work with Sarah

work with sarah

Sarah is a Life & Success Coach for Empaths.

She is on a mission to show the world that their darkness is their greatest teacher and their business can open door ways to the deepest layers of healing.

After Sarah burned out time and time again while trying to balance chronic illness with being highly sensitive AND showing up online, she KNEW there had to be a better way.

Once she discovered the power of subconscious reprogramming she realized the pathway to her desired success was not around, but through.

Her energetic blueprint (aka aura) was her best marketing strategy.

Entrepreneurship has been the greatest self discovery path she could have ever gone on.

Since integrating her shadow and rewiring her beliefs she has hit $20K months, $100K launches, hit #8 on iTunes podcasts, and published a book!

Now she coaches her students to recode their old stories and embody the level of success they desire.

She knows what it’s like to feel emotionally inflamed, stuck in comparison, and like the laundry list of setbacks and limiting beliefs will never end.

But, no matter what you’ve been though, you can hit your wild, worthy goals.

Your shadow can be your greatest teacher when you shine a light on it and stop pushing it back into a box.

I believe you are here to work with the dark and be the light.

I believe your pain is your ally.

I believe the world needs your magic.

I believe empaths are natural healers.

Using the following tools I will help you to hit your income goals, get out of your own way, and experience whole-body integration.

-Neurolinguistic Programming
-Emotional Freedom Technique
-Breath Work
-Subconscious Reprogramming
-Inner Child Healing
-Time Line Therapy
-Guided Visualizations
-Energetic Marketing
-Business Coaching

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client testimonials

"I had 4 new customers enroll with me in February!! Anddd I got my first pay check!! You are such an inspiring human and I am thankful that I found you because you've been such a catalyst to my personal growth and now are helping me step up to help others. Thank you!"

"I have much more clarity about the direction that I want to go. Little by little I have put the puzzle pieces together to make my program exceptional for people. Before I felt lost as to how to structure my content and make it exciting for people and now I feel like it is organized well and is ready for launch!"

"I felt really confused and actually intimidated about jumping back into my business and this really gave me practical easy steps I can take and now I feel more and more like I know who I am speaking to and who my ideal client is."

"I'm so thankful for Sarah and her authenticity and willingness to work right beside you whenever you need."







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