Ep. 135 Medical Intuition for Healing with Wendie Colter

Ep. 135 Medical Intuition for Healing with Wendie Colter

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • How medical intuition works and its benefits
  • Differences between medical intuition & receiving energy healing
  • How Wendie’s journey led her to this field of work
  • Case studies of how medical intuition has supported Wendie’s clients and students
  • How medical intuition can help prevent medical error
  • Can anyone become a medical intuitive?
  • How the body holds onto unresolved physical and emotional trauma

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Episode Transcript:

Welcomed the Uncensored Empath, a place for us to discuss highly sensitive energy illness, healing, and transformation. My name is Sarah Small, and I am a life and success coach for empaths who want to create a thriving body, business, and life. Think of this podcast as your no-BS guide to navigating life health and entrepreneurship. You will get straight to the point, totally holistic tips from me in real-time. As I navigate this healing and growth journey right beside you. This is a Soul Fire production.

Sarah: I am so, so excited about today’s guest. Her name is Wendy Coulter and she has been a professional medical intuitive for 20 years. She is the leading trainer for healthcare professionals and it is based in Los Angeles. She has effectively taught doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists, energy workers, and health professionals on how to use medical intuition in their practices. It has me so giddy with excitement that this is something that is being talked about more regularly and even used in healthcare settings. I think that the potential for using medical intuition is just enormous. And it is something that has really supported me in my own healing process. And it is also something that fascinates me, and I have been able to use with my own clients and continue to develop my own abilities. And in this context, in my conversation with Wendy today, we are going to talk about what medical intuition is, what the benefit of it is.

She is going to share some amazing examples and case studies of how this has supported her clients and the students that she trains. And what the subtle differences are between medical intuition versus say, going to an energy healer, or getting a Reiki healing done on you. Wendy is going to be sharing her personal journey that has led her to be an expert in medical intuition. And just all of the amazing opportunities there are to get involved in this line of work. I really think that this is going to open your eyes up to something that may be new or maybe familiar but deepen your understanding of medical intuition today. So there is so many golden frickin’ nuggets in this conversation. I cannot wait for you to hear.

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Sarah: Hi Wendy, and welcome to the show.

Wendy: Well, hello. Thank you, Sarah. Thank you for having me.

Sarah: I am super pumped as I was just telling you, to have you on the show and really be able to learn more about medical intuition, and the type of healing work that you do. And I was reading through your bio, and I saw that you were involved with Louise Hay’s OG living room healing sessions. And I have got to know more. What was that like?

Wendy: Well, you know, Sarah, that was a very seminal experience for me, and understanding what energy is. I was very blessed to be invited many, many years ago when she was working with the AIDS community in Los Angeles. And one of my dear friends was one of her assistants. And he knew I was into all the schooler stuff. And he said, you should come and take a look. And I had never experienced anything like that before. I was quite young and reading about a lot of different kinds of things. And that process was lovely, she would lead groups through meditation and affirmations, and someone would volunteer to have a healing. And basically, it was just intention-based healing. And I remember feeling, I will put my hands out, and I felt all this energy rushing through. I was like, what is this, what is happening?

Sarah: What is happening?

Wendy: But it was really fun, and everybody could feel the energetic frequency, so to speak shifting. And that was really the first time I had ever experimented with anything like that. And I thought this is pretty cool.

Sarah: She was just such an amazing, amazing healer on this planet. And her work was also very inspirational. I would have loved to be in that living room. Her work was very inspirational to where I am today. More specifically, her book, You Can Heal Your Life, and then, the mini version, You Can Heal Your Body and understanding that there is an emotional root, or component, or association, or whatever you want to, however, you want to talk about it, or call it, the physical symptoms that we experience in our body. And myself, and many of my listeners also having been gone through, or currently going through journeys with autoimmune disease, and chronic symptoms, chronic illness oftentimes, hit a plateau. And I think that is when we start to reach out to people like medical intuitives, who can help us understand our body on a deeper level. Beyond just the food that we are putting in our body, or the medicine, or supplements that we are taking. Or the way we are taking care of it in more of a physical way. But instead, what is happening internally. So, can you help the listeners understand and teach us, what exactly is medical intuition, and where do you find it is most useful along the healing journey?

How medical intuition works and its benefits

Wendy: Wow, that is really a great perspective, Sarah. Medical intuition is an energetic viewing process. We view the physical body and the biofield using a certain meta-sense that includes visual dealing, not of the client or the patient, but in an energetic way. So, it is like mind’s eye visualization viewing. It is called scanning. And what we do is, we scan the physical body and the biofields very much like looking at an MRI of someone’s body. Very much like looking at the biofield as well. Which is the auric field and the chakra system. And what we are looking for are imbalances, blockages, anything physical, emotional, mental, spiritual that can relate to the health and wellbeing of the client, or the patient. We also, at least in my process, I also look at the life history. So, what I am looking at is, what life experiences did my client have, that could have resulted in some sort of current imbalance? And that is an interesting process, Now, I am not asking the client for any information. They do not actually, even have to be there. But that is part of the medical intuitive process. It is a remote skill. And we have found very high levels of accuracy. So, I can talk about that as well.

Sarah: Do you need to ever have seen a picture of the person? Or can you literally just call in their energy field?

Wendy: Well, not without permission.

Sarah: Right. I have actually had a podcast with someone who talks about the ethics of energy medicine. I am really glad you talked about that too.

Wendy: Oh yeah. Well, I am glad you had someone on, because it is something that is not well taught in the energy sector, and it absolutely needs to be. Yes, of course, we can only do this without legal permission and, certainly verbal permission, or some kind of written permission. So, the answer to that is yes, But sessions can be done remotely with, or without the patient or client, but not without permission. And because we are tapping into an energetic field, so to speak, and so, the information is available. But I liked that you said the magic word, and the magic word is ethics.

Sarah: Absolutely. We do need permission. It is a very personal, vulnerable thing to have someone connect to your energy. And on that episode, we talked a lot about how we had experienced moments where people did not abide by those ethics, and it can feel so yucky.

Differences between medical intuition & receiving energy healing

Wendy: Yes. It is also, boy karma, it is not a good thing for anyone. And this is one of these things that is now just coming into the national discussion, about all energy healing fields. Let me stress that medical intuition is not a healing modality. It is not treatment the way reiki, or healing touch, or anything else would be. It is actually an energetic assessment, and an overview, and actually, a very specific, detailed view as well. But the reason why it is not a healing treatment or considered as such is because we are not affecting the client’s energy in any way. We are not affecting their biofield. We certainly are not affecting their physical body. It is non-invasive. It is basically, an evaluation scale. So, in my programs, just to continue, we get a wide range of healthcare professionals. So, I teach certainly MDs, doctors, physicians, nurses, people who are from allopathic medicine. I also teach people from the mental healthcare field, psychologists, psychiatrists. And I also teach people who work in complementary alternative styles, like acupuncture chiropractic and certainly, energy healers. And that is why there is this wide cross-section of people, who want a more finely-tuned evaluation skill, to help them in their own practices. And that is what medical intuition is, the way I teach it. And certainly, the way I practice it.

Sarah: You mentioned earlier, the accuracy by which you use medical intuition to, using your word, assess somebody, assess somebody’s energy. And I think there are four parts of their physical body as well. What are some examples of what you have been able to discover, without giving any one’s personal information away? But what are some of the things you’ve been able to discover in people’s energy or biofield?

Case studies of how medical intuition has supported Wendie’s clients and students

Wendy: Well, a lot. So, let me give you the outcomes of a survey that we did. A pilot study we did last year, that we were thrilled with the outcomes of. These were my graduate students, who are now certified medical intuitives through my program. And we were testing them, really just testing to see their accuracy. And I realized that the reason I put the survey together is because there is nothing out there in the literature about medical intuition. There is a lot of literature on intuition, in healthcare, a lot, particularly in the nursing sector. But there has not been any empirical data about it. So, I decided that on my own, and with my students, we would just see what we could see. And what we saw was, we had 67 self-selected participants, survey participants, with five of my certified graduates.

And these were blinded sessions, meaning that the medical intuitives had no intake information. We did not know anyone’s medical history. Which is the way it should be done. And we asked a series of questions before and after the session. But before was, how do you feel about your issue right now, on a scale of one to 10, from bad to great. And that is all we asked. Then we did the session, and then afterward, the participants filled out a survey. So, what we came out with was, that the medical intuitives accurately located and evaluated the survey participants’ primary health issue at a 94% accuracy rate.

Sarah: Wow.

Wendy: Yes. And, we knew that we were good, but to see that mid to upper 90%, that that was exciting for us to see. The other thing we saw is, that we were able to view the medical intuitives accurately saw the life descriptions. In other words, the experiences of someone’s life. That were possible, probable, or actual that the survey participants said, yes, they nailed it. Yes, when I was five, this happened. Yes, when I was seven, this happened. And these were interesting things for us to see, 98% accuracy rate on life history.

Sarah: Yes. There is no way they would know that. Except for the technique that you have taught them.

Wendy: Correct. There is no way they would know that. And that is part of the process. And I will explain that more in a case report that will make more sense in how we do this process. The other thing we saw, there was a significant drop in anxiety and stress for the participants, before the session to after the session was over. Almost 40%, it was 38.4% anxiety and stress drop. Now, that is not the goal of a medical intuitive session, but we did ask that just to see if there was any change.

And there was. It is very statistically significant, that amount. And what it means is that hearing the information from the medical intuitive, help them navigate their journey, their life journey, and their healing. And we will talk about that more, in a moment. The other statistic I like to share, which we did not expect at all. We asked the participants, if anyone had a known medical diagnosis. Now, remember we did not do any intake. So, we did not know this. And about half of them said, yes, I know what I have, my doctor corroborated, and it has been tested. And we asked how consistent was the medical intuitive, with that known diagnosis? And we have a 94% accuracy rate in consistency with a known medical diagnosis. Now, that does not surprise us, but to the medical world, that is a little surprising.

So, what we did was, I sent all of this data and there is a lot more besides, over to a colleague of mine, who is a professor of family medicine. And he runs a research center at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. He is a professor of family medicine and other things. And I sent it over and I said, well, what do you think about all this? And he said, I think this is great, let us look at doing a gold standard study on medical intuition. And he looked up at the literature, and he saw there was nothing like that out there. So, this will be the first gold standard study of its kind ever, in the United States, as far as we know. And we are fundraising for that. That is not easy to get money from the government, for this type of study. So, we are fundraising. If any of your listeners are interested in contributing, they can go to the website, which is, thepracticalpath.com, and learn more about it. And they can contact me. That is where we are at. And we are hoping to get the study going this year. And, it is all about funding at this point.

Sarah: Yes. That makes me so excited though. I cannot even really fathom it, but I am considering what that would have been like if, say at age 17, when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. If instead of being put on every flavor of narcotic for pain management that exists out there. If I had support, that was not only presented to me but also there was research behind.

And maybe even, someday insurance behind that would allow me to have seen, because what I know now, about fibromyalgia and my body is, it was very much, an emotional root. It was childhood stuff. It was family turmoil that was causing that pain. And it would have been game-changing. It would have been life-changing. So, you mentioned there was a case study, or a more specific case study I think you were going to share with us. On what this looks like, the process, as someone goes through it, as the client or patient.

Wendy: Yes. Let me just say that your story is not unusual. And that now, there is research being done that medical intuitives have seen for decades. But the research is now being done on what is called, Adverse Childhood Experiences. Which you must have heard of.

Sarah: Yes, ACEs.

Wendy: And what that means is, in a nutshell, that early childhood trauma, there is a major correlation between that and adult presentations of illnesses not only as fibromyalgia, of course. But also, cancer, pulmonary issues, respiratory issues, certainly diabetes and things like that. So, it is not just behavioral, it is also physical. I read these articles, and I post them on Facebook and I say, look, we have been looking at this as medical intuitives for generations. And I am glad science is catching up. So, I will give you an example of the process of medical intuition, and how it correlates to what you were saying.

Now, this is a case report I like to share because it shows the process very clearly, and what the outcomes can potentially be. This was a woman in her mid-forties, a businesswoman who had a case of tendonitis in her wrist. And she had it for about a month. And she tried everything. She had been to her doctor, acupuncturist, or physical therapist, nothing was working. It really needed, whatever it needed, but she wanted me to look at it with medical intuition. Because she thought that just was not going away. And she also felt that it came out of the blue. She had no idea where this may have come from. Now, my job as a medical intuitive is to look at the physical body as if I am looking at an MRI. So, that is the visual that I see, in my mind’s eye.

And what I saw were the inflamed tendons, for sure, there they were. And underneath the tendons, there was a scar in the bone, the bones of the wrist. It looked like an old fracture. And around the wrist area was what looked like a cloud of emotional grief that was just being held there. And the other way I look at the body besides just visually, like an MRI, is I also see life experiences, as I mentioned. So, I asked the body to show me what life experience is being held in that particular area. And what it showed me was an image of her at about age 20, 21. She was playing tennis with her boyfriend. She swung her racket, she fell, and she broke her wrist. And that is where that healed bone scar. That was the fracture that I saw. So, it wanted to show me that. The next thing it showed me, was her in the ER with her boyfriend, getting her wrist taken care of, taped up, and her boyfriend breaking up with her in the ER.

Yes. So, what her wrist was telling her, telling me, is that, it was holding onto this earlier experience of physical trauma with the fracture, and emotional trauma with the breakup. Now, at that moment, my client said, she said, I remember that. And she said, well, guess what? It was like an aha moment for her. She said, well, I am going through a breakup right now with my partner I have been with for 10 years. And then she said, my partner broke up with me a month ago, right before the tendonitis flared up. So, what her body was trying to tell her was that this emotional process that she was going through, correlated with that early life experience. But there was so much held unresolved trauma in her wrist, that it flared up with this current trigger. And that was interesting for her to hear.

How the body holds onto unresolved physical and emotional trauma

And that, by the way, that is the way the body often works. We hold on to things physically, even if we think we might have resolved them emotionally. And the body has its own consciousness. And I will elaborate on that, in a moment. So, the next thing the wrist showed me, now, it would have been fine to end there, but the wrist had more to tell me. And it showed me an image of her at age five, what looked like she was in a dark closet and she was holding that same arm up with that wrist, for protection. And a cane was coming down and striking her right at that spot on her wrist. And it looked like it was being yielded by a woman, like her mother. He was beating her. And what my client said was, my mother was mentally ill. She used to beat me with her cane and locked me in a closet.

Now, this is a memory that she was aware of, and she knew what happened. But what she did not realize was that her body and that point, that wrist area, was holding onto essentially a lifetime of physical, emotional grief, and trauma that was going to be triggered again and again, whenever something similar occurred, that made sense to that part of her body. So, what I want to say about this particular case report is, this is a perfect example of how our bodies have their own consciousness. Because logically, even though she had memories of both of those incidents, and she knew what was happening for her at the moment. There was no logical reason, to the left brain, mind, that it would result in tendonitis in the part of that, why? But the body has its own logic. It has its own awareness. And that is what a medical intuitive is trained to do.

At least, the people that work with me, I train them to have this conversation with a body. Why is this happening? Now, the next piece of this is, how can it shift? So, the questions I asked the body are, what else is going on here? What is the physicality? What is the emotional content? What is happening here that needs to shift? Her body said, well, there are some related issues. She is not sleeping well. So, disrupted sleep patterns, that issues were happening for her. She did not even tell me about it. I could see it. She corroborated it. And when I asked, the body what does this mean? It said, for her, this is emotional. She needs to understand the emotional behavior here, the emotional information here so that she can heal. And that was really the size of, that was it for the session.

I gave her some recommendations about health and sleep, but honestly, it was really about emotion. So, when I called her a couple of days later, to follow up, she told me her wrist was back to normal. The pain had completely gone. It was as if it never was there. And, she felt that she was able to process the emotions of this current breakup, more thoroughly, more accurately. She felt calmer. And it was a powerful shift for her. Now, people do not always have spontaneously wonderful things like that. But what they get is, information that helps them in their healing journey. So, it becomes a very, and this was the question you asked at the beginning, Sarah. What about people with chronic issues, with long-term issues, even acute issues? We want to know what our body is trying to tell us.

Sarah: This makes a lot of sense now, in what you were describing earlier, too. Around what a medical intuitive does with you is more of an assessment versus a reiki healer, or another type of energy healer. Who is altering the energy or biofield of somebody’s body, somebody subtle energy body. Versus really just helping to identify what is going on inside that energy. And in the case study, you just explained, or shared with us that knowing, then allowed her to, through awareness almost, felt spontaneous. But, there was more to it and she was becoming aware of what that part of her body (her wrist) was trying to tell her. It was just reminding her of that old trauma, that old grief that was resurfacing. And it is interesting too. This is just something I thought of, tell me if I am wrong, or what you think about this.

But it is interesting that, in that example, it was the weak point of her physical body, because it was injured or broken. That was almost where a negative emotion of grief, or heavy emotion of grief, almost implanted itself into the physical part of the body that was injured. That was weaker. Do you see that that happens? It makes sense that it would. There is a saying, ‘the crack is where that light enters’. Because that crack is where then, that emotion holds its own energy, is then stored in the body, is that the case?

Wendy: Absolutely. And it is a beautiful thing you just said. Because that is a bigger part of the conversation. Where are the weaknesses in our energy field? Where are the weaknesses in our physical bodies? People have chronic issues based on those weaknesses. And that is a really important conversation to have, and not many people talk about it. So, in my practice, that is what I see. A lot of people only deal with the biofield, and the chi or the product, that is not enough. You have to look at where it also manifests in the physical body. And that is not even enough. You also have to look at where, in the client’s, or patient’s life history, this whole mechanism began. It is a tenant of energy medicine that, every issue has at its root, some kind of trauma or imbalance, that affects physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual.

Sarah: Yes. I see that now. I did not think of this when I was hypothetically talking before. But I just related it back to that diagnosis for me. Of fibromyalgia and before I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I had two herniated discs and a bulging disc in my spine. And then, those healed, they healed on the physical level. But that was the “weak point” in my body. When I was experiencing a lot of turmoil, stress, uprooting of what I knew as a child, or as a teenager, a lot of change in my life, putting the weight of the world on my shoulders. And then, that pain never went away. And that was when I ended up getting diagnosed with fibro, which is this sort of blanket diagnosis in many cases. You have pain, it is obvious you have pain. We do not know exactly where this is coming from. Because conventional medical system and their diagnostics cannot measure an emotion, inside of your body.

Wendy: Well, that is, you nailed it. And, that is one of the cognitive biases of, so to speak, of any kind of medical perspective, or healthcare perspective. Now, there is nothing wrong with it. A doctor has to look through the lens they were taught. An acupuncturist has to look through the lens they were taught, but what is interesting about medical intuition is, there is no lens. There is no bias. And if a medical intuitive comes into session, the patient or client, with any kind of bias, they are going to miss things. And that is why I teach the way I teach. It is I think a fairly unique perspective in this area, because people think… television is rampant in any kind of healthcare. And it does not help, when it comes to seeing the body holistically and a truly holistic way.

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How Wendie’s journey led her to this field of work

Sarah: I am going to ask the question that I probably think everyone is wondering, which is, Wendy, how the heck did you figure out how to do this?

Wendy: Well, I was always an intuitive child, and my parents blessedly, did not discourage that. They did not understand it, but they did not discourage it. And most people get very discouraged, to use a word, usually forwarded or shut down when they are very young and intuitive. It is just, there is a lot of taboos and misunderstanding of what intuition is. Intuition is very natural. It is a hard-wired part of humanity. Everybody has it, and everybody can relate to it. And I can go on about that, but you asked me specifically about my life. One of the turning points in my life, there were a couple of them, but one was when I was able to heal myself of a tumor. And I had recently read at that time, Dr. Deepak Chopra’s book, Quantum Healing, which is a fabulous book, where he talks about how he trained his patients to heal their own bodies using mental visualization.

And he did not guide them. He asked them to come up with an image that they liked and see how that worked. And he built on some earlier work by Dr. O. Carl Simonton and other people, about visualization and meditation techniques. And when my body created this little tumor, I thought, well, what am I going to do about it? I went to the doctor and it was benign. It was dysplasia, which just means abnormal cells, not cancer but potentially cancerous. And so, my doctor said, we are going to surgically remove this. And I said, fine. And then I said to her, I read this book. What do you think? I think I want to try to shrink it with my mind.

Sarah: What do you think about that?

Wendy: What do you think she thought? She thought I was crazy.

Sarah: Yes, you need to go on antidepressants. Like that would help you.

Wendy: What is wrong with you? But she said it probably would not hurt you. So, I went home, and after that two-week interval there, before the surgery, I used an image that frankly made me laugh, Sarah. Because, you know I am all about, if it is not fun, I do not want to do it. And so, I used an image of a happy little bubbles, the little happy scrub brush, scrubbing away that little tumor. A couple of minutes every day after my meditation, I did that. And that is all I did. And frankly, it was fun. So, when I went in for the pre-op exam and I did not pay any other attention to it. So, I hear the doctor examining me gasp, and I think that is it, I am done for. And she said, what did you do? It turns out the tumor that was about the size of a nickel, shrunk to about the size of a pea.

So, a little more than half, in two weeks. It was not that kind of tumor. So, what that did was, it set me off on a lifetime’s worth of study about what is this mind, body connection? How do we heal? What is healing? I trained myself in this intuitive visual perception. Not just for my own body, but as an energy healer. I studied energy healing for a long time. And I actually became a trainer of energy healing and intuitive development at a school, where I study. And, as a practitioner, I have found that I was just seeing into people’s bodies left and right, every time I did an energy healing, I could see everything. Not only could I see their physical anatomy, but I could also see all the energetic, emotional, and life history of it.

How medical intuition can help prevent medical error

And I realized that people were sending me all their tough cases. That doctors were calling me for consultations, very under the radar, but people were not healing. And I saw that there was a major gap in healthcare, in what this process could do to help people find a healing route that works for them. In Western medicine, and you hear doctors talk about it, even the wonderful, integrative, and functional medicine doctors, they try a lot of different things to see what is going to work. They feel like they are investigating, they are just going to try this, try that. Well, guess what? Medical intuition can them and what we found with our graduates. And this is feedback from our graduates in the field. All those people I mentioned earlier, who are now using it, they are finding that it saves time. They are able to get to the root causes, whatever they are ASAP, quickly and efficiently. It saves money. It is cost-effective. You can know what kind of tests to get to sooner than later. It helps them with compliance with their patients and clients. What is compliancy? It means that the client or patient actually does what is asked. It is difficult.

Sarah: It can be challenging.

Wendy: Well, because there is not enough information for people. So, it gives them more information. What it does is it makes them a partner with their healthcare practitioner in the journey. And it gives them the holistic view that everyone wants, and talks about, but nobody really gets. Because of this cognitive tunnel vision, bias thing that keeps you from seeing the holistic view. This is an important, in my mind, and you can tell how passionate I am about this. It needs to be well-known, and understood, and tested. So, people can start seeing that this is where medical intuitives need to be. They need to be at the side of doctors, they need to be in the ER. They need to be in the clinics, and help with where it is needed, which is frankly, everywhere.

Can anyone become a medical intuitive?

Sarah: Well, it sounds like you find tuned a process, but came to you more intuitively, more naturally, just in your life, through your own experience. So, through that process that you have created and fine-tuned, I am sure there are also people listening, who are going well, can you teach me how to do that? Or are you just special?

Wendy: Right. So, that is one of the misconceptions about intuition, that you have to have a special gift. As I said, people are all born with this. We all have it. We recognize it in so many different ways, but the question is, are you, do you want to develop it? And you can consider it intuitive development or medical intuitive development, the same way you would consider learning how to speak a new language. If you want to learn how to speak Italian, what do you do? You go to a class, you read.

Sarah: Practice.

Wendy: You practice, you get instruction, you practice, and you take the time it takes to do it. And the answer to, can I learn it? The answer is absolutely, yes. Anyone can. The thing here is, that I concentrate on teaching healthcare providers in the healthcare sector. Now, anyone can learn to do this with themselves, and their own bodies. And I teach a workshop and it is called, ‘Medical intuition for healing’. It is a six-hour workshop where you learn to develop that mind, body connection, and tools and skills for self-healing. Similar to what I did with that little tumor. These are important skills for everyone to have in their own healing process. And for healthcare providers, I teach a nine-month program in medical intuition. And, as I mentioned about that data and our statistics, those were students who just completed their nine-month program.

Sarah: Yes, I was going to say, I asked you, because I am curious, but you also answered it earlier, in that study. Which is obviously, the technique that you are teaching is working. If you are getting those percentages of accuracy in the case studies that you have done. I just want to take a second for a personal note. And say, I am so freaking excited to see more research, that you are initiating this research. To be able to share with my community and to show people, because there are people who listen to the podcast, are following me, and who are, intuition is not real, or they are still questioning and skeptical. And I think this really starts to debunk so much of that and show well, here is a case study we did, and here is a result somebody discovered in their own body. Or I did shrink my tumor and I was not doing anything else differently. And then, I think it kind of stops them in their tracks and their skepticism a little bit. And I believe in a healthy dose of skepticism, and asking questions, and being curious about the world. But it stops them in their tracks to think, well maybe I should reconsider this.

Wendy: And yes. So, here is the thing about skepticism. I am a skeptic. Okay. Sounds wacky for a medical intuitive to say I am a skeptic. but I think skepticism is important.

Sarah: It is.

Wendy: I always tell my students do not believe anything. Practice it, please practice it for yourself. If anybody wants, and by the way, if any of your listeners would like a free session with not our certified graduates, but our students that are in process with certification. Now, that option is available, and people can take advantage of it.

Sarah: You are going to get a lot of calls.

Wendy: I am glad for that. They need to do their hours, practical hours.

Sarah: My community will eat that up. They are going to be signing up right away.

Wendy: I am glad for that, because the students need to do a certain amount of hours. It is a certification, in this process.

Sarah: You have got to practice, like you said, learning a new language. We have to put those skills to use.

Wendy: Yes. And I teach a lot of skeptics, Sarah. I teach doctors who think this is weird, but they had a session themselves, and realize that there is some validity to it. And they wanted to learn it, see how it could work in their field. This is what changes the paradigm. When you think about acupuncture, 20, 30, 40 years ago, it was not well understood. It was not well studied, but it has become, now insurance will cover it some States, and in many places. Chiropractic also not very well understood. And we are also things like healing modalities in hospitals. Again, healing touch, at least on the West coast, and other places, is wonderful. This is what we want to see. So, more research, more information on what all this is.

Sarah: I am so excited to see that paradigm shift, and to see more of these modalities even now, like you said, starting to creep into hospitals and doctor’s offices across the States, at least. And I just am so excited to see where that takes us into the future. And the way that we can prevent some of the things that have happened to my listeners and to myself within the conventional medicine, that I think could have been prevented, if we had a more holistic approach. And if we did open our mind up to things like this. So, I love to just hear maybe one or two more memorable stories on the way this has impacted either your life personally or the clients that you have worked with. And helping them with their healing.

How medical intuition can help prevent medical error

Wendy: Absolutely. I will give you what actually was the turning point for me as a medical intuitive. I have been practicing for 20 years as a healer and a medical intuitive. And this particular case study made me realize that medical intuition needs to be in healthcare. It really was the pivotal moment. A young woman came to me she was in her mid-twenties. I live in Los Angeles and she was an aspiring actress. And again, this was almost 20 years ago. She had kidney pain, severe pain right there in that upper back, in the back area, in her kidneys for many months. She had been to every specialist in L.A. And no one could help her. They could not find anything. They did all the tests. And what she was told is, that it was psychosomatic, meaning it is all in your head, you are imagining it, or something was going on there. Doctors could not figure it out, so, psychosomatic. They gave her antidepressants and opioids because she was clearly in pain.

Now, when I took a look with medical intuition, what I saw almost immediately, was a very, almost microscopic crystallization that had come out of her kidney. That was a kidney stone, but very, very small. I believe it was smaller than the test could pick up at the time. It was two millimeters or smaller. It had come out of the kidney and then lodged in the urethra tube. The tube that goes down into the bladder. Right up there at the top. And it was not budging. And I had asked her kidney, I was a conversation between me and her kidney. What is going on here? And, these are the questions you ask, does she need to drink five gallons of water? Is this going to move on its own? The kidney said, this needs a surgical intervention. Those words exactly. And what I did was, I drew her a picture of her kidney and where it was. And I said, look, please go out there and try to find someone, a doctor who is willing to do an exploratory look at this for you. Because clearly, the testing is not showing what I am seeing. And she did. I heard later, I did not hear back until a couple of years later, what had happened. She found a doctor, did an exploratory look, found the issue, had some surgery, whatever it was. And she was out of pain. Now, what I also heard was, that, by that time she was so addicted to the opioids, that she had turned to street heroin and died of an overdose.

Sarah: Wow.

Wendy: Yes. Now, it stopped me in my tracks. And what I had to realize and think about was first of all, tragic. That is a tragic outcome. If her doctors had known to call me, or someone like me, a medical intuitive, who could help see what was going on. When the testing was inconclusive, when someone’s symptoms are atypical, when no answers are coming through traditional means. This is where medical intuition needs to be present. I believe if I had gotten a call from any of her doctors, she would still be alive today.

Sarah: Yes. It breaks my heart. It is heartbreaking not only for her, and her family, but I lost a brother to an overdose just this fall. And another brother five years ago to suicide. And both had been overlooked, so overlooked by conventional medicine. And it hurts my heart still, it angers me in some ways on a personal level, but just hearing your story really, I emotionally connected to that. Because I believe, like you said, if she had realized what was going on and not been initially prescribed something that was masking or numbing a symptom. And instead discovered the root cause of the symptom, that could have changed the trajectory of her life. And I really hope that is the direction that we take medicine, as we move into the future.

Wendy: Yes, Sarah. And when I explained that case study to rooms full of doctors and physicians and whoever else I speak to. And I do a lot of speaking and teaching to the medical community, they get it. They understand that happens over and over again, and it should never. Listen, let me just also say to your listeners, one of the leading causes of death in the United States is medical error. It is, I cannot remember if it is third. Yes, it is after heart disease and cancer in that order. Heart disease, cancer and medical error comes third. Third leading cause. To a medical intuitive, that is the most unnecessary statistic that I can see. As medical intuition is designed to look for where these issues are, the root causes of them, how things can shift. We are [fingers snap] on and on. So, this is of course, why I am so passionate about it. So are you, and I get that.

Sarah: I feel that from you. And I just want to say, thank you so much for sharing that passion with us today. You mentioned that six-hour program for more self-healing, and the practitioner program. And the opportunity to even get a session with some of the people who are currently enrolled in your school, your training. What other ways are there to get involved with you, work with you personally, hear you speak, get inside your programs? Because I am sure this is resonating with people, and they are going to want to learn more.

Wendy: Well, thank you. The website is thepracticalpath.com. There is information about upcoming ‘Medical Intuition for Healing’ workshops. That is that short workshop, one day workshop where you learn to make that connection, mind, body connection for yourself. That is open to everyone. And I encourage people to look into that. The other program is the main program. It is a nine-month program in two levels, level one and level two. Level one is a four-month program. Level two is a five-month program. It is one weekend per month, for these months. And that is good, because you have time to assimilate, and learn, and practice, and get your case reports in and all the rest of that. I teach that twice a year in March and in September. So, the March program is coming up in this podcast. And people can look at the website for upcoming dates.

And if they have any questions about it, they can contact me. I do also still do private sessions and that information is on the website. We also have a tab for our certified practitioners. That is on the website and that is growing and growing. I just actually started certification a couple of years ago. So, people are still making up their hours. And we also have an opportunity for people to be part of our intuitive clinic, and our student’s free sessions, while they do their hours. And there is just a lot available. On the website also, is guided imagery, guided meditations. And I encourage people to listen to those. There are all kinds of guided meditations on there, and I add to that. Those are free and anyone can listen. So there is a lot of resources. There is also a lot of research on the website that you can look at and the results of those studies.

Sarah: I am excited about that. Thank you so much. I so appreciate you. Wow, is the word that is coming to my mind of the direction this could take, the way we look at healing in the future. And just thank you so much for sharing all that with us today.

Wendy: Sarah, thank you. What a pleasure, and I appreciate your energy and enthusiasm as well. It is going to make all the difference. And this is what we are here to do is, to transform the current paradigm and help people heal.

Sarah: Thank you. Thank you for tuning into today’s episode something Wendy wanting me to remind you of was simply that, her trainings are also available online. So, if that is something that really sparked your interest today, you can learn more from the comfort of your couch. Which I plan on doing as well. And I hope you will join me. So again, thank you for listening to today’s episode. And it is such an honor to hold this space and support you in your own healing process. And expanding your knowledge of more healing modalities. If you ever have any questions, comments, feedback, I am here for you. Please never hesitate to reach out on Instagram. Shoot me a DM. I love having conversations with you. And as a reminder, you can also receive a free guided hypnosis to support cellular healing. When you rate and review the Uncensored Empath podcast. Simply go to iTunes, share your honest feedback, make sure you screenshot your review, and then email it over to me at sarah@theuncensoredempath.com. And I will send over to you, your free guided hypnosis. See you next time friends. Cannot wait until then.

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June 3, 2020


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