who is this for?

This is for the creative, driven, knows-shes-made-for-more EMPATHIC creatrix. She is seeking support in becoming more VISIBLE and MAGNETIC because she knows, without a doubt, that she has a message to share. She wants to co-create with the Universe, unlock the codes to abundance, and gain CLARITY on the next step of her spiritual evolution.

shine on, girl


Noun. (rare) A female creator.


I know what it's like to have this tickle in your belly that you aren't living up to your greatest potential, and I know how scary that can feel. I also know that you have vision- or you wouldn't be reading this. I know you are craving more divine feminine flow, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and instead be a powerful co-creator with spirit.

You are looking to combine your 3-D world with your 12-D energetic codes. I can't tell you how often I hear women say, "I desire MORE." They don't mean it in a selfish way, and I know you don't either, they just know they were meant for MORE.

I'm here to help you be magnetic to the MORE in your life.

xo, Sarah


Recorded 60 minute instagram energy + strategy audit

sound like the bundle of your dreams?

I will pull your account up on my screen and provide detailed notes on exactly what to shift within your energy, messaging, and overall branding to help your message become more magnetic to the world using everything I’ve learned from creating an audience of over 35K. And! I’ll use your Human Design type to give extra customized feedback.

what's included

This guided experience that will truly catapult you forward by healing the past and releasing old energy that was keeping you stuck AF. It can be used over and over again to help heal the subconscious mind and get your energy squeaky clean!

Guided recording on Collapsing Timelines

In-depth empath creatrix questionnaire

Everything I want to know, that you honestly probably haven’t thought about in relation to your energy, goals, branding, finances, boundaries, and identity! This questionnaire alone creates transformations.

Intuitive 3 card + anchor spread 

I’ll intuitively tap into your energy body + 12D codes and pull one card for the next 3 months to help you set yourself up for magnetic success, plus I’ll pull an anchor card that will set the overarching tone for the year. You’ll receive an image of the cards + recorded reading.

24 hours of Voxer support

Once your magnetic empath bundle is safely and lovingly delivered to your inbox you will get 24 hours of audio messenger support to ask follow up questions and get any additional support so you feel super confident shining your light for all to see! 

If yes, save your spot!

Wife, FDN Practitioner, + Mama to 6 rad kids

This experience has changed my life. My mind has been cracked open and my heart exposed in the best way possible. Sarah has given me lifelong tools that I will use to work through trauma. Sarah makes you feel loved, supported and understood. Talking to her is like chatting with an old friend.




(Future) Animal Reiki Healer + Equine Massage Therapist

At this point I have completed two rounds of 21 days of healing, her crystal healing course, and a bioenergetic scan with Sarah. She always amazes me with her knowledge, the energy she brings and her compassion for others. When intuitive soul school opens up again, I will be signed up the first day! I am so excited to be a part of anything Sarah offers because I KNOW I will learn and grow as a person!!




I was only just telling my friends the other day that this experience has been the best and most life changing thing I have ever done.

 I’ve never felt more alive spiritually and have a new found love for myself that I honestly at one point didn’t think was possible. My body has definitely responded to the positive mindset I have had lately and I just feel like crying over the inner happiness I finally feel again. I felt a strong calling to join this healing process and I am so glad I listened my intuition!




1) wants to kick start her magnetic brand
2) needs an energetic facelift
3) has been doing this for a while and probably seen success, but feels an evolution coming on
4) feels stuck, but isn't ready for high level 1:1 coaching
5) wants to work with me and receive the magic, but wants to dip her toes in first
6) is self-motivated and can put my recommendations into action on her own

I was inspired to create this offer for the woman who:







You will receive an email from my team within 24 hours of purchasing with all the details + questionnaire to fill out!