Ep. 130 Decoding the Energy of Money with Heidi Stevens

Ep. 130 Decoding the Energy of Money with Heidi Stevens

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • What it means for the modern woman to expand her consciousness
  • How to begin raising your vibration & why consistency is key
  • Tuning into your intuition and bypassing your ego
  • Heidi’s journey of bringing in abundance
  • Balancing the masculine & feminine in your business

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Uncensored Empath, a place for us to discuss highly sensitive energy, illness, healing, and transformation. My name is Sarah Small and I’m a life and success coach for empaths who want to create a thriving body, business, and life. Think of this podcast as your no-BS guide to navigating life, health, and entrepreneurship. We will get straight to the point, totally holistic tips from me, in real-time. As I navigate this healing and growth journey right beside you. This is a Soul Fire Production.

Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of the Uncensored Empath. I do not know about you, but I have been feeling so many waves. There are these moments of creativity, and joy, and peace, and laughter inside of my home. Watching our foster dog, Gus play in the backyard, has brought these moments of giddy laughter where you just see him prancing around. Because he has no idea what is happening in the world. He is just super, fucking happy to have a home and a backyard to play in.

And then, there is these moments where I feel just such a depth of heavy, heavy energy and there have been moments when I just want to do nothing. And then, there are other moments when I really feel this urge to cry. Yesterday, I posted on Instagram that it felt like a heavy day, and there was no reason. And that was okay. It was okay, that I had no particular reason for why I was feeling, the way I was feeling. And instead, I just allowed myself to feel it. And so, I share this, because, I want you guys to know that whatever you are feeling right now, is okay.

And can you give yourself permission to just feel what you feel? Knowing that our emotions are temporary, they shift, they ebb, they flow constantly. Even within a day, I woke up feeling pretty good. I did my fist of anger Kundalini Kriya and I let out so many emotions I did not even know were there. It was so interesting. Then later in the day, I felt this dip down into, Oh my god, I cannot hold space for people today. I do not think I can hold space. I just got to focus on me. I took a bath in the middle of the day. And then by the time my husband got home from work, I said, Hey honey, how was your day? I am feeling great. Reinspired. [deep sigh] So there is this definite roller coaster, and if you are feeling this too, I just want to let you know that, you are not alone. And in today’s episode, we are going to be talking about raising our vibration.

Raising our vibration, and up-leveling our frequency, not only in the area of money, wealth, and abundance, but in all areas of your life. And our guest is Heidi Stevens. She is the founder of the Feminine Collective. She is a speaker, mentor, and host of Women’s Empowerment Events. And she has such an inspiring story and has built an amazing business and brand. And talks about how she specifically has gotten to where she is today using a balanced, integrated, feminine energy, and the power of intention. So, regardless of what wave or whatever flow, or little peak in the water that you might be floating on, or riding right now, in your own personal journey, I think that this conversation is really going to bring some light into your life. And just remind you of what you are capable of, and what is possible for you when you raise your frequency.

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And now, that there are some more moments of quiet, grief is really coming up to the surface for me. And I have really, really done my best to honor that, it is coming up to the surface, and to feel it. And to have somebody to talk with about it. And my therapist on BetterHelp is amazing. She is available via chat, she sends me PDFs and resources, especially around what I am dealing with, with grief. And we have one video call per week. I just love the service so much. And I think there are so many people that are listening, maybe yourself, or someone you know, who could also benefit from this. And here is the other thing. This is actually an affordable therapy. If they are not in your network. Some of these sessions can be upwards of $250, and so with BetterHelp, I have a 10% off code for your first month. And the sessions break down to $58.

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Sarah: Welcome to the show Heidi. I am so excited to have you on today.

Heidi: I am so excited to be here. Thank you so much.

Sarah: I just appreciate your time and so much for coming on to share with us. And I would love to start by hearing a little bit more about you and your personal journey. You mentioned briefly, as we were just getting to know each other, that you have your own journey with chronic illness. And are the founder of, what is called, The Feminine Collective. So can you talk a little bit about that is and how your journey inspired you to where you are today?

What it means for the modern woman to expand her consciousness

Heidi: Sure. I could talk for so long about that. I will try and make it short and sweet. So today, I run a community called The Feminine Collective, and at its core, our mission is to support women in expanding their consciousness in creating more abundance, and freedom, and overflow in their lives. And we do that in a number of ways through live events, and online workshops, and a podcast. And, my journey 15, 18 years ago was very, very different than where I am today. I got out of college and I went right into real estate. And within about two years of being in real estate, I burned out physically, mentally, emotionally. I had massive adrenal fatigue, and a ton of weight gain, and acne, and was just quite honestly miserable from the inside out.

Really, I was dealing with a lot of food intolerances and, what is happening here? And when you are 24, you are, Hmmm, what even is this? I was always very competitive, and a hustler, and a go-getter. And what ended up happening was that, because I just literally pounded the pavement, and worked so hard, worked myself into the ground, so quickly. I turned around and spent all of that money on myself, and invested every single dollar into my gurus, and mentors, and retreats, and whatnot. And it really set me on a path of personal development of spirituality. And in 2010, I got my Master’s in Spiritual Psychology. I was still in real estate and, went back and forth for a very long time. I had one foot, I always say that I was, pencil skirts and stilettos, selling commercial real estate buildings in Beverly Hills literally, by day. And then I would come home to Venice, and I would put on a white caftan, and go sit in a woman’s circle, and sing kumbaya. And I was, I know there has got to be a way to merge these worlds. There has got to be a way. And so thank goodness, over the last three to four years, stepping into mentorship, and coaching, and community building, and the online space. I started out more as a straight business coach, and now, I am doing more of the community building, inspiring, speaking, creating more of the platform. So it is been quite a ride, and quite a journey, and one that I am still on, as we all are. But I feel I have learned a few things along the way, that I feel grateful that I can get back and share.

Sarah: Yes, that is amazing. I personally, and many of the listeners can relate to almost having this secret other life or being sort of in the spiritual closet for some of us. I know I was, and then, eventually, that part of me could not be tamed anymore. And it was, no, that is what I want to do all the time. I do not want to wear business casual clothes. I do not want to be in this nine-to-five job anymore. And this part of me that was more unfamiliar at the time, really wanted to break through, break loose, and come out and she had something to say. And so, you talk about inspiring modern women, all of us listening, to expand their consciousness. And so I think that can get thrown around a little bit. And I have an idea in my head of what that means, and what that looks like. But what does that look like to you? Where your personal journey, or the women that you have guided through expansion in their own consciousness. What does it mean, and why do we need more of that on earth today?

Heidi: Yes, that is such a good question. At my core, I believe that we are all here in human form to evolve, to expand our consciousness, and to really experience more peace, more joy, more happiness, more fulfillment, more love. That is, if we are actually looking inside, and we are going, why at the end of the day are we here? I believe it is to go up that evolutionary ladder, and we think that we can get more of that through having experiences, having lots of money, or having great relationships, or having all of these things outside of ourselves. We think that those things are going to bring us more peace, and more joy, and more happiness. Now, I am one to raise my hand and say I love nice things. If you have seen my brand, if you have seen my business, you see my lifestyle, we live a really beautiful, abundant life. That being said, I also know, that whether we are going forward on the physical world ladder if you will. Getting the things that we want or, we are going backward, we are losing things, or having really hard experiences, or quote-unquote challenges, or negative experiences. Both of those things can be triggers and opportunities for us to rise up the evolutionary ladder, and to expand our consciousness. And so, I am a big believer, it is both. We desire things, we want things, we want to make more money, we want to feel more abundance. And along that journey, ups and downs, and everything in between, we get to rise up, we get to work our process, we get to expand our consciousness and really learn from both the wins and the challenges.

How to begin raising your vibration & why consistency is key

Sarah: How do we start to raise our vibration in order to be a vibrational match for the things that we desire more of in our life? I know in my own journey, it is something that is of a feeling, then a how-to process. But I definitely have felt when I have raised my vibration, and when I have also, opened the channels to receive, more in my life. And, at the same time, I have been an observer of myself where I have risen up, and then rebounded back into where I was. Can you talk a little bit about that lifting of the vibration, but in a way that is sustainable? That you get to stay there, and you get to see all the frigging things that you want in your life.

Heidi: Yes. Well, it is a constant process. It is five steps forward, three steps back, five steps forward, three steps back. So I think the first step is giving ourselves a lot of grace, and a lot of room, or having a human experience, and the ups and downs, because it is never just you rise up and you stay there. It is a constant how do I raise a little bit more? So in terms of raising your vibration, what you said, it is everyone wants an exact how-to. People want to be told exactly how to do it. And on one hand, sure I can give you, I am actually writing a book right now that is, ‘30 ways to raise your vibration’ and a 30-day challenge that I took my community through at the beginning of the year, in order to do that.

And so there are, I believe, radical transformation happens by taking small steps consistently. And there are small steps that we can take that we forget. We are not reminded to drink half of our body weight in ounces every single day. Or to eat more greens, or everyone knows how important it is to move your body, whether it is doing some yoga stretches, or walking. But how many people are actually committed to doing that on a daily consistent basis? Or you see my watery gallon here, with chlorophyll. It is like we know, that we need to take our supplements, and do meditation, and move our body. But we get pulled by life, and we get back into our old patterns. Instead of saying, consistently doing physical things to take care of our physical wellbeing, our emotional wellbeing, and our spiritual wellbeing to raise our vibration.

So it truly is, how do you do it? It is some formula of several things to take care of yourself. And only you know the things that are going to most resonate with you. Some people are just not able to, or not willing to train themselves to sit in silent meditation. That is fine. Learn how to calm your body some other way. Go do breathwork. Go do yoga, you do you, but know what works for you and make a commitment to consistently do that so that, your vibration to rise, you start to change your body on a cellular level. We are made up of atoms. We are literally, what frequency is your atoms running at? So it is you are changing your body on a cellular level. You are feeling better, you are feeling better, you are feeling better, and you know what? Then you are going to go out, and you are going to party one night and be, Oh my God, I feel like shit. Alcohol is a depressant. Alcohol is not supporting me in raising my vibration. I needed it to remember that. And then, you are recommitment. You are a recommitment to yourself, to your path, to your journey. I could go on and on about that, but that is the how-to, is taking consistent small self-care actions consistently and continually.

Sarah: I feel that. And, it took me a long time and a lot of resistance to eventually, I would say I am like 95% alcohol-free and for about two years, it was a hundred percent alcohol-free. And it was just this harsh reality I had to come to, that was something that used to be fun in my life. I am not going to say it was not fun. It used to be fun, was no longer fun because I could feel it draining me and pulling me down. And like you said, it is a depressant and it is something that was no longer adding to my life, and instead, was making me feel sick, was exacerbating chronic illness. Then, I finally had a psychic tell me, she is like, Sarah alcohol lowers your vibration. And here I was trying to meditate for an hour a day and do all these things to lift my vibration. Yet, there were some major contradictions in my life that I was not completely aware of at the time. But then, I really opened my eyes up to and was, wow, that is something, that when I get more self-aware, I can realize, and feel the subtle energy of how things make me feel. And start to make those changes. And I love how you talked about, in raising your vibration because it does get thrown around a lot, that term, ‘high vibe’. But it is not just a saying, there is science to it. Like you were saying, we are made up of atoms and cells, and we vibrate, and we have a frequency, and we can measure that frequency in our body. And so it is not so ‘woo’, the way that sometimes it is thrown away, going around, or cliché the way it is thrown around. But instead, it is something that we can actively work on. A lot of the tips you were just giving are, by simply taking care of yourself.

Tuning into your intuition and bypassing your ego

Heidi: Yes, these are very tangible, real, everyday tips that, when practiced consistently, you do feel a really big difference. And the reason why this phrase has been thrown around so much, it is because everyone feels it. You walk into a restaurant and you go, Oh yeah, this is totally my vibe. You walk into a store, look, the reality is you walk into a Goodwill, it does not have high vibes. You are just, Oh, I do not really know if I want to be here, unless like that is totally your thing. And you also can feel it from people. You can tell when you are around somebody, Oh wow, that person has really good vibes, or you know what, they are just not my vibe. And that is why, it is because it is so cliché, is because it is a real thing. We are sharing our auras and sharing our energies throughout the day in every way. And the challenge is that we cannot see what is on the other side.

We cannot see that universe, spirit, whatever it is that you want to call it, is reacting to those vibrations and going out, and setting in motion, opportunities, people, places, resources. It is working on our behalf, in order to bring us things, some type of opportunity, some type of resource that is a match for our vibration. The challenge becomes, is that oftentimes when we start attracting those opportunities, or attracting those experiences, or resources, we, our humanness, gets caught in the way. And I am not here to preach. I am right there with you. I am working on myself all the time and continuing to look at where am I getting myself stuck. In a new job opportunity, a client comes to you. An opportunity comes to you to, whatever it is, be on a podcast, or go to an event, and what do you do?

You go, Oh, I do not really feel like going out. Or I am sure it is not going to be that good anyway, or who am I even going to meet there? Or how am I going to actually meet anybody at this huge event? We talk ourselves out of these opportunities, from all of our old patterning and really, it is our ego wanting to keep us safe, just like our ego knows what it knows. And so we just, as long as we stay put, then we are not stretching, we are not getting out of our comfort zone. We are not really raising our vibration. And on one hand, that feels really safe and another hand that keeps us from building the life that we desire.

Sarah: Yes, absolutely. We are all human. I have been there too. It is something that I have hit that comfort zone edge, but also the energetic ceiling of what I have known all my life, or from the past. Yet, my conscious desire is something outside of that comfort zone, or beyond that energetic ceiling that I want to get to. And so, it requires me to brush up against those edges, and to raise my frequency in order to be a match for that next thing, that I have never experienced before. And I have never experienced it before. It makes sense that it is going to require me to do something, or feel something, or be something different than what I have been in the past. So, how do we up-level our frequency, and use the power of intention to start to break through those ceilings, and those edges, and that comfort zone, that bubble around us in order to really up-level all areas of our lives?

Heidi: Yes. So the first way is to just start getting into action. So it is when you know that you want to experience something, or have something, whether it is a certain amount of money. It is, Oh wow, what would it feel like to make 10,000, or 20,000, or $50,000 a month? Well, I need to probably do some things differently in my business. I need to put myself out there in a different way. I probably need to create content. I probably need to get clear on exactly who I am serving, and the packages that I am offering. And the frequency of the money that I desire to collect. Here is what I want everyone to hear, you do not have to know exactly how. You do not have to create a very detailed business plan to get to those 10, 20, $50,000 months. But you have to know is, that is your desire, and that you genuinely want to go there.

So what happens is I highly recommend to people, if you are talking about a specific number, that you pick a number that you can actually imagine yourself feeling, and having experience in. If you do not know anybody that makes $50,000 a month, you have no idea what you would even do with that money. And it just, it could just might as well be a million dollars a month. Do not pick that number. Pick a number that you can actually get on board with and go, huh, yes, I buy that. Or this is where I would up-level my housing. Or really set yourself up for success by picking a number that you are, yes, I could actually see that. Now, when you start taking action, all of your old stuff, anything that needs to be healed, between, where you are and where it is that you want to go, that is the gap of the frequency. You are currently at a certain frequency, and you desire to go somewhere higher.

You start taking action. It is going to naturally bubble up. You are going to bump up against all of your bullshit stories. And everything that your dad, your mom, your husband, everything those people said, that locked into you and made you feel, I do not know if I can. You start taking action. You start a podcast, you get on, you start doing, you do one video, and Oh my gosh, any of those things that you have been thinking, they are all going to start bubbling up. You do not have to want a scavenger hunt, saying, What do I need to heal, or what do I need to do? I promise you get into action, and you are going to be shown what needs to be healed.

Sarah: Yes. And so, there can be a lot of discomfort in, nudeness, and it is not all sexy.

Heidi: Noo.

Sarah: It’s not like I can just raise my vibration and it is going to be the easiest fucking thing in the world.

Heidi: Like, hell no.

Sarah: There are challenges, that you bump up against. And there are fun parts, and there is ease, and there is allowed to be flow, but there can also be sticky parts. And so, I think that sometimes people, they hit the sticky, and they run away. But, to me, it is when you hit the sticky, that means you are doing something right. Stay there. Breathe into it. Hold on another second, before you run away from that.

Heidi: A hundred percent. That is why I talked so much about tuning into your intuition and actually, really getting a very clear relationship with your higher power. Because our ego is so tricky, and so smart, that it will get in there and it will tell you, Oh yes, it is getting to be too hard. And that means that it is not meant for me. That means that I am not really supposed to have it, if it is not just falling into my lap. Do not get me wrong. Building the business and the life of your dreams is messy, is challenging. When I talk about having a level of ease and grace, you do not necessarily need to be working 14 hours a day, on a hundred sales calls. Let us create some ease and co-create with spirit.

That being said, if any of your stuff that needs to be worked through, which is so uncomfortable, so uncomfortable, and so messy, and so confronting, anyone, that has had the level of success that you desire, that is enjoying their success has done this work. I know enough millionaires in Los Angeles, that are so wealthy that are miserable, because they have pounded the pavement. They have, quote-unquote made a lot of money and had a lot of success, but they have not actually done the inner work to learn how to enjoy the process. And that is what I am taking a stand for.

Sarah: Yes. I would love to hear more about your story too, Heidi. In your own wealth consciousness, and your relationship to money, and how, if you are comfortable sharing even numbers with us, and what you have been able to create in your life. Or even just what that wealth consciousness means to you on a personal level.

Heidi’s journey of bringing in abundance

Heidi: Sure. Yes. Loaded question. And I am, Oh, how do I answer this in a way that succinct. There has been so many iterations along the journey. I started out, like I said, in commercial real estate, which was a very dog eat dog world. Literally, people turning over things on their desk, because they did not want the person next to them seeing a deal. It was, I was one of three women in an office full of 40 agents. It was very intense. And so, being 23, and looking around, and going, Hmm, what else? How do I have success in this? I just followed what everyone else did, and I made a hundred cold calls a day. And I went on a ton of meetings and I learned how to overcome objection. And I built a really hard exterior, one that then, very quickly catapulted into a health challenge, and a health opportunity. But, pretty quickly, within that career, I would say, within two years, I was making six figures. Like I said, I was also miserable. And so, I began just investing any extra money that I had, and actually went into debt.

At one point, I think I had $50,000 on credit cards, just because of any retreat, any coach, I was just, yes. Yes. Here is $10,000, here is $10,000. I remember my dad saying to me one time, when are you actually just going to start using all of these, the coaches, instead of just paying all of them? And I just remember it was like a knife to my core, because I was wondering the same thing. When this is all going to pay off, and when am I actually going to stop having to invest? And what I have learned along the way, now 15 years later, is the investments actually do not stop. There are seasons. There are times where I will invest heavily. There are times right now, where I have one spiritual mentor, and that is it. That is the only kind of thing that I am investing in.

But, just to kind of give a snapshot, in doing, I built up my real estate business to where I was making a half-million dollars a year and had a team of three to five people at any given time. It sounds really like I was making good money, and I was living a really good life in Los Angeles. But I was also spending a ton on my team and spending a lot on myself. I then did a lot of work, inner work, spiritual work, divine feminine work to open myself up, and attract my then, guy friend, to be my business partner. And Kenny and I ended up merging our business. We then merged our life, and we came into our business partnership as equals, in terms of what we were making. And it was this formula that looked really smart on paper. He is really good at this, and I am really good at this. And as we combined efforts and, we were really committed to building a life, and a business. We did really, really well, very quickly. And so, we built up a seven-figure real estate company, and we did that together for six years. And I kept investing in myself, and kept doing the inner work, and I started coaching women in real estate at that time. I am coaching them how to build their own businesses and do some of this personal growth and personal development work. And there was a lot of great things happening at the time. And there was so much good, and yet, there was always just this little voice inside that was, I would look at the Marie Folios of the world, and the Gabby Bernstein’s and be, well that is good for them. But I am just going to have the success in real estate and live this quiet life and be of service to my community. And I know I am going to have kids one day, but there was always this small voice that was, no, you have more to offer, you have more work here to do.

And so, it was about three years ago, three and a half years ago. There was a lot of political changes going on and I just heard, I had an “Eat, pray, love” moment and that was no more being small. And you would think from hearing my story, how has any of that playing small? Well, when you are not actually doing what you are supposed to be doing, regardless of how much success, it was really challenging. I have a message. I have a voice. And so, three and a half years ago, I looked at my husband and I just said, I have to go and do this, which was really hard. We ran the business together, and I had to hire an executive assistant, and a marketing manager, and all these pieces of the puzzle that I was taking care of, in the business.

And so, fast forward, it has now been three and a half years. I have done different iterations in this online business. I started off doing business coaching, I got my first three clients, and then my first 10 clients, and then launch my first group program of 10 women. And then, got into the world of launching, and did a hundred thousand dollar launch, with 30 women. The next year, I did a $250,000 launch with 50 women, and then, I have this wake-up call about nine months ago, that was, yes, you are on your way to building a million-dollar business. And who knows where it can go. And I know, I am very confident in myself. Yes, I could do it. And then, I looked at what I was actually doing every day. And I was on sales calls all day long, and super in the nitty-gritty of Facebook ads, and just knee-deep in this launching, very masculine world.

And I was, I do not want to do it this way. And there is nothing wrong with doing it that way. If anyone is building a business like that, no problem. Awesome. Do your thing. And so, for the last six to nine months, I have truly just been getting really quiet, to be honest. And I am still serving. I still run masterminds. We do a lot of live events. We are doing our first festival this year. And I have really been in, I am fully in the flow, in terms of creating content and really tuned in to my own purpose and soul’s work. And to be quite frank with you, I am not having $50,000 months right now. The money is coming in, it is fine. And I am in inquiry of how does this want to build on a more scalable level?

And I do not have all the answers, and I am being really honest, and real with that with people. And that is okay, that is okay, because I am really creating from my feminine. And someone could look at me and go, well, Heidi, it is easy for you, because you have already made that money, and, you have already had the financial success. But here, you look at people that have had the financial success in this way. And maybe it just takes a little bit longer. Maybe you are working a second job, while you are creating the content. No one has, this is the exact formula of exactly how to do it, but when you do it your own way, It is just a not matter of when. Not if. That your flow will tap in.

Balancing the masculine & feminine in your business

Sarah: Yes. I am so glad you brought up that, you are stepping into more of that feminine. And that it is okay to not be pushing, and always striving for more, and more, and more. Even though you are clearly worthy, and capable of big things in your life. It is also okay to take a step back sometimes, or to just be more inflow, or to be more of just this open vessel to receive inspiration, versus seeking, seeking, seeking all the time. And I felt that in my own life, and in my own business as well. Where I started my business in a very masculine energy that led to burnout very quickly. And then, I started to bring in that balance of the masculine and feminine, so they could really collaborate and work together within me, and within my business. And it has turned out to be much more sustainable, but I still have moments where, I am actually in a very similar place right now, where it is, Oh, I want to dip into that feminine bath right now. It is just this, I want to, something is calling me towards that feminine energy of just trust and knowing everything is going to work out. And then, there is, this past fall, I was very magnetized towards the masculine energy of rush, and drive, and go. And let us create this new program that I launched. And it is just really interesting to be the observer of all of that. And be okay with all shades of it.

Heidi: A hundred percent. And that is the beauty. There is no right or wrong, and there are going to be seasons for all of us. I have had several kinds of healings, and readings during this time flux. And I have been told, Heidi, there is going to be a time to really get out there, and create, and quote-unquote push, and really lay down some strong systems and foundations. And now, right this moment, is actually not that time. So go out, be in your feminine play, observe, see what your community wants, see what is landing for them. And you are going to know when it is go time. And even in now, you were just sharing, there may be one day you just literally just want to walk on the beach, and take a bath, and the next day you are all right. Mondays for me, go time.

The amount of stuff that I can get done on a Monday. And then, I may just flitter around on a Tuesday, because if I keep pushing, it just leads to burnout. So this is not a one size fits all. And I think that is the blessing and the curse. People want very specific answers. They want a how to, they want a strategy, and while there are best practices for building businesses, there are. There are best practices, there are. There is kind of a proper way I believe to conduct as a sales call. Or there is a way to write an email to capture an audience if you will. But at the end of the day, if it is not starting with your heart, and coming from a place of inspiration, it is just going to feel like you are just climbing up a hill, and it is absolutely exhausting.

Sarah: Yes. Yes. I was just going to ask you what approach you take in your coaching style then, as far as guiding others, especially other business owners, entrepreneurs in building wealth and building abundance? If it is more the energetics, around, maybe the more the feminine energy, or if it is more a strategy and how to write an email in the masculine? Or do you feel that they have to be combined?

Heidi: I believe that they need to be combined. I also believe that the exact how-tos, of how to do an opt-in and put that on your website. And how to connect that to your MailChimp, and your active campaign can be found on so many free webinars, and/or a thousand-dollar course. That, I am complete with that part of my journey, in terms of coaching. I just do not have the bandwidth to talk about should I do an opt-in, or should I do meditation? It is just, what are you inspired to create? Go create it, and then see how your community receives it. Or, it would be interesting to ask my mastermind girls? We are running our fifth Mastermind, and I think that they come to me for the mental, emotional, spiritual pieces. But because the work is so in-depth, that we do around that, also around money and love consciousness. They see the physical and tangible benefits of making more money, getting more clients, having more success in their business.

Sarah: Yes. Yes, I agree. And that is the approach that I take in my own personal coaching style is, an integrative approach. Which is one that you blend the masculine, with the feminine in order to create a more balanced, sustainable approach to life and business? Because I also believe that, all of these buckets that we all have in our life are related. The universal law of divine oneness states that we are all connected. Also, that my relationship bucket is related to my business bucket, which is related to my health bucket and life. And that, we cannot just neglect one area, and instead, we also have to look at ourselves as holistic, multi-dimensional human beings. And look at all areas of our life in order to, that is what we were talking about, raise our frequency and vibration. Well, we can start in one area, and we can give certain areas more attention at any given time. But I also think, and let me know if you agree or disagree, that we have to then, ultimately, look at all areas of our life if we want to lift everything up, as far as frequency goes.

Heidi: I totally agree with you and I also do not want to overwhelm the person that is listening to this. I think that you can often pick an area to focus on, and either naturally, or you will be given guidance on when it is time to raise the others. I will give you an example. Of one of the women in my current Mastermind. She recently, over the last nine months, she just had a lot of financial success, and she has just been really focused on her business. And she has been very clear, that is where her energy is. She is working, she is just doing all the things to have success in her business. And all of a sudden, there has just been this huge wake-up call, and she is, Oh my gosh, I need to focus the more time and attention on me, and what I need, and how I want my relationship to look. And she is just very clearly like, Oh, I really raised my frequency around my business. And now, it is time to really support myself on a few different other levels, in order to meet that, where I am at. So that I can then go to the next level, my business.

Sarah: Yes. That makes so much sense to me. And it is something that I am also consistently reminding myself of and relearning. And it is not perfect, it is not all smooth. There are bumps.

Heidi: Noooo. So bumpy, so grumpy, which is why, coaching, and mentorship, and community is vital, while you are on this road. Because it is because you cannot, you are not meant to do it alone. We are not meant to do alone. And so, I think sometimes when people be, Oh, listen to your intuition and follow your guidance. Yes. And, get yourself into communities, or one on one coaching, to support yourself on that journey.

Sarah: Absolutely. I find that I up-level exponentially faster when I feel supported. When I have a one on one coach or I am in a mastermind. It is just like that mind-blown emoji. I want to put a hundred of those on the screen, for the listener. That is the way I feel, when I am fully supported in sisterhood, and does not have to be with women. But in the experiences I have had, it has been primarily with women. And it just feels so good to be held in that container of support, to be able to grow, and thrive, and build and transform.

Heidi: It is everything for me. I look at, yes, a hundred. Absolutely.

Sarah: Well thank you Heidi. I so appreciate you and thank you for coming on the show today. I would love for you to just inform the listeners on what you have got going on in the Feminine Collective. And how they can get to know you more.

Heidi: Absolutely. You can find everything either through my website at heidistevens.co or my Instagram @heidistevens. Everything with the Feminine Collective is connected through there. We have got a festival coming up on June 7th in Los Angeles. And we are putting out some online experiences, and workshops, and courses to experience more of a flow there, if traveling to L.A. is not your jam.

Sarah: That is amazing. We will link all those, in the show notes. And thank you again for being on today.

Heidi: Thank you for having me.

So, one of my favorite parts of being a podcast host is all the freaking, amazing people that I get to talk to and connect with from all over the world. It has been such an honor and pleasure to be able to hold this space, and to invite people into this container, to have these really open conversations. And Heidi is just one example of [deep exhale] the amazing women I get to connect to on a almost daily basis. I have been recording a lot more episodes lately, and really working to bring you the highest quality conversations and content. And I want to hear from you, what do you want to hear more of? Do you have a specific request for a show topic or a guest that you would love to see interviewed on the show?

I want to know. So please email me, DM me, reach out in any way that is most convenient for you. And let me know what are you loving, what do you want to hear more of, and how can I support you? I also plan to do some more Q and A episodes in the future, where you can ask your questions directly to me and, hear them answered live on the podcast. So again, thank you so much for listening today. And always, and as a reminder, I have a free guided hypnosis to support healing on a cellular level, to boost and heal your immune system. And if you have not already left a review on iTunes, please go do so now. I want you to have this guided hypnosis. And I want you to use it to help heal and support your body, and your life overall, your entire wellbeing.

Hypnosis is such a powerful practice that I have been able to use in my own healing process, specifically with Dermatillomania. And releasing some bad habits, but also working through, and with chronic illness instead of fighting it. So, all you have got to do is go over to iTunes, share your honest feedback, screenshot your review, and then email it over to sarah@autoimmunetribe.com. And in return, I will email you back your free guided hypnosis. Thank you all so much. And just that reminder, that I always want to hear from you. I appreciate you. I hope you are having a freaking amazing day. And then, every time you tune into the show, it makes your day a little bit better. Talk to you next time.


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May 14, 2020


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