Ep. 193 How Trauma is Connected to Mediumship with Sarah Renee

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Sarah discovered she was a medium
  • How trauma, chronic illness, and addiction are related to mediumship abilities
  • How to connect to your loved ones on the other side
  • Sarah’s top tips for energy management as an empath

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Episode Transcript:

You can talk to spirit and without having to open, close, open, close, just tell them your boundaries of I’m really good to receive signs this time of day, help me sleep, and putting your gatekeeper in charge of keeping your hours. And then if you’re somebody who tends to get anxiety because you feel so much when you’re out, I find a good practice is just saying you’re overwhelming me, back up, even in your head, and just pushing your energy field out a little bit more.

This is a Soulfire production.

Today my guest is Sarah Renee and in today’s conversation, we’re diving into all things mediumship. Sarah has been given the gift to connect with the other side. She brings through messages from people’s loved ones in the afterlife, as well as from angels and guides so that others can experience profound and deeply healing connection with spirit. She is the founder and CEO of Sara Renee Inc. and has channeled for celebrities and done many high-profile readings. In today’s conversation, we’re going to talk about how Sarah discovered she was a medium, how trauma, chronic illness, addiction is all related to mediumship abilities, and being a deeply feeling empath. We’re also talking about how to connect to your loved ones on the other side and how that can facilitate the grieving process and create some amends. So without further ado, here is Sarah Renee.

Sarah: Hi, Sarah, welcome to the show. I’m so glad to have you here.

Sarah R: Hi Sarah. It’s so good to be here.

Sarah: So we were just starting to chat a little bit about mediumship and I really want to start with, because I think so many people have this curiosity around how you become a medium, how did you discover that you had these abilities and what did that look like in your life?

How Sarah discovered she was a medium

Sarah R: Yes, great question. So, for me, most mediums, when I was small, when I was three, five years old, that age range, I was really afraid. Quite often I saw really dark, scary beings and so I was at that age where parents were, you know, where people just assume it’s just your imagination, like a monster under the bed. But I was really terrified like, no, if you leave me in my room, I’m going to die. I remember that being a very clear thought. And so, that was my first experience. And then when I was five, my grandmother passed away from cancer in the middle of the night and I made my mom drive me down to the hospital because I was like, she’s not going to leave until I say goodbye. I just know. And so, I remember still sitting on the edge of the hospital bed and I remember my grandmother sitting up talking next to me, but in reality, it was like her body was there. My mom says I just talked to her and I got up and I was like, okay, grandma’s going to go and it’s going to be okay. We can leave now. And so, that was probably the clearest moment.

And then, through most of my life, I grew out of those extreme experiences and definitely felt more just really clear empathic. I just picked up everybody’s stuff everywhere I went. And then I’d see people with people but I wasn’t developed enough to know what was what. And then when I was 18, I met with an astrologer/medium that was involved in medium research in U of A and she was the first person that actually explained to me, you are a medium, you have these abilities if you want to develop them. And so, that was really my moment where all of my weirdness felt like it made sense and it was just like, oh my God, this is why. Everything came together. And I still struggled with boundaries and how to embrace it for several years. And eventually, I moved from Arizona to San Diego and did yoga teacher training. I got sober, went through 12-step work. And in that whole process, that was when my mediumship abilities just really got fine-tuned. My spiritual work gave me the foundation so it wasn’t scary anymore. I was doing energy healing and then those clients started just requesting readings and it just grew from there.

Sarah: I love it. I’m curious about your thoughts because you mentioned that experience when you were five years old and I have an almost four-month-old daughter now and I’m just curious, it seems like children are so open and so clear and just haven’t maybe been programmed or deprogrammed to not connect and see the way that I think we all maybe used to when we were little. And just a specific example of that: so Emmersyn’s my daughter’s name and we often sit on the couch and I’ll nurse her and we’ll play and hang out. And on the wall is kind of a collage-framed photo pictures that my brother, Jordan, who passed away six years ago, his pictures and then in the center is a picture of him. And I kid you not, my daughter, Emmersyn, this little girl, starting as soon as she could see that far on the wall, because they can’t see that far at first, she just zones in on it and she just connects to it.

So I’ll have her facing me and she just turns her head and she’ll just smile and stare at his photo on the wall. And at first, I was like, oh, it must just be, I don’t know, coincidence or she’s learning how to turn her head or something, but time and time again, I sit in that spot on the couch and she just turns her head and just smiles up at his photo. And my belief is that she’s connecting to my brother and communicating with him, maybe not in a verbal way because she obviously can’t speak yet, but that she’s just so open to that. And so, I’d love your take and your experience on even just how maybe all of us as children have this ability and we’re so open, but then we either decide to develop it or maybe not.

Sarah R: That’s such a great story, I love that. And I hear that so often. And so, what I see, because I actually do a lot of readings when women are either in their fertility journey or through pregnancy where I’ll be able to connect with the soul of the baby, and something really amazing that I see is where if you have a loved one, whatever loved ones have transitioned prior to that, they’ll be with the new soul of the baby. So they’ll all be together. And so, I feel sometimes, most of the time really, children come into the world already with these bonds with their uncles or grandparents or… So it’s almost like they see the picture and they’re like, oh, I know him.

Sarah: Familiar, yes.

Sarah R: You know? I know that energy. They’re watching over me. And then, with what you were saying, as children, the way I see babies’ souls when somebody’s pregnant, it’s like they can essentially go in and out of the womb so easily like their soul energy. So their little being is still alive, but it’s almost like because it’s being kept alive by the mom, the soul’s energy doesn’t have to stay in it. And so, they can kind of float in and out and have a lot of fun and not be bored. And so, I feel like when they’re born, they keep that connection with that higher dimension, higher frequency, whatever you want to call it. And so, I think for them, it’s normal to see souls from the afterlife and higher being souls and human souls at the same time. And then I feel like we all have that ability. And then, on a, maybe not so happy note, I also find that babies and little kids have such pure energy, that when a place is haunted or when there’s something negative or heavier going on, they can bother the children more so than the adults. You know, so that’s a thing too.

Sarah: That makes a lot of sense in even just noticing I’m my daughter’s safe space, right? When she’s on my chest and she’s with me, that’s her safe space. And I’m sure we’ve all seen babies who like don’t love being held by anybody and everybody and maybe it’s because they’re unfamiliar. But maybe it’s also because of an energy that the person carries because my dogs do the same thing. They totally do the same thing where they will bark or you can feel the shift in their energy when they’re around somebody or I guess this could be in an environment of space as well, that makes them uneasy or whatever. Because it’s such a, like you said, more pure energy that they have and so the things around them inevitably have maybe a bigger effect on them. And something that you mentioned in your story of really discovering your gifts and your abilities was also this journey to sobriety and yoga teacher training and I assume spirituality.

And I’m curious because it seems like a lot of women I work with in my own story involves chronic illness, autoimmune disease, addiction, trauma and I’d love your thoughts on is that an initiation that we have to go through or is it just the way in which, the portal in which we discover our abilities? Does that make sense?

How trauma, chronic illness, and addiction are related to mediumship abilities

Sarah R: Ahh, yes. And it’s such a great…I mean, I feel like there’s so much on this topic, you can talk about it forever. But I recently read this study that was out of U of A, where they were studying mediumship, where they officially found the correlation between mediumship and trauma. And the theory behind that is that when you’re going through some kind of trauma, that your brain essentially learns to open up to that higher frequency, whether it’s through disassociation or if anybody felt when they were experiencing their trauma; I know for me, it’s like in a human sense, I felt very alone and obviously afraid in the trauma, but I can think about and reflect back and see where I also felt on a soul level I was being protected as much as they could. And so, I feel like in that it also teaches you that reliance because there’s like, well, no human force comes and helps you out of that and so it’s almost like a necessity in a sense.

Sarah: Yes, that feeling like you have to fend for yourself. And so, your resources may not be other people who are going to protect you, therefore the resources or things you kind of have to develop inside of you.

Sarah R: Yes, it’s like you’re almost forced to develop this extra sense to gather that protection and that strength. And then with the autoimmune and addiction and all of that, I remember I was going through this period of time in recovery and I was dealing with health issues as well, and I really went into this victimhood about it because I was just like, why is my body so sensitive, I just want to be normal, which was kind of how I felt about my gifts way back when too, like I just want to be normal. And my guide said to me, this is for you. And I was like, what are you talking about? And they were like, it’s forcing you to keep your body pure, to keep your body temple really clean and really healthy so that you can’t fill it up with stuff that maybe the average person can so that you’re a clear source and a clear vessel and in tune with your gifts. And so, it’s almost like now I see. And I’ve seen with so many clients over the years of where health stuff or mental health, physical, mental, all of it is really here to help us knock it off track, to help force us in our physical body to prioritize certain things.

Sarah: Mm-hmm. I resonate with that really deeply. And just when I started to clean up the foods I was eating and uncover a lot of the root causes on a physical level in my body that were impacting my health, it’s like now I don’t tolerate alcohol at all, I don’t tolerate sugar very well. And it’s not even stuff that I just put inside my body, it’s even my environment. I can’t tolerate artificial fragrances and smells. And it all really does feel like it’s an energetic cleanup that allowed me to because it was right after and during this time that I realized that I had always been an empath, I just didn’t have a word for it. And all of a sudden I started being able to discern my intuition and trust it and get way more potent readings because of the energetic cleanup that I went through in healing illness. And yes, even just creating new habits and patterns and dietary changes in my life as well.

Sarah R: Yes, and I noticed too, before readings, I can’t really eat that much. If I do have afternoon readings, I have to eat very late, super clean. If I have a group reading, back when we used to do in-person gatherings, when I have large group events, I could barely eat all day and then I just have juice or salads, just very small and very clean. And then afterwards, I’d crave something heavy and grounding. That’s kind of how I have to plan, but it really makes a huge difference accuracy-wise and just how the energy feels going through my body, because it’s a lot like channeling or connecting or tuning into that frequency. I find it’s much harder on the physical body if I eat really badly. It’s way more draining for me.

Sarah: That makes a lot of sense to me. And something we were talking about before is those people who are intuitive, are empathic, do have psychic clairvoyant mediumship abilities. Oftentimes we can feel like we’re the odd one out, we’re a black sheep in a group of people or our family. We can feel weird, we can feel different, we can feel awkward. And just what we were saying, it’s like, yes, energetically it’s because of the things maybe you’re picking up and absorbing around people. But part of it’s even just that maybe you have unique food choices or you are sober or something. And so, I think it can feel a little bit more challenging to fit in. And so, I’d love your perspective on how you’ve still been able to maintain relationships, feel connected and part of a community, and also just own who you are, right?

Sarah R: Yes. I love that you say that because that’s really for me, when I was attempting to make other people feel more comfortable, that was when I was the most awkward. That was when going out was so painful for me because I was trying to make myself more palatable for others. And I found that when I just started owning who I was and saying, oh yes, I’m a medium or, oh yes, I’m in recovery, I’m sober so I can’t have a drink, you know? And I’m glad, you know, because it took away the shame. And it’s like when you release the shame, for me, that was like, okay, well now people can feel however they want to feel about me, but I’m okay. And I learned that it’s almost like a radar in a sense of it helps if I’m at a party, you know, some people will be like, oh, she’s a medium, go away, but it’ll attract the other people who are more aligned who I can actually connect with.

And so, I feel like it’s a good standard-setter in a sense to just own who you are and be really honest and open about it and to remember that…because for me too, I felt like a huge part was just embracing that I can’t date a normal person, embracing I might be at the party and somebody’s telling me something and I’m seeing something behind her and I know it’s not going to go how she’s saying it’s going to go, but she’s not asking me for a reading so it’s not my business to say. But I know in that moment, I might come off awkward because I’m hearing this voice and listening to her and seeing something else. And so, it’s kind of just being okay with it.

Sarah: Yes. And when we allow ourselves to be okay with it and to just own who we are, then there’s, I think a flavor, a different flavor of authenticity that shines through. And then ultimately some people are going to get it and hear you say I’m a medium and be like, oh my God, that’s so fascinating, or tell me more about it, or that’s so cool, or they are totally in line with it, and then there’s going to be people who are like, I don’t understand that. And those are probably just not your people, right? And that’s something I think that we all learn or have to learn, especially as we grow up, and yes, just figure out who we are for ourselves.

Sarah R: Mm-hmm.

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How to connect to your loved ones on the other side

Sarah: So when we’re connecting with intuition and when people say I’m a medium, I’m a psychic, I’m a clairvoyant, I think there’s often this curiosity, almost like there’s this cloth curtain that the people who don’t resonate with that are like, what’s behind the curtain? What’s happening for this person when they are channeling? And so, in my experience, both my personal channeling and then also just working with people, I find that we each have a different method experience of how information does come through for us, but I’d love to know and pull back that curtain for everyone and help them see at least how you experience the afterlife, angels, guides, past loved ones. How do you experience your intuition?

Sarah R: Yes. So when I am sitting down doing a reading for a client and spirit starts to come through, it feels like they’re stepping into me. It feels like they’re stepping into my energy field, I should say. So I have a very clear boundary because I personally don’t feel comfortable with trans-channeling where they take over your physical body and your voice changes. I’m fine with it from other people, I just don’t feel comfortable with it for me at this point. Never say never, right? And so, I was just very clear with spirit; I’m not available for that so help me experience you and bring you through in another way. And so, it feels like they step on top of me almost. It’s really interesting. It’s almost like we overlap and then all of a sudden feel their personality, sometimes I’ll see a picture in my head of like, oh, they’re wanting to sit down and have dinner, take me on vacation or whatever. And then I’ll get aspects of their personality so it’ll be like, okay, this energy feels motherly, they feel very cold and detached or nurturing, or they’re really fun, they love to go out and party. And they’ll take me through like they’ll make me feel like my hair is a certain way. So it’s all like I feel it in my body.

And then when I experienced their passing, which is usually a big way of when they confirm who they are for people, I’ll feel it in my body so I go through. So I know my family and I, we have this morbid joke of I’ll call them up like, I died in a new way today. Do you want to hear about it? Because it really fascinates me going through all of these different transition experiences. And then they’ll get into, so that’s kind of the first part is where I’m experiencing them all through myself, then when it’s more guidance-based; so it’s more angels and guides and it’s like let’s say about you, they’ll put me through your experience which can be definitely hard when I’m like… I had somebody come to me who was a survivor of a serial killer and so, going through that attack was rather traumatizing for me. But I mean, I can’t imagine what it was like for her.

Sarah: Right, right.

Sarah R: But so I’ll go through it from, you know, or I’ll feel the relationship issues or the career. I’ll kind of see it from my client’s perspective and then I’ll see what’s possible from the guides and that sort of thing. And then once the clarity part of the session; so my client’s like, oh, I know who that person is, or yes, that’s a situation that I need guidance on and that’s what’s happening, then they’ll get into more messages to the person. And then it gets more in a flow where I’m not so loopy. I almost feel like I’m like, wait, I’m trying to talk fast in the beginning because I’m feeling so much at the same time. And so, it’s in the second part of the session usually it’s much easier for me.

Sarah: Yes. Yes. Well, it’s a lot of energy to digest, I’m sure, and then be able to make sense of. That’s how I experience it. Sometimes it is sort of this opening the flood gates of energy. And what I’ve also experienced is regardless if it’s a guide or a past loved one or spirit, sometimes that energy feels very eager and excited that the person who you’re speaking with is open and willing to receive the messages. And so, they’re like, ‘a-luh-luh-luh-luh-luh’, wait a second, here’s my chance. We got to get it all out. And then it starts to like you said, slow down and become a little bit easier. And I’m fascinated by the way you do experience this and the kind of re-experiencing of the transition of moving from life to death. And because it sounds like now you’ve experienced that many different ways, many different times, what is your insight on what people do experience when they are crossing over?

Sarah R: I find a lot of times their soul will leave their body right before their body actually dies. So if there’s suffering involved in the transition, usually, that will be like a very short amount of time. So I’ve brought through people where it’s like I’m shot, then I fall, and then I get up and I’m out of my body watching my body finish die.

Sarah: Mm. So they’re not there for the potentially excruciating pain that would follow?

Sarah R: Yes. I had something where they were like, oh, it took him several minutes to actually die there on the ground so my client was very concerned. But when they took me through it, it felt like no, his soul actually left before his body completed so he wasn’t laying there suffering. He was with his parent that came to get him, waiting for his body to die, and then he was able to go. So first and foremost, it’s very quick for them. And so, I feel like that’s kind of a built-in maybe protection mechanism for us so we don’t have to suffer for a long time. And then usually I see them greeted by, if they have not had any loved ones who are safe crossover, they’ll be greeted by an angel or a guide or some being that they recognize. And even if they’re unaware of who that being is in life, because they’re now in their soul essence, there will be that familiarity.

And then from there, when they take me through their life review process, I feel it almost like extreme empath, right, where you feel everything that you put out in the world, basically. So you finally, if you’re a really good person, you feel the ripple effect that that created of maybe you said something to somebody or did something kind for a stranger. And so, you go through life not knowing how that impacted them. And then so now it’s like you get to feel all those little things, big things, all of that good. And then if you did cause some harm, you get to feel that too, not so much from this lens of oh, now you have to suffer for that, but more of so that you can learn the full lesson of that experience to complete it.

Sarah: Yes, like a reconciliation at the end of life.

Sarah R: Yep. Yes. Yes, that kind of.

Sarah: I think about…so both my brothers had passed and Jordan died before Joe. And so, I just have this very clear vision within my mind’s eye of when Joe passed away, Jordan, my brother, being there to grab his hand and show him through that transition through the essence of his soul becoming what it was to become next. And yes, it just being this well, devastating moment, also this beautiful moment in some ways, where the boys, my brothers, were able to reunite on a soul level. And that, at least I like to think, that my brother, Joe, wasn’t completely alone when he died. Because he died from an overdose. And so, on a physical 3D plane, technically, yes, his physical body was alone, but that there’s a comfort that I take in feeling like his soul was not alone in that moment.

Sarah R: Yes. And usually, because I know people will ask well, what if a person is in full-blown addiction and they’re not connecting spiritually like in this case, your brother who transitioned first, he’s not going to give up on him, he’s not going to leave. And they always show me too they can see all of us almost like those backroom of security rooms where you can watch everything on the different cameras. They joke that’s how they can see all of us. They don’t have to pick this person over that person. And so, especially when somebody is either in hospice and they’re close to transition or even if they are in dangerous situations or involved in an activity that’s very high-risk, spirit’s going to make sure that they are not alone in case something happens, you know?

And I do find, especially with siblings, when we’re close to loved ones or even if we have a falling out but when we were close when we were little or things like that, then it does feel really…it feels like a reunion, you know? And in those cases of overdoses or suicides or things where that soul might go through an experience where they’re like, okay, this is the point where I could have made a change and if I could go back, I would change the course of my life. But it’s not so much like an ego-based regret. They’re not wallowing in that regret energy. It’s like because they’re out of their ego and out of their mind and out of their suffering, they get to learn the lesson, see it, forgive themselves and go forward with like, okay, how can I be a better brother to her now? How can I be a great uncle to my new niece? You know, how can I…? And so they really, they kind of get to the amends part much quicker. You know, then–

Sarah: I feel like you know. You must be picking up on energy because my brother, Joe, the one who had passed from the overdose and I, we were on speaking terms but we weren’t on great terms when he passed. And so, there was a lot of feeling like, wow, we really didn’t have the chance to reconcile our relationship before he died. And it’s really interesting because he was at my wedding and he died exactly a week after I got married. And so, I had just seen him and he had just seen the whole family. And we had had a conversation Tuesday and he died on Saturday. And the conversation was let’s hire somebody to help us with our relationship. Let’s find a coach or a therapist to help facilitate this conversation. Because it was challenging for us to have a conversation, especially when he was using.

And so, that conversation, we never got to have. I had scheduled the appointment and I had to cancel it because he passed away. And at the time it was really, really devastating and heartbreaking. And it still has a charge in me, it still hurts. But I also feel like in his passing, that on a less 3D level, more on a just energetic soul-spiritual level, we’ve been able to make those amends in a way that I didn’t anticipate, but in a way that now considering he’s no longer here earthside, the only way that it was still possible. So yes, I feel like you were picking up on there was some tension.

Sarah R: Yes, because I was feeling like the amends is like a big part of that, you know? And the thing that I find that can sometimes feel almost weird during sessions, because they’ll laugh, they have such a strong sense of humor even about the most difficult things. It’s like you’re telling me this deeply emotional story, right? I’m feeling like that’s really emotional and vulnerable and I could hear your other brother laughing like they didn’t know they hired me to be the negotiator.

Sarah: Right.

Sarah R:  It’s like, that’s a horrible joke.

Sarah: Yes. Well, that’s interesting too, because I was usually that for the boys, between those two, and they had some arguments right before Jordan died. And so, now, yes, I guess Jordan has been able to play a little bit of that role with me and Joe and yes, facilitating some of that. I feel like I can connect pretty easily to my brothers. I think there’s times when they feel further away, for lack of better words to describe it, and other times when they feel really close. And I know something that many listeners have also experienced; the loss of a loved one, whether it’s a family member, a friend, a partner, et cetera. And how can we connect to the people who have passed? And in what ways does that potentially facilitate our grieving and healing process as well?

Sarah R: Yes, that’s a great one. You know, I find that usually, I know my other medium friends and I talk about no medium could really read themselves. And here’s more of an expanded version: I might bring them through through a different lens because I don’t know them.

Sarah: It seems like you’re a more neutral channel.

Sarah R: Yes. So it’s just like somebody else can bring through my loved ones, even though I’m a professional medium, better than me because they don’t know them and they don’t have any of the grief, they don’t have any of that in the way. But not meaning that you can’t get guidance from them or feel them of course, because they’re with you, not with me. And so, feeling them, something that they always share that’s like they compare it to a phone call, a way to call heaven, a way to call the afterlife, of doing something that they loved to do or putting on their favorite song or song that you listened to together or going and eating their favorite food. Even if it’s from childhood, it doesn’t really matter how recent that memory was, but something that just reminds you of them or going to a favorite place that you used to go to. The other day I was bringing through a mother who loved sitting out in the garden. She loves her wind chimes. And her daughter was like, oh, I got wind chimes and I put a chair out there and I swear I feel her there.

And it was like it serves as a really good way for you to consciously, especially if you haven’t maybe been feeling them too much, or like you said, they feel kind of farther away, you know they’re there but they’re just a little distant, that’s a good way to bring them in closer or to connect with their energy and be like, hey, I need you right now and then asking them for, you know, hey, can you give me a sign, show me that you’re here. They don’t ever get sick of you asking. You know people are always like, aren’t they busy? But they love comforting us, helping us, communicating with us. They’re never too busy for you. And then if, I know sometimes we can all, even myself, get in moods or something where I’m like, I just made that up. I don’t know if that was really that. And so, asking them for a follow-up sign of like, hey, okay, I just saw 11:11. Was that really you? Give me another sign. And then that turns into this momentum of where you’re getting signs all day and you’re just like, oh my gosh, there’s no way that I could be making this up. I know that this person is with me right now. And then you’re going to just feel that comfort.

And if you’re somebody who meditates, meditation is also I think, a good way to invite them into your meditation or your dreams to send you guidance or to pull you in a certain way, whether it’s like they’re telling you or showing you, or you just feel it, you know, like empaths have the gift of feeling things. So sometimes they might communicate to you in a way that’s making you feel like you should go a certain direction or go a certain way and then they’ll give you the follow-up signs and yes, and then you can get to the point where you just feel so connected to them sometimes. Like in situations with you and your brother, it can almost feel like you’re closer to them in spirit than in the human life.

Sarah: Yes. That’s really helpful because I think a lot of people that I’ve spoken with do question whether a sign is really a sign and we get into our head and we’re like, oh, am I just making that up? And so, it’s a great, easy exercise that we can also do is just asking for that reassurance, that follow-up sign. And like you said, if then you’re constantly seeing these signs everywhere, then it becomes a lot more undeniable and you start to trust yourself. You start to trust the things that come through the first time versus the sixth or seventh time maybe that you do receive that information.

Sarah R: Mm-hmm.

I want to share with you a company that I have completely fallen in love with. Their name is Paleovalley, and I’ve been using them for several, several years and found them at the beginning of my journey with chronic illness and healing autoimmune disease. I started taking their Organ Complex back then essentially as a multi-vitamin and it was so supportive in helping me reclaim my body and my health and my energy. And more recently, I have been falling in love with their Supergreens. It’s a powder that has upgraded spirulina sourcing; it has no cereal grasses. And this busy, busy mama is looking for every and any way to add more superfoods and nutrients into my daily diet that can happen quick because Emme J. is now four months old and she’s a lot of work. So this mama doesn’t have time to cook the way that I used to and so I’m so grateful to have this powder.

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Sarah’s top tips for energy management as an empath

Sarah: So we’re getting to the top of our time, but because as intuitive empaths we do tend to feel so much and take on so much, and if we also are channeling energy, wanting to connect to spirit more, it’s a lot of energy to move through your body, right? And a lot of different energies that you’re interacting with on a daily basis outside of just the actual people in our life, right? So what would be your top tips that you use or that you would advise people to try out to protect some of the energy? And actually, I want to take that back because I don’t actually love the wording of ‘protect energy’ because sometimes it feels like this boundary that’s like a brick wall that you’re putting up. And so, I guess the way I prefer to word that is how do you manage your energy? So you’re still staying open, you don’t have to shut yourself off from all of it, but we can manage the energy so that there are boundaries that you’ve intentionally set.

Sarah R: Mm-hmm. Yes, so when I work with clients, something that I found that helps them and something that I use…like I first connected with Archangel Michael. He was the first angelic guide being that I actually saw and interacted with and felt so he’s still my go-to. But with my clients, sometimes it’s easier than a grandparent or a sibling or a parent, but having some divine being, whether it’s a loved one or an angel or a guide that you trust and really working with them. And I find putting them almost in charge, energetically, to watch out for you and to monitor…so I’ll tell Archangel Michael only allow spirits of the light of God to come through to me. Keep anything negative away.

Sarah: Like a gatekeeper.

Sarah R: Yes. So having that gatekeeper rather than just having the gate closed, you can talk to spirit, and without having to open, close, open, close, just tell them your boundaries of I’m really good to receive signs this time of day, help me sleep, and putting your gatekeeper in charge of keeping your hours. And then if you’re somebody who tends to get anxiety because you feel so much when you’re out, I find a good practice is just saying you’re overwhelming me, back up, even in your head, and just pushing your energy field out a little bit more.

Sarah: Yes, like an assertiveness. Like really saying backup.

Sarah R: Yes. Because imagine if there was 10 people around you trying to talk to you all at once, you would feel very overwhelming. So it’s the same thing, it’s just you can’t see them with your human eyes. So yes, just using your assertiveness to really take charge of your energy. And something that I say pretty constantly throughout the day in my head is ‘please send all energy that’s not mine back to where it came from with love and compassion‘, just because I’m going to feel people’s energy no matter what but I find that that stops me from taking it on.

Sarah: Yes, that’s super helpful for people who feel like they are spongy, spongy empaths. Well, ah, thank you so much, Sarah. How can people get to know you better, find you, work with you?

Sarah R: My website is sarahreneeinc.com and that is probably the best way to find out. Under my contact page, there’s all about readings and there’s a ‘book now‘ button, or they can just email me with questions there. So that’s the most resourceful. I have guided meditations on there and all sorts of stuff. And then on Instagram, I’m @mediumsarahrenee, and that, I post guided meditation videos every weekend and mantras and client stories and all that good stuff.

Sarah: Beautiful. We will link all that in the show notes as well. And thank you so much for being here with us today.

Sarah R: Perfect. Thank you for having me.

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September 30, 2021


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