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I was using toxic products to clean my home, wash my face, and tame my vitiligo. I was taking Xanax and other over the counter medications for pain and anxiety management. I knew there was a more holistic path, but I didn’t take it until I was introduced to essential oils. Now, I’ve replaced ALL of my products with natural solutions. I use the Deep Blue rub every. single. day. for my intense body discomfort, ache, and soreness. I use oils to balance my hormones. I diffuse oils in my home for emotional healing. I put drops on the bottom of my feet for grounding. I take On Guard capsules when I’m feeling under the weather. And because water is the most healing for me, I put oils into the bath every night. Essential oils helped me create new, healthy habits, reduce the toxic load on my body, and provide solutions for immune system support. I’m so grateful to have been pushed to try these gifts from Mother Earth. I hope you’ll give them a chance too. 

xo, Sarah

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How I use essential oils

what are essential oils?

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds found on Earth! They are completely natural. If you have ever enjoyed the smell of a rose, you've experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. They are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant. In addition to their intrinsic benefits for the plant, like warding off unwanted insects, and being used in many perfumes, essential oils have also long been used for their emotional healing benefits, skin care regimens, and therapeutic health care practices.

How do they benefit autoimmune healing?


Clary sage



black pepper



the oil of grounding, helps you live in the present moment and calm your anxious thoughts, apply 2 drops to the bottom of feet or diffuse in your home

the oil of clarity + vision, also helps balance estrogen and cortisol levels in the body, perfect for anyone with HPA axis disregulation

the oil of releasing + forgiving, also helps balance progesterone levels in the body, especially important for us as women

the oil of unveiling, helps individuals connect with their past and interacts with the endocannibinoid system, making it amazing for pain management and feeling anxious

the oil of unmasking, helps you get to the root cause of difficult symptoms and promotes healthy cell-growth

the oil of community, reminds us we are not alone in this journey, it can also help with skin inflammation and reduces flaky skin for those who struggle with dry, irritated or flaky skin

the oil of inspired action, it is also anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, purifying, germ-destroying, and naturally cleansing which makes it great for dealing with complaints ranging from ongoing skin issues to joint or muscle discomfort

... and these are just a few ways to start using EOs in your healing!

Are you ready to get this healing Journey started?

when you invest in a starter kit you will also receive the following bonuses from me:

oil camp 1:

Oil Camp is an amazing educational resource my team and I have created exclusively for our customers. Our top priority is to help you learn how to use your oils safely and effectively so that you can also feel comfortable and confident. Oil Camp is a two-week online program complete with video coaching from me and other oil coaches and also includes DIY ideas, recipes, education, and giveaways!

Oil Camp 2 is a next level interactive educational tool to help you discover even more ways to use your oils and take advantage of your membership for those have completed Oil Camp 1. You will learn from our experts with more in-depth explanations on important issues. Our veterinarian will cover oils for animals, an autoimmune specialist will explain why clean skin care is so important, and our herbalist will cover oils for hormonal support. 

In this complimentary 30-minute consultation we will discuss which oils will benefit you most in relation to your main health and mindset challenges. I'll give you customized recommendations and protocols for the oils you've purchased, as well as new ideas for how to make oils part of your routine. You'll be able to ask all of your questions and we'll go over how to set up your monthly rewards order if you're interested.

This is the exclusive Autoimmune Tribe online library of rituals, remedies, and protocols for using our certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils in your healing routine. The content is organized by category and is continuously updated. Examples of content include; Lyme protocol, affirmation + oil pairings, goddess + oil pairings, crystal + oil pairings, meditation for abundance, and rituals for releasing, grounding, and protection.

oil camp 2:

Wellness consult:

oil sanctuary access:

That's over $1,000 in added value

Are you as excited as i am to get you started?

You can get started today ! When you join my oil community you will not only receive the abundance that oils bring to your life by the means of emotional balance, spiritual growth, physical health, and energetic alignment, but you also get some extra special gifts from me !

I know you are trying to improve your health and in search of better solutions or else you wouldn't be here. I am especially excited and qualified to support you because of my own experience using oils for autoimmune support. I've spent the past several years experimenting with the therapeutic benefits of the oils, specifically for use in chronic illness + emotional healing. I can't wait to share some of my oil hacks with you!

Let me show you these kits...

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15mL Citrus Bliss
15mL Lime
15mL Bergamot
15mL Grapefruit
15mL Lemongrass
15mL Lavender


DigestZen softgel capsules
15mL Ginger
15mL DigestZen
TerraZyme (digestive enzyme complex)
15mL Lemon


4oz Deep Blue Rub
15mL Lemongrass
15mL Rosemary
15mL Eucalyptus
15mL Lavender
15mL Peppermint
10mL Past Tense rollerball


Petal Diffuser
10mL Hope rollerball
15mL Ylang Ylang
15mL Serenity
15mL Balance


10mL Cheer rollerball
10mL Peace rollerball
10mL Forgive rollerball
10mL Motivate rollerball
10mL Console rollerball
15mL Balance
15mL Cilantro








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