a 3- month journey to launch + scale your aligned business

The empath entrepreneur academy

The empath entrepreneur academy

Your work is needed now more than ever.

As an empath, are you feeling the call to the step into your healing powers?

Maybe epic content and creative ideas have been channeling through to you, but you don’t know where to begin?

Are you overwhelmed with all the freebies you’ve downloaded on how to start a biz, and want to finally take action?

You have arrived at the perfect time.

In fact, you chose this lifetime to rise up and create change. As an empath, you are a natural healer.

You have unique magic within your energetic frequency that will help so many people…. But only if they know about it.

Which is why you have to answer the call to expand and step outside of your comfort zone.

I can’t tell you how many empaths I have seen withhold their light because they are afraid out outshining others or coming off as salesy.

That’s old paradigm shit, my friend. There isn’t space for that anymore.

Priorities have shifted and we need you as a leader on New Earth.

#truth telling

You hold potent medicine. There ARE people who will benefit so much from you stepping into your light and shining fucking bright.

The truth is conscious, multi-dimensional leaders are the next generation of millionaires on this planet.

I’m wondering…

Has your intuition been dropping hints for a while that it was time for a change?

Are you ready to step into your next level of leadership?

Are you sick of undervaluing yourself or being undervalued by others?

Do you believe your message needs to be shared with the world?

Are you ready to create an abundant and sustainable business?

Will you allow your pain to transform into divine purpose?

Ready to look back on this time when the planet needed healing and see it as the moment you decided to rise up and share your gifts with humanity?

As a published author, top-rated podcast host, coach-trainer, wellness influencer, and 6-figure empath entrepreneur I am here to support you in building your conscious business.

The Empath Entrepreneur Academy includes:

1. Launch Your Wellness Biz

a 30 day course for light workers who are ready to turn their pain into purpose + profit!

35 video lessons + WORKSHEETS + ACTION STEPS:

week 1: get clear on your message
week 2: aligned branding + back end management
Week 3: content creation + building your community
week 4: the energetics of business + manifestation

plus bonus trainings on: 

the art of receiving
how to integrate oils into your wellness biz
turn your mess into your message


this PODCAST course will teach you:

how to heal your voice
embodying your message
building confidence & clarity
step-by-step how to launch a podcast
monetizing your show

3. HUman design for entrepreneurs

this training includes:

the basic tenants of creating abundance
how to master your energy
using the 9 centers for alignment
how to use your strategy to create success


these 150+ content and story prompts will help you create irresistible content that supports a loyal following and converts to sales.

5. three (RECORDED) coaching calls

these calls would normally be a 4-figure investment. on the group calls (1x/month), I will support you in finding clarity on your message, help you create a seamless strategy, and answering all your questions.

you'll be able to tap into my entire box of tools that have helped me to create my business today, plus get the chance for hot seat coaching.

people see amazing results after these calls.

i normally offer all of these for over $3,500

Inspired ideas come to YOU for a reason.

You are meant to be their creator.

Through destruction comes rebirth.

Maybe you’ve know this for a while, but still haven’t seen the results you desire when you share on Instagram or launch a program or write a blog post.

Or maybe you are just beginning to see how out of alignment your current path is for you, and you want to create new opportunities for yourself to rise.

EEA is for you if…

-you are making under $6k a month 
 -you are ready to fully commit to growing your biz and aligning with your purpose
-you aren’t sure where to start or how to grow your business to be financially sustainable
-you want your voice to finally be heard and your epic content to be seen
-you feel a niggle inside your body that now is your time
-you are so tired of seeing other people celebrate their wins and are ready for your own 5-figure months
-you want to stop worrying about feeling salesy and desire energetic alignment
-you are craving clarity and structure for your path forward



EEA is part feminine leadership infused with all the energetic teachings to help you align your vibration.

And part masculine structure that gives you simple how-to’s, strategy, and all the behind-the-scenes of my biz.

I will share the tools I’ve used to help me build and create….

35K community on instagram 
top-ranked podcast on iTUNES
a published book
2.5+ million monthly views on pinterest
booked out 2 mos. in advance
Sold out programs
$100K launch this year

Where would you like to be 6 month from now?
One year from now?
5 years from now?

Imagine what’s possible when you fully commit…

You GET to have it all.

Imagine no longer stressing about work or money because you fucking love what you do and you get compensated generously for it.

I invite you to create this new reality.


email sarah@theuncensoredempath.com with questions!

2 installments

4 installments

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