Ep. 208 Being the Multidimensional Woman

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In this episode, I discuss:

  • How to embrace your multidimensionality as a woman
  • Shattering the myth that multidimensionality makes you a martyr
  • Guided breathwork by Sarah to reconnect to your feminine power
  • Learn more about how you can deepen your skills as a healer through Illuminated

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Episode Transcript:

You are already enough. You’ve always been enough. It is about owning all of your facets, letting them be expressed, woven, painted, colored in your unique way.

This is a Soulfire production.

Welcome, welcome you beautiful beings. I’m going to give everyone a second to find their way here. If you are choosing to join me live today, this is The Multidimensional Woman Masterclass, and I’m just so delighted to be in community in sacred space with all of you. The lessons that are coming through for today that I’ll be sharing are just so alive within me in my life right now and I just feel like the timing of this masterclass is really perfect. My own multidimensionality is something I’ve been deeply playing with and leaning into lately so I’m curious just what you feel in your body when you think about being a multidimensional woman. What sparked your interest? What went through your head when you even decided and committed to being here today, to listening to this transmission?

I was doing some breast massage practice by myself in bed the other night. And if you’re not familiar with breast massage practice, it’s deeply healing and I found it to be deeply healing and connecting to my femininity and my body. I’m still breastfeeding my daughter, but just reconnecting to myself after becoming a mother. And you can use it in all phases of life, but I have found that it really helps me connect and heal and reclaim myself and my body as a woman. And I was in this practice and these words trickled in that many of you probably read as I shared the invitation to today’s experience. They came through like this: “My existence is anything but simple. I am here to live an extraordinary life. I am soft, I am resilient, I am tender, I am ambitious, I am driven. I am a healer, I am a mother, I am innovated, I am sexual. I am wild, I am loving, I push edges, I hold galaxies within me, and there are no words to describe the depths of my being. I am all of this and all of that and everything in between.”

How to embrace your multidimensionality as a woman

And so today we are going to talk about what your multidimensionality is, what it means, how to express it, embrace it, and own it because you are all of that and all of this and everything in between as well. And the energies, the facets that you hold within you are so much more than one thing. It’s not simple. We are complex beings. And I truly believe that we get to be all of it, that you don’t have to decide do I want to do this, be this, create this, or that. And instead, it gets to be a ‘yes and’ situation. So I’d also love to know what you are hoping to take away from today or maybe you’re just here with an open heart and open mind, and you’re like, Sarah, let’s see what comes up. But if you’re new to my space, welcome. I’m Sarah Small. I’m The Uncensored Empath LLC and I like to bring so much value to these masterclasses or obviously free experiences that you take something away regardless. And there will be an invitation at the end to join us for a nine-month training and certification program. It’s also a leadership program called Illuminated. This is for coaches and healers of the world who want to build highly impactful game-changing, life-changing, world-changing businesses.

So I want to ask you all a question; more affirm that this is true because I’m going to guess that this is already true for most of you if not all of you. You are hard-working women. Yes? Do you align with that? Do you work really fucking hard? And by work, it might mean at a job, it might mean as a mother, it might mean on yourself, it might mean on your healing journey, it might mean for everyone else in your life and all the responsibilities you have. So regardless of how we define this work or what that looks like for you, do you feel like I’m working really fucking hard? I’m guessing that you do. I’m guessing that you do. And I’m guessing that you do quite literally do so many things, that you play so many roles, and you serve so many people in your life. So what are some of the hats that you are wearing right now? What are some of those roles, some of those aspects of yourself that you are currently embodied in, that you are currently taking on, that you are currently carrying out? Is it the mother, the caretaker, the chef, the healer, the DJ, the teacher, the mentor, the activator, the expander, the influencer, the CEO, the boss?

Shattering the myth that multidimensionality makes you a martyr

What are all of those roles, those facets, those hats that you are wearing? And those were a little bit more on the sexy side, but maybe you’re also playing the role or embodying the energy of some less sexy roles or dimensions of yourself like dog poop picker-upper. That’s one of the new roles for me lately. The laundry-doer, the toilet-scrubber, the chauffeur, the nail-clipper extraordinaire, the ear-cleaner, the dust-wiper, the tear-wiper, the car-cleaner. These are all wrapped up into our existence. We are all of this and all of that. And I know you work so hard and you play so many roles. And our multidimensionality; this is going to be an important distinction I make today, our multidimensionality can easily become the martyr; martyrdom. And to be a martyr, the definition of a martyr is a person who suffers greatly from something, a great or constant sufferer, a person who sacrifices something of great value and especially life itself for the sake of principle. This is this martyr energy; the sacrifice, this pain, the suffering.

And how many times, I want to ask you, has your ability to take on so many roles as a multidimensional woman turned into being the martyr or you start to feel pain and suffering and sacrifice because you carry so much and this thought might come up in your head of, well, no one else is going to do it so I will? Versus multidimensionality is not the same as being the martyr, however, they can be mistaken for each other. Multidimensionality; the definition is having or relating to multiple dimensions or aspects, exhibiting many diverse characteristics. So we can already feel some of the shift there. There’s no suffering in multidimensionality. There’s no sacrifice in multidimensionality. So remember all those aspects of you; I just gave you a bunch of examples. But what were some of the ones that you thought of within yourself? All of those aspects of yourself, if we don’t liberate them, if we don’t allow them to speak, to be embodied, to be expressed, we can feel fragmented as a human, as a being, or have fragmented parts of ourselves. And fragmentation is the opposite of whole, of full, of alive. So to be multidimensional is not to take on a million roles and suffer. It is to call home all aspects of yourself so that you can be fully alive. How does that rest in your bones as you hear that and receive that today?

I believe that the leaders of the future are multidimensional women and these multidimensional women can chameleon as needed. Now chameleon for the sake of fitting in or not wanting to be seen is a skill that creates confliction within you, but chameleon; chameleoning for the purpose of bringing the specific skillsets to the table that will benefit that moment the most is revolutionary. So chameleon just like multidimensionality can be seen in two different lights. One is I’m just going to blend in here. The other is I’m going to pull out the aspects of myself and my multidimensionality that are going to be of the highest service to this environment, this situation, and I’m going to use them in efficient and effective ways. That is revolutionary. That is a leader. That is a highly skilled healer. And I find myself, especially in this season of my life… If you are new to my space, I would love for you to just pop a one into the chatbox if you’re brand new to The Uncensored Empath space. I feel like most of you have been around here for a while, but if you’re new, I would love to just say hello and welcome you.

And if you are also dropping that one in the chatbox, something you may not know about me versus people who’ve been here a while probably already do is that I’m navigating parenting alone, living in a new state, running a business, doing so many things that are new and that require me to wear a lot of the different hats to play many different roles within the span of one hour, within the span of one day. And I find myself chameleoning more than ever in this season of my life. This happens on a minute-to-minute basis at times. I go downstairs during a workday like today and my daughter’s with the nanny and I might take 20 minutes to breastfeed her and be her mama and provide comfort. And then I come back up here to my office and I sit at my computer and I answer emails from my accountant and I am then, ‘bam’, went from mama to CEO in an instant. And then I jump on a call and I activate my healer role.

And let’s say one client is looking for support with subconscious rewiring of limiting beliefs, so I pull out my skillset with emotional freedom technique, tapping as a practitioner. And let’s say another client is seeking clarity on her upcoming launch in her business and so I use breathwork and I become a guide to help her find clarity. And then the next client is working on deep inner-child healing and maybe I create an essential oil protocol that is going to be helpful to her. This is leveraging my multidimensionality. This is leveraging my multidimensionality, owning it, letting myself be all the things that I am, and bringing the thing to the surface, to the front of the room that is going to be the most appropriate, effective, revolutionary in that moment, whether it’s mama, whether it’s dog poop scooper-picker-upper, whether it is healer, whether it is breathwork facilitator, whether it is oil alchemist.

You don’t have to be a martyr to matter. Feel that. You don’t have to be a martyr to matter. You can use all aspects of yourself, not in a way that is sacrificial and suffering, and instead, you can use all aspects of yourself in a way that allows you to transition through your day with such ease and such flow and such permission, which can lead to such wealth and such abundance and such joy and such bliss and such overflow. So my assumption is that if you found me, you are probably on some sort of spiritual journey or spiritual path as well. Maybe you have been for a really long time and you are well into it, maybe you are just at the beginning stages. Either way, what has your spirituality, your journey through spirituality looked like? And has there ever been a point in that journey where you’ve asked yourself the question, who the fuck am I? Who am I? I have asked myself that question many, many times. Why am I doing this? What’s the point? Who am I?

I had a client just this week on Voxer say, I’ve been asking myself, who am I? a lot lately. And I was like, girl, I ask myself that once a month. And for so long, so long, I thought that there could only be one answer to that question, who am I? Especially in my business. I thought, well, okay, I’m a health coach. Okay, that’s it. Cool. No, no, no, no. I’m a crystal healer. I do chakra healing, crystal healing. Wait, maybe that’s not it. I’m a breakthrough coach. I’m a life and success coach for empaths. And I just hop from one thing to the next, thinking I had to choose one thing. And I hear, especially from my business-coaching clients over and over and over again, how hard it is to figure out what your title is. Because the depths of your being can’t be captured in one title, one name. You are all of this and all of that, and there are so many more facets, so many more aspects to you than just that one thing.

You hold galaxies within you; speaking especially to you starseed children. You hold generations of wisdom through your lineage; through your generational lineage, through your past life lineage, through your galactic lineage. So fuck a niche. You are way, way more multifaceted than one title, one ideal client, one program, one role in any area of life; any one anything in any area of life. And through your multidimensionality, you can facilitate life-changing results, experiences for yourself and for the ones that you care about most to the people who you want to serve most.

So my journey to becoming a multidimensional healer was through trial and error in my own life. And I’m going to assume again, that many of you are either going through this or have had a similar journey where my entryway in many ways was chronic illness. And it made me experiment with all sorts of supplements and healing protocols, but I plateaued and I ended up finding yoga at that point. That led to mindfulness, to mindset work, which led to emotional healing, which led to subconscious reprogramming, which led to body-based or somatic experiencing, which led to breathwork, which led to tapping, which led to vibrational medicine, which led to this giant overflowing toolbox that I now hold within me. It is not outside of me like over here, I’ve gathered all these things and filed them away. It is within me. It is within my internal knowing. And that toolbox has served me and my family and my clients and my community in so many beautiful ways. So many beautiful ways.

So first of all, how many empaths are in the room with me today? Because I’m making a lot of assumptions here, but I’m pretty sure that most of them are spot on, that if you’re here, you identify as an empath at least a little bit. So what I’m going to say next, I’m especially talking to you about. Talking to you, directly to you. People probably come to you for some advice. Yes? That tends to be a common theme for empaths. And you probably also want to support anybody who’s going through a hard time, in discomfort, experiencing challenge sometimes at any cost or with sacrifice. And in those instances, how many times have you reverted to giving them advice saying things like, well, maybe if you just do this, or when I went through that, I blah, blah, blah, or what if you just try this thing? And don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for advice; a beautiful, sacred space for advice-giving on this planet, in conversation, in relationships. But the difference between facilitating real sustainable change, especially with your paying clients, versus spitting advice at people is that you aren’t expected to know everything. Instead, when you’re facilitating, instead of advice-giving, you just guide them to their own answers, own solution, own truth.

And inside of Illuminated, which is this experience that often chokes me up and I don’t have words for, but on a technical level, it is a nine-month training and leadership program for healers and coaches. They have the option of filling this toolbox up, filling this ability to facilitate life-changing results using their multidimensionality, their unique, energetic DNA. Fill that box all the way up. And I want to talk about some of the power of each of these abilities. So the power of intuition, and these are real experiences I’ve had;

  • The power of intuition is facilitating a conversation between someone and a child that they lost in their womb. When you bring intuition into the room and you allow yourself to be in that multidimensionality and this specific aspect of the intuitive healer, you can facilitate conversations just like that.


  • The power of muscle testing, another modality we have in Illuminated, is saving hours and hours of time and instead, being able to peel back exactly what’s creating a physical symptom in someone’s body.


  • The power of oracle card readings or tarot card readings is providing past life insight to somebody.


  • The power of EFT or tapping is releasing decades of fear.


  • The power of spiritual life coaching is finally understanding the root of a problem so that it can be resolved for good.


  • The power of identifying emotional roots of physical sensations is realizing that the shortness of breath you’ve been experiencing is actually grief in your lungs.


  • The power of crystal healing is after years of anxiety, finally feeling grounded.


  • The power of essential oil alchemy is using oils. And their plants, medicine…natural medicine is to cut thousands of energetic cords.


  • And the power of breathwork, one of my favorites, is being able to hug your inner child and let her know that her childhood wound or belief around her worthiness or doubting her worthiness can finally be healed.

The shame that comes along with wanting to learn about or do all sorts of things stems from the belief that we’re told that we’re too much, over the top, excessive. So oftentimes when I talk to these multidimensional women and multidimensional healers, they question whether they’re allowed to want to embody all of these things and do all of these things. And so again, the shame that comes from allowing yourself to want that is often rooted in old, outdated, borrowed beliefs that we’ve simply been told at some time or believed about ourselves at some time that we are too much, that we’re too complex, that we’re too complicated, that we’re going to confuse people.

Sit with that and see if that feels like something you’ve carried or felt at any point. And what I propose to you is what if this is the exact part of you that when expressed, makes you feel most like yourself? The part that we’ve either denied or thought was too much or was too ambitious or was too complex or complicated or confusing was actually the part when finally listened to, acted upon, felt embodied is like, oh, that’s who the fuck I am. That’s who I am. Going back to that question, who am I? I’m not just this, I’m not just that. I am all of these things and I can’t believe I denied myself of all of these things for so long. What if this was the part of you that made you the most liberated healer, the most powerful way-shower and leader? And what if you finally let yourself lean into that?

So when’s the last time you connected to your feminine power? I just talked about breast massage in the beginning and how so many of these multidimensional-woman codes have been dropping through, through breast massage. Maybe we’ll do that in another masterclass or workshop. Today, we’re going to end with a little bit of breathwork. That feminine power, that inner fem is the healer. She is the intuitive, she is the holder of magic. And too often we doubt our magic or even what our magic is and we think to ourselves, well, what’s so special about me? or somebody else is already doing that. But the point is…listen here, the point is not to create new novel modalities, but to let the medicine of the modalities evolve through you. That’s where you find your magic.

You can use breathwork as an example. The breathwork I facilitate is very different from the training I did in breathwork. The breathwork that my students teach has their own flavor. It’s not a clone of Sarah Small breathwork. So it’s not that they made up some new modality or technique, it’s that they brought their magic to it. And when it’s channeled through them, it’s felt and experienced in a different way. And when we allow ourselves to lean into the things we’re curious about and let them evolve through us, we bring a uniqueness to them. And that is where and how we evolve into our many facets, our many aspects of being. When we give ourselves permission to play, to go through trial and error, and we get to say yes to the things that create a feeling in our body and the outside, when you do that, they get to come along and calibrate to your bravery for doing so; to coloring outside of the lines, to letting your inner inventor and creator play and customize. And that is a gift for the outside world as well. It’s not just about you expressing yourself, it’s also about the gift that brings to the planet.

So multidimensional isn’t about being more, it’s about owning all of your facets. Feel that. It’s not about being more. You are already enough. You have always been enough. It is about owning all of your facets, letting them be expressed, woven, painted, colored in your unique way. And something I really feel called to speak to today is that oftentimes people think that running a healing business is basically being an unlicensed therapist and it’s not. Running a healing business is facilitating real change and helping people arrive at their own answers. It’s not advice-giving, it’s DNA healing. It’s not just holding space, it’s asking powerful questions. It’s not just listening, it’s decoding. It’s not just diagnosing, it’s actually rewiring and resolving. So are you ready to lean in deeper and maybe meet for the first time or just a fresh introduction, your multidimensional self; to love her, to honor her, to see her for all that she is and all that she desires to be and not ever tell her that she’s too much or she wants too much? If you could ask her or receive, so ask her a question or receive any guidance from her today, what would you want to ask or what guidance would you want to receive?

We’re going to breathe for four minutes together. And in this process, I invite you to be very present with the breath. We’re just going to stay seated. If you’re laying down, that’s fine as well. If you’re driving, don’t do this. Come back later. But after we breathe for four minutes together, I’m going to invite you to bring that question back up to the surface and ask it again but with the sensations in your body that breathwork creates so you can see with clarity, you can feel with clarity, you can use all of your intuitive senses, your clair senses with clarity. So what would you want to chat with your multidimensional self about? What would you want to ask? What guidance would you want to receive? So declare that for yourself right now.

Guided breathwork by Sarah to reconnect to your feminine power

So the breath is a three-part conscious connected breath. Again, four minutes together. I invite you to bring your left hand to your heart, your right hand to your belly. If you have any health concerns, any recent injuries, surgeries, if you have history of panic or anxiety, you may want to simply do a nasal-based breath. So that would be all through your nose versus you can also do all through your mouth. Let your body discern what’s going to be most beneficial for you and if you are unsure, default to the nasal-based breath. So it’s going to be an inhale to fill up your belly [inhaling sound], inhale to fill up your chest [inhaling sound], exhale out the mouth [exhaling through the mouth sound]. Versus with the nose, it would look like this [exhaling through the nose sound]. Okay?

So we’re just going to start really slow in three parts; inhale, inhale, exhale. It’s continuous, it’s circular, it’s constant; meaning there’s no pause, you continue to breathe. Inhale, inhale, exhale. If you think about a balloon, you’re going to fill up the first part of the balloon 85% full on the first breath and just fill that last little 15% up on the second breath into your chest. So again, looks like this in my body [breathing through the body sounds] or through the mouth [breathing through the mouth sounds]. All right, you can close your eyes as you go inward with yourself and we’re just going to breathe to this song. I want you to listen to the words, connect to your multidimensional self. [Sound of music playing]. Feel like you need to move your body, shake your arms, click your fingers in any way, let the emotion out, let the energy move… [Music continues playing for a short while then stops]. And return to your natural breath; inhale, exhale [inhale-exhale sound].

And remembering any parts of yourself, any outside voices, any internal feelings that ever told you, you had to be just this or just that, letting them resolve, letting them complete their cycle of being. And as you feel your left hand on your heart, feel into the true power and potentiality of your multidimensional self, the multidimensional healer that lives, that exists within you. And what was that question you wanted to ask her? What guidance did you want to receive? What clarity did you want to know? How do you want to connect with her today? Get out of the mind, get into the body. Let it show you. Let the feeling be the hint. Let the internal knowing be trusted. Let the visual of the next step on your path present itself with clarity and focus. You are the multidimensional woman. Your existence is anything but simple. You are here to live an extraordinary life.

You’re soft, you’re resilient. You are tender, you are ambitious. You are driven, you are a healer. You are innovative, you are sexual, you are wild, you are loving and you can push edges within you and around you. You hold galaxies, an entire galactic lineage within you. You are more than words could ever describe. The depths of your being are infinite. You are all of this and all of that and everything in between, and so it is. And when you’re ready, open your eyes and you may give yourself a gentle, loving embrace, feeling what it feels like to call back in your multidimensionality releasing any boxes, any buckets, any lines you feel like you’ve had to live within and truly giving yourself that permission to break free.

I’d love for you to share what sensations arose for you as we breathed together today; what your multidimensional self either told you, showed you, wanted you to feel, or that you just simply felt in your body. And I said this before, but I’m going to say it again. I believe that the future leaders are multidimensional women and so we need you and we need all facets, all aspects, all characteristics that you hold, that you embody. We need them all at the table. They all get a seat. And in that space, you are fully felt. Your authenticity reverberates. It is amplified and the vibration of it is felt in the heart of every other being that you come into contact with when you let yourself be all of you and let yourself feel into all of your desires, all of your wants in life.

“My heart was glowing, igniting a fire, and sending it through my entire body. I sobbed almost immediately. It felt amazing to let go and really feel that song. Thank you.” You are so welcome, Danielle. “And thank you for sharing, Sarah.”

Learn more about how you can deepen your skills as a healer through Illuminated

So I’m going to start to talk about Illuminated, and if you feel complete and you came here today to feel something, I hope you felt something in our breath and you also were activated by some of the words and stories that were shared. But now I’m going to talk about Illuminated and it all is woven into being, owning, expressing your multidimensional self, and more specifically, the multidimensional healer that lives within you. So again, if you’re complete, feel free to exit the space. And if you want to feel into if this is something that aligns with your heart and soul and you’re just curious, feel free to stay. There’s no harm in staying.

So Illuminated is an experience that I still, three years later, struggle to put into words. It is a space where coaches and healers come to master their gifts and grow their impact to commit fully to their healing and leadership journey. It is a certification program at the core, but it also is a nine-month business mastermind. It is a women’s circle with deep feeling, deep witnessing, deep self-healing where you will process so much of your own stuff and it’s a playground for your inner empath to sharpen her skills and gain immense clarity to that question, who am I? I say this program is life-changing because it’s been said time and time again that it is life-changing. And I’ve heard the stories and I’ve read the pages and pages of testimonials of all of our students that have said and shown to me and told the stories that it is life-changing, that they’re not the same person nine months after they go through this. And it’s not just about me. In fact, it’s hardly about me. It’s really about them and their yes, and your yes, your holy hell yes and what that means, and what your commitment represents to yourself. And then just showing up and being there for the journey, obviously, you’re going to learn so much, but a lot of it is just being present and allowing yourself to see and trust what unravels over time.

We have so many pages of testimonials that I am going to pop into the chatbox after we get off today, in case you are curious and want to see all of our client wins. And our students are reinventing the way that empaths show up in the world. They are reinventing and revolutionizing the way that we bring healing and transformational experiences to hundreds and thousands of people across the globe. They are touching lives every single day and they are all doing so in their own multidimensional way that brings their unique magic, their unique, energetic DNA to the table and serves maybe a specific group of people, but in a very complex way. And I am so thrilled to invite the five women who are already in Illuminated 2022 into this space, into this room, and celebrate them. And the doors have been and are still open for you to join us. We start February 15th and the doors close February 14th. I do have a little fast-action bonus for you today that I’m going to tell you at the very end, where you can get access to Ascension Key Codes.

Our curriculum is dense in that it is comprehensive, there is so much packed in, but it’s not dense in that there’s any extra fluff. There is no fluff. It is straight to the point and it is everything I wished I had and yearned for when I was going through the initial phases and even the more intermediate, further-along phases of not only developing my skillset but growing a business as an empathic healer who wanted to have such an impact on the world and wanted to be all the things that I was interested in and wanted to express all the different ways and avenues for healing that I was feeling in my body and that had transformed my life in many ways. So we have three healing paths that you can take and that’s all to be said. You can also do it all if you want to do it all, but we’ve also made it a little bit easier for you and put our content into three buckets that maybe you will resonate most with. There’s the Intuitive Healer, the Energy Healer, and the Subconscious Healer. And if you aren’t sure, there’s more detail on our sales page. But you can also take the Conscious Healer Quiz and see what your result is. We’ll put that link in the comments here so you can take the quiz as well.

It’s one group, it’s one family, it’s one soul circle of sisters, but how each person moves through the material is going to look different, how they implement it into their life and businesses and self is going to be different. And ultimately, we’re going to be on calls together. So we have business masterminds, we have Q&A calls. The practice sessions are where you’re going to dive into what do you want to master? Is it breathwork? Is it emotional freedom technique tapping? Is it essential oil alchemy? Is it helping people understand the emotional roots of physical symptoms in our body like anger that lives in our liver and no supplements could ever touch because it’s emotional? Outside of all the things you learn, we also embody ethical principles and leadership so that we leave the coaching industry better and healing industry and spiritual world better than how we found it. I think there’s a lot of brokenness, but I’m not here to focus on the brokenness today. I’m here to focus on the change and the way in which we conduct ourselves, hold ourselves, the pillars in which our foundation lays on, and how we get to be part of that shift moving forward.

There’s also a Voxer thread that feels like the most delicious safe space to be supported, seen, and asked questions throughout the entire journey. We have support calls; you have the option for one-on-one calls. And there’s so much packed into this program that our students leave feeling like not only have they said they would have paid double, but they leave feeling like that’s what it feels like to actually be supported in a program, that’s what it feels like to actually be held so tenderly, so gently as I unravel all of these parts of my multidimensional self and I confront them and I do the shadow work and I do the integration and I do the processing so that over this period of time, we’re not operating from quantum leaps and collapsing time and these quick hits of adrenaline and cortisol, and instead, we are unraveling in a way that supports your nervous system and is sustainable and scalable if you want it to be scaled. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re happy with your small close-knit community. But if you want it to be scalable, it’s sustainably scalable because we take the time to be present to master these techniques, to be in community, to know what it feels like to feel safe in your nervous system and not have to be running a business based on adrenaline and cortisol, stress, and that hype.

We can easily get sold on hype and adrenaline and rushes of energy and over-promise so many things and Illuminated is not that. It’s a slower process. It’s not slow, but it’s slower than what many programs promise and that’s intentional. That’s intentional so that you are fully trained, you are fully confident, you are fully integrated, and you know the layers of multidimensionality that you then want to share and the way in which you want to serve. And we do that by honoring your individual and unique energetics in codes. When you apply by the end of February 4th, that’s tomorrow, Friday; when you apply by then, I’m going to offer you access to a bonus one-on-one call with me to unlock your Ascension Key Codes because so much of your multidimensionality is allowing yourself to see and to explore and play with, experiment with what makes you so unique.

Ascension Key Codes are seven codes that’ll unlock that are unique to you, that you can use to help understand that, to deepen that, to elevate it so that that clarity comes through even more crystal clear than ever before. It is a channeled process that I channeled when I was pregnant with my daughter and I’ve offered in several other containers but never as a bonus for Illuminated before, and it’s not available anywhere else right now. It’s valued at $555 if you were just to do that call with me. And again, it’s a bonus if you apply for Illuminated by tomorrow night, February 4th, and we’ll keep that open until midnight. You get plenty one-on-one support even though it’s a group program and there’s the option for bonus one-on-one calls when you pay in full or several other of our payment plans. Again, when you begin February 15th, the cart closes February 14th, and the vibe is individuals who want to develop and deepen their skills as a multidimensional healer so they can create those powerful results for themselves and their clients in this immersive, elevated experience.

What questions do you have? What do you want to know? We are going to break the molds of coaching and healing old paradigms and be part of shifting this space and bringing more integrity into this space. All right, my loves. The vibe is also breaking the rules, rewriting old patterns, making love to your shadow, dancing with a taboo, and getting intimate with your nervous system saying fuck a niche, fuck being one thing or one other thing, and letting yourself be all of this and all of that because you are a multidimensional woman.

I’m going to put the link below or you can find it at theuncensoredempath.com/illuminated. Click the link there to apply. It’s going to take you to a Google form and me or my team will be in touch with you ASAP after you apply. We’ll also link that quiz and some of the other things I shared today. I hope you enjoyed this experience and got so much out of honoring and even just coming back into conversation with your multidimensional self. [Sound of a kiss] Love you.

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February 23, 2022


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