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Ep. 200 “You’re Too Sensitive”: Busting Empath Stereotypes

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In this episode, I discuss:

  • Reframing your sensitivity and using it as a superpower
  • Sarah busts the most common empath stereotypes and reclaims the power of empaths
  • Exploring the gift of emotional intelligence
  • New and intimate ways to work with Sarah in the coming months

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Episode Transcript:

My emotions are portals into expansion. My emotions help me shed identities and shadows of the past. My emotions allow me to be in my body and be comfortable.

This is a Soulfire production.

Welcome back to another episode. Today we are going to destroy some common empath stereotypes. I, a while back, polled the community and asked, what do you feel like are stereotypes of highly sensitives, of empaths that don’t feel supportive to you or have been projected onto you in some way? And so, I have this list here of all the things that you all shared with me and I want to talk about them today.

Reframing your sensitivity and using it as a superpower

So the first empath stereotype is being a pushover. And I want to reclaim this right now and declare within our bodies that people have mistaken pushoverness for instead, our willingness to put others’ needs before our own because we care deeply, deeply about others. And others’ discomfort can often become our own discomfort so there’s this desire, there’s this itch to problem-solve, to lend a hand. So, no, we are not pushovers, but instead, we are willing to put others’ needs before our own because of how deeply we feel the world.

The next is being sensitive. I feel like this is a really common one that we have heard many, many times. And I’m not going to say no, you’ve mistaken my sensitivity because yes, I am sensitive, we are sensitive. But when did sensitivity become a bad thing? Sensitivity is a strength because it increases intuition, it creates deeper connections in our life, and it helps you become a stronger leader when you are that attuned to energy; energy within people, their emotions, physical sensations, energy of environments, energy of a space, of your community. It can also help you protect yourself when you are more attuned or more sensitive to stimuli and it can help you fuel your body in ways that are supportive to your growth, your elevation, and your evolution when you know what you need because you are so sensitive, because you are that attuned to energy.

Exploring the gift of emotional intelligence

The third is being overreactive. No, you have mistaken your overreactiveness for actually us being in tune; emotionally in tune. So we simply don’t push things under the rug and instead, we let ourselves feel things deeply. Can that be seen as overreactive in other people’s eyes through their lens sometimes? Sure. But when we peel back the layers of that, it’s not overreacting and instead, the emotional intelligence that comes along with allowing ourselves to feel things without a filter, without trying to push it down and hide it for later. And as a result, we also process things more quickly. We can collapse time because the big emotions that when we were trying to push it away or into the corner will start to bubble up here, bubble up there. Maybe at some point, there was a breaking explosion or implosion in our body. We don’t have to deal with that. As empaths, we can collapse time and move through big shit really, really fast instead of restraining ourselves and feeling it later. So you’ve mistaken overreacting with actually being able to emotionally express ourselves.

The next is being spiritual. I’m not going to argue this one. I’m going to say yes. Yes, we are often deeply, spiritually connected as empaths, but that looks different for every single empath’s body, being, energy. Some empaths are also religious, some aren’t. The expression of spirituality is different for all of us and what we believe in and what we connect to through our intuition. So by nature, because we have a strong intuition and ability to discern energy, we do often seek or look for energy outside of ourselves. And that translates really well to spirituality, the energy of the universe, of God, of spirit, of connecting to angels, passed loved ones, et cetera. So yes, we are spiritually connected.

The next you guys shared with me is emotional. Now emotional can be seen in this, ugh, you’re-too-emotional light, but I’m going to shift it for us today and say, yes, I am emotional. Actually, every single human being has emotions and this is what makes us so powerful as human beings. And so, there’s no chance I’m going to deny that I am an emotional being, but instead, I’m going to take that sassiness around, ‘ooh, you’re too emotional’ out of the conversation and bring a new energy to it and say, yes, I am deeply, emotionally intelligent. This serves me in my life. I feel deeply and I take that information from within my body to inform my life and make aligned decisions. My emotions are portals into expansion. My emotions help me shed identities and shadows of the past. My emotions allow me to be in my body and be comfortable. My emotions and my ability to process my emotions means that I don’t have to be constantly running away from my life. I am here, I am powerful, I am present, I am now. So yes, I am emotional. Hear me roar, hear me cry, hear me giggle, hear me snort, hear me enraged, hear me passionate. I am emotional. And that emotion brings me power.

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The next is weak. So I literally just said power, right? So are empaths weak? Absolutely not. But what we can have is different needs than other more neurotypical people. If you want to understand what neurodivergence is, go back, scroll through some old episodes, and there is an episode specifically on neurodivergent minds. We have different needs than the neurotypical person. And that may include extra rest, that may include more alone time, that might mean not drinking alcohol, needing time to process and digest situations in our life. But those things don’t translate to weak. They translate to awareness; aware of what my body needs. And the more aware we are, the better we can create boundaries in our life too. You have this awareness of this is mine – this is not mine, this is what I need – this is what I’m going to ask for, this is the support I desire – these are the decisions that align with those desires and this is what doesn’t. And knowing that allows me to take the actions, make the request, set the boundaries that most support my life.

To me, that is not weak. It is not weak to need more alone time; it is not weak to need more rest. It is not weak to give yourself space to process and digest the energetic world that we live in. It is allowing yourself to be in the awareness of all the information, all the stimuli, all the energetics that we coexist in.

Next is naive. We could also say ignorant, unintelligent, inexperienced. Naive; woo, have you ever been told this? I’m going to declare for all of us right now that you have mistaken, the world has mistaken us to be naive. And instead, we are the opposite. We are so informed by our surroundings that at times it can be overwhelming, which in some cases can cause us to shut down, which may appear naive. But underneath that is a deep, energetic, and intuitive intelligence that comes from all the energy that we experience on a daily basis. So while the outer edge, the world’s view of that may be naive, inside, underneath it is a deep intelligence, so much energetic and intuitive intelligence that it can be overwhelming. We put up a wall and it’s sort of like we play ignorant or we play naive.

Have you ever been in a room and you’ve picked up on so much energy and been this walking lie detector and reading through people’s BS that they’re saying and spitting through their mouth, but energetically, you can tell there’s something else going on? And it can be uncomfortable to know that about somebody and then have to pretend like you’re believing what they’re saying. And so, that discomfort can cause us to shut down and act as if we don’t have that information; like we are inexperienced, like we are ignorant, like we aren’t intelligent. But that’s really just a surface-level coping mechanism, when in fact, underneath, the extent to which we feel, gather information, experience life, are in tune with life, informed by our surroundings is exponentially higher than your average person. So what we can do to shift that if we ever do come off as shut down, naive, inexperienced is consider, how am I responding to the information that exists in front of me? And how can I take the awareness that I have and instead of shutting down or getting overwhelmed by it, how can I transmute that, keep it flowing through me versus finding a home within me; let it be a wave that passes by versus a discomfort that stays present? Okay?

So moving on to our last one here; vulnerable. You told me empaths are seen as vulnerable. And what I want to say is maybe. Maybe, yes. But I would say intimate is probably a better word for empaths. And that intimacy is a portal into deeper connection. We have deeper relationships, deeper connections on this planet. And that goes back up to what we talked about before about this actually being a benefit as a leader and healer on this planet to be able to get so intimate, to be able to build such deep connections.

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New and intimate ways to work with Sarah in the coming months

So in summary, we get to, in this moment, declare to the world that you have mistaken my pushoverness, my sensitivity, my overreaction, my woo spirituality, my too emotional, my too weak, my too naive, my vulnerability, with power, with emotional intelligence, with awareness, with leadership, with the ability to maintain and enforce strong boundaries, a willingness to support the people in my life and ask for the things that are different than what the neurotypical mind requires or supports then to know myself so intimately that it allows me to walk on this planet empowered versus disempowered.

I want you all to let that sink into yourselves today and reclaim your power as an empath, shedding the stereotypes that don’t serve you, reframing and rewriting the ones that have been projected onto you in a negative way, and actually see how your sensitivity is strength. And notice how it allows you to draw your shoulders back, hold your head high, let’s your heart shine bright. And claim this label if you choose to, if it feels supportive to you, of I am an empath and I’m a lot of things. I am a lot…a lot of things on this planet, and I love to be able to express all parts of myself.

If you are curious, if you are wanting and desiring to explore your empath gifts on a deeper level, to evoke that unique, intuitive intelligence, to use your intuition in a way that supports you and supports humanity, then we have several containers coming up for you to say yes to, but we need your full commitment. We need your holy hell yes. There are only three spots in each of the breathworks that are coming up. The style is Psychic Breathwork. It’s a unique method and modality that has recently come through me.

The first is called ‘Wealthy Woman‘. It’s coming up at the end of November, and this is a two-hour experience. They’re all two-hour experiences for you to be in your body and to come back home to the ability to hold wealth in yourselves. The next is ‘Pleasure Portal‘. This is an ability for us to heal the wound, take back our sacred, divine, feminine power, and invite more pleasure as motivation in our life versus the pain that has gotten us up off of our feet and walking. It is the pleasure that brings us back home to ourselves. This is December 5th. And then we have ‘Becoming Crystalline‘ on December 12th; 12/12/21. Again, a two-hour psychic breathwork container.

These are small intimate groups; three people only because you’re going to be getting custom, individualized guidance from spirit in each one. And ‘Becoming Crystalline‘ feels like an evolution of the other two, like the next step in your personal growth, crystallizing your mission, your purpose, and the legacy that you’re meant to have on this planet.

If any or all of these feel like a space that you’re committed to showing up in, send me a message. You can email me; you can shoot me a DM on Instagram or Facebook. My email is sarah@theuncensoredempath.com. I will send you over that link. And let’s get you in, girl. Let’s get you fully embodying your capacity to hold power as an empath. I hope to see you inside and I will see you next week for another episode.

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November 29, 2021


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