Ep. 137 The Deeper Messages Within Lyme Disease with Shannon Amrein

Ep. 137 The Deeper Messages Within Lyme Disease with Shannon Amrein

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • The lens at which we look at illness: 3D, 4D, and 5D perspectives
  • Intuitive downloads Shannon’s received from the Akashic Records about Lyme disease
  • The connection between chronic illness and being out of alignment
  • Shannon’s experience with channeling, connecting with her ancestors, and tapping into the Akashic records
  • Illness as energy in the body and its role in spiritual awakenings

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Uncensored Empath, a place for us to discuss highly sensitive energy illness, healing, and transformation. My name is Sarah Small, and I am a life and success coach for empaths who wants to create a thriving body, business, and life. Think of this podcast as your no BS guide to navigating life, health, and entrepreneurship. You will get straight to the point. Totally holistic tips from me in real time. As I navigate this healing and growth journey right beside you. This is a Soul Fire Production.

Sarah: Welcome to today’s episode. Today’s guest is Shannon Amrein from Healing Intuitively. She is an Akashic Records reader, and channeler, and passionate about all things healing. She has a very long journey with Lyme disease in which she has learned so much about herself and what it truly takes to heal Lyme. And, some of the deeper messages behind what we call, and we label Lyme disease. This is a very different take on healing, chronic illness. And, we will be talking about it in the context of why. But, I think you can really apply the things that Shannon and I discussed today, to illness as a whole. Before we jump in, something really sparked for me at the end of our conversation, that I want to share with you. Which is, first of all, this is not going to resonate with everybody. Not everyone’s going to resonate with Shannon, in general, with me in general, and the topics that we do discuss today.

The lens at which we look at illness: 3D, 4D, and 5D perspectives

Sarah: And, I sat with that for a second. I thought about it. And, I realized that we do have a choice in what lens in which we see illness through. We can look through at it, through a 3D lens, a 4D lens, or a 5D lens. And, I encourage, of course, that we all look at it through a 5D lens, but not everyone’s there yet. And, that is also, okay. So, if you are still in the3D, and I will explain what these might look like for you in your life, in a second. But, if you are still in more of that 3D perspective of illness, girl, it is all right. And, I also encourage you to potentially find a practitioner who is really great at bridging the 3D with the 4D, with the 5D so that you can get a higher perspective and more support along your personal path.

So, I sat with it, and my own intuition guided me to share this with you. ‘The 3D Perspective of Illness’ is that something is broke, imbalanced, or needs fixing in your body. It is this old paradigm saying that autoimmune disease is the body attacking itself. And, in the 3D lens, we need to quote, “fix ourselves”, or fix the gut, or kill the bacteria in the body. And, oftentimes that is through prescription medication and pills. So, we think, okay, this is broke, let me fix it. This other thing is now unbalanced, let me fix it with this other mechanism, healing modality, et cetera. And, regardless of whether that pillar modality is what we consider, quote, “holistic” or not, it does not matter in this case, whether it is a prescription pill, or it is Reiki healing. The 3D perspective is simply, something’s broke, I am going to do this, to fix it. The 4D perspective of illness, that lens in which we can choose to look through, is that it is more of this dark night of the soul journey, that, I am sure we have all had some intimate moments with. I have, I did a friggin’ podcast episode on it. And, it is been probably not my last journey and experience within the 4D, but it is very, dark night of the soul. Meaning, it is dense. It is a dense, emotional, emotional energy. And, it is more of this internal voice that says, this is going to be hard. And, my intuition is waking me up, and it is showing me all these hard truths. All these things I have not wanted to look at. And I am starting to look at them. And, then, in this 4D place, I am emotional, because I am realizing that a lot of what I believed was limiting, or false, or a lie. Yet, I am here for it, and I am sitting in it, and I am on this journey. And, in that 4D space, my intuition has really started to open up. And, it is really showing me the places in which I am blocked, or imbalanced.

And, now that I am becoming more aware, I see it. And, the emotions are no longer locked down, or we are no longer emotionless, more in the 3D perspective. And instead, those emotions are very present and prevalent, and, we are feeling, we are feeling deeper, we are starting to dip into some of our emotional healing that has been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, for us to look at. And then, there is a 5D. And the 5D is much more seeing illness, or more specifically, symptoms that the body presenting, as neutral energy. It is not good. Sound bad. It is simply a message from my body. And, I am waking up to the truth of it. I am waking up to hear, to open my frickin’ ears, and just hear. And, to be this more higher-self, neutral vessel of a listener, an observer of what the body is showing me.

In the 5D, we open up our intuitive channel completely. So, it is not just flooding us with emotions of the past that we had to sit in first, in the 4D. A lot of that has been cleared, has been cleansed. And, in the 5D, now we can just be the observer, and we can allow our intuition to stay open. It is not so overwhelming anymore. We do not feel like, Oh my god, I have got to protect my energy constantly. Because instead so much has been cleared out that we just see our symptoms as these steerers. Steering us in different directions. Messengers from the body. In the 5D there is more of this just pure love consciousness. And, we are attuned to what is happening in the world. And, we can feel that in our body, but we realize it is not ours. And, when our body does present symptoms, we just see it as information.

So, I would love to hear what you have to say. What resonates with you about this? What does not resonate with you within the 3D, 4D, and 5D perspectives of illness? The lens in which we see these symptoms, or a label that has been given to us that we all dis-ease. I just really wanted to start with this brief conversation before we jump into today’s interview because a lot of what is being shared is the 5D perspective. Not everyone is ready to hear that. Totally cool. Stay in the 3D. Maybe you are in the middle of some 4D shit, and you are going through some dark night of the soul stuff. Totally cool as well. I dip back into the 4D, here and there. And, in many ways, it is a path, a journey, a bridge that we all travel back down to the 3D from time to time. So, give ourselves love, and grace, forgiveness. Maybe we sat in the 3D for most of our life. And, we are looking now from the 5D perspective going, the fuck did not we wake up to this 5D perspective sooner? But it is okay. It is all okay. So, if you are someone who has any experience with illness, symptoms, Lyme, chronic illness, autoimmune disease, I think you are really going to enjoy this perspective from Shannon today. Let us introduce you to Shannon, and dive in.

Shannon. Welcome to the show. I am super excited to have you on. I was just saying that you grabbed my attention, because of the blog posts that you shared. I think in some Facebook group, I do not even know, but it caught my eye. I clicked on it, and it was all about Lyme disease and the Akashic Records. Two things that I talk about on the show, and that my listeners are super interested in. So, I would love for you to start by just telling us, generally, like, what did you discover when you tapped into the Akashic Records? Around lessons, learnings around Lyme, whether that applies to you or Lyme in general.

Intuitive downloads Shannon’s received from the Akashic Records about Lyme disease

Shannon: Thank you first off, for having me on. We will start with Lyme disease, it has been in my life for years. I got sick as a child. We did not know what it was, and eventually found out it was Lyme disease. So, it is been something I have been tapping into for a long time and learning a lot about it. Recently, I started bringing it to the Akashic Records. I started learning how to read the Akashic Records, maybe six or seven months ago. So, relatively recent, but it was just bam, you have to learn how to do this. It was a calling. And, I started feeling the calling to go into the Records to look for Lyme disease. Because from all the time I have spent sick, and, basically what has happened with me and mine, is that I tapped into myself, my energy and my past lives, and healed myself.

I went down all the regular routes with antibiotics, and herbal remedies, and such, and nothing helps. So, I really truly started to realize and believe that Lyme disease does not get healed if you are just taking the medicine. And, if you are just going through the steps that most doctors will tell you to do. And so, when I went into the Akashic Records for Lyme, I started to receive messages about how Lyme disease is not actually a disease. It is energy. It is an energy that comes from higher dimensional realms. And, it is here to help us wake up. And, that is why so many people are getting Lyme disease. And, it keeps on spreading is because this is a time of awakening. It is time for people to be waking up. And, it causes symptoms, and as humans, we have called it Lyme disease and found bacteria that corresponds to those symptoms. Because that is how we make sense of it. But, the reasons, treatments, but there is no one treatment for Lyme disease. It is because it is energy. And, as our bodies acclimate, that is when the Lyme starts to go away. So, the symptoms, the sickness is like the awakening, basically. When I go into the Records, it is not scary. It is not painful. It is not any of the things that it feels like when you have the disease. It is actually so beautiful. And it made me cry the first time I opened it, because it is like, wow, it is actually such a beautiful thing. It is not scary like I thought it was. And so many people think it is.

Sarah: When you say that it is here to wake us up, or maybe a message within this energy of Lyme. What do you feel that message is, more specifically? Or what have you learned from your own experience and what have you woken up to?

The connection between chronic illness and being out of alignment

Shannon: Well, the message in general that I have found for myself, and for people I have done readings for, specifically about Lyme. Is about being in alignment. In my life, every time I have gotten symptoms when I first started getting really sick. Now that I look back, I realized that I was completely out of alignment with my entire life. I was doing things I just liked. I was doing what society told me to do. I am a manifesting generator in human design. And so, I jumped around a lot, and I did not know that until a year ago when I found out about human design. And I look back, I was staying in the places that were no longer lighting me up. And so, it was all about alignment. And, that is the message I get in general, for people. Is, it is here to help you wake up to, okay, what is out of alignment with your life? What is going on that does not feel right? And, even when you think back to when you first got sick, what was going on at that point? And that is the clue to this is not in alignment. And, it is waking you up to that.

Sarah: That is super interesting. I love that you brought up that point when we first started to really feel this. Or maybe we also hit some sort of tipping point or threshold. And, I remember reading in one of your blog posts as well, that there is this threshold to trauma. And it does add up, and they do stack on top of each other until eventually, the body shows you maybe, in not such a gentle way, the message has been trying to get through to you. What is your experience then, with those thresholds?

Shannon:  Definitely. Definitely there are thresholds. It is the idea that we all have stresses in our lives, and every instance is just an unavoidable part of life. But that tipping point to get really getting really sick. And, I believe this is for every disease. But I speak about Lyme because I have that personal experience with it. But there is that threshold, that point that is just all of a sudden, it is too much. Maybe you are just too far out of alignment now. And, you have to course-correct. Maybe it is too much stress, maybe something really traumatic happens. Like losing a loved one or losing out on an opportunity that felt really important. And, in my experience for me, personally, those tipping points have been when, I have been already being gently, or maybe a little bit less gently redirected. And been ignoring it, and then, something massive happens, and that is the tipping point or even something small. I do not think it has to be a huge thing. It could even be, I have been going on, for me personally, I used to be a massive runner. I was a competitive runner in college and high school. And that became too much. That became one of my small tipping points. It was not right for me, my energy was not going right in that direction. And so, that was something that started to make me really, really sick.

Sarah: How would you describe the Akashic Records to those of the listeners who are fairly new to this, or do not fully understand how you access this information? What is that experience like for you? I know you mentioned that you just learned the six or seven months ago, but I am sure it is been super awakening and eye-opening for you. And what has that been like?

Shannon: The Akashic Records, the way they were explained to me, and I think it is the easiest way to understand them. Is there a metaphysical library of everything that is happening to every soul in the universe. And so, every person has an Akashic Record. And, when you access your records, you can hear information about what is happened in past lives, in future lives, in lives happening in other dimensions, at the same time. Even what is happening in your life right now. So, accessing the Records, can seem a little crazy. Like how do you know that you are not making it up? And part of it is trust. And, I think that just comes from the more you open yourself up to realizing that the universe is a lot faster, and more expansive than we realize or thought. It becomes easier to understand. As far as accessing them, I can feel an energy shift.

So, there is a prayer that a lot of people use called, ‘The Pathway Prayer’. And, that is what I started using. And, that is how I started. And, to access the Records, you get quiet, meditative. It helps to meditate for five, 10 minutes beforehand, especially when you are starting. And, then you say the prayer and enter into the Records. And, for me, I can kind of see myself. It is like, I walked down a path, and then there is a door. And, so I physically see myself entering. And then the energy changes. And so, I do not really remember what I channel, especially if I am channeling for other people, because it is not my energy to remember. I record a lot, even for myself, because I won’t remember what I said. Because it is like another voice comes through. My voice changes a little bit. I move back and forth in my head, go in circles. So, it is just like it is another energy. And so, that really has grown my trust in it too. Because the first few times I accessed the Records, I was, maybe I am making it up, but it is such a tangible difference. It is impossible not to believe it when you are experiencing it.

Sarah: Yeah. Absolutely. I think a lot of people question when they are first awakening, their intuition in general. Am I making this up? Is this real? And, when you start to practice it, and practice it, and slowly begin to trust it, you realize that there is, in your case, a very experiential feeling, and the difference in the energy that you are embodying, when you are tapped in, versus when you are not. And, you mentioned that you have opened yourself up to not only the Records but your guides, your ancestors, light beings, the Pleiadians ancestors. And, there is just so much wisdom to be gained there. That, why wouldn’t we? Why wouldn’t we try to access that? And of course, it is going to be weird at first, because it is different. And we have never maybe opened ourselves up to that, in this lifetime at least. But there is so much to be discovered there. And I would love to hear more about your personal Lyme journey, and what you have discovered along your own path, as you woke up to this?

Shannon: Absolutely. yeah, as far as the, just what you said about the intuition, I agree. It is like, when you first start accessing it, tapping into yourself, it feels like it is coming from somewhere else. But, at least in my experience, the more I have awakened and trusted it, it is being fully embodied. That is how I feel the intuition. And, that is how I was taught that you know. I met a spiritual teacher last summer who taught me to ground in my body and that is when I really, really started trusting my intuition.

Sarah: Yeah. A big difference when you are forcing that tapping in versus when you do it in a really grounded container and then what you open yourself up to. So, yeah. What have been some of those things that you’ve experienced along your journey with Lyme and life in general, that your intuition has shown you or taught you?

Shannon: Absolutely. Well, I mean, there is so much, but I do not want to go on, and on. So, when I first got really, really sick, I was in college. I was at a school in Texas, and I was doing all the normal college things. Going out to party, stay out really late, and then studying all the time. But, trying to balance out with the social life. I was in a sorority, all this stuff. And, I got so sick. I came home after my first year, and I was so sick that, we found out I had body lice when I got diagnosed. And then, I could not go back to school. I stayed home for a semester. And, at that time, I started to realize I was getting intuitive hits, in hindsight, that, this school is not the right school.

Even though I met some of my best friends there. But it was not the right place. It was not the right time. I was not studying the right thing. But I still went back, because I did not trust myself yet. And, I lasted for a couple more semesters, and then I got so sick, I could not walk back to my dorm room. I had to stop and take breaks. I could not do anything. So, I decided to come home and be closer to my parents, be closer to my doctors. So that summer, when I came home, I was just at my wits end and I realized something has to change. And, I am really lucky in the sense that my mom is a yoga teacher. She is very spiritual. We lived in India when I was a child, and she studied with a lot of teachers and masters there.

So, she has a lot of things that she already has at her disposal. So, she started working with me, and we used EFT. So, we started working with meditation a little bit. And I started seeing a practitioner in New Hampshire, which is where I am from. Who does something called magnetic therapy? And it is the most amazing treatment for Lyme. What I recommend to everybody. The Lyme protocol was created in Vermont. And, I think most of the practitioners are still in the New England area, but this was when it had just been created. And so, I started seeing her, and the first time I saw her in hindsight, we have talked about it. And, she said to me, when you first came in, I was not sure if I could help you, because you looked like you were just this close to death. Just going away.

And, that is what I felt too. And, so that summer I did not have a job. I did not do anything. I did not push myself. I stayed home. I did tapping. I worked with my mom. I worked with other practitioners. I really started to tap into myself. And then, halfway through the summer, this lady from Australia who does Quantum EFT, came to New Hampshire to do a workshop. And, my mom, she was the one who organized her coming. And, so my mom said, would you like to do it? And, I said, yes. And so, it was a weekend workshop. And, that was the first time I actually ever heard of the Akashic Records. At the time I thought, she was crazy. I was, this is insane. But, at the end of the weekend, I did my quantum tapping with her. And, at the end of that tapping session, we had uncovered a past life, where I had died. Basically, I was connected with my mother. And I had died and left behind a child, in that past life.

But I had made a promise to myself that I would suffer because I left behind a child, it was guilt. And so, we tapped through that. And, at the end of that session, I looked at the EFT partition, and I said, it is gone. And, it was gone. The Lyme was gone. I went and I saw my magnet therapist, and she tested me, and she said, it is gone.

Sarah: Wow.

Shannon: And, everyone I talked to, they have never seen anything like this. That opened me up, and, I started trusting myself more, but I was not totally healthy. I kept on having little things that came up. It was not Lyme, but it was other little infections, that will come along with Lyme a lot, but not the actual, Briola infection. So, winter/spring of 2019, I got sick again. And at first, I thought oh, it must be something else, and I was looking for all these things. And then, finally, at the end of May, I went, and I saw my magnet therapist again. And she tested me, and she said, you have a Lyme infection again. But it is a strain of Lyme that, three years ago, we did not know existed. I just actually, got ‘pairs’. So, magnet therapy basically, uses magnetic pairs to create a hostile environment in the body that kills off the bacteria, viruses, or pathogens. And she said, I just got pairs to treat this. And so, it seems like it got activated, because it can be killed off, now. But then also, I can see now, a year on from that, that I was out of alignment.

Shannon’s experience with channeling, connecting with her ancestors and tapping into the Akashic records

I needed to course-correct, and I needed to wake up. And, that was really where my awakening started to. So, that summer, again, I did the same thing. I spent a lot of time working on myself. I spent time in Colorado with my grandparents, and I worked with a shaman, I met there. I learned new styles of meditation. I started channeling. I saw the cadence that is coming through. And then, the big thing for me was, my ancestors started coming through. My grandfather came through, so strongly. And he told me that I was holding onto all this pain from his side of the family. And, he said, all you have to do is release it, and you will be healthy. And, every day I connected to my grandfather, and to the Pleiadians. And they told me just channeling, just cure, do this. These are the things. And, as soon as I started connecting and channeling them, it was maybe two or three weeks, and then, I was fine.

Sarah: That is so powerful.

Shannon: Yes. I have chills right now just thinking about it. It was incredible.

Sarah: And you mentioned at the beginning, that Lyme, when you tap into the Akashic Records, is this message, the signal that something is out of alignment. And then, you also wrote in one of your blog posts that, “illness is an energy in the body, that the body does not want to hold.” And that energy can range from trauma in our current, past life, ancestral trauma, you were just talking about, or just generalize. The stress that we may be experiencing. And, I resonate with that a lot. That, my body has always shown me, in oftentimes uncomfortable ways, when something has been out of alignment. Or when I have not been listening to the subtle messages. And so, then it starts to scream, and it shouts. And it really, really, shows me, until. I also had a point in my journey with chronic illness and multiple autoimmune diseases that, I felt completely debilitated.

I felt a lot of the victimhood in poor me, why me. Which I think is really easy to feel when your body does feel if it is attacking you. But, when we look at more of the 5D higher, perspective, we can also see that illness is just an energy in the body. So, can you talk about illness, being energy in the body? And that, my belief is the body’s always working with us, and for us. And it is just sending us messages. And, even though there are definitely uncomfortable, discomforting moments, that underneath, there is wisdom and there is learning if we choose to see it. And we open our eyes up to our ultimate truth, and get really, really honest with ourselves. Versus that, oh, I am fine., and push it down, and push it down, and push it down, and push it down, until it goes back up. So, have you had your own experience with that? And then also, how would you talk about the body or the illness holding energy within the body?

Shannon: Yeah, absolutely. Well, I think I can kind of put them together. I will use myself as an example. Right now, I am experiencing some relatively mild symptoms that I would, in the past, have said it is Lyme disease. And now, I do not like to label anything, I think because it is energy, what is the point of putting a name on it? But I also know, now that I am aware that illness, what we call illness is energy in the body. And it is here to realign us and to show us something is wrong. I know I am in a situation right now, where I am not totally in alignment with what I want to do. And I am trying to figure out how to extract myself from it. And, my little symptoms started showing up as soon as I realized that, what I am doing is not the right thing.

So, the way I see it and have been shown it, is that illness is an energy that we do not want to look at. The kind, like how you said. And so, the way that I categorize it is, it might be stress from this life or something traumatic from this life. I see a lot, the root cause is often from a past life, or ancestral, or even karmic. In the sense, like I was saying with myself, in my past life, my past self-made a promise to hold onto energy. And, so when we look at illness and that way, then we can see that it is not here to hurt us. It is here to be released. And, so that is the whole part of, that is all part of awakening, of learning, of healing, in my opinion. It is acknowledging these parts of us, that we do not want to see. No one wants to go back and work through that traumatic experience from when they were a kid. Or, no one wants to have to work through a traumatic experience from when they died or were killed in a past life. That is a common thing. And no one wants to go back and look at it, but the body is going to want to hold on to it. And our soul is going to hold on to that until it gets rid of it. That is how souls work. I have read from other spiritual teachers that look a lot into past lives. And, they say the soul does not die, we die between lives, but the soul does not die.

So, it remembers it all. And that really resonates with me. And so, we have to work through that energy. And, in that way, I do not like calling illness or calling Lyme, in this case. I do not like to call it a name. I do so that people understand what I am talking about. But I think, when we put a name to it, we put energy into it. I do not know if you are a Harry Potter fan, but ‘fear of the knave increases fear of the thing itself.” I think that a lot, that it runs through my mind a lot when I am talking about illness and energy. I think when we put a name to it, that makes it so much easier to stay in that victim mentality. And, that is one of the first things I think you have to do, or anyone who has a chronic illness has to do, is recognize that any place where they are playing into the victim, because I know I did it. I think most people do. I think it is pretty impossible not to do it, unless you are the most awake person, and you get sick. But, when you make it your identity, and you really feed into that victim part of it, it is not going to go away. Why would it go away? You are letting it stay. You are keeping that energy.

Illness as energy in the body and its role in spiritual awakenings

Sarah: My personal experience, that it sounds like at least, part of your experience as well. And, I think there are probably many people who resonate too, that illness can oftentimes be the actual path to our spiritual awakening. To waking up where we start in victimhood and the thing that is really freaking annoying and holds us back from doing the things we love. It is really easy to complain about. And, it is really easy to be frustrated and angry, really fricking angry at it, or at ourselves, or at our bodies. But it is almost like then, there becomes this other door that opens up, that is a choice. And we are at cause, we are at choice. And I can continue to be really frustrated and angry. And of course, I am still going to have moments of that in my life, for sure. But this other door that if I decide to open, it could also allow me to really wake up to my intuition. And allow me to see more truth, and the higher perspective of what illness might be showing me, telling me. And that was my journey. I combined with some other things that happened in my life, like loss and grief. But a lot of it was through illness, that really woke me up to, oh, there is another way of looking at this. There is another perspective of, not just my body sucks, and it hurts all the time, and it is against me. But instead, it is communicating with me, and always trying to help me.

And, you wrote a really beautiful line in a blog post that I pulled out, and put onto my note, that says, “you see, you are awakened more and more to the feelings of the collective, with the energy that you call Lyme, present in your body.” And I, as not only someone with chronic illness but also, as an empath, I have been feeling so much in the collective lately. And, I do think that the sensitivity that comes along with chronic illness can enhance our empath abilities even. And really make us attuned to what is happening in the collective conscious. What have you been feeling in our collective conscious lately?

Shannon: Yes, I agree. I think illness is an awakening tool. And, with illness, with the collective consciousness, I think as it wakes us up, it wakes us up to the fact that we are not just one person. It wakes up to the fact that we are all connected. We are all one. At the base of it or the root of all, we are all one. So, I have been feeling a lot of anxiety. I have been oscillating back and forth between feeling a lot of anxiety, a lot of fear. I am in France right now. And so, I started to really feel that, as the country got more and more fearful. I had a couple of weeks at the beginning of our lockdown when there was so much fear. I spent a couple of days just resting on the couch. It was a lot. And, I am feeling hopeful that it is getting better here, slowly, because I am feeling less fear. And also, I am feeling really hopeful as well, that more people are really, truly waking up to the collective and to how we are all connected. Because, I felt a lot of love, coming from a lot of places too, and support. And I think that it is really beautiful. So, I hope that means that is where we are heading.

Sarah: You know, it is interesting. I think every spiritually attuned person I have talked to lately, who is in touch with their intuition to some extent, has just said the same thing. Around what they have been feeling in the collective. Which then, I think this validates that we are all feeling similar energy. But that, repetition that I have been hearing is oscillation, is ebb and flow, is high and low, are anxiety and fear. Then this massive hope, and love, energy. And, to me, it all feels like this calibration that we are going through, on planet earth. And as an entire population, and an entire globe that is.. It is like when you are starting to learn how to ride a two-wheeler when you are a little kid. And you take your training wheels off, and the training wheels are not there to support you anymore. So, you have got to look at the truth of, bike riding in this case. And, you go. And the first time you fall and you fall back into fear, but you are, no, I am excited. I am going to do it this time, and you start riding your bike, and then you fall again. And, you are like, damn it. Back into the fear and anxiety, but eventually, after those growing pains, and flips, and falls, the ebbs and flows, my hope is that we do smooth out into just a higher frequency, and a higher vibration on our planet as a whole.

And that, we learn to respect Mother Earth and Gaia, to a higher degree. And, that we all maybe wake up to our own internal truth and the messages that our body is constantly sending us. Which you have shared so much about today. So, that is part of my hopes for the future. And, I just want to say thank you for sharing your personal experience, and your journey, and messages. Intuitive downloads that you have received from the Akashic Records, and from going into the work. So many of us see that as really scary, and the shadow side of healing, but I freaking love the shadow side of healing. Because that is where my biggest breakthroughs have actually happened. So, Shannon, I want to just end by opening the floor back up to you, if there is anything else that you are hearing from spirit, that you feel like we missed in this conversation today. Any last words that you would share with everyone who is listening to that, may or may not be struggling with Lyme, but it is probably an empath. Probably has some experience with chronic illness, and is also just a human in the context of the world right now, what would you tell them?

Shannon: The thing that is coming to mind for me is the feeling of pain. And, I channeled something about this, a couple of weeks ago. That, as an empath, I know I am feeling collective pain. And I think a lot of people, a lot of other empaths probably are as well. And that pain also can come with chronic illness, the fibromyalgia-like pain, or any kind of pain. And, I opened my Records then, and open the Records for the collective, and was told, this pain is helping you integrate everything that is happening in the world. It does not have to be scary. It is not something to run away from. It is worth looking into their shadow. It is like the shadow physically manifests in your body. And, I love the shadow as well. I think you have to go into the shadow. And actually, once you go into it, it is not as scary as it seems. We make it so scary. And once you start going into it, you realize, it is scary for a little bit, maybe even five minutes, and then it is beautiful. And so, the pain is like that. So, if you are feeling pain right now, emotional, or physical. Then I invite you to sit with it, and close your eyes, and just allow yourself to feel it. And, do this for five or 10 minutes, before you take anything to get rid of the pain. Because even if the pain is really awful, and it can be easier to take a pill, take a painkiller, like an Advil to help it get better. Just sit with it, because it is there to teach you something. And, just feel it. I think it is really powerful to feel it. And then, tell it thank you. Because our bodies will listen to us. So, if you feel it, and then you say, okay, thank you body. Thank you for showing me this pain. Thank you for bringing it to my awareness. Thank you for bringing me the message, because if you sit and listen to it, I guarantee there will be a message. And then, release it. And then, if you want, if you need something to help take the edge off, of that pain. Then obviously, I am not saying do not take that, but sit with it for a couple of minutes, and feel that pain. Because that is how we are going to release the collective pain. Is by releasing our own pain, because of that pain, especially for those of us who are empaths, or who have a chronic illness, or struggle with anything. That pain is not just ours, it is everyone’s because we bring it in. We are sponges. So, you have to let it go.

Sarah: Yes. I agree. And, I just want to say thank you again, for sharing your story, and your wisdom today. And just sharing our time, sharing your time with us. Where can people find more about you? What services or information are you currently offering to your community?

Shannon: I offer Akashic Record readings, both for just any regular questions. If you have questions for your guides and loved ones. And also, to find the root cause of illness, that is really where my biggest interest lies. And, I offer intuitive sessions to read your body and read your Akashic Records. What you need to heal energetically. So, my website is healingintuitively.com, and the same on Instagram @healingintuitively, and on Facebook healing intuitively.

Sarah: Thank you, Shannon. And, I just appreciate you so much.

Shannon: Thank you so much, Sarah.

Sarah: Thank you so much for tuning into today’s episode. I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Shannon. And I am super curious to know now, after hearing my perspective of the 3D, 4D, and 5D lens of looking at illness. And what Shannon had to share with us today, where do you feel you mostly are? Do you feel you are mostly in the three, four, or 5D? Maybe you fluctuate a lot between all three. I would love to hear from you. So, do not hesitate to reach out, send me an email, or shoot me a DM over at the Uncensored Empath on Instagram. And, let us chat about this. Thank you so much for tuning in and I will see you in the next episode.

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June 12, 2020


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