healing for the healers of the world.

Because your IMPACT will only grow as far as you grow yourself. 



monthly membership

I’m willing to bet you’ve taken some courses before and have been on a self development path for a while now.

But, when it comes to your business (which may or may not still be in the idea phase) you know you are still getting in your own damn way.

The truth is, you can listen to ALL the podcasts, do ALL the things, and even enroll in ALL the strategy courses and still feel stuck.

Or if you’re like I once was, you create some tangible success, but then hit major plateaus.

I know that can make you want to scream.

“What am I doing wrong???”
“Why can’t I just hit my goals??”

You can... And you really, truly can have it all.

But, you’re likely living out the same unconscious patterns over and over again.

which way are you living?

You don’t create true change in the conscious mind.

The subconscious is where all your programming resides.

And your inner child will have something to say every time you want to go to the next level.

For years I’ve been saying that your pathway to healing inevitably leads you to your soul’s purpose.

See, what no one tells you about starting a business is that it will also be a journey into the depths of your soul.

All your insecurities and triggers will arise and your shadow will poke it’s disagreeing head out of the closet. 

But, this is the greatest opportunity to heal at lightning speed.

Your entrepreneurship journey is like stepping on to a spaceship of spiritual ascension.

Light speed is possible.

But, you have to get your whole operating system (subconscious) on board.

This is where the inner work comes in.

This membership is NOT your average membership.

There are no monthly themes or set curriculums or modules.

This container is for you to hear YOURSELF, not for you to hear me.

It is meant to provoke you to find healing within yourself. 

Not to take away lessons, but to be the embodiment of healing and change.



More self growth

Less worrying about others

More sisterhood

Less going it alone

More inclusion

Less comparison

More pleasure

Less burn out

More embodied feminine leadership

Less trying to fit into masculine molds

I’ve heard enough talking about how to make an impact on the planet, now is the time for rising into BEING the impact on the planet.

This membership is not about listening to me talk or learning things you’ve heard one-thousand times before on your spiritual journey.

It’s about being a truly embodied leader and knowing the inner work will transform your outer world.

Not very long ago I realized that I always felt I had to achieve for love.
That overachieving (and enneagram type 3) archetype eventually took over my entire life. I was so burnt out, tired, and consistently not feeling “enough.”
My income dipped. My body developed physical symptoms. My chronic illness flared up.
On the outside, my business looked sparkly and fun. Inside, the 9-year old girl inside me was dying to be loved.
By applying the subconscious healing to this inner child wound I reprogrammed the belief I was not enough and started approaching my life and business completely differently.
This was not a time to DO more. It was a time to go INWARD.
And as a result I cut my content creation time in half, prioritized fun, and like *magic* I became magnetic to swoon worthy clients.

I’m a living-breathing example of how powerful this path is.

This magic WORKS.


1 healing session
1 group coaching call
1 breath work session 
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Modalities you can expect to experience:

Conscious connected breathwork
Neuro linguistic programming
Time Line Therapy
Inner Child Healing
Emotional Freedom Technique
Subconscious Reprogramming
Clearing Emotional Blocks
Belief Change Exercises
Superconscious Guidance
Shadow Work
Embodiment Practices
Associative Awareness Technique

PLUS full access to me as your coach including everything I’ve learned in building a 6-figure business and having $100K launches. I don’t hold back.

+ Is over the constant plateaus and getting in their own way
+ Is craving ongoing support and community
+ Is willing to do the deep work and show up for them self
+ Wants to discover their blindspots 
+ Wants to understand their inner programming
+ Desires liberation from their past and an abundant future
+ Would love to see immediate changes in their outer world, including inside their business

This membership is for the empath healer who…

Monthly Membership

Does that sound like you?

If yes, #EmpathLeaders is an opportunity to join a safe, loving container while exploring your edges and shadow.

Yearly Membership


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