$13,000… that’s how much I made in my business this month.

I wrote that number down on a piece of paper today and had this *holy fuck* moment when I realized that that’s more than HALF of what I used to make in a year at my non profit job.

And it’s more than I made the entire 1st year of my business.

I could say I’m grateful, and I am, but I also know that I created this. This was so much more than *deciding* I wanted to be an entrepreneur. It was so much more than implementing endless strategies.

It was a deep, soulfully aligned energy around being fucking worthy of a five-figure month.

For so long, I didn’t let myself dream big or think this was possible for me. Who was I to earn that amount? Why was I special??

I have two answers to that 1) I’m not… any of you reading right now can do this too 2) I am… I am really super duper special and honoring ALL parts of me was what helped create this success.

What no one tells you before you start a business is that it’s also going to be the deepest fucking journey into your soul. It’s going to pull out all of your limiting beliefs. It’s going to help you heal your body and your mind. It’s going to lovingly nudge you into alignment in ALL areas of your life.

And there are days that are going to make you want to throw in the towel.
Someone isn’t going to like you. Someone is going to troll your content on social media. Someone is going to ghost you for a call. Someone is going to pay late.

That’s all okay. Your mission and message overrides all of that bullshit every. single. time.

This month I had the biggest autoimmune flare I’ve experienced in a long ass time. I had numerous emotional breakdowns. I had unexpected stressors come up. And, well, it’s just February and cold as crap.

But, I never let any of this override my mission or push me out of alignment with my goal. I took way more breaks than normal, actually.

And I let myself be open to receive the abundance of the Universe. Your energy wins every time.

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