Ep. 202 Discover Your Healing Power

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In this episode, I discuss:

  • Sarah’s reflections on the powerful Illuminated Graduation ceremony
  • The grand reveal of Sarah’s brand new conscious healer archetype quiz
  • Exploring the Intuitive, Subconscious, and Energy healer’s traits, wisdom, and channeling elements
  • The importance of understanding and playing in your unique healing realm

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QUIZ: Discover Your Healer Type

What type of concious healer are you? Take this quick quiz to uncover your healer type and how you can use it for the greatest impact.

Episode Transcript:

Honey, you are already good. Your birthright is good. You are already enough, you are already worthy, you already know enough.

This is a Soulfire production.

Welcome back to another episode of The Uncensored Empath Podcast. Wow. So much has been happening in my life and in The Uncensored Empath community lately. I have officially moved from Colorado to Michigan and we are at an Airbnb for the next month as we sort out where we’re going to land and where our next home is going to be where we can dive our roots down, get grounded, and enter to our next season of life. Really looking forward to getting grounded again and having our own space because as an empath and highly sensitive person, there has definitely been challenges that have arisen as I have been traveling planes and cars, but also different homes. So we were at my mom’s house for a while with dogs, baby, husband, and then my dad’s house, and now we’re at this Airbnb. And I was sharing a little bit on Instagram recently how I try to vet Airbnbs as best as possible to make sure that it’s going to be a toxin-free environment as far as smells and products. You can only do the best you can do. We did get pretty lucky with this one. There was just a few of those reed diffusers when we got here and otherwise…otherwise, it’s been pretty good. But it’s a tight space and so I am in one of the two bedrooms in this one-flat home and recording for you today.

Sarah’s reflections on the powerful Illuminated Graduation ceremony

This past Monday was an evening that I believe will reside in my heart forever and it was the graduation night of the 2021 cohort class of Illuminated Coach Training Program. For the last nine to 10 months, these six women have gone through the curriculum that is Illuminated and includes things like how to grow your business and all the backend management and CEO details on how to run a high six-figure business and beyond. There are also modalities and techniques that they became trained in. But as I saw these women before me in this sacred circle, this ceremony that we held to talk about and be in the energy of completion, because I started the call talking about how goodbyes are kind of awkward for me and I don’t love goodbyes and I just get weird with goodbyes, and so, many of the women agreed that they’re also awkward with goodbyes and how this really didn’t feel like a goodbye. It felt like just a completion of energy, a completion of this incredible season and journey that we had been on together. And so, more so than the actual techniques and modalities, more so than all the business development tips and strategy, the journey that is Illuminated is one of transformation on a personal level.

And I know that there are a million containers, courses, offerings, programs that claim transformation, and I’m not saying they don’t provide transformation, but Illuminated has been so humbling to be the guide of this journey because the women who traverse this path with me don’t even look the same afterwards. And I’ve heard it time and time again, that their holy hell yes came from a place of most of the time wanting to either be in my energy, learn how to grow or scale their business, learn more for the information because there’s tons of information and wisdom woven into the curriculum. And that’s what got them on board, but what they don’t expect is that they’re going to be a completely different woman by the end of the year. And so, there we were with everyone on the screen. And first, we took a visual journey and we reflected back on January 2021, which I invite you all to do right now as well and remember who was that version of you and what was alive in her world. What were you focused on? What challenges were you maybe going through? What were you celebrating at the time?

And through this visual journey, we took many different steps but we eventually got to where we are today; the end of November leading into December, and reflected and allowed our bodies, our emotional and energy bodies to fully digest all the changes that we’ve been through this year. There are women who rerouted inside of their business, there are women who got pregnant during this time, there are women who completely claimed their voice and started to use it in a powerful way, there are women who finally found their confidence. And after this visual journey and this opportunity to process and really digest everything we’ve been through, which again, you can also do right now. So who are you today and what are all the things that you’ve navigated, that you’ve felt, that you’ve been through in the past 11 months? And then we come to the natural next question, which is, who are you becoming? Who is the woman you are in this moment going to become that which you desire, that which is in your highest vision for yourself and all the people who surround you and are part of you in your life?

And we declared that verbally out loud to each other. I declare blank. And they filled in the blank with what they were not just calling into their life. It wasn’t a manifestation energy around, I want more of this and this, and I want that and I want this and I need this and I need that. It was more just, this is who I have become over the last nine to 10 months and this is who I’m choosing to continue to evolve into, to elevate my being into this version of me. And it was powerful to hear those declarations. But then we transitioned into witnessing each other. And as I was putting together the plan for this, I thought, well, we could just put into the chatbox one thing that we’re grateful for, for each other because everyone’s gotten to know the sisterhood so well, so intimately. And we can also share one thing that we’ve witnessed within that person. And we can put it in the chatbox, but, mm, no, we’re not going to do that. We are going to get on, we’re going to pin the video of the person who’s being seen, and we are going to tell them out loud as we see them and their whole being, what are we grateful for about this person and what have we witnessed in this person over nine to 10 months.

And you guys, oh my goodness. Huhh-wuuu [inhales and exhales breath], I feel like source God was in the room with us. And there were tears that were shed, there was healing that happened as they were being seen and they were receiving these words from their fellow students. And as the tears were shed and the words were said and the feelings were felt, we came to that completion. The best way I can describe the completion energy is I came here for what my soul needed. Even if I consciously rationally thought it was something else, I realize now it’s this and I have received it. I receive it now in this space.

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The grand reveal of Sarah’s brand new conscious healer archetype quiz

And so, as that container came to a beautiful and bittersweet closing just last week, my heart has started to shift towards the incredible souls that I’m calling into, inviting into, and holding space, a seat at the table for the next round of Illuminated. And the doors are not open yet and they will not be open until the beginning of January 2022. But we have developed this Conscious Healer Quiz that invites each of you who are listening to realize what kind of healing potential you hold and the opportunity to claim it as yours, as part of you. And there are three healer types that I’ll share with you today; the energy healer, the subconscious healer, and the intuitive healer. But before I dive into what they are, I want you to know why knowing your healer type is truly helpful regardless of whether you decide to be a practitioner, a healer, a coach, and start or expand your business, or you are an empath who is just a natural healer and it’s like no matter where you go, no matter what you touch, no matter who you interact with, people feel your healing. So it is very helpful to know what your natural skillset is and it allows you to double down on the knowing in your bones.

Can you think of a time when it’s like you know it about yourself but when somebody else or something else reflects that back to you, all of a sudden the knowing that was always in your bones somehow becomes more potent and real? That’s like what this is. You already know you have this potentiality. You already know that regardless of whether you want to make a career out of this or build a business, you have natural healer within you. It’s probably in your lineage as well, but that confirmation or affirmation can help to double down. And that knowing in your bones starts to seep into your bloodstream, it starts to seep into your cells, it starts to seep into your heart, which makes it seep into your voice and it seeps into your intuition and it expands.

Another reason why it’s helpful to know your healing flavor, archetype, potentiality, is that it can allow you to focus your attention, which allows you to experiment. There’s a duality of narrowing down, but also still having room for play so that you can experiment within a realm versus trying to experiment or actively experimenting in all of the realms. And whatever realm that is for you, you can still play here and there and you can do this and you can do that and you can be creative and you can let different channel downloads come in, but you know the realm that is your primary realm for you to pull a seat up to that table, put your bottom right down onto it and say, mm, I am taking up space here. Hear me roar, hear me speak. Watch my spine straighten, lengthen as my heart gets more open and I sit tall and proud and confident.

In the past, I have, and this is just part of my gene keys, my human design, my enneagram, it’s really woven into my personality on a genetic DNA level where I am a lifelong learner and I love to learn all of the things and I love to experiment in all the realms. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it can become very overwhelming when you’re trying to experiment in all these different areas at once. So whether it’s taking seasons of life to experiment here and then experiment there and then see how these things can be woven together, that can feel more supportive to your nervous system than trying to be everywhere at once and do all the trainings and all the certifications and read all the books and listen to all the podcasts and instead, experiment playfulness but within that one container at a time, and then evolve and connect the dots and build the bridges between them. And your nervous system will just go, okay, now I can see how to apply all of this versus if it had all come in at once going, how do I apply all of this? What am I going to do with all of this jazz? What am I going to do with all this information?

And then lastly, just for now, knowing your healer type is helpful because it can help you to solidify how you want to be of service in the world versus trying to be all of the things to all of the people, which, hello empaths, especially empaths who have a slightly overactive heart chakra or underactive throat chakra, this can show up as super, super overcompassionate and people-pleasing behaviors. And we want to fix, we want to heal, we want to get our hands into everything and be everything to everyone. And sometimes there’s even an inner dialogue that says that’s what we need to or should be doing in order to be good. Honey, you are already good. Your birthright is good. You are already enough, you are already worthy, you already know enough, and I don’t want you to doubt that at all.

So there’s no need to be all of the things, especially at once, because we’re neurodivergent beings and all the things at once is a sure-fire way to get overwhelmed, and then that can lead to analysis paralysis, paralysis in decision-making or action-taking in general, amongst many other things. We get to release trying to be all the things to all the people and instead, solidify how more specifically do you want to be of service in this world. And that can change. It can evolve over time, but you can put down your flag, stake your claim and say, this is how I want to be experienced by the world at least for now.

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Exploring the Intuitive, Subconscious, and Energy healer’s traits, wisdom, and channeling elements

So ultimately, I am going to invite you to take our brand new, just released Conscious Healer Quiz right now if you want to multitask, or at the end of today’s episode. But I want to make sure that I give you some information on these three realms, these three healer types so that you can get an overall understanding, and then go play and take the quiz.

The first healer type is the Intuitive Healer. In summary, the Intuitive Healer is tapped into her clair senses. She likely works with a primary two to three of her clair senses but has the ability to activate all of them and bring her psychic powers online to their full powerful potential. And the Intuitive Healer is the channel. She penetrates the higher consciousness on this planet. And examples of her title in the world, what she calls herself, how she’s known may be the Psychic, the Medium, the Clairvoyant, the Intuitive Healer, the Oracle, the Witch, or the Mystic. Her codes are that of intuition. She’s nurturing, empathetic, artistic, imaginative, deep, sensitive, and patient. Elemental energy that she channels through is air and fire. Inside of your quiz result, you will also receive guidance and strategy to deepen your impact if you most resonate with the Intuitive Healer.

So let’s go on to the Subconscious Healer. And in summary, the Subconscious Healer really shines a light and focuses on rewiring the brain using the fact that there’s neurogenesis and neuroplasticity in our minds, in our brains that open up this ability to rewire, and knowing more specifically then, how to support people in that rewiring process and through somatic practices. So these are feeling-based, body-based movement, or emotionally-intelligent-based practices in our being. So there’s some connection between the brain and the subconscious and the body and how the body feels and how it holds and how it carries things. This penetrates the inner programming of her clients. And the Subconscious Healer may be known as the Coach, the Breathwork Facilitator, the EFT Practitioner, the Brain Rewiring Expert, or the Healing Guide. Her codes and core strengths include being wise. She is introspective, observant, a good listener. She’s logical, she’s grounded, she’s persistent, and she is structured. And her elemental energy that she channels through is the energy of earth.

As I’m reading these, I’m wondering if already your intuition, which regardless of whether you’re the Intuitive Healer, Subconscious Healer or Energy Healer, we all have intuition and we all use it, and I’m curious if right now you’re already feeling which one you’re most called to in your body.

And then lastly, the Energy Healer. In summary, the Energy Healer works with and manipulates and moves the subtle energy body, the different layers of the subtle energy body that are known at least in yoga practices as the koshas. And so, we have these different layers of our being and the Energy Healer penetrates the energy body. She helps us to pinpoint where the sticky, crunchy, heavy, dark parts are and we use some shadow work to get there and to unearth those parts of our being. And too, I feel like when you work with the Energy Healer, the feeling you get as the client is this warm, warm, cozy, fuzzy blanket around you in her space. So again, she penetrates the energy body and she may call herself the Vibrational Medicine Expert, the Crystal Healer, the Essential Oil Educator, the Chakra Coach, the Alchemist, or the Emotional Intelligence Coach. Her core strengths and unique codes include things like being insightful, curious, creative, bold, expressive, flexible, trusting, and she is also emotionally intelligent. She channels through the element of water and oftentimes works with, more specifically, the root and sacral chakras within her clients.

The importance of understanding and playing in your unique healing realm

I invite you now to sit with what words stuck out to you and what you’re already doing in your day-to-day life as it relates to healing work and the intentionality behind your earthside assignment and the legacy that you want to leave through your work. And you may already be doing some work in all three of these realms, subconscious, intuition, and energy. But if you want to get really clear on what realm in this season of your life that you are feeling most called to experiment within and may be most naturally drawn to, then go check out our quiz; again, Conscious Healer Quiz. You’ll get additional support on that guidance and strategy for deepening your impact and doubling down on clarity…clarity, clarity, clarity. Because again, so many of these incredible souls that just went through Illuminated came into this space not really knowing, right?

They come in, they know there’s something within them. They know there’s a drive, they know there’s a heart-centered way of living and being and serving. But what do I do with that? What does that translate to as far as what I call myself, how I run my business, how I support people, how I facilitate transformation? And this is where we get to piece the puzzle together and build the bridge between, mm, there’s this feeling inside of me. You’re probably already doing healing work. And many of the entrepreneurs who come into the space are already mid-level entrepreneurs but they want to deepen and sharpen so that their impact is also deepened and sharpened and then their way of being is deepened and sharpened. And they can leave…it’s almost a whole year together, they can leave this year together feeling like there’s no doubt in who I am and what I stand for and who I am becoming and how much I’ve elevated into within this time period.

Hoo! We are just getting started, my loves so stay tuned because we’re going to be talking a lot about Illuminated in the coming month or two. But for now, go just be playful, let your inner child come out with this Inner Healer Quiz. Who doesn’t love a good quiz? And I would love for you to tag me on Instagram with your results so that I can celebrate you and we can allow you to be seen and witnessed in all that is your beauty and your power. Thank you so much for being here as always and tuning in. I can’t wait to spend time with you again next week.


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December 9, 2021


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