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Ep. 162 Relentless Truth Seeking with Whitney Danielle

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Hear how Illuminated changed Whitney’s life
  • The power of discovering guidance, love, and wisdom are found within
  • What is possible when you believe in yourself and let your intuition take the lead
  • Reprogramming fear and unworthiness with fervent love and acceptance of self

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Episode Transcript:

Sarah: Welcome to the Uncensored Empath, a place for us to discuss highly sensitive energy, illness, healing, and transformation. My name is Sarah Small, and I’m a life and success coach for empaths who want to create a thriving body, business, and life. Think of this podcast as your no-BS guide to navigating life, health and entrepreneurship. You’ll get straight to the point, totally holistic tips from me in real-time as I navigate this healing and growth journey right beside you. This is a Soul Fire production.

Welcome back. I am so, so, so, so excited to tell you that early bird is open for Illuminated. If you haven’t already heard me talk about it, Illuminated is my 9-month coach training program that invites you into a level of mastery in your skills, invites you to be an embodied leader on this planet, and to be able to facilitate transformational results and have the impact that you desire. It’s crazy to me that just about a year ago, I was gearing up to open the doors for the very first round of Illuminated and I had no idea where that path would take me to. And to say that it has been mind-blowing and humbling and just jaw-dropping to witness these women, these 14 souls go through this program would just be an understatement. It’s been incredible and they’ve shown up to support each other as well over the past year, and a hard year, and they’ve continued to show up regardless because this is where they get support. This is where they get to commit to the change that they want to see in the world and in themselves and in their lives.

And so you’re going to hear from one of my students on today’s episode, I can’t wait to introduce her to you. Before I tell you who she is, I just want you to know a little bit more about Illuminated because we’re going to mention it several times. We have 11 modules that invite you to step into your role as a breathwork facilitator, a shadow worker, EFT practitioner, a breakthrough coach, an Oracle card reader, an oil alchemist, a vibrational crystal healer, and more. It does everything that you think you have to go get in separate programs and pay tens and tens and tens of thousands of dollars for in one program. But beyond that, incorporates the actual business building and the actual soul work and the shadow work for ourselves in getting clarity, confidence, and competence as a practitioner. We’ve tweaked a few things this year. We’ve added in the breathwork module. We’ve added an ethics module. There are more opportunities to get one-on-one support. There are more resources we’re continuing to add. There’s more group support, and we also extended it last year. It was an 8-month program; now it’s a 9-month program.

These 14 souls are about to graduate and they have been through all of this content and all of this transformation. And the really cool thing is that this is a program that not only holds space for you to facilitate transformational results for your clients, but you go through your own transformation throughout the journey. Before we master and share the tools with the world, we experience them and we practice them ourselves. So, this is truly a unique training experience that helps you not only look at yourself in the mirror, like we talked about on the last episode, being in leadership with yourself, but then to embody that so you can share that with the world. This is the program that I would have swooned over and saved a ton of money doing, versus all the other paths that I went down to try to find and curate my toolbox. It is for the 5D leaders that are stepping into their role as we shift paradigms on this planet, without any of the extra fluff, because the fluff has been cut and we are diving right in and we are going deep and I am going to hold you high throughout this process. If this resonates, I encourage you to apply. There’s going to be a promo code from my guest Whitney today, as well as the link to apply below.

So let me introduce you to Whitney. Whitney Danielle. She is the owner and CEO of Whit.nessed, which apparently was one of my favorite words to use on today’s episode. She is a rebellious freedom coach, and you’re going to feel that and hear that in her voice and her energy today. She is the host of Restore the Roar podcast. Highly recommend you go check out. She has a powerful story that she shares with all of you, and she is determined to introduce liberation to those that feel like they don’t have permission to be recklessly and authentically in their power. And you’re going to see how her journey has really been the embodiment of just that. She uses tools, many of which come from Illuminated like inner child healing, breathwork, EFT and embodiment practices, and she uses these to support her clients because she is a firm believer that the body houses more wisdom than we give it credit for. Her business name is Whit.nessed because she wants her clients to witness themselves in their power as they evolve and learn to accept themselves. I know that you’re going to love this woman as much as I do, so let’s dive in and get this conversation started.

Sarah: All right, Whitney, welcome to the show.

Whitney:  I am so pumped to be here, Sarah. My God, it’s going to be so fun.

Hear how Illuminated changed Whitney’s life

Sarah: I’m excited to have you. At the Illuminated retreat, we went around and said the words, we each picked three words to describe each person, and I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I’m just thinking about that and reflecting on that right now and the energy that you bring, that I know everyone’s going to feel during this conversation today is that disruptor archetype, this firecracker energy, and just this really real, raw, authentic energy that you bring and that I’ve been able to witness and really get to know over the last year. And it’s been such an honor to be able to get to know you better, but also to be able to see some of these things within you really fucking bloom and blossom. It’s so fun.

Whitney: Yeah. I didn’t expect who I am today to even be a thing until especially after Illuminated, for sure. It definitely refined a lot of aspects of myself like that disruptor energy that I have, and all these classmates inside of Illuminated, whenever they went around that circle as you mentioned, and they said a bunch of different words that would describe me, that really integrated so much of my identity and my personality into me that I didn’t realize is actually there. You know you have the doubt that, okay yeah, I’m a disruptor. Yeah, I’m opinionated. Yeah, I’m a firecracker and yeah, I’m all these things, but until it can be reflected back to you, I feel like that’s a really great integration period that I had the opportunity to receive. And yeah, that entire thing completely just brings me to tears every time I watch back the recording or something. It was really beautiful for sure.

Sarah: So I want to go back into time for a second, and it was about a year ago, right around this time, early 2020 in which you committed to Illuminated, and I just want you to go back to that time period of your life and tell us a little bit about how you were healing, where you were at that point, because you did just mention too who you are today, you’ve even surprised yourself. I’d love to just go back and reflect on where you came from.

Whitney: Yeah. So, it was around a year ago, or was it more like March?

Sarah:  We started in March. I think everyone …

Whitney: We started in March. Okay. I enrolled last minute. I remember that. I was the last.

Sarah: Maybe you enrolled in March.

Whitney: I think I probably enrolled close to March. Yeah, I remember you voice messaging me and just your entire voice just calmed me down about the whole process because I was living with my parents. Didn’t know where I was going to go; didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was staying at my parents, working a job remotely that I was actually really good at, but didn’t fill my soul at all. And so I would read your posts about Illuminated and I thought how much I wanted it. And a little bit of a background to that too, is that I, at that point for about 3 years, had been a wellness advocate for doTERRA so I was already talking about the body/emotion connection. And a lot of my needs just kind of naturally went into less of I’m going to help you with your health with essential oils. It was more, let me help you with your mental health. And people were actually coming to me for that and about their emotions and feeling really safe to be vulnerable with me. So, for about a year, I always had in the back of my head that I wanted to be more of a life coach, instead of just in doTERRA, just in the network marketing area of business, and I was so fricking scared. I felt like I was way too scared at that point to do it. Factors that popped up were that I wasn’t smart enough to be a life coach. I always felt that I put my foot in my mouth too much. I don’t know if that’s a Southern thing. Is that a Southern thing? I put my foot in my mouth.

Sarah: I’ve heard that before.

Whitney: Okay. My religious upbringing taught me that I couldn’t trust myself so how could I be an intuitive? So, I had a lot of that holding me back for about a year. And then I saw that you were doing the course and I felt it in my gut. It was burning all over me every time I saw one of your posts, and then the really real factor of seeing the investment fee really scared the shit out of me. I still knew deep down that I was worth that, but the fear. For about two months, I had told myself that I couldn’t do it. And then towards the end, I just decided to jump and trust, and it was really one of the first interactions I had with the fees you have, instead of have DB. And so instead of being in the narrative of once I have this money, I’ll invest in this for myself, it was I’m going to become this. I am a life coach, so I’m going to step into this and trust that the finances will come to take care of it. And, oh my God, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself and for my business, because it wasn’t just for business. There was so much more that I have got out of Illuminated than just business coaching. My entire quality of life has just gotten so much better in general.

Sarah: It has been so cool to witness, which is the name of your Instagram – witness – so that works.

Whitney: It’s so punny.

Sarah: But it has been so beautiful to witness you really stepping into this whole up-leveled version of you. It’s not that you have to let go of the old version of you completely, but that version taught you so much and has really guided you to where you are today. So I’m curious – if you backtrack a little bit more and just think about some of the shifts that were more tangible for you where you started to feel – or intangible as well – but started to feel or see something different within yourself. Can you go back and think of or remember any of those moments where this disruptor started to come out or your voice started to be activated?

The power of discovering guidance, love, and wisdom are found within

Whitney: I found myself showing up on social media a lot more unapologetically, and I’ve been in pretty much a freed state when it came to social media because I was in this purgatory of do I say what I want and show up how I want to show up, or do I do what’s comfortable and what I already know has worked for me? I was in between the chapter, I guess you could say. I was ready to flip the page, but too scared to flip the page. And then once I got into Illuminated, I think a lot of it had to do with the community there. I know psychologically that’s just a really good thing to have is the community of people that are like-minded, and that really understand you and show you a generous amount of acceptance that you’re not scared to show up how you want to show up, even if they’re miles or states away. It doesn’t matter; they are there to support you in spirit. And that’s what gave me so much courage, honestly, to show up and do what I wanted to do.

I also felt super comfortable with you as my leader and coach through this, and I will shout this from the rooftops that I’ve never in my life had a leader that allowed me to take up the space to make mistakes. What I mean by that is I’ve had leaders in the past that want to essentially micromanage me, which is just another form of saying you can’t trust yourself. And so I’ve been through Illuminated a lot of last year, and it was messy. It was messy. I would make posts and do Lives and have launches that did not go great. And you and the rest of Illuminated students, you guys were always there to help me reroute and so that was super helpful.

Another tangible thing that I can think of, which is a little bigger is that I did quit my salaried job during Illuminated, which was insane.

Sarah: That’s huge.

Whitney: Yeah, it was big. And that’s the disruptor coming out. I’m like, who cares? I’m going to do what I want. Watch me manifest my dreams and it’s super liberating to quit. I don’t think there’s ever a good time to quit a 9 to 5, honestly. It’s always going to be scary.

Sarah:  There’s no perfect time, that’s for sure. There’s no perfect time.

Whitney: Yeah. There’s another form of me stepping into that. You do have sort of things. Once I have this amount of money, I’ll feel safe enough to quit. I trust that this is the path I need to go on. I’ll have a position, no matter what I do. That was probably the biggest tangible thing that happened from me stepping into that disruptor energy that we were talking about.

Sarah: Yeah, absolutely. I also got to witness you deconstruct a lot of these old beliefs and patterns, especially related to religion and the religious institutions that you were brought up in. And I’m curious if you’re comfortable sharing with us, just what shifted for you that is obviously not an intended outcome of being a student of Illuminated, but I think just through the whole year and then your own journey and the path that you walked through in 2020, a lot deconstructed and a lot melted away so that your disruptor voice could come to the surface. And I wonder just how were you able to really give yourself permission to change some of those beliefs and to walk away from some of the things that were so ingrained previously?

What is possible when you believe in yourself and let your intuition take the lead

Whitney: A lot of answers I could give here. I think one really big factor in me being able to deconstruct was the modality that you taught, even in just the beginning, gave me so much permission to cultivate a trust in myself. And I always, I don’t know that even my audience knows this, but I even at 15 and 16, knew that there was something off, that there was something very off with what I was following, and I had no trust in myself yet. Nowhere near trust in myself. And so being able to go through even the beginning of Illuminated or just watching your posts in general and learning how to trust your intuition and knowing that that can be cultivated in anybody was huge for me. And then also the chakra system that you taught. So with that module about the chakras, I connected so much to the religious world that I grew up in. A lot of things you taught, there were a lot of parallels. By parallels, I mean I was essentially taught in the thing, but it was said in a different way, and in a way that was more controlling and less like it was part of me and more like it was part of some being outside of myself that I had to constantly seek and long for, and always being in this desired relationship instead of innately inside of me. So a lot of things that I learned, it was just an a-ha moment of Oh shit, this is already inside of me. I don’t have to fit into some box because I’m a, this I can’t fit into. Like there’s no way. And just knowing that that trust myself can already be there and that I was taught that it actually wasn’t there, which was just wrong for me. And so that’s how I allowed myself to deconstruct it was to make these parallels because I think to go into a deconstruction of anything, I think most of the time we do have bridges. So Illuminated was a bridge for me. You were a bridge for me and a couple of other people on a couple of other programs that were bridges for me and to step into the waters and be like, Oh, I’m not so many demons, but talking about, so just stepping into the waters and realizing that I wasn’t this evil human for going into different healing modalities outside of the Bible. Be completely honest with that.

Sarah: It’s really powerful. And I wonder, what does it feel like, or how do you show up differently having leaned deeper into truly trusting yourself this year? What has that opened up for you, or how do you even not just feel, but how are you being different in your life?

Whitney: I’m going to throw it back to trust because that was such a huge factor of my entire life, because honestly, I was gas lit my entire life. I was gas lit by several people my entire life. So the thing that has shifted how I be now, I don’t feel as attached to outcomes when it comes to relationships or life path. I feel safer taking risks, like moving to Colorado out of nowhere. I quit my job and had that innate trust that I was provided for rather than feeling like I had to all these certain things in order to be provided for like argument that it’s innately, no matter what happened or what was taken from me. There was no more fear conversation. With fear gone, it was more of a trusting, forgiving thing and I thought I had that when I was younger, but what I’ve cultivated now is incredibly deep. Incredibly deep trust in the creator, in myself.

Sarah: I am curious how this deep, emotional healing that we’ve been talking about seems to have also paralleled a lot of your physical healing and you know the roots of this podcast, the roots of my business are stemmed in autoimmune disease and chronic illness. And I am probably off on the exact date, but I think it’s been over a year since you’ve had any autoimmune symptoms. Is that correct, and what do you credit? Tell me about that. What do you credit that to?

Whitney: So honestly, I think it’s a little bit of mystery. What all contributed to me healing that was through learning about the connection to mind and body and emotions to the body. I did a lot of critical thinking about what I was still trying to control and what I was fearful of. I’ve always been that person that’s so hungry for wisdom and so hungry to know myself better, and so I remember very vividly. I was doing ESP with a coach that I knew and after each session, I went to weekly with her, I was like, oh it’s gone. I don’t have these pains anymore, but it would come back like two days later and I would just continue getting discouraged about it. And you’re sticking to plant-based and thinking that the food would be what would help me. I just need to give it a lot of time.

And then I made this connection that, Oh, so for 2 days, it’s like 2 good days it’s gone because I do these big emotional releases through tapping, and every single one of the tapping sessions, no matter where I start, they always end back up into the sexual trauma that I went through. There’s like a really deep connection here. I then started doing EDMR with my therapist and that was hard. Really difficult, but really helpful. And I continued to physically go through layers and layers of control and trauma and fears lifting off of me each session, because you had taught me how to be so in tune with my body already through Illuminated, through your posts, that I started to learn how to pay attention. And then I was like, okay, I know the source of this Crohn’s, this blockage in my lower colon, right over my sacral chakra. This is the connection – sacral chakra, sexual trauma, and then a block that is controlling and restricting in my life.

I said, okay, where is this actually popping up in my life right now, rather than just the past trauma I went through? What am I doing in the present moment to contribute to it? And I thought about every single one of my relationships – with my parents, my friends, and partners that I had or were trying to have, and there was this form of control that was always there of me trying to manipulate the outcome, me trying to control how close they got to me so I couldn’t get hurt again, and me trying to keep a level of civility that there wasn’t any conflict. I was like, Oh shit. I’m like straight up trying to control everybody just to try to keep myself safe, but I’m bedridden. I’m bedridden trying to keep peace in my relationships and keep myself from feeling that same hurt all over again, with the sexual trauma and also with divorce. And I was like, okay, it has to go. I knew how things flow. If a conflict happens, it happens. I trust myself to navigate it. If I go through a breakup and I fall in love with somebody and it doesn’t work out, I thank them and God or whoever for the time I had and not being so attached to a forever outcome and controlling them.

So, around Christmas of 2017, I had the worst flare-up of my entire life. My mom had to help me into the shower every day for like a week and I couldn’t move. They had to make me food. I was in a fetal position for an entire week. I declared in one moment in my bed, I was so mad at God I was punching my pillow much as I could because I couldn’t really move, but it looked kind of weak but in my mind, it was pretty strong. I was like, I’m done with this. I’m not going through this. I have way too fucking much to do with my life. I could be bedridden all the time. This is not a normal life. I will not accept this. Thank you for the lessons you have taught me but I’m done. I’m done. And in that moment, I was releasing a lot of things. I lit some sage; I did a lot of prayer. I did some tapping on myself and that moment, just that determination I feel was what really helped me release that. And since then, I haven’t had any pains in 13 months at all.

I can eat what I want, not that I should, but I feel great. I couldn’t dance; now I dance all over the place. Everybody knows me. Whenever we were around that circle and they were saying what I was and giving me the labels of disruptor and firecracker, everybody’s like Dancing Queen because I can move now and it feels good. So, the emotional healing for physical symptoms just completely blew my mind, and it’s such a great part of my story that I cherish so much and it’s continual. It’s blowing my mind.

Sarah: And I mean, also just seeing you move, watching you move, even if it’s over the screen because we couldn’t all get together in person this year just makes me smile. I’m like, this chick is just moving and owning it and you got moves, so I have such a big smile on my face. I think that this leads into intimacy with ourselves. So you mentioned a little bit about sexual trauma and some of the past and just the way these symptoms have also manifest physically in your body. You actually, I think, I don’t know if it was from today or yesterday, but your most recent post has this mic drop quote that says ‘your vibrator won’t heal your fear of intimacy’. We’ve been talking a lot about this self-intimacy lately, and I’d love for you just to expand upon the importance of that relationship with ourselves and how it also relates to then our external relationships.

Reprogramming fear and unworthiness with fervent love and acceptance of self

Whitney: Yeah. I think that everything I’m going to say just goes back to trust all over again, because in my experience, I grew up thinking and believing that I was making bad, that I had to seek outside of myself for wisdom and all of these external factors that were supposed to make me good were supposed to make me safe when I die. And that connection to that and my disgust in myself was the fact that I was completely disembodied. I was completely outside of myself. I wasn’t cautious that I had so much spirit and wisdom inside of me. I was speaking it outside of myself. I wasn’t connected to myself at all. I also vividly remember the fact that intimacy in bed with my ex-husband. I couldn’t allow myself to feel anything because I was too scared of intimacy. That was pretty traumatic for me in general because of the sexual trauma that I went through. But also, the fact that I didn’t feel like I deserved to feel good. I didn’t feel like I deserved to be loved unconditionally, and even outside the bedroom, I felt that way. And so, the connection that I made through learning myself and going through that was the fact that I do have all of this wisdom inside of me that I can tap into. And that allowed me to feel this really deep, thick like honey kind of love for myself that can be so simple to cultivate. It can! It can be so simple for anybody to cultivate it. We just have to have those disruptive vibes to say, okay, I’m going to trust myself. I’m perfectly wise. I can be completely loved and I’m worthy of that. I don’t have to do anything to get it. It’s just uniquely there.

And once I stepped into that, and with Illuminated and with Tori with body, mind and soul there that I connected. I felt like I had these chords connecting from my brain, to this picture from my brain, to my mouth, to my throat, to my heart, to my solar plexus. I just made all these connections and cultivated them over time. And now I feel my entire spirit, my entire body so much more easily now and I can tap into it so much better. And then that gave me such an adult-like love and curiosity for life around me that I’m like, Oh, that grass looks fricking great. Gosh, I love grass and animals, and just all this empathy just around me. I was drenched in empathy for people and life in general.

Sarah: I love it. It’s been such again, a beautiful journey, and you mentioned several of the tools that we learn and begin to embody and master inside of Illuminated. There’s a lot of them, but I’m curious which ones have really been most transformational for you or that you’re most excited about using as a coach/practitioner?

Whitney: Two stand out to me and they are breathwork and embodiment. So, with breathwork – disclosure – I hated it at first. Completely hated it.

Sarah: Me too. It’s okay.

Whitney: I don’t think everybody hates it at first, but yeah, I hated it. Made me super uncomfortable. I didn’t want to let my body take over. I wanted to stay in my mind. Same thing as just being embodied and having those embodiment practices and moving around. I didn’t want my body to take over and take my mind wanting to say no, I’m the control. No, I was done with control but, no, we don’t step into that avenue again. We’re going to just let the top and we’re going to flow. But yeah, I’m most excited to these embodiment practices and breath work to help people have their transformation, mostly honestly because the fact that they do find so many answers on their own. Like in breathwork obviously you’re guiding us and asking the questions and having the intention, but I know I’m finding the answer and I find that really important as a coach because there’s so many times that I had mentors growing up that would try to have the answers for me and try to control me and try to tell me I couldn’t trust myself. And so, I refused to have any type of coaching practice that tells people what to do because I’m here to prove that people can trust themselves and you have the answers inside of them. So those are the two I’m most excited about, for sure.

Sarah: I actually had mentioned something about that on our last podcast episode. Just that being a coach does not mean being an advice-giver or having all the answers. Instead, we can use these really beautiful modalities and techniques to help people guide themselves to their own answers because it goes back to a huge theme of our conversation today, which is trust and trusting that I, as a coach, trust that your body has the answers and that’s going to, even if they don’t trust themselves quite yet, help start to build the trust within themselves that they also know I have the answers. I can find this wisdom within me. And it’s just way more powerful and empowering than being told what to do. I mean, especially disruptors don’t like to be told what to do. Like fuck that, right? So I love as in my business, just being able to give people the space to be in self-discovery and find their own answers and the results are always way better.

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What advice Whitney would you give to women who are listening, who are maybe where you were a year ago, or starting to grow a business, wanting to grow a business, feeling that little itch in their throat that’s like, I’m going to activate my voice. Is there anything that you would say or share with them?

Whitney: I would say trust your gut and listen to it. I would also say that the belief that you have in yourself far surpasses any logical, tangible thing that you feel is standing in your way of jumping into this.

Sarah: I love your answer because you know, we’re just talking about you nor I have the one thing, that piece of advice that’s going to be the one thing for that person to be like, Oh, that’s how I… On this podcast, it’s limited in how much we can share to activate someone into action. And so much of it is finding what is going to activate them into action through trying things out and through like you said, trusting their gut and following that intuition and wherever it may lead them to start to open up like what that deeper purpose or mission is and what their voice sounds like, and the really brave, sometimes really fucking scary steps that we take to get where we are today.

Okay, as we start to wrap up and come to a close, I would love for you to just really feel into the lessons that have come up for you this past year and those modalities that have been most transformational for you – the breathwork, the embodiment practices – and just see what does your intuition, what does your gut want to leave us with? What words want to come through, want to channel through you, as we start to wrap up today?

Whitney: Forgiveness doesn’t have to be a public tangible display. It can happen within yourself. And that can go with the relationship that might have gone wrong, or maybe you didn’t trust yourself. And the second thing I would say is that watching the source of the thoughts that you have and noticing which ones come from shame or guilt or fear, and having the desire to reroute that into more expansive things throughout your life is one of the most transformational things that you can do to actually step into what is meant for you, which is I had to do to be able to say yes to Illuminated and to being a life coach.

Sarah: What about the woman who has been following along, and maybe is similar to you in that she was watching all the posts about Illuminated, but fast forward a year? What would you tell her if she’s kind of on the edge of her seat in joining?

Whitney: I had no savings and I had no finances to tell me that I could do this, but when I did it, the finances showed up because I followed my gut and I trusted in the innate provision for my life.

Sarah: I just am reflecting. You’re just like sending me back a year ago, and I remember having a Facebook Messenger conversation with you and just to witness people step into that hell yes, and lean into the trust and say that I am deserving and worthy and I want this, and I’m not ashamed to say that I want this is one of the most powerful things that I get to witness as a coach. And it fills me up so fucking much and it’s so cool to see what happens on the other side of peoples’ ‘hell fucking yes’, and what they create after making that declaration like you did and the other 13 women inside of this last class did, so it’s an honor to witness all of you. Whitney, thank you so, so much. Where can people learn more about you? What have you got going on in ways that they can get more involved or get coaching with you?

Whitney: You can find me on Instagram at WHIT.NESSED. So, it’s whit.nessed. I’m also at Whitnessed.com. Right now, I am in the launch period for a course I have called Intimacy Literacy that helps people to integrate into yourself and in your relationship. So yeah, that’s what I have going on. I’m super excited to be here. And what the hell? How did I get here, Sarah? Just like a year and a half ago watching like, Holy shit! This girl has a lot of shit going on. I am in love with her and then now I am on your podcast. What’s happening? These are the things that can happen when you say yes to yourself.

Sarah: That’s such a full-circle moment. I fucking love it. You guys go follow Whitney. We’ll link to her in the show notes with some more details as well. Check out her upcoming program, Intimacy Literacy, and Whitney, I love you. Thank you for being on.

Whitney: I love you so much. Thank you

Sarah: Thank you so much for tuning in. Go over and share some love with Whitney. Let her know what your main takeaways were from her story in our conversation today. You can tag both of us over on social media at the uncensored empath and whit.nessed, and we have a special promo code. It is Whitney then the number 10. So Whitney10 saves you 10% off of your enrollment of this class of Illuminated. So, if you were really inspired by Whitney and our conversation today, I encourage you to use that code when you apply for this next class. We have limited spots available because our waitlist has already opened. So go check it out, feel into it, see if it’s a hell yes for you. Email me if you have any questions and I will see you next week for another episode of the Uncensored Empath podcast.

I want to tell you about a new podcast that I am in listening to by Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh, and it’s called The Healing Catalyst and these conversations and episodes are all about taking charge of our health. And she acknowledges that it’s a big responsibility and that oftentimes we aren’t sure where to start, where to begin or how to navigate this healing journey that I know you guys have followed along my very long healing journey throughout this podcast and on social media with me over the last four years. She brings 20 years of practicing Western medicine with also having studied traditional ancient healing practices of the East with a focus on Ayurveda, and so now she teaches students and holistic practitioners across the world based more on demystifying Ayurveda and integrative medicine.

To check out The Healing Catalyst, simply search The Healing Catalyst on your favorite podcast platform and check out some of these recent episodes on identifying soft addictions to reduce inflammation and balancing masculine energy for decreased anxiety, and even the five sources you need to know of hidden toxins.

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January 28, 2021


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