine, and vice versa.

Sarah: What would some examples of being in the feminine? So, I think of allowing there to be free time, or nothingness, or just sitting outside, or any sort of spiritual practice would all be more in the feminine, right? Versus the masculine parts of your day would be more of doing the work and sitting down with some sort of structure. Yes?

George:  Yes, yes. And it’s so important that in, ‘Lightworkers Gotta Work’, I distinguish between light work and ego work. Okay. Now, it’s important that the muscular work we take, is not ego focused. It’s not ego-driven. Meaning, that it has to come from a place of connectedness with who we really are. If it’s not, it’s so easy to fall back into the hustle culture. So, that’s why in the book, there are four parts. The first part is called, ‘Find Your Purpose’, where we find and establish what our purpose is. The second part is called, ‘Nurture Your Light’, which is all the feminine activity. It’s about meditation and spiritual practice and nurturing all that light, by going out in places of power. I talk about star bathing and mood bathing as ways of lighting up our own inner light. So we’re nurturing this light. The third part is about working your light. And that includes manifestation processes that help you receive inspiration from the light you’ve nurtured, as to the specific action steps you need to take, that are related to your life purpose. And then, part four is all about protecting your light, where we move on into energy and psychic protection. A whole different topic, but essentially, the action taken. The muscular energy taken has to be based on the feminine.

Sarah: That makes a lot of sense. And it allows there to flow within structure, and structure within flow. Which is innately, combining the masculine and the feminine to work with us, and for us, in our life. Now, you mentioned psychic protection, which I think is something I want to make sure we have a second to talk about. Because there are hundreds of empaths listening. And I get this question all the time. People are always asking me, Sarah, I’m feeling so overwhelmed by energetic, feelings, or literal energy vampires. Or, life just feels too overwhelming. And I’m drained all the time. And part of it is in the 3D, part of it is more in the spiritual realm. But I’d love your take on how do we protect ourselves as psychics and empaths?

Psychic protection: how to shield and clear energy

George: Oh, perfect. So, the way I defined energy, or psychic protection is, the art of being energetically authentic. Here’s what I mean. We have an aura, we have an energy field. As we walk through the world, every single day, our aura, if unprotected, it’s like a sponge that attracts all sorts of different energy from different people and spaces. In the book, I talk about the five different types of psychic attacks. Psychic diverse, low-level spirits, residual, spatial energy, collective thought patterns, and toxic cortisol attachment. So, we have all these different entities coming to us. Now, because our aura has seven different layers, that are connected to our chakras. So we have a connection between our spiritual bodies and our physical body. Whatever happens energetically, feeds through into our physical body, and we have illness, emotional illnesses, mental illnesses as well.

If we don’t regularly protect and clear our energy, then we are allowing other people’s energy to control the way we think, the way we feel, and therefore the way we act. Therefore, we cannot be authentically ourselves. Our energy’s not authentic. And if our energy is not authentic, how can we follow our life purpose? How can we follow our life purpose with the aim of helping create this world, that we’re desperately trying to create right now? So, the world’s changing, and the new earth that we’re creating, and us fulfilling our life purpose, depends on us having clear energy. So we can work our light authentically. If we don’t, then we’re not filling our life purposefully. And we’re not going to find this sense of fulfillment.

So, how do we go-ahead to clear ourselves from all forms of psychic attack? Now, I have a three-step formula that I guide people through in the book. Step one is, you have to identify what’s there, in your aura. Otherwise, you don’t know what to clear. And I have a downloadable meditation in the book that allows you to turn on your 360° psychic vision, that you can scan what’s there to release it. So, that’s step number one.

Step number two, you have to clear. And step number three, you have to shield. Now, some people shield before they clear, but what that does is, shielding all the attacks inside. So, we have to clear, before we shield. Now, I focus only on elemental processes for clearing and shielding. Because I believe that all the answers we seek, are in nature. As I said in the beginning, the earth has been here for four-point something billion years. We’ve only been here for a few thousand years. The earth has survived so much. It’s the most elemental space with the nature of spirits, who’ve been running the earth for so long. They have all the psychic clearing processes that we need, to help clear ourselves. That’s why, rather than bringing on angels and archangels, I wanted to work with the earth energies. Because the energy has a track record of clearing and surviving. And we can see that. So, why not borrow some of those techniques? So, I’m just going to introduce two of the processes that I have in there. One for clearing, and one for shielding.

For clearing, I like to work with the dragons. Now, dragons are elementals. They’re from nature spirits, from the element of fire. And when we call upon the fire dragons to bathe us in the dragon fire, which is an esoteric kind of fire. That burns away all the types of psychic attack we’ve absorbed, and therefore clearing completely. So, in the book, I include this step-by-step process about using dragon breath, to clear our energy. And anybody can just ask, the collective essence of the dragons, or their guardian dragon. We all have one, or we all can have one, to come in during meditation and visualization to clear our aura.

And then, when it comes to shielding. Now, shielding is basically wearing a coat, before you go out on a cold night for example. Many people say, Oh by shielding myself, I am attracting more, a trap because I’m feeding fear. I’m, in the same sense, you would choose a weak password online when you choose your password. Or you would go out naked, because, why? What’s the problem of protecting myself, if I’m going to attract fear? Or, I’m just going to go out in a dark street at night by myself. I’m, no, you’re going to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. So, why not take the same energetic precautions as well? So, that’s the reasoning behind shielding. So, with shielding, I like to work with a spirit elementals, specifically, the unicorns.

Now, unicorns. We all have our own personal unicorns spirit guide. Which is a spiritual extension of our soul. It’s basically our soul manifesting in the form of a unicorn, to grab our attention, and help us to work with it. Now, unicorns, our unicorn spirit guide, is the authentic, very presentation of our soul, of who we are. It knows our life and what we can do to follow and fulfill it. And because it is an authentic group presentation of our soul’s state. It can help us return to the essence of our soul, and therefore, to return to that state of joy, and happiness, and love, that we had, when we were born into this world.

So, I like to ask my unicorn spirit guide to bathe me in rainbow light, or the rainbow ray. Which is a very high vibrational kind of light, that raises the vibrational frequency of all your chakras and your aura. And it’s not shooting, it’s more like bathing. It’s upgrading the frequency of your aura. Because you can only attract psychic attack to the degree to which, that you’re a vibrational match to it. If your vibration is high, you can only attract high light people, high light experiences, high light energies. If your vibration is low that’s when you’re vulnerable to attack. So, the aim of shielding is raising your vibration, so you’re just not a vibrational match to any sort of psychic attack. So, there are so many more processes in the book, but these are all basic processes that anybody can use to clear and show their energy.

Sarah: I love that you focus on the elementals. And I think that’s a really powerful approach. And two things came up. First of all, now, I really need to read the book. But he’s also talked about all these different spirit animals and spirit guides, but it’s so interesting, because when you’re talking about the fire of the dragons. I had a client last week, tell me he’s been working so hard on clearing a lot of old energy and protecting himself. And just really discovering he’s an empath. And he said, I don’t know why, but my intuition has just been showing me fire as a way to clear energy. And he has been using it so effectively. I can’t take any credit for that. His own intuition showed him that was the way to clear the energy and do this powerful visualization around it. And it’s been working really well for him.

And then, when you were talking about the unicorns, I actually thought back onto like year one and two of my business. And how I was so drawn into this unicorn energy, that was so true to herself, and so aligned with her purpose. And I used unicorn imagery in my business, and I was just really tapped into the energy of the unicorn. And now, it makes so much sense that I was stepping into this very shielded, I’m gonna do what my soul is telling me to do. And step into my purpose, regardless of what people think. I’m going to let that bounce off of me as if I do have this shield up. And, I can see that in my life, and in my client’s life, so clearly in a natural way. And so, I can only imagine what using your specific practices that are laid out in the book, how powerful it could be.

George:  I remember you talking a lot about unicorns. Because when we first met, it was when you were first starting out, as well. And then there was so much unicorn energy in your branding, and everything. It’s all coming back to me right now. And it makes perfect sense. Because, you were connecting with your soul, and that unicorn was a presentation of your authentic energy. And it helped you come to this point right now.

Sarah: Exactly. Yes. Now, I want to go back and look at all my memories on Facebook and Instagram. And see, wow, I was so tapped into that, and I didn’t even realize why. Or, I didn’t completely understand what was going on. I just trusted that this what I was supposed to do. The unicorn kept coming up and coming up. And I had clients that were telling me, when I see a unicorn, I think of you. And it was working really well, as a brand. But eventually, I feel I learned that lesson. I received that message that…

George:  You became the unicorn, so you no longer needed to portray them in any way.

Sarah: Yeah. So now, I don’t. I still love me some unicorns, but I don’t use it in my branding anymore. And again, it makes perfect sense. Okay, George, so, Oh, how do we want to wrap up here? This has been so wonderful. You provide so much just amazing wisdom, and guidance, especially for the empaths of the world, and those who listened to the Uncensored Empath Podcast. I’d love to wrap up by… Let’s do one last piece of advice for the Lightworkers of the world. Especially during the context that we’re living in right now. What last piece of advice would you give to the Lightworkers who are just stepping into their light, and learning how to work their light?

George:  Rather than advice. I want to finish with a question. So, I want to ask everybody listening, imagine what it would look like if you had a crystal clear definition of what your life purpose was?, And I’m not just talking about, Oh, I’m here to help people heal, or I’m here to help make the world a better place. A crystal clear definition. And imagine what it would look like if you knew when to surrender, and when to take action, very instinctively, towards that life purpose? How would you, and how will the world be different, if you showed up with this amount of clarity, every single day? That’s where it’s all at.

Sarah: And that clarity feels so good, once you go on that journey of receiving it, and you start to get that clarity, Oh my god, it should feel so good. Oh, I feel clear. And I’ve been seeking that clarity for so long. I know, I experienced that in my life, and in my business. So, George, thank you so much for being here today. Where can everyone find more about you, and purchase your book?

George:  My book is called, ‘Lightworkers Gotta Work’ and the biggest message of the book is that the world won’t change sitting on meditation pillows all day long. The world changes when Lightworkers, like you and me light up and take consistent action towards following and fulfilling our life purpose. So, It is a step-by-step guide to finding, following, and fulfilling your life purpose. By embracing both the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies. So that we not only know our light, but we work it to create big, positive change in the world. And if you go to georgelizos.com\lightwork, you’ll be able to pre-order the book, that comes out August 19th. And when you pre-order and enter your receipt number in that page. You’ll be able to get a free, live two-hour master class with me, entitled, Lightworker’s Bootcamp. In that masterclass, I’ll guide you through my signature formula to define your life purpose. So, when the book comes, you already know your life propose, and you start working and nurturing your light. Of course, I’d love to hear from you on Instagram. You can find me there @georgelizos. And you can join my Facebook community, Your Spiritual Toolkit Facebook Group.

Sarah:     George, you are such a light. And thank you so much for sharing your heart with us today.

George:  Thank you so much for having me.

Sarah:     You all know that the Uncensored Empath Podcast, is part of a network produced by Soul Fire Productions. And this is an amazing group of podcast hosts. And we’re growing. There are more podcast hosts coming into this community. We have masterminds every month and it’s just a supportive, supportive place to be able to learn from each other and to grow. So today, I want to take a hot second to tell you about Christina Rice, and her show, Wellness Realness. She is also part of the network. And most recently, she’s had guests on it and talked herself, about topics like mold and mycotoxin illness, about building confidence, about collagen for healing, and healing from chronic mystery illnesses through dietary changes, and leaning into spirituality. So, I know that so many of you are so on board with so many of these topics, that I want to make sure you know how to find Christina. Her show, Wellness Realness, publishes episodes every Monday and Thursday on Apple podcasts. And it is your go-to show for a no BS approach to all things wellness related.

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Thank you so much for tuning in. I hope you love today’s episode and conversation with George. Don’t forget to go check out his book, ‘Lightworkers Gotta Work’. All the links of everything mentioned in today’s episode will be in the show notes. And I’ll see you next Monday for another episode of the Uncensored Empath Podcast.

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June 26, 2020


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