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Ep. 182 The Warrior Woman

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Part 1: The Three-Eyed Raven

Part 2: The Crystal Healer

Part 3: The Intuitive Witch

Part 4: The Inquisitive She Wolf

Part 5: The Warrior Woman

In this episode, I discuss:

  • An introduction into the new and improved inner healer archetypes journey
  • Understanding how to honor The Warrior Woman
  • Learn when to embrace the energy of the hustle and when to embrace the energy of flow
  • Speaking to the strengths, wisdom, and goddess energy of The Warrior Woman

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Episode Transcript:

Hello friends. Have you noticed that you can get caught up in consuming content or maybe you noticed you are hyper, hyperfocused on the doing? Empaths we often consume. And I know because that was me too; soaking up information from all my favorite teachers and mentors. But it wasn’t until I started focusing more on the being and embodiment work that the door to massive clarity was finally unlocked and I no longer got confused about what was my energy versus everybody else’s. I was able to become a more clear channel for creation and as a result, transform my life, business, and health. In fact, my meditation and embodiment practice is what helped me have a nearly $40,000 month this past January, see the highest downloaded month of the podcast, and finally release a lot of unnecessary stress. And my clients felt it and saw it in their lives too.

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Welcome to The Uncensored Empath, a place for us to discuss highly sensitives energy, illness, healing, and transformation. My name is Sarah Small and I’m a life and success coach for empaths who want to create a thriving body, business, and life. Think of this podcast as your no-BS guide to navigating life, health, and entrepreneurship. You’ll get straight-to-the-point, totally holistic tips from me in real time as I navigate this healing and growth journey right beside you. This is a Soulfire production.

Welcome back to another episode. This is part of a six-part series on the Inner Healer Archetypes. If you haven’t started with episode 178 on the Three-Eyed Raven, I recommend you go and listen to the introduction to that episode just to get on the same page and then of course come and circle back to this episode. With that, let’s dive in as we start to peel back the layers of more of these Inner Healer Archetypes.

An introduction into the new and improved inner healer archetypes journey

Welcome back to the next segment of this Inner Healer Archetype Series. We’re going to talk about the Warrior Woman today. So I want you to, if safe, just close your eyes, tap into the energy of who do you see as that Warrior Woman. What do you look like as Warrior Woman and then insert your name? What does inner Warrior Woman Sarah look like? What does this mean to you? How does it feel for you when you put your name in there? And if you declared, I am a Warrior Woman, how would you act? How would you show up? What self-healing would you be drawn to? So I want to be really transparent with you guys like always and there’s this hashtag autoimmunewarrior. And when I first started healing my own chronic illness and diving a little deeper into the mindset behind healing, I had a really adverse reaction to this, not necessarily just the hashtag because whatever, use whatever hashtags you want, but the energy around it. So Autoimmune Warrior.

And I think part of what just left a bad taste in my mouth around this popular descriptor of us in this community of people who struggle with autoimmune disease is that it was like we had to fight this disease. We had to fight it out of our body, we had to bash it until it couldn’t even exist anymore. And I didn’t like that energy around like I’m going to fight this thing until the death. And it felt very battle mode when what’s happening is not outside of yourself, it’s not an enemy running up to attack you. It is you, it’s your own body. And so, I really shifted out of this place of, I’m an Autoimmune Warrior and into this place of, I love this illness for everything it has taught me and I do not have to fight it. Instead, I can listen to my body, work with it, find acceptance of it, and believe that it’s also healable.

So then there’s this Inner Healer Archetype called the Warrior Woman. And she still is a little bit of my shadow. And I think the reason that I was triggered by that so much is because I am the Warrior Woman. I am a fucking fighter. Do you guys resonate with that? You’re like, yes, but I can fight. I got this. I’m a badass independent woman. Bring it on world. And while that was so inherently part of me, it’s just like, oh, Sarah can fight and she can push her way through anything. What this illness came to teach me is that, that wasn’t always the best way to heal. And so, this Inner Healer Archetype, I had these angry feelings towards it for a while. This is just, again, just me being totally honest, even though this is me. So there was this inner anger towards myself of like, come on, why do you have to fight everything all the time? Yes, that’s kind of all I knew. And so, what shifted for me now is realizing that correct, we do not want to be in Warrior Woman mode all of the time like we have to fight ourselves, but there are some really, really, really beautiful things about the Warrior Woman in times of need.

When you need to pull out that Warrior Woman, I think of the Wonder Woman persona within all of us. And at times we do need to pull her out. And she’s there, she is ready to fight, and she’s such a hard worker. And that is so freaking beautiful. And that was a disowned part of me for a long time. It was like, I know I have that, no question. No question, I’ve got the Warrior Woman. I didn’t necessarily see my Inquisitive She-Wolf and my Intuitive Witch and some of the other archetypes. This was the one where it was like, yes, this is how I was born, raised. This was my autopilot mode. It was like, I’m just going to fight my way through it. And so, it’s personally required me to really learn to love this aspect of myself instead of feeling like there’s something that’s negative about it. Because there’s not anything negative about it. It can just be challenging if you are constantly living in this archetype and we’ll get into that.

So let’s talk a little bit more first about who is the Warrior Woman now that I’ve already told you my whole story. She is strong-willed, she is the badass boss lady, she does not easily back down, and she is up for the challenge. So see, there are good, amazing things about this. And a little rain is not going to make her run inside for cover. No, she is here. If you are the Warrior Woman and this is your strongest archetype, you are here to do what you set your mind to. I know I resonate with that a lot. It’s like, yep. I set a goal, I am going to get that shit done. So you are driven, you are hardworking, you are ready to throw down. You like probably to be challenged. Not that you’re constantly seeking it out actively necessarily, but say someone bets you, you can’t climb that rock over there. You’d be like, fuck yes, I can. Watch me. I’m going to show you I can do that. So you’re strong and you have natural talent because you’ve probably always pushed yourself. Again, if this is your strongest, then that may have been your state.

That was me. Overachiever, type A perfectionist as a teenager, as a preteen, just pushing myself, pushing myself, pushing myself, and really disciplining myself. Now, if this is your Shadow Archetype, you might feel the complete opposite way. You might be like, hmm. You know, I really never created a structure for myself. I didn’t really push myself. I’ve always needed someone else to kick me in the ass or nudge me in the right direction to get the ball moving and rolling. And so, you might want to work on pulling out more of your Warrior Woman that’s like that badass boss lady. She gets shit done. And so, depending on where you are in that spectrum and that scale, just notice what parts of this do you feel like, yes, I got this, other parts that maybe you can bring out to the surface.

Understanding how to honor The Warrior Woman

So Warrior Woman also, she wants to grow and stretch. She wants to constantly be like, think of when you go to the gym and you lift weights. It’s like you’re building muscle, increasing the weight, building muscle. So she’s not only physically building that strength, but also there’s this emotional, spiritual strength within her that is this transformation and evolution of her and who she is as a human being.

The Warrior Woman is also very focused and intent on her goals. So she sets her mind on that finish line and she’s like, I’m going to get there. Come hell, high water, I got this. She is so driven and she knows that she can get there. The journey is not always easy, but she believes in herself and she knows how to push herself through some discomfort. And probably her life has not always been easy, which might be why this is something that she’s groomed this talent, she’s worked on it over time. She’s had the adversity to teach her how to get through something hard and she’s learned a lot from those life challenges and tribulations.

So the Warrior Woman, her strengths are that when she sets her mind on something, she makes it happen. GSD, this is something my fiancé taught me. I did not know this acronym. He taught it to me so he gets the credit. I’m sure it was created by somebody else. But GSD equals “get shit done.” That is like your mantra is ‘you GSD’. And that makes you really reliable to other people. You’re probably the friend that everyone can count on. And not only are you reliable and hold yourself accountable to other people like appointments you’ve made, plans you’ve made, supporting them, helping them, being there for them, but also you hold yourself accountable. And that could be from taking your supplements to getting into the gym to finishing a project you started. You GSD, girl.

Another strength is that your independent nature aligns with your entrepreneurial spirit. So what does that mean? That means that this self-motivation, this self-drive makes you a strong entrepreneur. Or this could be a project manager or just a leadership role you might play in your life because others might look up to you and look to you for strength and for wisdom. Because they might even idolize that a little bit of like, wow, so-and-so, she just comes off as so strong and so wise and she’s been through so much and here she is still today. The song that reminds me of this Warrior Woman Archetype is “Miss Independent” by Neo. I am not going to sing, but I will read these lyrics because this is probably you’re like, yes, that’s my theme song. It says:

Kind of woman that don’t even need my help

She said she got it, she got it, no doubt

There’s something about her

‘Cause she work like a boss, play like a boss

Car and a crib, she ’bout to pay ’em both off

And bills are paid on time

She made for a boss, only a boss

Anything less, telling them to get lost

That’s the girl that’s on my mind

So, probably sounds so ridiculous as me reading those lyrics to you instead of you hearing them from Neo in the song, but hell yes, right? She works like a boss, she plays like a boss. She’s ’bout to pay that car and that crib off. She has got it under control. And she needs space for her independence to shine. And I want you to think of all of those badass ladies in the Wonder Woman movie. Have you guys seen that movie? If not, I highly recommend it. I watched it, I don’t know, probably last year. And I mean, they’re just badass. You’re like that woman is fucking awesome. She’s a badass. And so, if you haven’t, go check those ladies out because they’re amazing and these stunt women come in and they’re just ‘ah’ so powerful.

So Warrior Woman is the strong ‘AF’ lady within you. Yes, that is in all of us. She can handle herself. Work like a boss, play like a boss. She’s also unwavering when it comes to getting people results. And so, that could be results for herself or let’s say you are a coach and you’re listening, you might go to great lengths to really support your clients and make sure that they’re getting the change that they need, that they desire, that they came to you for. And for yourself, it’s like you’ll try all sorts of things. And when one thing doesn’t work out, you don’t give up. You move on to the next thing, you keep going. And the Warrior Woman doesn’t have time to mope about it either. She’s already moving on to that next thing. She’s like, okay, that didn’t work out. I’m going to try again and get back up. She’s going to tumble and she’s going to fall and she’s going to get back up. And my inner Warrior Woman tried so many things before I finally found a solution to my acne and just constant breakouts on my face.

That Warrior Woman inside me was like, I’m not going to give up. I know this can be healed. I know clear skin is possible. Just because this supplement, this practitioner, this cream, this oil, blah, blah, blah, just because that didn’t work does not mean that I was going to give up. So my inner Warrior Woman was the healer that I pulled out to keep going and not give up and realize that there was a solution. And now today, yes, right now I have a little zit on my chin. Big fricking deal, right? I have come so far from a full face of acne that made me so self-conscious and if I hadn’t pulled out that inner Warrior Woman, I might’ve given up and just hid like I did for so long, my face from the world. But no. Inner Warrior Woman is like, get back up girl, you got this. Keep going. And that is why I love her.

Okay, challenges of the Warrior Woman. Sometimes, my friends, it is okay to back down. You might have a hard time letting things go because you’re like, no, I’m going to get back up. I’m going to go, I’m going to go, I’m going to go. I’m going to do this. Yes, I’ve got it. But sometimes it is okay to stop, to relax, to let go, to slow down. And you are allowed to ask for help. I repeat that; all my Inner Healer Archetype, if it’s your main archetype, all my Warrior Women out there, it’s okay to ask for help. It is okay. It was so hard for me to do that for so long, but I want you to know it’s okay to ask for help. Even though, yes, you are highly capable, that does not mean that you have to go it alone. So think of all the times that you have been able to support people you love, which is probably a lot, and how that’s felt for you. How did that make you feel? Probably felt good, right? You’re like, I’m taking care of people. I’m helping this person. This is fun, this is good. I’m totally capable. But don’t you maybe also want to be able to allow them to support you too?

Learn when to embrace the energy of the hustle and when to embrace the energy of flow

And there’s this challenge of the Warrior Woman of this hustle versus flow. And I think that hustle gets so recognized and rewarded in this masculine patriarchal world, but it’s time for us to also honor our flow. Yes, there’s a time for a little bit of hustle, I’m going to be honest. But always? No. Because that leads to burnout. And that’s the challenge of the Warrior Woman. We don’t want her to get burned out, we want her to be able to also experience ease. So I want to actually read you part of this old blog post I wrote. It’s not a live link on my website anymore, but the title of the blog’s called “Why I’m Done Working Hard.” And it starts with: Have you ever heard if you work hard, then you will get blank? If you work hard, you’ll get the money. If you work hard, you’ll get the job. If you work hard, you’ll get into school. If you work hard, you’ll become a doctor, right?

I remember hearing this as a kid and still today, over and over and over again. If you work hard, then you could have blank. If you work hard, then you’ll make money. If you work hard, then you’ll be skinny. If you work hard, you’ll win. If you work hard, you’ll get good grades. If you work hard, you’ll be important. And you know what? That’s not actually true. You don’t have to bust your ass all day, every day in order to live a life you love. You don’t have to work out every day to love your body. You don’t have to spend hours and hours and hours researching health topics or to be healthy or even be an expert. And I’m sure you’ve heard this ‘work smarter not harder’ kind of lingo, right? Or work hard, play hard. And in this blog post I wrote, I said: I’m dropping all these limiting thoughts because they don’t make me happy. They just don’t. Nothing feels good about this.

When I decided to change my mindset, and this was in the summer that I was writing this, I chose to replace those thought patterns with ‘do all things with love’. Infuse love into everything. Work from a heart-centered and inspired place. Tune in more closely to your intuition than ever before. Warrior Women go listen to your Intuitive Witch for a little while. And I wrote that I was on vacation when I was writing this and I was not writing this because I felt like I had to, or I needed to, or any of that BS, but instead, because I had this intuitive download to write and it made me happy to share this. And I was in the car with my grandpa the night before and he was lecturing all of us grandchildren on how hard work will get you places in life. Hard work is what will land you the big-girl job. Hard work is what will make you success. And that is what worked for him.

He is an extremely successful businessman, extremely successful. He’s been retired for a long time, but this man had extreme success in his career. And he described life like a ladder. And the first 30 years he said, you’re learning, you’re just learning. The second 30 years, so from 30 to 60, you’re building and you’re earning. And then the last 30 years, that you’re giving back. And yes, that’s how his life has looked. He learned, he built, he earned. And then he’s very generous, very, very generous in his retirement, these last 30 years, right? But what he didn’t mention was love and fun. And again, he’s not all wrong about this ladder, right? My first 30 years were full of learning a lot but that ladder doesn’t really sound very fun to me. That’s not the journey I want to take in my life. I never want to stop learning, first of all, and I started building before what you might define as ready, right? Before 30 years of learning, I started building already. And I am already giving back, right? Even if that’s 2% of my monthly income of what I make in my business, I’m already giving back.

I don’t have to wait to get safe to give back. You can start giving back right now. So I think that waiting in many circumstances is for the fearful. Waiting is for the scared. Waiting is for the uncommitted. So if you want to do something, do it today, start now. That is the Warrior Woman. She’s like, yes, I am going to start now. And you can do all of these things; learn, build, earn, give back, and have fun, the love that I would infuse in that advice from him, throughout your entire life. So the biggest message of this past blog post was that it doesn’t have to be hard. It can be fun, it can be light, it can be joyful, it can be exciting, and it can be heart-centered. And when you tune into your higher self, you are so divinely led. And I’ve experienced this. I used to be 90% Warrior Woman. Now I’m much more Intuitive Witch. But there’s always benefit to go back to my Warrior Woman in certain instances. It’s not beneficial for me to always be in my Intuitive Witch. Sometimes I need to be the Inquisitive She-Wolf, sometimes I need to be the Crystal Healer. So life can be easy, life can be fun, life can be whatever the hell you want it to be, but you have to just start to dissect what is holding you back and then you have to start. Start, start, start.

Let’s all commit to stop making everything so hard and start to flow with life with more ease. And that is the challenge of the Warrior Woman. She likes the hustle and she doesn’t really want to stop. But if she learns to honor her masculine and her feminine energies within her, she can tune into this balance of hustle and flow, she can tune into this receiving and giving, this balance between those energies. Yes, that just brings me back to so many places where I used to think that the only way to do something was to work hard. And if you’re the Warrior Woman and you’re listening, you might also feel that way; the only way to get where I want to be is I must have to work my freaking ass off. And I just, again, want to emphasize that there are other easier ways sometimes.

You also hold yourself to very high standards and those high standards might even feel unreachable. And what happens when we hold ourselves to very high standards that are unreachable is that then there is a little bit of a kick in the pants on our self-confidence. All these lyrics are coming to me today. The Justin Bieber song, “You Should Just Go And Love Yourself,” right? I should never sing. Go and love yourself Warrior Woman. Your standards are high lady so ease up on yourself. You’re doing great. Seriously, you’re doing fucking awesome. You are doing amazing. And it’s okay to take breaks. We can ease up on some of the standards, some of what we hold ourself accountable to, and give ourself a break some time. And then also honor all the progress. Celebrate your wins, how far you’ve come. Know that you are doing fucking awesome.

Speaking to the strengths, wisdom, and goddess energy of The Warrior Woman

Okay, let’s tap into goddess energy here. Warrior Woman, she embodies the energy of Goddess Diana. Goddess Diana is the goddess of focused intention. And she’s got her bow and arrow. And just like when you were to pull back the arrow in the bow and look, you know, you aim right? You look down the center of the arrow and you want to see past it to the target and that pulling intention builds and then before that release. It is just like this Warrior Woman where she’s like, I’m going to stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, and I’m going to push myself and then I’m going to hit my target right on spot. So she has this focused attention and intention that allows her to be hypervigilant, hyperfocused on her desires. And that benefits her very, very much.

The next goddess is Goddess Sekhmet and this is the goddess of strength. So she says be strong. You’re stronger than you think you are and your strength assures a happy outcome. So this is interesting. So maybe you’ve been listening to this and you did get Warrior Woman is your strongest archetype but you’re not resonating with some of the things I’m saying. Part of that could be those high fricking standards. And you’re like, oh yes, maybe I’m pretty strong. I kind of been through some stuff. And yes, I help people. And yes, I’m pretty good at GSD-ing ‘getting shit done‘. But you might not even realize how strong you are. You are so strong, girl. So this goddess energy is just that reminder of yes, hell yes, you’re strong and you’re stronger than you think you are. Start to believe that and then pull it out when you need it. You don’t have to be strong all of the time; hustle, hustle, hustle. We don’t need that energy all of the time.

Next goddess is Goddess Bast and she’s the goddess of independence. So “Miss Independent,” Neo; turn it on, jam out to it today. This is the independent woman. She says your independence is a foundation for your strength and your success. And it is. This independence that you have, this ability to hold yourself accountable or stay focused, or just that self-drive and motivation, that’s going to get you places or probably already has in your life. You are going to go places. And all of us have this. We can all go places but we just got to start to tap into her. Ask her, what does she need? How can we support her? We want to bring more of her out if you’re like, ah, I’m just not feeling this. This is the archetype that I’m not lacking in because it’s already there. It’s just, maybe you haven’t totally tapped into her. And so, you might want to call her out, tap into her a little more if this is something you feel like you want to work on.

The last goddess energy is Goddess Brigit and she is this goddess of persistence. She says don’t back down. Don’t back down. Right, so we talked about the challenge of this Warrior Woman is that sometimes it is okay to take a break and relax and just back down for a minute. ‘Woosah’, right? We can’t be at war all the time, but it’s also the strength of, like in those last two days of my launch, if I hadn’t tapped into my Warrior Woman, then I might have just given up. So there’s a time and a place to tap into this energy of no, I’m not going to back down. Let’s talk about autoimmune disease, right? Don’t back down, don’t give up. Hope that there’s potential possibility for you to heal, that there is a way to feel better. That is so possible. And your Warrior Woman’s who is going to keep reminding you of that. So, Goddess Brigit, you can call her in as well. And she says don’t back down. Stand up for what you believe is right. What do you desire? Don’t give up on those desires. They are possible. Believe in the miracle and then go forth and conquer, Warrior Woman. You’ve got this.

All right. So for our Warrior Women out there, how would you speak? How would you act? How would you receive? How would you show up in all areas of your life if you embodied more of this energy? Who are you as the Warrior Woman? What would change? What action would you take? How would you love on yourself? Maybe by giving yourself a break sometimes, right? Letting some of the standards just drop a little bit so you can breathe. And then bring your inner Warrior Woman in front of you and ask her, how can she support you? What parts of her essence, her strength, and her traits will be helpful to you? Maybe you need more of that drive. And then what parts of this archetype need to be healed? And just notice that too. Notice what parts need to be healed. Maybe you’re like, yes, I embody all of that. You just described me to a T. Now I need to be gentle. Oh, okay. So Warrior Woman is badass. She is strong, she is driven. She is amazing and so strong. So how can you support her today?

Thank you so much for tuning in. As a reminder, go take the updated quiz, find your strongest Inner Healer Archetype, which will then be followed up via email with a full guide on that archetype as well as an additional brand new workbook that is Identity Mapping as a Healer so you can feel that divine and profound clarity in your purpose and your mission on this planet. I will see you in the next episode.

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June 24, 2021


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