Ep. 132 Messages from your Face with Jackie Van Ruler

Ep. 132 Messages from your Face with Jackie Van Ruler

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Personality & facial/physical traits for each of the Five Elements
  • Mental and physical symptoms that appear when each element is out of balance
  • The point on the face for autoimmune issues & critical self-talk
  • Releasing energy blockages on the face for health, mood, & old patterns
  • How the natural facelifting effect is achieved by Jackie’s work
  • Why you want to avoid using injections and fillers
  • How your skin can look better without using a lot of products

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Uncensored Empath, a place for us to discuss highly sensitive energy, illness, healing and transformation. My name is Sarah Small and I am a life and success coach for empaths who want to create a thriving body, business and life. Think of this podcast as your no-BS guide to navigating life, health and entrepreneurship. You will get straight to the point, totally holistic tips from me in real-time. As I navigate this healing and growth journey right beside you. This is a Soul Fire Production.

Sarah: Jackie Van Ruler is my guest today. She has a magical human being, whom I have had the pleasure of working with in person. She is a holistic aesthetician in Denver, Colorado and she specializes in facial massage techniques that have a natural face lifting effect. And she can also read your face and tell you where you have physical, energetic, and emotional blockages that are affecting your health and your skin. So if you are somebody like myself who can get a little obsessed with skincare products, techniques, all the things. And you have ever wondered why your skincare products do not work or have stopped working for you, or why you break out in the same damn place over, and over, and over again. Jackie is here to enlighten us. We talk about all the things. I did not hold back with what I wanted to know and get her insight on today.

I know that if you are new to putting together the emotional roots of what might be physically, and visually showing up on your face, this is probably going to blow your mind. We also talk about the five elements and how that may be impacting your health and also showing up on your face. There are tons of tools to take away in today’s episode. I learned so much and I had already worked with Jackie before, so let us dive in and make sure you take some notes.

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Welcome to the show Jackie, I am super excited to have you on today.

Jackie: Thank you. I am excited to be here. So you just came inside and taught an amazing masterclass to all of the illuminated coaches. And I am so excited to be able to now share those to the podcast listeners, and just let them get to know you better, what it is you do, and how freaking fascinating it is to me. I could just sit and listen to you talk about what you do for hours, and hours, and hours. So, we are going to try to condense as much as we can in a short time. But I would love for you to just start by telling us what it is that you do, and how you are currently working with people.

What I currently do is, I basically take what is going on on your face, and I tie that to what is going on in your body physically, or emotionally. So health issues, emotional things that are coming up for you. A lot of times they will show up on your face. And so, you can actually decrease the stress, and things that are going on in your body to make your skin look better, or your face look better, decrease aging. But also to have a profound health benefit and even emotional wellbeing in your body. So for instance, my sister is a nurse and she has been breaking out all over her forehead, now she is not working directly with Covid patients right now, but just being in the hospital, having to reuse masks and things like that, it has been really stressful. So those breakouts on the forehead, are a lot of times related to anxiety, and fear, and worry, and those types of things. And her breakouts started showing up right about the time that all this happened.

Sarah: Everything started breaking out. Okay. So I got a breakout. For me, a fairly large breakout, probably a day or two ago, right here, you guys cannot, obviously, listeners cannot see. But it is on the inner right eye, right by where my eyebrows starts. Do you off the top of your head, know what that one is associated with?

Jackie: On the right side, it is usually shoulders or neck.

Sarah: Yes. Comparing to the shoulders and neck? I always hold tension and pain there.

Jackie: Are you feeling like you have to shoulder more right now? Maybe?

Sarah: That is definitely the emotional on it as well. I actually, the other day, I had to just stop. I was, okay, I am done. I need to take the rest of the day off. I have been giving, and giving, and giving, like so many empaths of the world tend to do. Over-give, and then we have these big hearts and we want to save everyone right now. And I was like, I need to stop. I need to slow down and focus on myself. So that is definitely that shouldering as well. A lot of what you do is also based on the elements, and this is what you shared with us in our illuminated call as well. That is fascinating. And all the girls were identifying which element they feel they were strongest in. Of course, that can change over time, and I believe in the day-to-day. But can you give us a brief overview? And I know you have some resources you can share if people want to go in deeper later on. But on the show today, I would love to at least, give the cliff notes summary of what those elements are, and how you see them show up in your physical, and emotional, and energetic body.

Personality & facial/physical traits for each of the Five Elements

Jackie: Absolutely. We can talk about each of the five elements and I will just give a brief explanation of what you might see on your face, what might be occurring in your body. So we will start with the water element. And water is really neat.


They have this energy of they just need to be. So they need time to be creative, to be by themselves. They generally tend to be your artists, your musicians, or they can be people who are in business who just come up with really creative ideas. A lot of times they do not go directly towards their goal. They have to flow around it and figure out how things are going to work. So they tend to be a little slower in achieving their goals. They might be late a little more often. They kind of get caught up in their head a lot, and so they do not really pay attention to time. On their face, they may have more of a higher domed forehead, which really indicates creativity. They may have bigger ears. In their body, they are more likely to have strong bones, strong teeth. But those things can be affected when they are stressed. It affects their hair. Waters tend to have really thick, wavy hair. But if they are under a lot of stress, or working too hard, they can find that they lose their hair quicker. Or that they end up going gray sooner than other elements.

Sarah: That is interesting. So what are the strong components of water that are also potentially affected when stressed or out of balance?

Jackie: Their primary element is the kidneys. And the kidneys really have a lot to do with their whole aging process. And so, when your kidneys start to break down or get stressed, you are going to age a little bit faster. And that will show up as stiff joints, osteoporosis, hearing loss, weak teeth, all these things that we attribute to aging.

Sarah: And kidneys emotionally, correct me if I am wrong, also hold fear, is that right?

Jackie: They do, yes. So waters tend to be fearful, and anxious when they are out of balance. And that keeps them stuck, and makes them even slower, if that makes sense.

Sarah: I can imagine a lot of us are experiencing maybe even just symptoms of the water element right now because there is a lot of fear circulating in the collective atmosphere. So even if people do not normally experience that, they are potentially experiencing a little bit of more of that right now.

Jackie: Absolutely. We can all use a little kidney support right now, to really help to combat those feelings of fear, for sure.

Sarah: So what is the next element?


Jackie:  The next element is the wood element. And people have a lot of wood energy. The wood has to do with the liver and the gallbladder. Those are the people that get things done. They have a vision, they do things. They get projects done. They are visionaries, but their emotion is anger. And so, there is anger, it is what drives them. That is what drives them to get things done. So, woods generally have eyebrows that are really strong. They have really strong, dark, filled in eyebrows. And that is an indication of your liver energy or liver health. They may have really pronounced jawbones and that is the roots of the tree. So it is how much they are rooted in their beliefs. So a person who has a really strong jawbone usually has these beliefs that are really strong. They cannot sway, but nobody is going to be able to change their opinion. Woods like to argue.

Sarah: I was going to say, we might know a few people. Even if you are resonating with wood. I bet you know a wood somewhere in your life.

Jackie: Completely, yes, woods stand out for sure. Those are the people, they just get things done, but they are also the people that really stand up for the underdog. So they are going to be like your activists, your lawyers, your police officers, are things that they tend to be. But they are the people that just get things done. But they always have to be constantly learning, and constantly doing. They are not good at sitting still.

Sarah: That is my husband. I just realized. He could not sit still. He has to be doing something and he is a police officer, so right now they are not doing as much. He is still at work, but it is driving him crazy. He needs to be going and doing, what he is supposed to be doing as a law enforcement officer right now. He does not like the pause and the slow down. He likes to be getting things done.

Jackie: Yes. Right. I know it is hard for them. It is hard for them to sit still, and not be doing things. So, the things that can show up in a wood’s body when they are out of balance, is hormonal imbalances. Anything going on with the reproductive system. So in women, that can be disruptions in their periods. It can be things like PCOS, accessive of hair growth on the face. Anything having to do with tension. So headaches, a lot of shoulder tension, things like that. Woods thrive on stress. They thrive on stress and tension, but they have to release it. And so they casually release it, usually through exercise, or if there is something that just allows them to get that tension out.

Sarah: Yes, that makes a lot of sense. And just reflecting, on my husband, he needs to work out. He loves to lift weights. Lately, he has been running just to get some of that energy out and be able to process things.

Jackie: Beautiful.

Sarah: What about the third element?


Jackie: The third element is fire. So fires are your people that, they are just excited about life. They are passionate. They like change. They cannot do the same thing all the time. They constantly have 10 different activities. And so, they say if a fire element works at home, they should have two or three desks throughout the house. So they have one project here, and one here, because they are not going to be able to focus, and concentrate on anything for very long periods of time.

Sarah: I actually, naturally, maybe, I am more fire than I realize because I naturally do that. I am like okay, but I have been in here for too long, I got to move, go to the other room. And fortunately, I have numerous workspaces around my house, but it does help to change things up.

Jackie: Yes, I can see some fire energy in you for sure. They have a lot of pointed tips of things, like a pointed nose, pointed mouth. Those things indicate that extra fire energy. They can also have the extreme hairstyles. Really, really curly, or spiky, or red, or even adding in some red highlights to your hair, or having a more spunky hairstyle, can increase your fire energy.

Sarah: Super interesting. It was probably three years ago now, I went through a phase of purple, blue, pink hair and then I was also blonde, and I just went crazy. And it overlapped at the same time, as me starting my business and getting super creative, and putting myself out there and sharing my gifts with the world. And, also just being, I am not going to fit into a box anymore. I am going to do whatever I want, do my hair and whatever I want in my business.

Jackie: Interesting. Is that not funny, how you see that happening?

Sarah: Oh my, absolutely. As you mentioned, where in the face do we see fire, the pointed features?

Jackie: It is going to be more pointed features. They may have a little more redness to their complexion. They have all that fire energy raising up, so they may have more redness to their complexion. And freckles, and dimples, things like that, are all signs of some fire energy. And they tend to, when they have imbalances, it usually occurs around the mind. They have so much energy going into their mind, that it can throw them off balance. They have problems with restlessness, mania. Those types of things. It can be slurred speech, heart arrhythmias, or things going on with the small intestine. So the heart and the small intestine are the organs that have to do with the fire element.

Sarah: Definitely, I can relate to some aspects of that one. So that was three, what about four?


Jackie: The fourth is the earth element. So earth are your people. They are just kind, nurturing, caring people. So they tend to care about you, more than they care about themselves. So that can be one of their downfalls, is that they do not give themselves enough love and attention. They are trying to give, give, give to other people. And that can end up coming back as resentment. So they are giving, giving, giving. They are kind of underneath it at all. They are wanting to get some of that back, and if they do not get it in the same way that they are giving it, they may start to feel resentful. These are the people that are going to feed you as soon as you walk into the house. They are going to be, can I feed you? Are you hungry? Are you hungry? Are you hungry? Again, the earth element time of your life is when you establish yourself. You have made good money, now you can just relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. So each of the elements has a time in your life, in addition to seasonal aspects, and then what is showing up on your face, and in your mind. Each person has all of the elements, but they are going to have one or two that are really more prominent.

Sarah: Yes, I was just going to have you clarify that. You are not just one thing. You have all of these aspects, and it might change throughout your lifetime, the seasons. And then, you might feel may be stronger or more dominant in one or two of them at any given time. And when you shared this with us, this information with us originally, a lot of the ladies were saying, these two, or this one, Oh my gosh, for sure. The next one, the last one is metal and that is the one that I resonate with most. And the earth, I do want to say, before we move on is, I see a lot of empath energy in there. That tendency to over give, and to nurture, and want to share the heart with the world. And even that offering food, I want to support and take care of people.

But then there is the other side of that, where it would also be the edge, the slippery slope of co-dependency too, when you are giving, giving. I just think that probably resonates with a lot of people. I feel, there is a lot of earth people out there listening to this show. Five is metal.


Jackie: Metal, yes. So earth and metals can be very similar, in the fact that they are both self-forgetting. They tend to forget who they are, and they’re giving, giving, giving so much to other people. The difference between the earth and the metal is, the earth can be more co-dependent. They generally tend to have more issues with their digestion. And they cannot handle change well. And so they will stay in relationships longer, stay at jobs longer. They have to have a home base. So maybe their home, or their job, or their relationship is their home for them. And that is something that they hold on to. Metals are more on the spiritual side of things. So they are looking for refinements, they are looking to better themselves, and so they are usually more seeking more spirituality. They do not need people in their lives as much. And in fact, they like a little space from people. So an earth person may cling onto you right away, and a metal person is going to be, Whoa, step back.

Sarah: Some introverted tendencies as well.

Jackie: Yes. Well, what they need is they need a sense of safety, and they need boundaries. So, when they are meeting somebody new, their tendency is, they want to check them out a little bit. And they want to feel what their energy is. Metals tend to be very sensitive to energy. And so they have to have that distance and that space, to make sure something is okay first.

Sarah: My husband was just giving me a hard time last night, actually. He was saying that I could be skeptical. We were talking about this, in the context of the medical world, the healthcare world. And I was, well I have to feel into the person first, and I have to like get to know them. And they have to earn my trust in me, to build this relationship. I cannot just, my energy is super sensitive to people. I cannot just jump in and say, like the earth in contrast. The earth is maybe come on over, I am like, hmmm, let me feel into you a little bit.

Jackie: They say, earth and metals together, the earths are like clingy, and Oh, I want to be best friends. And the metal is, whoa, whoa, whoa, you are invading my personal space.

Sarah: One step at a time.

Jackie: So, metals, they have that space, but they have a lot of space on their face too. So their features are generally further apart. A longer nose is a good sign of an earth element. Their organs are the earth, the lungs, and the large intestines. And so, the nose is a longer passageway for the air to get into the lungs. So they are able to get more air into the lungs.

Sarah: That is for metal or for earth?

Jackie: For metal.

Sarah: For metal? Okay.

Jackie: Earth is the spleen and the stomach. So it has a lot to do with your digestion.

Sarah: Okay. Metal is the passage.

Jackie: Yes. And they have a lot to do with the skin and immunity. So when metals are out of balance, and it can be more prone to things like viruses, and bacteria, and also skin rashes. They have a tendency not to take really deep breaths. They tend to be shallow breathers. And so, that can show up on their skin as more dull skin, or more likely to get hyperpigmentation.

Sarah: Like all of my melasma. You have seen, and you have worked on, for me a little bit as well. So, I would love for everyone who is listening just to pause and consider which of those five that they most resonate with. Maybe it is two, maybe it is even three that they feel strongest in. And I remember you telling us that is especially, I think, one or two points on the face that can be tender, or be, how do I want to say this? Energetically blocked. If there are people who are struggling with autoimmune issues, where are those points on the face?

The point on the face for autoimmune issues & critical self-talk

Jackie: Yes, so the biggest one for autoimmunity, is if you come down on the bridge of your nose and you are coming down towards, directly underneath your eyes. Within that slope area on the side of your nose. There might be a spot that feels a little tender or zingy right in there. That is the point. It is called the ‘anti-allergy’ point. I like this point any time your body is attacking yourself. So, it can be with autoimmune disease, obviously, your immune system is attacking yourself. With allergies, the same thing, your immune system is attacking something. Something that shouldn’t be in the body. But emotions can also be with this self-critical piece. The inner critic in your head, that is constantly going. That point can help to turn off that voice as well.

Sarah: That is super interesting to me. I really relate, especially, to the emotional component of critical, self-tall, and holding myself to high expectations, and just that internal dialogue. It is always interesting for me to see what is going on there.

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And to also clarify, I know that listeners cannot see us, but, the work that you do with people, we describe as, finding where those blockages are by looking at the face. But you also use tools on the face, to then, stimulate those different areas on the skin that are associated with different organs, and energy, and radiance in the body, in order to create a healthy glow or to release blockages. Can you talk about the tools you use and what does that look like in a descriptive, visual way for the listeners that cannot see your face?

Releasing energy blockages on the face for health, mood, & old patterns

Jackie: Yes. So, I work with a tool I call, “a detector’, and it has a little blunt tip end. And this works similar to acupuncture without the needles. Now, we are not working directly with the meridians or the acupuncture points. But it is similar, in that, you are massaging the individual points, and it helps to release these energy blockages that you have. A lot of times it will help with everything from health issues, to improving your mood, to seeing old patterns that are holding you back from achieving your life purpose.

Sarah: I have had several sessions with you Jackie, and they are so relaxing. But I also feel this movement of energy that is flushing or releasing, or cleansing, almost like a mini detox, for not just for your face, but all your organs and your human body systems, and it is so cool. It is a very gentle stimulation. It is not a deep tissue face massage or anything like that. It is very soft, but she uses the detector and circles around your face. And it is amazing to see the results after laying down, and having you do this for an hour. But also, to then go back home and to continue to notice. Those little tensions inside of the face that, I was never really looking for or noticing, or being aware of before. But now, I have been educated by you. You have taught me at least, probably a tiny bit of what you totally know, but a little bit of what you know. It has been really cool, to be more self-aware of what is happening in the face, which is a messenger for the rest of the body.

What are some of the examples, experiences, cases studies when you have worked on people? How they have seen improvement? How their skin has changed? Or how the symptoms have gone away simply by stimulating these parts of the face?

Jackie: I could tell stories all day long. I will tray and filter and tell some of my favorite ones. One, I was working on a guy. I was at a party and I was trying to explain to him what I did. And he was well, I can barely move my arm. His right arm was basically, he could not move it. And so, I worked some of the reflex points that associated with the shoulder. And he had had a nose procedure on exactly one of the reflex points for the shoulder. In those procedures they go deep in to remove skin cancer. It is a deeper removal. And so, he had scar tissue there. Well, scar tissue will block that nerve ending. And as I massaged that, he was able to lift his arm all the way up to shoulder height. And that was just in a couple of minutes working on him. He had not been able to move his arm in three months.

Sarah: Understatement to say cool party trick. He was, oh my god this is like magic. It makes a lot of sense, in that. You knew exactly where to look on the face to be able to encourage that movement back into the arm. What other fun stories do you have?

Jackie: Let us see. Let us talk about there is a point on the outer part of your eyes, for the pericardium. The pericardium is that muscular thing that surrounds your heart. And its job is literally, to protect your heart. It protects your heart from viruses and bacteria. But, emotionally, it also is about protecting your heart. So, if you think, it is also applied to that same area on your body, that would be your pec muscles. Your pec muscles are over your heart. And if your pec muscles are tight, your shoulders are rounded in and you are literally protecting your heart.

Well, I had a client who had some thoracic outlet syndrome. Which is basically, where that pec muscle is so tight, that it squeezes down on the nerve that goes down your arm, and it causes numbness and tingling in the arm. So, she was about to have surgery on that, to release that muscle, because she was having so many issues with that. So, we did some work on her, that pain literally went away. She did not have to have surgery. But we talked about the emotional component of it. And she noticed that the couple of times it came back, and one was when she had a fight with her husband. And another was when she was telling a story of how she had given up her daughter for adoption when she was younger. And so, both of those emotionally caused that protection of her heart. And she was a fiery, very much a fire element.

Sarah: That is so, so amazing. And you also have a really cool personal story of grey hair as well. I would love for you to share that one.

Jackie: As I was doing this work, I was doing this a lot with other people. I was not receiving the work myself. And it was probably, I was not working on myself as I could have either. It was, by the time you are done working, the last thing you want to do is to work more. So, I had an intern who started working with me, and I started receiving the same treatments that I was giving at least weekly, sometimes twice a week. When I looked back unto my old pictures, I had stopped dying my hair, because I wanted to see how grey it was. Because I had been dying my hair for years. I had these pictures and my hair was really, really grey. And one day, I was looking through my pictures and I was, Wow, my hair used to be super grey. It is not anymore. I had to go and look in the mirror at that point and search for grey hair. And I could not find any. It turned my hair, by strengthening my kidneys, I had turned my hair from grey back to brown.

Sarah: So cool.

Jackie: I am working on that now, with my brother-in-law, who has some grey in his bread. We just started, since we are quarantined with him. I am, let me just work on your face. And so, we have really darkened, his whole beard was grey. And now, there is just some grey in there that is fine.

Sarah: Wow, I want you to quarantine with me and to just work on me every day. I would love that.

Sarah: There is obviously, a lot of emotional, energetic, physical benefits that we can see throughout the entire body, as we have been mentioning. But there is also, more localized aesthetic results that people get in their face, that it is more of this natural facelift. A natural face lifting effect at least. And can you talk a little bit about when you are working on somebody, how that result is achieved and what the results are even after one session? I am sure it is more impactful, that people come regularly. But what does that look like?

How the natural facelifting effect is achieved by Jackie’s work

Jackie: Yes, so the work I do with the facelifting effect I am affecting several areas. ‘A’ is the barrier layer, the outer portion of your skin. In traditional skincare, it is believed that we have to exfoliate our skin, do chemical peels, things like that. And that damages that barrier layer. And so that makes our skin less resistant to sun damage. More likely to get sensitive, more likely for things to get inside of your skin and have an allergic reaction. Then I work with your lymphatic system. Your lymph has all the extra fluid in your body that is not your blood. And its job is to collect cellular waste, and dirt, and debris and remove it from the body. But as we age, that gets stuck and stagnant and then our skin gets more inflamed. And when you have stagnant lymphs you are more likely to get acne and rosacea, hyperpigmentation, puffiness in your face, droopiness. And so, encouraging that lymphatic flow helps to improve the entire health of your body. But makes your face look more glowy, more lifted. I work with fascia, you know, as we age, we get these fascia adhesions all over our body, but in our face and our neck. Especially, if we are on our computers a lot, and we have that texting neck, where our shoulders are high, or the face is stuck out. So really spatially adhesions. And then we do the work with the nervous system, with the reflexology and the reflex points. And so they all work together to just keep your face looking younger and more lifted. And what I usually see is people will look like they have lost five or 10 pounds in their face. And they will have a more defined jawline, or lifted cheeks, fewer wrinkles, even after one session.

Sarah:  You are right. Even after one session, I was just going to say. You guys, Jackie has an amazing Instagram that we will link in the show notes. And she is posting short tutorial videos and some cool before and after images that show the impact of this work. And I first found Jackie right before my wedding day, before I was getting married. And I had heard of facial massage on somebody else’s podcast.

And I was, there has got to be this somewhere near me. And so I found you in Denver, and it turned out it was not just facial massage. To me, it was a whole mind-blowing, eye-opening experience that just really takes a holistic approach to skincare. And I thought it was so interesting. I had certain expectations, but I do not know what they were based on. But I had some expectation of what I was about to do. And part of the expectation was that you would put products on my skin, and you do not use any products. And I just think that is so different from the other standard approach, that you were just mentioning. That it is like chemical peels and Botox and creams, serums and injections, et cetera. But the results you get, are just as incredible. It is so, so cool. I love watching the videos that you post, and the before and after. And because the Illuminated girls were gutsy enough to talk about this. I want to talk about this too. I just think it is so important to educate and I do believe that people often go into some of these very harsh treatments and injections like Botox. Or, there are other ones like Dysport and another one as well, Xeomin. Those different injections because they do not think they have any other choice. And we all want to stay looking youthful and young. So, can you explain to us why this could be a wonderful alternative, and potentially what the harms of those other methodologies and techniques could be on the skin?

Jackie: Oh yes, absolutely. It is just one of my favorite topics, and I could talk about this all day. What I am doing is creating more movement under the surface of your skin. So, I am moving your fascia, releasing fascia infusions. Improving your lymphatic system, increasing blood flow, all these things that are improving the health of your face, your skin from within. But also improving the entire health of your body. So, when you are using injections like Botox and other types of fillers and those types of things, they limit the movement in your body and they can affect your nervous system as well. And so, when you are limiting the movement in your body, you are more likely to affect wherever you are putting those injections. And it can affect that area, that is transferring information within your body. So, for instance, that same spot that I was working on that woman who had thoracic outlet syndrome. I had a client who had Botox injected into that spot.

Well, she ended up developing a mass above her breast, in that pectoral area that was painful. And she was really scared that she had breast cancer. Well, we ended up working on her, and after working on her, I did look at a 30-minute facial, we could not find the mass. We had to go searching for it. We finally found it, but it was not nearly as painful. And so I think, when it happened is where she had that Botox placed, and actually, dead-ended that nerve and caused a blockage in her body. I am going to see that happen so many times when people are getting Botox regularly. That they end up with more anxiety, more depression, and more gut issues are things I have typically seen a lot of.

But besides, that decreased movement in your face, a lot of times their face will maintain the same shape, but it gets bigger. You can just see it get bigger and puffier. And then, a lot of times I see a lot of irritation redness and swelling and things that go along with it too. The people that are getting it regularly. So, it is something to think about, if you are thinking about doing that. There are more natural alternatives and that will keep your skin looking younger longer.

Sarah: Yes. As I mentioned, I just think it is important to educate and to show people that there are potentially other options. Not to put any judgment or anything out there to anybody, but just to explore. Explore what is available. And I assume that a lot of people have never tried this and could get amazing results. Obviously within the whole body, as we were first talking about and how all those elements are implicated. But then, also more aesthetically and localized on the actual skin of the face. I feel, after I leave like everything is tighter. It does feel like I have lost five pounds in my face. All that puffiness has moved and then you can almost feel it, as Jackie is doing this to you. There is a little tickle in the back of your throat at certain points. Where you can almost feel that lymph pumping, draining itself out of your face. And helping move stagnation or puffiness or inflammation, and toxins out of your body. And that sensation is, Ooh, something is happening here. And it is cool to feel as you are working on people.

Jackie: Yes, you can feel that. That little tickle in your throat is that lymph nodes moving. And then I am also working on an online course called, ‘Give yourself a facelift’. I am going to teach people how they can do a lot of this stuff on themselves. As well as incorporate some things of what do these things on your face mean. As a female, your wrinkles, where things are showing up. All that means something that has to do with what is going on inside your body.

Sarah: Yes, and it is so empowering to then have that knowledge, that education to then know, Ooh, this is showing up. When we just started, I was seeing this little spot on my inner right eye. And then, to not just look at it an annoying breakout, and talk, and be, Oh my god, my face. Which I used to do a lot of that negative, critical talk around whenever I had a breakout, I would just get angry at myself, and angry at my skin.

And I think this opens up the doorway to feel empowered by what your skin is showing you, what your face is showing you. And look at that little spot or a tender spot, or pigment that accumulates in a certain spot and see it as a message that your body is sending you. And to feel empowered then, to have information and tools to move that energy and release.

Jackie: It is pretty fun to learn what all the correlations are.

Sarah: Yes. When we touched on the Botox fillers and how that creates that stagnation in your face. What about actual topicals as well? I think you mentioned that you hardly use any topicals at all. And do you feel you just do not need them? Because of the techniques you use, they are enough? Can you explain that to us?

How your skin can look better without using a lot of products

Jackie: Yes, so really when you activate your body’s ability to take care of itself, you have all the oils that you need. The lymphatic system cleans your skin from beneath the surface, which is even better than cleaning it on the surface. So, you find that you do not need it and that your skin looks better without using a ton of products. So, the only thing that I use right now is a facial oil. And I just use maybe a drop or two, a couple of times a week is what I have found that I need. Because when I am massaging my face regularly, you are activating your body’s natural oil production. If you are cleaning your skin too often, and twice a day is way too often. You are stripping your skin of its natural oils. And then you are trying to replace those oils that you just stripped with your moisturizer, and then your skin’s responding to that. So, if it is not enough moisturizer, your skin may be too dry, or it may overproduce oil to try to compensate. And so it is really hard to achieve that balance in your skin. But your skin has all the oils it needs.

If your fascia is tight and stuck together, not only is your skin going to be thin and crepey, or wrinkling, or dry. But it is also going to be, when you release that fascia, your skin looks plumper and it feels hydrated. So, I spent all of my twenties and thirties with super dry skin. And I just assumed it was because I lived in Colorado. I did not know anything about skincare at this time until I was 40 and started learning facial massage. But now, my skin just does not get dry anymore.

Sarah: So cool.

Jackie: That is crazy. Yes.

Sarah: This is more of a personal question. What about makeup removal. So, I never go to sleep with my makeup on and I do not wear makeup every single day. But when I go out and about into the world, I typically put makeup on. So, you would want to remove that as your wash of the day, if you are applying makeup. Is that right?

Jackie: Yes, absolutely. And what I love for that is Jane Iredale is a natural makeup company. She has something called, ‘The makeup removal kiss’. I think she calls it the ‘magic mitt’. And it is just a microfiber cloth, you just rinse it with water, remove all your makeup, mascara included. And then you just rinse that cloth off with nice gentle dishwashing soap or hand soap, let it dry, and you can use that for six months. It is fifty bucks. So, you just saved the environment and you saved your wallet. And it works great. Super cool.

Sarah: All right, so I feel this is so much for everyone to now take home and feel excited about trying some new things with their skin and learning more about what you do. You mentioned that you have a course coming out. There is also, I believe a free course where people can learn more, especially about the elements. Is that right?

Jackie: That is correct. Yes, I have a free mini-course on my website that is called, ‘The five elements on your face’. And it talks a little bit more about each to the elements, as well as where you can find the reflex zones for each organ on your face. So, it is a really fun class to take, and you can just use, you do not necessarily have to have a detector. You can use the end of a crochet hook, the end of a makeup brush, or things like that. And I tell a lot about that in the course as well.

Sarah: Yes. I encourage you guys to give this a try and just see what it feels like as you do this to yourself. I personally now just do it at night. Oftentimes before bed or my husband and I are on the couch watching a show. I will just pull out my detector and he does not even ask me what I am doing anymore. He is, okay, cool. You are doing that thing. I have done it I think I have told you, Jackie. I have done it to hit him and mostly because he has got a scratchy face. But mostly doing foreheads, where it is a little easier to access. And I do it to his forehead and he loves it. It is super relaxing for him. And actually, because he does not do anything to his skin regularly. Whereas me, I have been using a lot of products and you opened my eyes up to maybe change that. Even though I am using organic and gluten-free products still. But it was really interesting when, the first time I did this to his forehead and gently around his eyes, a little bit on his nose. The next morning, he woke up and he looked like he got a facelift. I was, babe, your wrinkles are gone. What just happened? I was, can you do it to me now, every night? It was so cool.

Okay. So, people can find out more about this and that free mini-course. You also have paid courses. You have a training program. And what is your Instagram account that people can go find and just start watching some of these videos you post as well?

Jackie: It is @flowhealthandbeauty.

Sarah: Perfect. We will like that in the show notes as well, so you can find her. But if you are already on your phone trying to figure out more flow health and beauty on Instagram, Jackie puts out some amazing information. She even put out a diagram that is a really simple protocol using the detector or how do you describe it? It is preventing viruses?

Jackie: Yes. For really for strengthening your body, so that virus is really cannot take hold within them. So, a couple of things you want to strengthen is your body’s immunity and the ability for viruses not to even get through your nose, or through your sinuses in the first place. So that will help to keep and moisturize your body.

Sarah: We all did that together inside the masterclass. Jackie hosted for Illuminated. And it was cool. It was really powerful, and I am sure a lot of the ladies have been doing a lot of that lately, to keep strengthening their bodies’ natural immunity and natural mechanisms that keep us safe, and protect us on a day to day basis. So, thank you so much, Jackie. How you just love everything that you share with all of us in the world. And I am excited for quarantine to be over, so I can come back in and see you and have you work your magic on my face again. Is there anything else that you are feeling inspired to share listeners with or do you feel complete?

Jackie: I just would encourage people to try it because everybody is going to see something a little bit different happening with their skin and in their own body. And it is just a way to encourage self-healing and just encourage your body’s natural immune defenses and results. And so, give it a shot and be sure to let me know what you think.

Sarah: Super cool you guys. Again, we will link all that in the show notes, and thanks so much for tuning in. Jackie, thank you so much for being here.

Jackie: Thank you. I appreciate it.

[musical interlude].

Sarah: Thanks for tuning in today’s episode. Jackie is such an amazing healer and friend. I highly recommend you go follow her over on Instagram @flowhealthandbeauty. And I will see you in the next episode.

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May 22, 2020


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