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27 CREATORS, OVER 40 Offers, & $3,300+ IN VALUE

Our intention was to bring together a group of heart-centered, intuitive, and trauma-informed creators to create a bundle of online experiences geared towards the nuances of being a highly intuitive and empathic human so that YOU can live your best fcking life without ever feeling like you are “too sensitive or too much.” 

Here is the result, I think you're going to LOVE it.

Live Your Best F*cking Life

Transform Sensitivity into Strength

Thriving, Not Just Surviving

 Dive into a curated collection of online experiences crafted by heart-centered creators

Discover practical strategies to turn your sensitivity into a superpower, navigating life with confidence and resilience

Elevate your existence and redefine what it means to live fully as an intuitive and empathic being

🌈 What's Inside the Bundle?

Immerse yourself in a collection of empowering online experiences, thoughtfully designed and categorized to address the nuances of your empathic journey.






Step into Your Empathic Power 🌟 

The offerings inside this bundle truly transform sensitivity into strength. 

🌿 Nourish your spirit with heart-centered wisdom
🌪️ Navigate trauma with intuitive guidance
🔮 Develop your empathic superpowers
🌈 Embrace emotional well-being
🧘 Elevate your physical health and movement
🚀 Ignite your leadership potential

Say goodbye to self-doubt and embrace the empowerment waiting for you. 

I need this


Embark on a transformative exploration of energy, emotion, and intuition through various courses. Learn about energy liberation, unravel the connection between boundaries and your energy field, and discover tools to shift from people-pleasing to self-empowerment. These tools will help you unlock your intuition, deepen your emotional intelligence, and protect your energy as an empath.

Kristen Schwartz, MA, CTRC

Liberate your Energy and Thrive


Empath Healer & Trauma Coach 

In this course you will learn why you pick up on energy, how to decipher your energy from someone else’s, Learn if it's your projections, triggers, or fears, why energy gets blocked, and steps to get out of the way and be energetically liberated.

Nadia Ahrens, LICSW

Boundaries Badass Course & Hypnosis


Psychotherapist & Spiritual Life Coach

In this one-hour digital course, you will learn the different types of boundaries and how they are related to your energy field. Includes a guided meditation on healing and strengthening your energy field. Then learn how to keep the 'bad stuff' out and let the 'good stuff' in with this self-hypnosis experience. Energy Vampires be gone!

Allison KT

Radiant Boundaries Starter Kit for Empowered Empaths


certified mindset coach

Get ready to go from people-pleasing to standing up for yourself! Includes: The Energy Leak Audit (a simple-to-use Google Sheet), The Boundaries Cheat Sheet, 5 guided meditations, my ebook & journal for difficult conversations, and one month FREE inside the Sacred Self-Care Community w/ weekly Reiki calls.

Kaycee Carlston

Moon Manifesting Challenge


Intuitive HypnoBreathwork® Coach

This self-guided course helps you flow with the moon phases, so you can manifest your wildest dreams on repeat every 4 weeks. 8 recorded HypnoBreathwork® sessions guide you to start every new moon cycle with intention and devotion.

Lynnsey Robinson

Reconnect to Self Toolkit


Hypnotherapist & Intuitive Guide

Embark on a transformative journey with the Reconnect to Self Toolkit, a curated collection of powerful audio sessions designed to guide you towards inner harmony and self-discovery. Unlock your true life purpose, activate the nurturing energy of the divine feminine, receive profound insights from your inner self, and heighten your intuitive abilities. 

Marina Biggio

The Ultimate Guide to Energy Protection and Grounding


self-development coach, psychic, and healer

A step-by-step guide to protecting and embodying your spirit, developed specifically for Starseeds, Empaths, Healers, and Psychics.

Phoebe Marie

The Collective Healing Bundle


intuitive healer and channel 

Having guided practices to bring calm, connected, purifying, refreshing, & at times activating, energy to your present moment, is a secret weapon to lightworkers. This space is intended to be just that, your moment of recalibration at the touch of your fingertips.

Jess Reis Mendivil

Shadow Empath



Are you a Shadow Empath? The Shadow Empath - Illuminating the Dark: is a Check-list and Mini-Survival Guide for empaths that are drawn to, and want to help heal others in shadow spaces.  

Sarah St. John

The Emotionally Healed Empath


founder, Empath School 

A 7-week course to access deeper levels of emotional healing with an emphasis on shame, grief, fear, desire, anger, and doubt. Includes 7 breathwork sessions and 7 journals. Anticipate accessing the depths of your heart, unearthing your healed empath, and using life’s hardships to fall forward and land steady on your feet. (Also includes free access to my next LIVE workshop!)

Jennifer Arnspiger

Body Story


Somatic Writing Coach

This self-paced somatic journaling course will help you connect with your body and write toxic shadow emotions out of you, so you can resolve somatic trauma and stress, heal your mind/body connection and finally feel peace inside your skin.


Embark on a transformative journey within the realm of nervous system and relationships with expert-led programs. Gain a profound understanding of the highly sensitive trait and embrace a positive view of your own sensitivity. Learn to express your needs confidently, foster fulfilling connections, and attract healthier relationships, whether with highly sensitive empaths or others.

Tiara Ariel

High Sensitivity 101 mini-course


Wellness and Mindset Coach for HSPs

An in-depth, yet easy to digest 4-module course giving you a thorough understanding of the highly sensitive trait, and a refreshingly positive and empowering view of your own sensitivity.

Alissa Boyer

The HSP Relationship Bundle


Mentor for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)

In this mini-course, you'll learn how to have more fulfilling relationships, express your needs with confidence, attract healthier relationships with both highly sensitive people (HSPs) and non-HSPs, and more.

Kalie Arrowsmith

Nurture Your Nervous System: 30 Days to a More Regulated Lifestyle


energetics life coach

Explore fundamental understandings to nurture the nervous system, walking you through meaningful actions you can take today to create a more regulated lifestyle. 

Heidi Hazen

The Empath's Hypnosis Bundle


certified master hypnotist

Align with your innate worthiness, calm your overstimulated nervous system, and find your way to thrive with three guided self-hypnosis audios.

Dr. Natasha Fallahi 

CLUB SENSITIVE: Discover Your Sensitivity Superpowers



Did you know there are 6 different types of sensitivity– Mental, Emotional, Physical, Chemical, Social and Energetic? In this bundle, receive 3 months of access to the 6 Types of Sensitivity Course to figure out your "Sensitive Superpowers" and how to strengthen your "Sensitivity Imbalances". Plus, receive 3 months of BONUS access to Club Sensitive -a private social network of other sensitive souls! Meet kindred spirits, share stories, learn, grow and heal together. Join by March 1, 2024 for LIVE workshops and group Q+A with Dr. Natasha.


Embark on a journey of empathic parenting with self-paced programs designed to transform sensitivity into a powerful asset, offering tools and insights for calm and confident parenting, exploring unique approaches that combine Human Design and Conscious Parenting, and providing guidance on navigating sensory processing challenges within ourselves and with our children.

Sara Hill, MS OTR/L

Empath Parenting: Navigating Sensory Processing within ourselves and with our children


pediatric occupational therapist

This course will guide you through exploring your own sensory needs and challenges, how that impacts parenting, and how to navigate parenting children with sensory processing challenges.

Robyn Grogitsky-Ramirez

The Overwhelmed Empath Academy


Founder, Empathic Mamahood

Learn to uncover and develop your empathic abilities and turn them into your greatest super power! A self paced program designed to help Mamas uncover and develop your empathic abilities so that you can take what feels like a burden now, and turn it into your greatest superpower!

Heather Nardi

Embrace Your Sensitivity: Parenting with Calmness and Confidence


Founder, Empath Mama

Gain invaluable tools, insights, and support from someone with first-hand experience to navigate the challenges of being a sensitive mom. Modules cover awareness, self-care, boundaries, managing emotions, and bringing it together for a calm and confident parenting experience.

Viola Hug 

Parenting with Human Design


Writer & Speaker 

Learn how to understand both yours and your families unique magic, strengths and energetic interactions combining Human Design and a Conscious Parenting approach.


Embark on a journey of self-care exploration with offerings such as botanical healing baths, personalized nourishment experiences, and the benefits of essential oils for enhanced well-being. Delve into stress release through a gentle yoga course designed for sensitive individuals, offering a holistic approach to flexibility and inner balance.

Leah Tarleton, RDN

30 Days of Nourishment Journal & 5-Days to Self-Nourishment Workshop 


Certified Mind Body Eating Coach
 Holistic Healer for HSPs

The 30 Days of Nourishment Digital Journal offers a self-paced path to inner clarity and holistic well-being. Daily prompts tailored to your sensitivity will support you in uncovering the missing elements you need to feel nourished in mind, body, and spirit as a sensitive soul. then Over this mini 5-day workshop on sensitive self-nourishment, I'll walk beside you step-by-step on a path to nourishing yourself first without all the overwhelm and guilt. 

Robyn Pineault 

Essential Oils for Empaths Masterclass


Essential Oil Educator

Learn how oils can support you as an empath from nervous system regulation to protecting your energy.  

Sini ramo / Introvert Yogi

Yin Yoga for Stress Release for HSPs


certified yoga teacher & coach for HSPs

This yin yoga course is meant for highly sensitive persons (HSPs) who are ready to create more calm, presence and balance into their lives.  This course will help you apply yin yoga tools and powerful breathing techniques to reduce stress and overwhelm, regulate your sensitive nervous system, process difficult emotions and tap into inner peace and stillness while gaining flexibility in the body and mind. The course is suitable for beginners and includes everything you need to know to start practicing yin yoga safely and meaningfully.

Sara Dessau Lopez

Flower and Herbal Baths


abdominal massage therapist & herbalist

With 9 botanical healing bath recipes and a bonus foot soak chapter, Flower and Herbal Baths is loaded with wildflowers and herbs for next leveling your self care bath routine.  Receive a bonus personalized bath recipe with your book.

whitney root

Embodied Gardening


Garden Consultant

Uncover profound tools for nervous system balance, mental and physical wellness, and spiritual connection through the nourishing practice of gardening.

Business & Leadership

Explore the world of business and leadership through a curated toolkit for ambitious entrepreneurs, offering foundational exercises to cultivate intuitive brilliance and confident decision-making. Unlock transformative tools for a money mindset and pave the way for financial abundance and growth.

Michelle Dowker

The Business Brilliance Blueprint


Intuitive Business Pivot Mentor Holistic Healer for HSPs

A guiding toolkit for ambitious and sensitive coaches, practitioners, and entrepreneurs, including foundational exercises that cultivate business clarity, intuitive brilliance, and confident decision-making. Perfect for entrepreneurs ready to infuse more of their magic into their business and create a more purposefully profound impact aligned with their deepest selves. Elevate your work by aligning to your soul.

Kelsey Aida

Money Magnetics Mini-Course


Bestselling Author and Energetic Alignment Coach

A 3-Part Video Course To Help You Break Through Your Money Blocks and Raise Your Money Vibes!

Sarah Mac

Money Mindset Detox Bundle


Writer & Creative Business Mentor

Learn the exact money mindset process I used to double my income 3 years in a row and birth my 6-figure dream business. You’ll walk through the steps I took to clear toxic money beliefs and I'll teach you to intentionally cultivate the habits that allow you to make more money doing the work you are MOST passionate about!

"this bundle is an empath's dream- holy WOW"



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